Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2926: Evidence Gathered

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Chapter 2926: Evidence Gathered

After leaving the vicinity of the divine crystal mine, the G.o.dkings in pursuit immediately sped up without any formations in their way. Even though the fleeing supervisor had already unleashed various techniques to escape, there was nothing he could do about the great disparity in strength, as he was merely an early OverG.o.d, while the people chasing after him were late G.o.dkings.

As a result, in just a few seconds, the G.o.dkings that guarded the mine surrounded the supervisor.

“What are you trying to do? I’m a supervisor of the Tian Yuan clan. I’m directly under the command of the leader and vice leader of the clan. As members of the Tian Yuan clan, don’t tell me you’re bold enough to kill a supervisor?” With escaping out of the picture, the supervisor raised his tablet high into the air and bellowed. A sliver of despair appeared in his eyes.

“Hehehe, a supervisor? Though, since you’re bold enough to get in our way, even if you’re a supervisor, only death awaits you…”

“You’re a supervisor, yet you don’t choose to spend your time having fun outside, instead choosing to stick your nose into matters that have nothing to do with you. You’re basically asking to be killed…”

“That’s called bringing ruin upon yourself. Hahahahaha, supervisor, this time next year will be your death anniversary…”

“Supervisor, you must have recorded everything in a memory crystal when you were lurking around earlier. You better hand over the memory crystal…”


The G.o.dkings all sneered, completely disregarding his ident.i.ty as a supervisor.

So what if he was a supervisor? A good handful of supervisors had already died to their hands over the years.

“Don’t waste time. We better finish him off quickly, just in case it leads to any unnecessary trouble…” one of the G.o.dkings called out. With that, a high quality saint artifact appeared in his hand, and he slashed it at the supervisor with a streak of light.

The supervisor was filled with despair. The difference between an early OverG.o.d and a late G.o.dking was so great that he stood absolutely no chance at all.

“Oh my, what’s happening here today? Why are you fighting among yourselves?” But at this moment, a velvety voice rang out. A glamorous woman suddenly appeared there. With a gentle wave of her hand, the streak of light from the late G.o.dking shattered.

“P- p- protector Mei…”

The G.o.dkings immediately changed drastically in expression when they saw the woman. Their hearts sank.

“Tsktsk, the juniors these days are really getting bolder and bolder. You even have the courage to kill a supervisor of the Tian Yuan clan. The rules of the Tian Yuan clan are very strict, you know? Even we, Infinite Prime protectors, cannot kill supervisors without good reason,” Protector Mei said gently and giggled. Who knew whether she was mocking the audacity of the G.o.dkings or admiring their courage.

“Protector Mei, this person isn’t a supervisor at all. He’s an outsider in disguise, so please allow us to execute this person, protector Mei. We will obviously explain everything to protector Mei afterwards.” A G.o.dking ground his teeth. As soon as he finished talking, he launched another attack, directly making his way around protector Mei and slas.h.i.+ng at the supervisor of the Tian Yuan clan at full strength.

“Hehehe, you kids still won't give up, huh? The clan will obviously determine whether he’s a supervisor or not. We don’t need you making a ruckus here just yet. As for protector An, he’s only a protector the Tian Yuan clan externally recruited. Since when did the clan need him to explain what went on in the clan?” Protector Mei giggled. With a wave of her hand, the band around her waist immediately flew out. It reached three hundred meters long in the blink of an eye and wrapped around the G.o.dkings.

The late G.o.dkings stood absolutely no chance before a Primordial realm expert. They were all firmly trapped.

“Thank you for your a.s.sistance, protector Mei.” The supervisor who had narrowly escaped death bowed towards protector Mei gratefully.

Protector Mei glanced past him indifferently. “Kid, you were lucky. I just happened to be out attending to some matters, or your life probably won’t be intact anymore.”

Afterwards, protector Mei thought to herself, “That little girl Xi Yu has been taking more and more drastic actions recently. She’s becoming more and more heavy-handed too. She even forcefully sent protector Xue on a mission. Looks like she’s about to do something big.”

