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Three days later, several hundred million people had gathered in North Asia. The several hundred safety zones were scattered across this land, and many martial arts school were opened. All sorts of martial arts cultivating methods were also printed in books and made accessible to everyone

All sorts of wild and dangerous life forms were cleaned up by the Divine level experts. The Divine level experts' disciples, including Liu Ying and Ah Li, were bestowed with the Seven Saints' Great Golden PaG.o.da to help them suppress the entire world.

The four Divine level experts then continued to set up layers of formations. After leaving behind some preparations in case of contingencies, everyone felt an intense feeling that they were being summoned.

With the four Divine level experts' set up, the entire society's trajectory would probably follow the plan of the Snake King and the others, at the very least before Ah Li and the others died.

History had been changed. This trial was considered to have pa.s.sed.

The first Knight had yet to really be born. Still, after Zi Xing, the Snake King, and the others felt the summoning by the Nine-Tiered Heavens, they all left in turns.

Meanwhile, Fang Xingjian continued to stay in this world. He felt a strong sense of summoning from a place that surpa.s.sed s.p.a.ce-time. It felt as if he were to jump lightly, he would be able to leave this world and returned to Miracle World.

When he was clearing the Nine-Tiered Heavens in the past, he had experienced a similar feeling. However, it had disappeared with a flash, and he had immediately returned to the world he came from. In the previous trial, his strength had improved tremendously, and he had faintly sensed an existence on the endless universe's timeline.

This time around, Fang Xingjian had become even stronger than before. Not only was he able to sense the summoning that came from beyond s.p.a.ce-time, but he could even reject this summoning temporarily and stay on in this world.

He wanted to stay on in this world because he had discovered that as the humans on this planet started cultivating, engulfing, and releasing ether particles, all sorts of systems gradually appeared in their bodies.

Of course, not all of them possessed the Knight system from the very start. Instead, it was like how things were in the previous world that Fang Xingjian had been to, with the people possessing all sorts of systems with extraordinary powers.

Fang Xingjian's clone turned into a stream of sword light that flew across the sky and appeared above a safety zone. With a light scan of his martial will, he had already scanned through the small safety zone which had an area of several ten thousand square meters and was within the mountainous region.

At the next moment, several beams of sword light—which were hard to be seen by the naked eye—came slas.h.i.+ng down, and hints of black air gases surged forth. Fang Xingjian opened his mouth, inhaled, and engulfed it.

Similar scenes kept on happening in the sky above the land, and Fang Xingjian kept on slas.h.i.+ng off the people's systems and engulfing them. He then saw that the progress on his Stats Window kept on increasing.

With every 100 people he slashed, he would be able to have a 1% increase in progression. It was much more efficient than slas.h.i.+ng off the systems from the Knights in Miracle World.

A clone that Fang Xingjian had left behind in Litian City sat cross-legged as he continued trying to figure out the Double Moons Projection which Zi Xing and the Snake King had shared with him.

'This secret technique requires the two people to be of a similar realm, and they must trust each other. However, these conditions are already considered simple. The main focus is in choosing the right person to strive for tier six of the Divine level together with me.'

Without first reaching tier six of the Divine level, stepping into the impeccable realm, and possessing the Spatial Translocation ability, he would not be considered as possessing the decisive capability to handle the future tribulations.

Therefore, although Fang Xingjian had just successfully pa.s.sed through the barrier to reach tier five of the Divine level, he was already starting to contemplate about the matters of when he would try striving for tier six of the Divine level.

After five days, Fang Xingjian sensed that the suction on his body was getting increasingly stronger and knew that he was unable to delay his return any further. With a soft sigh, he looked at his Stats Window. His progress had already reached 11%.

Although the efficiency was very high for him to slash off the systems in this world, the duration he had to do so was far too short. There were still too few people who had really gained non-Knight systems.

With a sigh, Fang Xingjian disappeared completely, leaving this world.

At the next moment, Fang Xingjian felt that his entire body had been distorted into an indescribable state. He felt that at this moment, he had surpa.s.sed s.p.a.ce and time, arriving in a condition that had no concept of time and s.p.a.ce.

The past, present, and future kept on flas.h.i.+ng before him. It was as if he had traversed countless universes, yet it was like he was not moving at all. The long river of history kept on flowing by him at rapid speed.

By the time he could react, he had already appeared in the Nine-Tiered Heavens once again.

Deep in thought, Fang Xingjian looked at the boundless land under his feet. The radiance of wisdom flashed in his eyes. In the process of returning to this world earlier, Fang Xingjian's senses toward s.p.a.ce had deepened again and he really stepped into tier five of the Divine level.

His martial will swept through s.p.a.ce. In his eyes, the s.p.a.ce that had been stacked in layers now appeared like many fragments that were unbelievable microscopic in size.

At this moment, a hint of comprehension gushed up Fang Xingjian's heart. He understood that these fragments were the smallest units in s.p.a.ce.

Fang Xingjian changed these fragments slightly with his martial will and discovered that his ability to distort s.p.a.ce had become over ten times stronger than before.

At tier five of the Divine level, his understanding of s.p.a.ce had become extremely deep, and he had reached an extreme level in the areas of distorting, compressing, and stretching s.p.a.ce. It was like in the past when Alexander performed this ability and Fang Xingjian's Infiltrating Void Sword had yet to reach the microscopic realm. All of Fang Xingjian's attacks had not been able to reach Alexander.

With this ability, Fang Xingjian could even create his own Divine Country and form a world of his own.

At this level, even if one had not yet reached the microscopic realm, their control over spatial distortions would be able to reach the microscopic realm. Meanwhile, if one was already in the microscopic realm to begin with, their control would be even more masterful.

Right now, Fang Xingjian had truly reached tier five of the Divine level, and he immediately sensed the benefits from it. It was as if he had immediately gotten his hands on a lot of knowledge concerning spatial structures at the microscopic level. This was something he had not gotten his hands on from both the Moon's relics and from the Divine Emperor's knowledge.

He used his martial will to scan his own conjured physique and immediately sensed many flaws in it.

They were flaws on the spatial level. Many spatial fragments existed in his body, and these spatial fragments formed the basic units of s.p.a.ce. They were like the smallest units of s.p.a.ce and could allow his physical body to have slight flaws.

His grasp over s.p.a.ce and understanding over the existence of the smallest unit of s.p.a.ce were at the greatest limit of the microscopic realm. s.p.a.ce was not a whole ent.i.ty. Instead, it was made up of countless fragments. This was something Fang Xingjian was already aware of when he used his Infiltrating Void Sword to dart through spatial gaps.

However, this was Fang Xingjian's first time actually seeing the smallest units of s.p.a.ce that formed s.p.a.ce itself.

This ability provided tier five Divine level experts with an unrivaled advantage in terms of spatial control.

If Fang Xingjian had not reached tier five of the Divine level and thus gained a deeper understanding toward s.p.a.ce, it would still be hard for him to discover these existences with the level he had reached in the microscopic realm.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2045

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