Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2734

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Chapter 2734: A Damaged High Quality G.o.d Artifact

When Jian Chen reached the capital city of the Darkstar race through the teleportation formation, a whole day had already pa.s.sed since the storm in Darknight City.

A day was enough for what happened there to spread across the entire Darkstar race.

The Darkstar race had ruled over the Darkstar World for just far too long, so long that basically everyone from the race had developed a sense of superiority when they faced outsiders. Moreover, this belief had already become firmly rooted, such that most members of the Darkstar race all looked down on outsiders.

However, that was the reality as well. There were many Primordial realm experts among the Darkstar race, while even mid G.o.dkings were rare among the outsiders. This was why the outsiders all seemed like very weak existences of low status in the eyes of the Darkstar race.

But now, just a single, supppsedly- weak outsider managed to upheave Darknight City. Even the one hundred and eight kings who were equivalent to the guardian G.o.ds of Darknight City suffered losses. This was obviously startling to the Darkstar race who had never suffered any setbacks before.

As a result, after the news had spread, Darknight City immediately became the centre of attention. The various members of the Darkstar race residing in the other thirty-five cities all gathered in there through teleportation formations.

Some of these people had come to watch the fun, some had gone to verify the matter and so on.

In short, the population of the entire city had multiplied after the day of the incident.

As for the city lord Bai Jin, the thirty-six lords, the one hundred and eight kings and the other experts, they had yet to return.

"A part of the wall's collapsed and a large number of structures in the city have been destroyed as well. Never had I thought, never had I actually thought that the prosperous Darknight City of the past would be ruined like this."

"Darknight City is the city closest to the Hundred Saint City. The Hundred Saint City's been dedicated to the race under the orders of the seventh hall master, so all of the outsiders there have been slain. As for what happened here, it's probably revenge for what happened to the Hundred Saint City."

"This might not necessarily be related to the Hundred Saint City, because I heard the outsider who upheaved the Darknight City was alone."

"What? He's alone and he's bold enough to face off against an entire city? S- surely not."

"If you don't believe me, you're more than welcome to ask the people of the Darknight City. Many people have witnessed this with their own eyes."

Similar discussions were present everywhere throughout the streets of Darknight City, but without a single exception, everyone from the Darkstar race who learnt about the battle struggled to believe the power of the outsider. He was able to hold his ground against the city lord, the thirty-six lords and the one hundred and eight kings all by himself.

Even though the outsider fled in the end, his strength was still utterly astounding.

As a matter of fact, there were even people who suspected the outsider to be a Primordial realm expert in disguise, but this theory was discarded after basically everyone in Darknight City denied this possibility.

The city lord's estate had already been sealed up, forbidding the entry of anyone. As for caretaker Hong who had remained behind in the estate, he actually became the person with the highest authority in the city now that all the entire upper echelon was gone.

But currently, caretaker Hong stood politely with his head lowered in front of three men dressed in black.

The attire of the three men were exactly the same. Embroidered on their chests was a majestic, life-like divine hall, and above it hovered seven sharp swords.

The divine hall held utmost glory among the Darkstar race, because it was the symbol of the ten divine halls. Only people who served the ten divine halls would possess an embroidery like that.

As for the seven swords above the divine hall, it represented they came from the seventh divine hall.

The person in the centre was the leader, while the other two were similar to followers or guards. The leader said, "The one hundred and eight kings, thirty-six lords along with the city lord, Bai Jin, and the vice city lords all took action, yet they failed to stop the outsider from escaping. Caretaker Hong, are you certain the outsider's a G.o.dking and not at the Primordial realm?"

"Sir special envoy, the outsider is a G.o.dking. He even broke through to late G.o.dking in our Darknight City. Every person in the city was a witness of that, so it's impossible for him to be at the Primordial realm. Moreover, Primordial realm outsiders can't get in here," caretaker Hong said carefully as he felt extremely nervous inside.

Within Darknight City, he was just a caretaker that handled miscellaneous affairs at most, yet the special envoy of the divine hall standing right before him was an important figure that even Bai Jin had to treat courteously, so let alone him.

"He possesses such great battle prowess from just breaking through to late G.o.dking. What are the origins of this person?" The envoy asked.

Caretaker Hong shook his head, indicating that he did not know.

The envoy frowned and said after some thought, "You know far too little. Seems like I'll have to wait for Bai Jin to return before I can learn anything more. Our race is currently going through a special period of time right now, so we can't afford any accidents to happen. Since the outsider's so powerful, we need to kill him."

"Don't worry at all, sir. The city lord's already led a group of experts to hunt him down. It's impossible for the outsider to escape. Perhaps he's already been slain by the city lord," said caretaker Hong. He felt very unsettled, because he had personally witnessed Bai Jin's hand being cut off and the essence blood of the divine beast being stolen.

He was afraid of telling this to the envoy. He could only pray inside and hope that Bai Jin could return with the essence blood.

The envoy ended up waiting for a whole day. Bai Jin did not return even after such a long time, which made the envoy feel slightly uneasy.

By now, the news of Bai Jin charging into the Two World Mountains with his group of G.o.dkings to hunt down an outsider had gradually reached the Darknight City as well. When the envoy received the news, his expression immediately changed slightly and he leapt to his feet. He was extremely stern, "Bai Jin's actually entered the Two World Mountains and he hasn't returned after such a long time. Seems like he's probably encountered trouble. He's holding the-"

"This is of utmost importance. We have to report to the divine hall immediately." The special envoy left in a hurry.

In a fine establishment in the centre of the capital city, Jian Chen ordered some small dishes and sat by the window. He ate the dishes and drank some alcohol leisurely as he studied the imperial palace in the distance that hovered a thousand meters in the air.

The imperial palace was extremely grand and gave off the extremely heavy pressure of a G.o.d artifact. With Jian Chen's insight, he could tell with a single glance that the imperial palace was actually a high quality G.o.d artifact, a tough fortress that probably even Grand Primes would struggle to destroy.

Jian Chen was not surprised by the existence of a high quality G.o.d artifact here. After all, the Darkstar race was a powerful race that had once given birth to a Grand Exalt. Even though they had declined, they still possessed some heritage.

The only thing that made Jian Chen rejoice was that the high quality G.o.d artifact was no longer perfect. It had once experienced unbelievable damage and was still ruined right now. It did not even possess a tenth of a high quality G.o.d artifact's power anymore.

And, he could clearly sense that the G.o.d artifact lacked an artifact spirit.

Perhaps, the artifact spirit had died a long time ago.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2734

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