Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2742: Finally Ou

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“These two G.o.d artifacts probably were repaired.”

All G.o.d artifacts possessed artifact spirits, but as Jian Chen refined the two G.o.d artifacts, he failed to notice artifact spirits in any of them. And, after close examination, he discovered signs that the two G.o.d artifacts had been repaired.

This immediately made him think of the divine hall that floated above the capital city of the Darkstar race in a ruined state.

“Doesn't the Darkstar race have any experts who can refine new G.o.d artifacts, or should I say they lack the materials to?” Jian Chen thought to himself, before soon laughing at himself. Why was he worrying about this? The Darkstar race did not have a single complete G.o.d artifact. That would only make things even better for him.

He immediately dismissed his thoughts, focusing on refinement.

Just as Jian Chen refined the G.o.d artifacts in the Land of Soul Destruction, a large group flew quickly at a low alt.i.tude within the mist-shrouded Two World Mountains in the direction of the distant Darknight city. They emerged from the shrouded depths of the Two World Mountains to the outskirts where mist was visibly thinner.

Their group was huge, amounting to several tens of thousand people. All of them pulsed with energy, forming energy barriers around themselves to protect themselves. These energies all shone with different colours depending on their cultivation methods. Blending together, it seemed like rainbow light.

These people were the group of prodigies led by Jin Hong who had entered the Two World Mountains from the Saints' World.

As they moved out of the enshrouded region, the group seemed to notice something. Everyone stopped involuntarily, studying the surrounding region.

“The mist's thinned. The mist's thinned. We're out, we're finally out. Hahahaha, we've finally pa.s.sed through the depths of the Two World Mountains. We've arrived in the outskirts!”

“We've succeeded! We've successfully crossed the Two World Mountains!”

In the next moment, many of the prodigies could not help but cry out their hearts. All of them were excited and extremely moved. They all felt like they had survived a disaster.

Because they all knew that as long as they left the depths of the Two World Mountains, they would be truly safe.

G.o.dking Life-devouring Beasts would never appear in the outskirts of the Two World Mountains. At most, they would just come across a peak OverG.o.d Life-devouring Beast or two.

And, peak OverG.o.d Life-devouring Beasts posed no threat at all to this colossal group of several tens of thousand G.o.dkings.

“We're finally out,” Jin Hong could not help but exhale deeply at the very back of the group. His heart that had always been on edge for the past few months finally relaxed.

Around him were He Qianqian of the Heavenly Crane clan, Ping Yisheng of the Empirelotus Sword sect, Guang Wanhua of the Scarlet Light clan, Sun Zhi of the Sun clan, Ying Wujin of the Darkness clan and so on. All of them had eased up as well. Together with their delight, they felt like they had survived a disaster as well.

“Hahaha, we're just too powerful. We're just too impressive. We've actually made it through the Two World Mountains!”

“I originally thought it was impossible for us to make it out alive, but we've actually succeeded! Hahaha, the Two World Mountains that can even make people pale has failed to stop us. We've completed an impossible mission. Once we return to our clans, our status will definitely rise with our achievements!”

“This is the most impressive achievement in our lives. Even if we undergo tests in our clans, it'll increase our merit significantly!”

The prodigy of the Chu family, Chu Jie, Gong Ruize of the Gong family, Zhou Zhi of the Yuqiong sect, Kong Feiying of the Cangqiong clan and so on immediately sat down where they were and laughed out loud. Earlier when they were still in the depths of the Two World Mountains, they were so nervous that they were even afraid of breathing too loudly. Their fear had reached the limit. Now that they had reached the outskirts which were much safer, they were no longer afraid. They yelled out all of their emotions.

However, what none of them knew about was that several dozen kilometers from them in the depths of the Two World Mountains, a colossal eagle perched on the crown of a large tree. It gazed at the group of people from afar with its rather intelligent eyes.

The tree which the huge eagle perched on swayed and trembled about extremely unnaturally, as if it struggled to endure the eagle's weight. But at a closer glance, that did not seem to be the case either.

Not a single person in Jin Hong's group knew just how much help the huge eagle had provided to them during their last part of the journey through the depths.

After Jian Chen had left the Two World Mountains, the huge eagle remained in the shadows as a deterrent for the last part of their journey out of grat.i.tude. It had scared away many G.o.dking Life-devouring Beasts. That was why the journey had been so peaceful towards the end.

The huge eagle stood on the crown of the tree and observed them quietly for a while and only afterwards did it unfurl its wings and take off, vanis.h.i.+ng into the thick mist in the blink of an eye.

With the departure of the eagle, the tree it was standing on behaved like its life had been spared. Its roots unearthed from the ground, before heaving up its huge trunk. As if it had grown countless legs, the tree scrambled off into the distance in a panic.

All of the prodigies and the sacrificial soldiers sat on the ground in the outskirts of the Two World Mountains, absorbing divine crystals to recover their energy.

During the recovery process, Jin Hong set up arrangements rapidly. He created small squadrons of the sacrificial soldiers, sending them off in different directions for investigation among the Darkstar race.

As for the majority, they were in no hurry to leave after they recovered their peak condition. Instead, they remained in the depths of the Two World Mountains, only a hundred kilometers from the outskirts, waiting patiently.

“The people of the Darkstar race have their abilities suppressed when they enter the Two World Mountains, preventing them from using their full strength. They won't enter the Two World Mountains so easily. Meanwhile, the Two World Mountains affect us much less compared to them, so we can't afford to leave here before we gain reliable information regarding the Hundred Saint City,” Jin Hong said to everyone.

No one had any objections regarding this. They all understood remaining there would benefit them.

Afterwards, everyone just sat down and began meditating, waiting silently in the Two World Mountains.

He Qianqian sat nearby. However, she was clearly rather uneasy. She would constantly check on a divine hall in her hand, while her gaze would always fall in the direction of the depths. She was worried.

“He Qianqian, is the sliver of power of Yang Yutian's soul still in the divine hall?” At this moment, Ping Yisheng of the Empirelotus Sword sect suddenly looked over and asked solemnly.

Ping Yisheng's question drew over many gazes. Immediately, many prodigies looked over, their gazes stopping on the shrunken divine hall in He Qinaqian's hand.

Many of them understood that if Yang Yutian had not stepped forward courageously, sacrificing himself to draw away the late G.o.dking Life-devouring Beast, probably many of them would die in the Two World Mountains. It would be impossible for all of them to be alive right now.

The gazes of the prodigies who had fallen out with Jian Chen, like Chu Jie, Gong Ruize, Kong Feiying, Zhou Zhi and Zhao Wenbin, all coldened slightly.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2742: Finally Ou

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