“However, the clan leader has yet to return, and senior Xu remains aloof to these matters too. She remains completely uninvolved with the matters of the Tian Yuan clan. If it’s just the girl, where is she getting her confidence from…”


In the former imperial capital of the Blood Sun Empire, within the Trade a.s.sociation of Spiritual Resources that specially dealt in various heavenly resources.

“Vice a.s.sociation leader, I’m representing the Tian Yuan clan this time to purchase almost a billion supreme grade divine crystals’ worth of various heavenly resources from your Trade a.s.sociation of Spiritual Resources. Moreover, our superiors have already spoken that we’ll be taking eighty percent of this order…”

“You better handle this order properly. If you can satisfy our superiors, then our Tian Yuan clan will continue to be your customer for any future deals of similar nature…”

“After all, our Tian Yuan clan is getting big now. We have many members, so the daily expenditures are startling. The heavenly resources will be depleted very quickly…”

Within the Trade a.s.sociation of Spiritual Resources, a G.o.dking of the Tian Yuan clan smiled mysteriously, currently negotiating with the vice leader of the Trade a.s.sociation of Spiritual Resources.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. Leave this up to us. We’ll definitely make sure your superiors are satisfied. Oh look, the heavenly resources that the Tian Yuan clan needs happens to have multiplied by a dozen times in price due to particularly great demand recently…” The vice leader smiled craftily.

The negotiation ended with both parties leaving the sealed guest room with satisfied smiles across their faces.

After they left, a person dressed like a servant walked in from outside, cleaning up the guest room. After confirming there was no one around, the servant arrived in one of the corners of the room and opened a hidden formation using a secret technique, removing a memory crystal from in there.


In the Watercloud Hall of the Tian Yuan clan.

Xi Yu currently sat in the main seat frostily. Below her stood several high-ranking members of the division of oversight.

“Vice leader, with the involvement of the protectors and the inclusion of many spatial formation discs, the collection of evidence has increased drastically in efficiency. We basically have enough evidence for all aspects now. The only problem is basically all of the evidence we’ve collected points to a few G.o.dkings. We don’t have anything concrete on the protectors that stand behind them…”

The people of the division of oversight reported.

Xi Yu glanced at the table that was covered in over a thousand memory crystals. She waved her hand emotionlessly. “You’ve done very well. You can go. I’ll handle what comes afterwards.”

The high-ranking members all backed down, but soon after they had left, six Infinite Prime protectors with protector Xue in the lead entered the Watercloud Hall at the same time.

Protector Mei happened to be among them.

“Guess what I ran into on the way back?” As soon as they entered the Watercloud Hall, protector Mei giggled before releasing the G.o.dkings that were a.s.signed to guard the high grade divine crystal mine. She continued, “If I’ve guessed correctly, these people should be a part of the Tian Yuan clan. However, they actually worked together to openly hunt down a member of the division of oversight outside. If I hadn’t run into them, the supervisor would have died at their hands a long time ago. Sigh, these people really are becoming more and more brazen.”

When she heard that, Xi Yu’s face immediately darkened.

“It’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. It’s all a misunderstanding. We thought the supervisor was an impersonator. After all, the clan has lost many supervisors recently. We were worried that an outsider had stolen a supervisor’s tablet and wanted to do things detrimental to the clan, which was why we tried to capture him. We planned on leaving his fate up to the clan, but we never expected protector Mei to suddenly show up…”

“Take them away!” Xi Yu snorted coldly and directly ordered the G.o.dkings to be taken away. Afterwards, she stared at the Infinite Primes cautiously and asked, “Protectors, may I ask how you’ve been going with that?”

“We completed the mission, fortunately. All of the evidence is within these memory crystals,” protector Xue said flatly and immediately tossed out several dozen memory crystals. He said in thought, “However, if you want to deal with these protectors, just this evidence is nowhere near enough, as some evidence can actually be forged. If they refuse to admit it, there’s nothing we can do to them either.”

“Yeah. After all, many of them have already banded together. They’ve become quite a powerful force. If you want to deal with them, just evidence is not enough. You still have to rely on your fists…”

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2926: Evidence Gathered

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