Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2731

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Chapter 2731: Spatial Barrier

"Attack! Keep him busy!"

At the same time, Bai Jin bellowed out and surged with light. He unleashed everything he had, turning into a sword and launching himself at Jian Chen.

Although he was missing his right arm, he was still an invincible G.o.dking after all. In the Saints' World, he definitely would be no weaker than Infinite Primes of the First Heavenly Layer. As a result, even without his right arm, he could still unleash great power.

Beside him, the vice leaders, thirty-six lords and one hundred and eight kings all bellowed out as well. All of them attacked Jian Chen with utmost determination, charging forward bravely. Not a single one of them cowered.

At a time like this, they could not afford to take a single step back. If they lost the divine beast's essence blood for good, their fates would be extremely miserable even if they managed to escape here alive. They would be spit on and cursed by the entire clan, having wronged the entire clan. They would be better off dead.

At least they could preserve their ill.u.s.trious names if they fell here in battle.

Of course, what mattered the most was making time for the people at the back, so they could escape and spread the news of a Primordial realm outsider.

When Bai Jin moved, Jian Chen becane fazed. He could not help but look at the sky. His senses were extremely sharp. He could clearly sense a profound, mysterious power suppress Bai Jin from the surroundings, like a set of chains that wrapped around Bai Jin firmly, preventing him from using his full strength.

"The will of the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits?" Jian Chen immediately thought of that. The conversation between Bai Jin and the others had not escaped his senses. Even when they communicated secretly, Jian Chen eavesdropped on every single aspect of it, which was why he knew the Two World Mountains would restrain the Darkstar race.

However, he never imagined that the restraint would be so powerful. They had only just traveled a few dozen kilometers into the mountains' vicinity. Compared to how large the mountain range was, they could not even be considered as reaching the outskirts of the mountains.

Just by stepping into its boundary, the people of the Darkstar race had been restrained by such an obvious amount. Once they had entered the mountains properly, or even ventured into the depths, just how terrifying would the suppression be?

Just as Jian Chen sank into his thoughts, Bai Jin had arrived before Jian Chen in the form of a s.h.i.+ning sword.

However, just when the sword was about to stab into Jian Chen, s.p.a.ce suddenly rippled and an intangible spatial barrier appeared silently, blocking the attack.

Even though Bai Jin's strength was suppressed, he had only set foot in the vicinity of the Two World Mountains after all. The suppression was not particularly powerful, which was why his strength was not drastically affected even though he was still weakened. The battle prowess he could unleash was still very great, but he was unable to penetrate the spatial barrier.

He was not the only one. Even the thirty-six lords and one hundred and eight kings right behind him only managed to make the barrier ripple when their attacks landed on it.

The thin barrier to them was like a steel wall to a mortal. It was immoveable.

"The Laws of s.p.a.ce!" Bai Jin's face paled and despair appeared in his eyes. With his insight, he could obviously tell that the Laws of s.p.a.ce were at the Primordial realm. Just a thin spatial barrier was enough to make him helpless.

Of course, that was not the most terrifying part. What truly despaired him was that any attempt to flee before an expert who had comprehended the Laws of s.p.a.ce would be a ridiculous joke.

He instinctively glanced backwards and just as expected, a spatial barrier had appeared at the very back of the group as well, blocking all the G.o.dkings who were trying to flee.

There had already been many G.o.dkings who had attacked the spatial barrier with their full strength. However, even when they used their most powerful secret techniques and battle skills, they failed to even shake the spatial barrier.

As a matter of fact, there were even people who had begun blowing up high quality and supreme quality saint artifacts. However, even these powerful attacks would only make the spatial barrier ripple. They were nowhere close to destroying it.

"Everyone scatter. Escape around it. The range of the spatial barrier must be limited," a G.o.dking of the Darkstar race called out from behind. As a result, the G.o.dkings all scattered, choosing different directions to flee in.

In the next moment, everyone became despaired, because they discovered the spatial barrier was circular. It had already enveloped an entire region, cutting them off from the rest of the world. All of them were trapped.

Bai Jin, the thirty-six lords and the one hundred and eight kings all stopped their attacks. Only until then did they truly understand just how powerful the outsider was. Just a single spatial barrier from him had made them powerless. It was impossible for them to oppose a person like him.

Looking at Jian Chen who seemed to turn a blind eye to all of this, the faces of the thirty-six lords and one hundred and eight kings were overcome by fury and regret, as well as some undisguised shock.

This was the first time they had heard of and seen a Primordial realm expert from outside. They understood the restrictions of entry to this world very well. They could not be older than a thousand years.

These people had all used countless years to reach G.o.dkings, but now that they discovered a Primordial realm expert who was less than a thousand years old, they were deeply shocked by his cultivation speed.

Now, Bai Jin had completely calmed down. He looked at the droplet of essence blood hovered in Jian Chen's palm and thought of what Jian Chen had just said. Bai Jin's expression became agonised. He asked sternly, "Sir, have you come specially for the divine beast?"

"That's right. The divine beast you've captured is like family to me. I just never thought that your Darkstar race would treat him like this." As soon as Sacredfeather was mentioned, Jian Chen's expression became frigid. Killing intent poured from him without the slightest disguise.

His gaze landed on Bai Jin and he asked coldly, "Let me ask you. Do all thirty-six cities of your Darkstar race possess a droplet of essence blood?"

"Is this important? No, it's not important anymore. I must admit that you are very powerful and you've probably reached the Primordial realm a long time ago, but it's impossible if you want to save the divine beast from our hands, because Infinite Primes number to several dozen within our race. The ten hall masters and vice-hall masters are all experts who have reached the Primordial realm a long time ago. Compared to you, they are much more powerful."

"Let me give you a word of advice. You better leave here before the upper echelon of my race discover you, or all of them will definitely be mobilised if they find out a Primordial realm expert has set foot here and is trying to save the divine beast. You will be slain regardless of the consequences. The day of the great ceremony is coming. The upper echelon of my race will never allow even the slightest element of unpredictability to exist at such an important time," said Bai Jin. If it was possible, he hoped to convince the Primordial realm expert into retreating. Otherwise, once a Primordial realm expert managed to infiltrate the race, the great ceremony that controlled the fate of the entire race would probably be postponed indefinitely.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2731

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