Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1918

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Chapter 1918: Yaxi Lian

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Immediately, thunderous sounds rang out constantly. The beams of energy from the fortress were blinding, illuminating the sky snow-white.

Every beam of energy pulsed with extremely great power. However, when the beams of energy landed on the soldiers from the Empyrean Demon Cult, the demonic aura from the formations blocked it.

The demonic aura was extremely powerful. Even after more than a dozen beams had landed, they were still unable to pierce through the aura.

The soldiers of the three armies used the black, demonic aura to fend off the attacks from the fortress while they themselves activated the formations and dealt powerful attacks at the screen of light that blocked their way.

The barrier of light reached towards the sky and penetrated the earth. If it did not go, they would not be able to get past it even if they could fly or burrow.

The energy of the light screen depleted extremely quickly when faced with the barrage of vicious attacks. The soldiers who provided energy to the barrier paled very quickly, having used up all the origin energy within them.

Just when they could no longer support the barrier, a second wave of soldiers went up to replace them, stabilising the barrier to the greatest of their ability.

The soldiers who supplied energy to the formations on the walls were also replaced wave after wave.

At the same time, a large number of divine crystals were poured into the formations. Under the dual support, the might of the formations was pushed to the limits.

Jian Chen and the people from the Dong'an province stood together on the city walls. They looked at the situation below. Jian Chen frowned heavily.

"The nine armies of the Empyrean Demon Cult really are powerful. No wonder they can defeat armies that reach into the millions with just a hundred thousand people. The formations consisting of ten thousand people are erupting with strength at the peak of OverG.o.d. Even the prodigy of the Sword Sect of the Azure Clothed, Luo Yunfei, would only be able to flee before these formations," Jian Chen murmured as he stared at the three armies.

Not only did the people from the three armies manage to display strength at peak OverG.o.d after pouring all their power together, but their individual strengths were impressive as well. They were Deities at the very least.

Although the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian possessed over a hundred million soldiers, they only possessed an advantage in terms of quant.i.ty and not quality. They were nowhere near the level of the three hundred thousand people of the Empyrean Demon Cult.

The nine armies completely consisted of G.o.dhood cultivators, but the huge army that belonged to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian mainly consisted of Origin realm cultivators.

The difference in strength between the two sides was evident.

"Within the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, only the Royal Divine Army can rival such a powerful army," Jian Chen sighed inside. The Royal Divine Army was very powerful as well, completely composed of G.o.dhood cultivators too. However, there were just too few soldiers.

On the battlefield, the soldiers of the Empyrean Demon Cult had to attack the barrier of energy while enduring the beams of energy from the walls. Very soon, a few people became overwhelmed, and a few soldiers died. The beams of light penetrated their bodies. On the battlefield filled with shockwaves of energy, it was impossible for their souls to escape. They directly dispersed.

The Divine Kingdom of Pingtian's side paid quite a hefty price as well. They had gone through several waves of soldiers to support the formations alone, even when ignoring the number of divine crystals they had spent.

"Hehehehehehe. Look at you men. You're offering up your origin energy so desperately. Is it really worth it? Just what benefits have the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian provided you with that's worth you laying down your lives for? In my opinion, it's better if you use this power to fly away with the person you love, far away from the battlefield where you can spend your time together…"

At this moment, a giggle rang through the air. It was filled with endless charm, flooding out all the booms in the battlefield and ringing through the fortress.

Many OverG.o.ds on the walls became dazed the moment they heard the voice as confusion filled their eyes. However, this confusion only lasted for a few seconds before they recovered. All of their foreheads became covered with cold sweat as they experienced a sense of lingering fear.

Even Jian Chen felt his soul jump. He had almost dropped his guard.

In the next moment, his eyes immediately began to s.h.i.+ne brightly. He guarded his mind firmly as he stared right ahead with s.h.i.+ning eyes. The voice did not affect him.

"The commander of the seventh army is Yaxi Lian. She's also a late G.o.dking and a transformed nine-tailed fox. She possesses natural s.e.xual charm and is skilled in charming her opponents…" Jian Chen thought back to the divine king's introduction of the three commanders.

The person who had tried to charm the soldiers just now was clearly the commander of the seventh army, Yaxi Lian.

Jian Chen was filled with caution. The charm in Yaxi Lian's voice clearly was not targeting him. Despite that being the fact, he had almost dropped his guard. He had no idea if he could still remain rational if it targeted him.

Although Yaxi Lian's voice did not affect the OverG.o.ds too much, as it did not purposefully target them. However, the soldiers gathered within the fortress were not that powerful.

The moment Yaxi Lian's voice had rung out, they seemed to become controlled, and a sliver of confusion appeared in their eyes.

Yaxi Lian's voice rang through their heads constantly. It had defeated them mentally in a single moment, making all of them lose their focus.

"Yeah. The Divine Kingdom of Pingtian only gives me these many divine crystals every year. Is it really worth it for me to risk my life for just these divine crystals…"

"I have a wife. Why don't I fly away with my wife, far away from the battlefield? Why must I take part in the war this time and offer up my life for no reason…"

At that moment, many people began to waver. The soldiers who provided energy to the screen of light temporarily stopped what they were doing as well. Their will power and fighting spirit vanished, and the screen of light rapidly dimmed.

Yaxi Lian's charming techniques were extremely powerful. With just that, she managed to affect the minds of the entire army.

Sensing the army's weakening morale, the expressions of the G.o.dkings on the walls all changed. Immediately, one of them bellowed out.

His bellow was thunderous, booming through the heads of all the soldiers. It immediately allowed them to return to their senses.

However, after being distracted for a slight moment, the light screen no longer had enough energy to maintain itself. Under the full-powered attacks of the three armies, it fell with a great boom. Great shockwaves of energy stormed through the surroundings, blowing away the soldiers who provided energy to the barrier.

Everyone was torn to shreds. Before they had even hit the ground, they had already lost their lives.


Without the obstruction of the barrier, the fortress of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian was exposed before the armies of the Empyrean Demon Cult. The presences of the three armies surged as they all produced war cries. They directly charged up to the walls.

"All OverG.o.ds set out! Kill the opponents!" The Grand Imperial Protector called out. He was extremely stern.

"Keep yourselves safe. Don't travel too far away from the walls," Jian Chen warned the people behind him before drawing out the Startling Rainbow Sword. He directly charged at the Empyrean Demon Cult as he emanated with surging sword Qi. Dazzling light flickered in the surroundings and obliterated the demonic aura in the area. He directly charged at the ten-thousand-man formations with great might.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1918

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