Chaotic Sword God Chapter 627: Showdown with a Saint Ruler (Three)

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Chapter 627: Showdown with a Saint Ruler (Three)

Jian Chen didn’t hesitate in his actions after listening to the sword spirits. Like an obedient schoolchild, he immediately swallowed some of the Chaotic Force from his dantian and spread it throughout his body. With the fusion of the two, Jian Chen immediately felt the strength of his body elevate to a higher level in terms of defensive might.

Once the Chaotic Force had spread through his body, Jian Chen didn’t even feel the Chaotic Force dissipate. It continued to maintain that same level of strength throughout his body without being used at all. The following moments after he had used the Chaotic Force to strengthen himself, Jian Chen felt his entire body continue to operate at an extremely boosted level.

During that moment, Jian Chen drew closer to the patriarch. His palm became a fist filled with Chaotic Force meant to punch the patriarch. As the fist traveled, the surrounding s.p.a.ce around it violently trembled.

Jian Chen wasn’t adept in close combat fighting with his own body, but Jian Chen didn’t worry about any threats because the powerful Chaotic Force had been joined with the Chaotic Body.

The patriarch was startled at Jian Chen’s choice of attack, but then a small smile appeared on his face as he said, “Jian Chen, this old man has a considerably strong body. Allow me to teach you a good lesson with it.” Without delay, the patriarch’s right hand formed a claw shape as it filled with Saint Force. That hand flew toward Jian Chen’s neck while his left hand moved to block Jian Chen’s punch.

The patriarch of the Jiede clan was without a doubt a Saint Ruler. He was one who had peered into the abyss that was the profound mysteries of the world and understood the secrets to s.p.a.ce. A fist of his contained the powers of s.p.a.ce, and was extremely fast as a result. It moved so quickly that Jian Chen had no time to dodge the attack. Thus, the man to grabbed Jian Chen by his throat.

Jian Chen felt startled to see the hand reach his throat. Although the Chaotic Force was still spread throughout his body and boosted it to an unbelievable level, Jian Chen was fighting a Saint Ruler either way. He wasn’t even sure of how strong he was with his body as it was right now. He was unsure whether or not he could survive the Saint Ruler’s strike to his throat.

The Saint Ruler easily grasped onto Jian Chen’s weakpoint! This made the patriarch feel extremely joyful, and with a twinkle of killing intent in his eyes, he laughed. “Jian Chen, you may have stepped into the realm of Saint Rulers, but you’ve clearly not understood the mystery that is s.p.a.ce! Allow this old man to send you to your death!” With the final word, the patriarch squeezed his right hand, trying to snap Jian Chen’s neck.

After the patriarch clenched his hand, he came to the startling realization that what he was holding was not flesh and blood; it was something many times harder than steel and stone!

The look of joy on the patriarch’s face slipped away with the realization. Staring at Jian Chen in shock, he asked through his befuddlement, “How!? How did your throat become this tough?”

By now, Jian Chen’s body was completely filled with Chaotic Force and boasted a defensive might that was startling. Even a Saint Ruler wouldn’t be able to leave a scratch no matter how hard he tried. One wouldn’t even be able to snap Jian Chen’s neck. Jian Chen was filled with an endless amount of joy while he calmed himself down.

At the same time, Jian Chen’s right palm made contact with the patriarch’s palm. With a sharp “crack!,” the bones in the patriarch’s right arm fractured.

Letting out a deep grunt in pain, the patriarch watched as his right arm lifelessly drooped down to his side.

Jian Chen also grunted as the Chaotic Force in his right arm cycled. Jian Chen punched at the patriarch’s chest, but the s.p.a.ce around his fist froze up, allowing his punch to travel even faster.

After experiencing Jian Chen’s punch once, the patriarch was now painfully aware of how strong his fist was. Unwilling to allow himself to be used as a punching bag, the patriarch’s body flickered into non-existence. By borrowing the power of s.p.a.ce, he was able to retreat several meters away where the frozen s.p.a.ce Jian Chen had created did not affect him.

“Bang!” The fist of Jian Chen impacted against the sky, letting loose a m.u.f.fled explosion while s.p.a.ce became heavily distorted.

Jian Chen did not hesitate to let out a loud hiss after his punch missed. He charged straight for the patriarch, who was still several meters away, as his fighting intent rapidly increased.

The patriarch’s face hardened when he felt the amount of power in Jian Chen swell up. Swiftly turning around, he borrowed the power of s.p.a.ce once more to retreat several hundred meters away. Once there, he began to condense his Saint Force into his right hand. In a second, a sword made of fire appeared in it. The flames that flickered off the blade were so intense that they seemed to burn the very s.p.a.ce around them.

“And now, this old man won’t be holding back any longer. Let this old man have some good fun.” The patriarch spat. After these several exchanges, he knew that this was no time to hold back; otherwise, there would be no way to counter this upstart of a youngster.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 627: Showdown with a Saint Ruler (Three)

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