Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2894: A Grand Prime's Pleas for Mercy

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Chapter 2894: A Grand Prime’s Pleas for Mercy

Lei Ruhuo was so frightened right now because the power of laws from the surroundings had already reached a terrifying level that he rarely witnessed in his life.

As he felt frightened, disbelief also overcame him. An expert who had reached such a terrifying realm definitely could not be a n.o.body. They could be described as prominent figures with names that reverberated like thunder. Cultivators of lower cultivations might not necessarily have the right to know about supreme experts like them, but as a Grand Prime, it was impossible for Lei Ruhuo to not know about this supreme figure’s existence.

However, as he gazed at the talented and beautiful woman in white, Lei Ruhuo flipped through all the major figures in his memories, but he failed to find anyone that matched this woman in white even slightly.

“W- who are you exactly? Why do you target and hara.s.s our Heavenly Lightning clan…” Lei Ruhuo asked with a trembling voice. Despite being a Grand Prime, chills already began running down his spine. His forehead was covered in cold sweat.

Even the powerful G.o.d artifact on him, the Heaven-punis.h.i.+ng Lightning Soul Banner, was unable to give him any sense of safety.

He understood extremely well how great of a gap existed between his current realm of cultivation and the supreme laws that had been unleashed right now.

The woman in white’s face paled at a visible rate. Using laws at this level took an extremely great toll on the power of her soul. With each pa.s.sing second, it would take a greater toll on her.

“You’re a Grand Prime, so you already possess the right to learn my name. Listen up. I am the elder princess of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance, Fang Jing!” the woman in white said.

“What? Y- you’re the elder princess of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance from the Immortals’ World? I- i- impossible. How can you appear in the Spirits’ World…”

The ident.i.ty of the elder princess of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance seemed to be some kind of threatening deterrent, which frightened Lei Ruhuo, a mighty Grand Prime, out of his wits upon hearing it. He immediately became sheet-white; his pupils constricted violently, clearly overcome with fear. His entire body trembled.

In the next moment, Lei Ruhuo immediately turned into a huge bolt of lightning, taking off immediately. He did not even have the slightest courage to put up a fight.

“You’re only at the Third Heavenly Layer. Do you really think you can escape from me?” Fang Jing sneered. Her extremely deep eyes were pitch-black as if they were hiding another world. The laws and ways rapidly began to change and evolve.

The changing laws in her eyes directly influenced the region of the Burial Zone, condensing a chain of order entirely out of the laws of the world.

The moment the chain appeared, the three thousand ways of the Spirits’ World immediately rumbled. The chain of order immediately suppressed the many incomplete laws. Only the handful of complete laws remained unaffected.

In the next moment, the chain of order shot out with a swish, piercing incomplete ways upon incomplete ways. It completely bypa.s.sed any restrictions that existed because of s.p.a.ce and distance, catching up to the fleeing Lei Ruhuo instantly.

“Spare me, elder princess…” Lei Ruhuo was frightened out of his mind. In a panic, he immediately tossed out the Heaven-punis.h.i.+ng Lightning Soul Banner. As soon as the Heaven-punis.h.i.+ng Lightning Soul Banner appeared, the sound of rumbling thunder rang out and thousands of bolts of divine lightning began to gather together, giving off the pressure of a high quality G.o.d artifact and shattering large swathes of s.p.a.ce.

However, after the chain of order struck it, the Heaven-punis.h.i.+ng Lightning Soul Banner that was still radiating with might the moment before immediately had its lightning scattered. All of its glow receded in that moment as if it had received heavy damage.

The chain of order continued onwards, and with a terrifying presence that could destroy everything, it pierced through Lei Ruhuo’s body.

“Ahhh—” Lei Ruhuo shrieked miserably. When the chain of order pierced his body, it was like a spear, pinning him down firmly in the air and preventing him from escaping. The power of laws that had already reached an extremely high realm radiating from the chain of order immediately left him with unimaginably severe injuries.

