Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1922

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Chapter 1922: Burning Fury

Many OverG.o.ds naturally saw the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen, being struck by the G.o.dking level talisman as well. Even though many of them believed that Jian Chen was already dead now, it did not cause too great of a disturbance to the battle.

OverG.o.ds could die at any time in a large-scale battle between OverG.o.ds. Even the death of a supreme OverG.o.d like Jian Chen would only lead to a few sighs among people.

"What a pity. Before we could even decide the victor, you're already dead," Sheng Luo said with pity. The shockwaves from the talisman had also struck him. However, since he was far away enough and most of the might landed on Jian Chen, he did not become injured.

"Jian Chen, let's see how you'll survive that?" The woman with the fan who dealt the attack to Jian Chen had already backed out of the battle now. She stared at where Jian Chen was before coldly. His demise delighted her.

"Hahaha, don't you have the strength to make it onto the OverG.o.ds' Plaque? But so what? You still died to my hands in the end. Even though the talisman came from master and killing you was the intentions of master and the other two elders, you can't change the fact that you died to my hands."

"Hmph, you'll pay a price for offending our Earth Spirit sect, even if you're a supreme G.o.dking, let alone a supreme OverG.o.d," the woman with the fan sneered. When she thought about how she personally killed a supreme OverG.o.d and eliminated someone she completely hated, she felt utter delight.

However, her smile suddenly froze. Her eyes widened as if she had just witnessed something unbelievable. She became completely stunned.

A b.l.o.o.d.y body gradually rose up from the centre of the battlefield between the OverG.o.ds. Blood covered his face, so it was difficult to distinguish his ident.i.ty. However, powerful sword Qi radiated from him, along with extremely great killing intent.

The killing intent was so powerful that the world seemed to pale and origin energy seemed to tremble. The OverG.o.ds who fought in the centre were all surprised as they revealed expressions of angst.

"It's Jian Chen!"

"Heavens, the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan is actually still alive!"

"How is that possible? Being hit by a G.o.dking level talisman is akin to enduring a direct attack from a G.o.dking, yet the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan has still managed to survive!"

A hubbub immediately rose up in the surroundings.

If Jian Chen had really died, people would not have reacted so violently because that was what was supposed to happen according to their beliefs.

However, he had actually managed to survive. He was only injured after enduring a G.o.dking's strike as an OverG.o.d. This shocked everyone, filling them with disbelief.

"Impossible. This is impossible. How is he still alive? How? Being struck by a G.o.dking level talisman while being caught off guard actually failed to kill him. How is this possible?" The woman with the fan had already retreated to the walls of the fortress. When she saw Jian Chen rise up into the sky once again, she became completely astounded.

At that moment, Jian Chen's killing intent was so powerful that it was truly terrifying. Just the killing intent had formed a deterrence, causing all the OverG.o.ds of the Empyrean Demon Cult to back away from him.

Even though many people knew that Jian Chen was heavily injured, the killing intent had surprised them all. As a result, none of them were willing to get anywhere near Jian Chen.

They did not dare to attack Jian Chen either!

"Earth Spirit sect!" Jian Chen stared at the woman with the fan on the walls firmly as he said these words through gritted teeth. His voice was extremely gruff.

He was fighting against a supreme OverG.o.d of the Empyrean Demon Cult, stopping him from killing more experts on their side. Not only did that save the people of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, but it would also allow the people from the other organisations to avoid dying to Sheng Luo's hand.

However, at such a crucial time, he had never expected that someone on his side would deal a sneak attack to him, making him endure the might of a G.o.dking unexpectedly.

It would not have been too big of a deal if the Earth Spirit sect had launched a sneak attack against him at other times, but really, now of all times? With an opponent as powerful as the Empyrean Demon Cult before them, there were actually still people who did not see the bigger picture and turned on their own people.

This made Jian Chen furious. Anger burned within him, to the point where he felt like he wanted to destroy everything.

Something like this could never be forgiven!

In the next moment, Jian Chen directly turned into a streak of light. He did not continue killing the people of the Empyrean Demon Cult. Instead, he directly charged for the walls, heading towards the woman with the fan.

Her actions had completely infuriated Jian Chen, to the point where Jian Chen wanted to kill her regardless of the circ.u.mstances, situation, and even consequences.

If he did not kill her, how was he supposed to vent his anger? How was he supposed to calm down?

"Calm down, patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan!"

"Patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, please remain level-headed. You must look at the bigger picture. You can't act purely on impulse."

Many OverG.o.ds from the powerful organisations communicated with Jian Chen secretly. Now that they faced a powerful enemy, not only would turning on each other lower their morale, but the effects would be drastic as well.

Protector Gong and protector Wu from the Earth Spirit sect stopped Jian Chen in the first moment. They bellowed at him, "Patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, what're you doing instead of killing the enemies?" The two of them spoke righteously, completely ignoring the fact that their junior had just dealt a sneak attack to Jian Chen.

"p.i.s.s off!" Jian Chen did not waver at all and roared out. His shockingly sharp gaze was filled with killing intent as the Startling Rainbow sword danced, emitting a blinding strand of sword Qi.

The sword Qi's might did not weaken at all. Instead, it was even more powerful compared to before.

Protector Gong and protector Wu were already heavily injured. They were not the opponent of such a powerful strand of sword Qi. Just that bisected them along the waist.

"Who dares to stop me!"

Jian Chen roared out and opened a path with his Startling Rainbow sword. He directly killed his way towards the woman with the fan as fury burned within him.

At that moment, Jian Chen seemed to become an angry beast. He was even more powerful than before he was injured, making him unstoppable. OverG.o.ds both on his side and against him in his path stood aside as they stared at Jian Chen in complete fear.

"Heavens, is the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan really injured? Why do I feel like he's much more terrifying than before he was injured?"

"Is he injured at all?"

Many OverG.o.ds were shocked as they fought and observed Jian Chen at the same time.

"Junior Chen, run!" Protector Wu and protector Gong called out to the woman from afar. However, as soon as they had said that, a few OverG.o.ds from the Empyrean Demon Cult encircled them. Demonic aura surged, and their heads were smashed to pieces, wiping out their souls.

Protector Wu and protector Gong both died to the hands of the Empyrean Demon Cult.

Meanwhile, the woman with the fan had already become pale-faced. Her body trembled as she stood on the walls, while her gaze towards Jian Chen was filled with fear.

Immediately, she took out a teleportation formation disc and activated it as quickly as possible. White light surrounded her, and she disappeared instantly.


Just when the woman had fled, a powerful strand of sword Qi shot over, directly landing where she had stood before, creating a great sound.

Jian Chen hovered before the walls as he stared at where the woman had stood before. His face was extremely sunken.

Suddenly, he swept his gaze through the battlefield and stared at the other disciples of the Earth Spirit sect. The light in his eyes flickered.

There were a lot more than seven OverG.o.ds that had come from the Earth Spirit sect to provide support. The seven OverG.o.ds who attacked the provincial city of the Dong'an province were only disciples of elder Mu. All the elders who had come brought a few of their disciples with them.

Right now, he was considering if he should kill the disciples of the other two elders.

When the woman with the fan had caught him off guard, she had used a G.o.dking level talisman, and protector Wu and protector Gong had even blocked him when he tried to kill her. Jian Chen refused to believe that this had nothing to do with the elders of the Earth Spirit sect.

As a result, Jian Chen felt bitter hatred for the Earth Spirit sect. He was tempted to kill all the disciples of the Earth Spirit sect.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1922

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