Chaotic Sword God Chapter 213 - Zhou Clan

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Although Wake City was on the verge of being besieged by magical beasts, no one within Wake City was feeling any sort of dread or panic. The only difference was that the atmosphere in the city was a little heavy, but the citizens continued on with their business as usual.

The Magical Beast Mountain Range was very close to Wake City–about twenty kilometers away. It towered over the Cla.s.s 3 City that was highly experienced repelling waves of magical beast attacks. Even the city walls were equivalent to walls in a Cla.s.s 1 City. Every single time magical beasts attacked the city, this small Cla.s.s 3 City would always stand straight and tall. So those who were born and raised in this city were all used to the besiegement of the magical beasts.

Within Wake City, the city lord had announced the news as well as posted the mission within the Mercenary Union, practically every single mercenary had congregated within Wake City in preparation for the magical beasts attack.

Nowadays, the streets within Wake City had more people than ever. If one were to look closely, one would notice most of the people walking the streets were mercenaries who were also making most of the racket.

“Out of the way, the way I said! Out of the way!”

At this moment, a loud and frantic voice rang through the streets causing everyone to turn their heads. They could only see a few middle aged man barreling through the streets desperately. Each one of them wore different colored robes but the insignia on their chests were identical. Whoever was unfortunate enough to block their way was unceremoniously pushed aside, causing them to earn the ire and curses of everyone. Some had grown violent and the stronger men began to bring out their Saint Weapons as if looking to make them pay for their crime.

“Look at their badges, aren’t they members of the Zhou Mercenaries?”

“They’re really the Zhou Mercenaries, why are they in such a panicked state? It’s almost as if they’re being chased by someone.”

When a few of the people on the streets recognized the badges on the men, they were all surprised to see this strange event. Even the men that had been pushed out of the away by them suppressed their furious wrath and Saint Weapons the moment they heard that the group was from the Zhou Mercenaries.

The captain of the Zhou Mercenaries, Zhou Yun was a Great Saint Master. This type of matter was not a small one within Wake City. After all, Wake City was a Cla.s.s 3 City. A Great Saint Master was considered to be the apex of experts within the city. Now that the Zhou Mercenaries had a Great Saint Master within their ranks their ident.i.ty had skyrocketed to become one of the strongest groups in the city. Now, not many people would dare to offend the Zhou Mercenaries.

These Zhou Mercenaries members ran through the streets at a fast pace until they finally disappeared within the crowd. On the road, they attracted the flabbergasted eyes of the nearby bystanders.

As soon as the Zhou Mercenaries disappeared within the crowd, a white light suddenly shot through the crowd and chased after the Zhou Mercenaries members from behind.

“What’s happening, could the Zhou Mercenaries have run into trouble?”

“That can’t be. Right now the Zhou Mercenaries have a Great Saint Master and also have the close support of the Zhou Clan. Who could possible be looking for trouble with the Zhou Mercenaries?”

From this, everyone on the streets began to think up random conjecture as they shared every possibility with each other.

The Zhou Mercenaries continued with their mad and desperate dash for another ten kilometers where they finally reached a grand looking mansion with a large four meters tall and six meters wide gate. On top of the large gate, a wide board had the words “Zhou Clan” written in dazzling gold words. Just from this alone, those who looked at the sign could tell that the owner of this house had a considerable amount of financial power and was quite strong physically.

“Let us in, we are a part of the Zhou Mercenaries with important business with the captain!” A Zhou Mercenary member called out frantically to the guard standing right next to the gate. When the guard saw the group of people rus.h.i.+ng at him with such frantic looks on their faces, he knew that something was happening and didn’t dare to obstruct them any longer, allowing them pa.s.sage inside.

Within the Zhou Clan’s residence in a grand hall. A single seventy year old elder sat at the first position of a table with ten other members nearby.

The elder stared at a heavily armored figure nearby. The man was st.u.r.dy and was calm before the elder laughed, “Commander Duo Li, you need not to worry about this. Our Zhou Clan has towered over the rest of Wake City for ten years, it can be said that Wake City is our hometown now. This matter of the magical beast wave will indeed have our Zhou Clan ready to fight. We will give it our all to defend Wake City.”

The armored middle aged man gave a small smile as he cupped his hands together, “With the words of the Zhou Clan’s elder, this commander is relieved. With the Zhou Clan added to our forces, then our victory is a.s.sured, and since sire Zhou Yun is now a Great Saint Master, this is truly a celebration to be joyous about.”

The elder’s face had a gratified smile on it after hearing those words, but he spoke modestly, “Commander Duo Li gives too much praise. Zhou Yun’s cultivation talent is too outstanding, we’ve just spent many coins on monster cores which allowed him to cultivate and break through into the Great Saint Master realm smoothly.” The elder then looked at another man sitting far down the table.

This man wore a blue colored robe with his hair tied up in a whip like fas.h.i.+on that hung over his shoulders. His eyes had a calm yet, powerful look. This man was the leader of the Zhou Mercenaries–Zhou Yun.

Just as the elder finished talking, a loud frantic cry came bursting in from the hallways outside the room.

“Captain, captain! Something terrible has happened, truly a terrible matter!”

As soon as the voice was heard, suddenly, a man with the Zhou Mercenary insignia on his chest came bursting into the room with a few other men behind him panting wildly.

These men’s sorrowful appearances caused everyone that noticed it to furrow their eyebrows in surprise. Some had even looked at them with an annoyed face.

“Impudence! Do you not see that we are having a meeting here? Who let you in, do you not remember our rules, our system of conduct?”

“Clan leader, something bad has happened! An extremely strong and terrifying man has declared revenge on us! Our hundred member strong Zhou Mercenaries has been eradicated and only the ones here are left alive!” The leader of the group cried out to the elder.

Hearing that, everyone in the vicinity grew alarmed.

“What? Did you just say that you are all that are left of the Zhou Mercenaries?” Zhou Yun spoke with a serious face. Immediately standing up, he strode on over to the man with a loud shout.

“Yes, captain! It is only us that are alive!” The mercenary shouted miserably with a small tremble to his voice.

“No one else?” Zhou Yun’s eyes instantly grew dark.

“Everyone is….everyone is dead, captain.” Another mercenary said.

Hearing this, a great amount of killing intent flowed out from Zhou Yun as he growled furiously, “Who would dare…”


Before Zhou Yun could finish his statement, the large gates to the Zhou Clan’s mansion blew open with a great sound before breaking into four different pieces that flew into the courtyard.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 213 - Zhou Clan

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