The realm of the laws were far too high, completely crus.h.i.+ng Lei Ruhuo. If the power in the chain of order completely erupted, then Lei Ruhuo would be erased from existence instantly.

However, Fang Jing clearly had no plans to kill Lei Ruhuo with the chain of order. As a result, the power in the chain of order did not erupt under her control. It only heavily injured Lei Ruhuo.

But in the next moment, five illusionary swords appeared from thin air. With a flash, they had already become firmly embedded in Lei Ruhuo’s organs. Immediately, the power of Lei Ruhuo’s cultivation rapidly leaked away.

Lei Ruhuo let out a furious roar, beginning a struggle where he put everything on the line. He was a Grand Prime after all. His cultivation was much more powerful than Fang Jing’s, so even the Punishment of the Heavenly Ways were unable to restrain him. If it were not for the chain of order that heavily injured him beforehand, the Punishment of the Heavenly Ways could not have pierced his body.

Under Lei Ruhuo’s violent struggle, the five illusionary swords in his organs immediately began to dim as if they could collapse at any time.

Fang Jing’s complexion paled, but her gaze became sharper. She snorted coldly, and the chain of order jolted violently. A power of ways oozed into Lei Ruhuo’s body.

As if he had just received a heavy attack, Lei Ruhuo spurted with a b.l.o.o.d.y mist. He seemed to have lost all of his strength, completely becoming limp. His gaze dimmed.

“The Saint Monarch will avenge me. The Saint Monarch won’t spare you. Elder princess of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance, you will definitely die to the Saint Monarch’s hand…” Lei Ruhuo was ashen. He seemed to know his fate was already set in stone. All he could do was growl regretfully.

“You want the Lightning Saint Monarch to avenge you? Hahaha, you better have your Lightning Saint Monarch survive his own calamity first.” Fang Jing laughed aloud. When the Lightning Saint Monarch was mentioned, a stern light flashed through her eyes.

Before long, after all of Lei Ruhuo’s cultivation had been condensed into a white crystal, he finally died to Fang Jing’s hands, completely wiped from existence.

Fang Jing was feeble. As if she had lost all of her strength, she sat on the ground and gasped for air weakly. Her face was haggard, and her gaze was dim. She swallowed several G.o.d Tier pills before barely finding the strength to stand up again.

“I didn’t think that killing a Third Heavenly Layer would be so tiring. It’s actually drained all of the energy in me. The death of a Grand Prime will definitely have an extremely great impact on the Heavenly Lightning clan. I wonder if they’ll send even more powerful experts to investigate…”

“I’ll have to go into hiding for the next period of time…”

“It’s a pity that I don’t have the Dominion’s Brush on me. If I had the Dominion’s Brush, then I wouldn’t have to be so fearful…”

After stowing away Lei Ruhuo’s corpse, Fang Jing used her laws to remove all traces she had left behind before finally arriving before the Heaven-punis.h.i.+ng Lightning Soul Banner in a flash, picking it up in a single swipe.

“There’s the Lightning Saint Monarch’s imprint? But that’s fine too.” Stowing away the Heaven-punis.h.i.+ng Lightning Soul Banner, Fang Jing left immediately. She hid herself away in the vast s.p.a.ce of the Burial Zone in an instant.

“Lei Ruhuo has actually died…” At the same time, the Grand Prime ancestor who watched over the Heavenly Lightning clan on the Westlan Plane, Lei Conglong, felt chills across his body. Boundless fear and panic deeply invaded his entire soul.

First, the Heavenly Lightning clan lost five great elders. Afterwards, a Grand Prime even more powerful than him took the Heaven-punis.h.i.+ng Lightning Soul Banner with him to investigate, yet he still ended up dead.

A blow like that immediately made Lei Conglong become light-headed, making him see black dots as if the sky was collapsing.

“I have to visit the Lightning G.o.d clan immediately.” Lei Conglong had never been so stern before.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2894: A Grand Prime's Pleas for Mercy

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