Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2739 - Killing Kun Tian One

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Chapter 2739 - Killing Kun Tian (One)

By now, Jian Chen had arrived here as well. He used the properties of the mask to disguise himself with the presence of the Darkstar race and a black mask covered his face. Who knew what it was made of, but it could block out the senses of the soul.

He did not hide himself. Walking on foot, he strided towards Kun Tian who knelt on the ground. His pair of exposed eyes studied Kun Tian's current condition as they shone with a strange light.

“There's something wrong with Kun Tian. It seems like he's lost a part of his memories?” Jian Chen was surprised. He had never been expecting this.

He could obviously tell that Kun Tian had already broken through, formally reaching the Sixth Heavenly layer of Infinite Prime. This part did not surprise him.

Kun Tian had sensed Jian Chen a long time ago as well. He discovered him to be a native of the world, but just too weak, only a mere peak G.o.dking, so he did not take him seriously.

With his back to Jian Chen, he completely ignored Jian Chen as he continued to frown and think hard.

He discovered that he had forgotten many things. Apart from knowing he had been constantly working hard to break through to the Sixth Heavenly Layer, he was uncertain about everything else, including his own ident.i.ty and name.

He recalled as hard as he could in attempt to remember some things, but no matter how he racked his brains, he could not recall anything apart from finding the landscape here hazy and unfamiliar, yet also familiar.

Even the name he had just mentioned, Kun Tian, sounded unfamiliar and familiar simultaneously to him.

Jian Chen stood ten meters away from Kun Tian. He looked at Kun Tian who ignored him as his eyes flashed.

After some consideration, he said with a raspy voice, “Kun Tian, you really are injured. Looks like the hall master was right. You haven't been able to remain unscathed after remaining three years in the Land of Soul Destruction.”

Kun Tian seized up. He did not pay any attention to Jian Chen originally, because his presence was only at peak G.o.dking. To a Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, he was no different from an ant.

However, only when Jian Chen referred to him as Kun Tian did he finally take the ant-like clansman seriously.

Kun Tian slowly stood up and straightened himself from his kneeling posture. He turned around and stared at the masked Jian Chen with a cold gaze. He frowned, “You know this hall master?”

As soon as he said that, Kun Tian became uncertain and confused once again. He wondered to himself, “This hall master? Why do I refer to myself like that?” He thought hard, but even after quite a while, he discovered nothing. He had already forgotten everything. Perhaps many of his actions and ways of speaking were just ingrained in him.

He had referred to himself as 'this hall master' for many years, so even when he had forgotten everything, he still possessed much of the same reactions, speech, actions, bearing and so on.

Jian Chen's eyes shone. His senses were extremely sharp, so he noticed all of Kun Tian's reactions and expressions. He smiled gently, “Of course I know you. You're the master of the fifth hall of the ten great divine halls of the Darkstar race, Kun Tian.”

Jian Chen paused before continuing, “It's like the hall master can see the future. He was certain something would happen to your cultivation within the three years you've remained in the Land of Soul Destruction, or maybe you were dead already. By the looks of things now, you're still be alive, but your soul is severely damaged such that you've lost your memories. You don't even know who you are anymore.” As he said that, Jian Chen felt some pity. He originally wanted to extract some information about Sacredfeather from Kun Tian, but looking at his state now, let alone extracting information, Kun Tian did not even know who he was himself.

“The fifth hall master… Kun Tian… The fifth hall master… Kun Tian…”

Hearing what Jian Chen said, Kun Tian sank into his thoughts as he murmured to himself. Although he had not remembered anything, he found the fifth divine hall to be extremely familiar.

Suddenly, Kun Tian looked at Jian Chen and his eyes shone brightly, “Who are you?” When he asked that, his gaze gradually sharpened. His dignified expression made his questions seem absolute.

He sensed killing intent, an extremely heavy killing intent that gave him an ill omen. It was impossible for the late G.o.dking 'ant' before him to give off something like that.

“All you have to know is that I've come to kill you. You don't need to know anything other than that.”

Since Kun Tian had already lost his memories and knew nothing anymore, Jian Chen obviously had no need to waste any words on him. He attacked resolutely as soon as he finished talking.

His presence remained at peak G.o.dking, but when he struck out, he produced an earth-shaking disturbance. His body shone brilliantly as he became enveloped by light. He seemed like a miniature sun, dazzling and blinding.

Jian Chen did not use any weapons. Against Kun Tian who had broken through to the Sixth Heavenly Layer, he needed to be able to use his full strength. There was not a single supreme quality saint artifact or half G.o.d artifact that could withstand Kun Tian's attacks.

He reached out in the empty air and a streak of resplendent light immediately condensed. As the light surged, it pulsed with enough power to faze a Primordial realm expert.

Just the streak of light he had casually condensed was much more powerful than a supreme quality saint artifact.


The streak of light pierced through the air, moving extremely quickly, as if it had broken free from the restraints of time and s.p.a.ce. It immediately arrived before Kun Tian, stabbing towards his soul.

“You're not a G.o.dking, but at the Primordial realm!” Kun Tian cried out and his expression changed drastically. The strength that this disguised Primordial realm expert had erupted with utterly shocked him. Not only was the incoming sword Qi startlingly fast, the power it contained gave him chills too.

In that critical moment, Kun Tian's body shuddered gently and he immediately faded.

The sword Qi in Jian Chen's hand directly pierced Kun Tian's forehead. It pierced his head all the way through.

However, Jian Chen's expression remained the same. His gaze was just as cold as before, filled with killing intent. With a thought, Chaotic Force immediately filled his entire body, unleas.h.i.+ng his full defences.


It was also at that moment that Kun Tian who had his head pierced exploded completely. The tremendous energy formed a terrifying storm of destruction, swallowing Jian Chen.

The might of the energy storm was not something an Infinite Prime who had just stepped into the Sixth Heavenly Layer could unleash. It was completely on par to the full-powered strike of a peak Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

That was because the energy was just too pure. It had been highly concentrated without a single shred of impurity. In the Saints' World, there was not a single Primordial realm expert who could refine their energy to such purity.

There was no more peace in the entirety of the Land of Soul Destruction with Kun Tian's explosion. In the air, the dense, dark clouds surged violently, like a constantly transforming fiends, brandis.h.i.+ng its claws and teeth. The bone-chilling winds screamed sharply, like wailing ghosts, yet also like the roar of a colossal beast.

Jian Chen's surroundings shone brightly within the storm of energy from Kun Tian's explosion. He protected himself with the Laws of the Sword as he stood unwavering. He slashed suddenly with the sword Qi in his hand.

With that slash, he seemed to bisect the world. The entire s.p.a.ce had been cut in half by him. The raging storm of energy parted around him, without touching him at all.

Jian Chen took a step, appearing thousands of meters away like he had teleported. The sword Qi in his hand surged with light as he stabbed at the empty s.p.a.ce in front of him.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2739 - Killing Kun Tian One

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