Chaotic Sword God Chapter 941: Tie Ta’S Strength

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Chapter 941: Tie Ta’s Strength

Bi Hai, Jiede Tai, and Changyang Zu Yunkong’s expressions darkened as they stood beside the two girls, gazing over the twenty Saint Rulers that had yet to move.

Several kilometers away, Bi Jian stared coldly at the three of them as he sat on his Cla.s.s 5 Magical Beast mount. Severe killing intent appeared in his eyes as he said coldly, “The Flame Mercenaries only have you as Saint Rulers. Alright, I’ll kill you all today then, and make the Flame Mercenaries collapse completely.

“Additionally, Jian Chen’s fiancee and sister will both become my women in the future. Jian Chen, I have sworn before that I’d make you suffer so much grief that you would wish you were dead. I’ll make you regret all that you’ve done to the Heavenly Enchantress. This is what you get for offending me.” Hatred for Jian Chen skyrocketed in Bi Jian’s heart. It was so intense that it drove him toward madness.

The source of this hatred was the Heavenly Enchantress.

Bi Jian rose from his mount as he radiated with vast killing intent, shooting directly for the city walls. His eyes were completely bloodshot, filled with hatred and resentment, as if he had some great grudge against Bi Hai and the others.

In this moment, all of Bi Jian’s hatred for Jian Chen had been s.h.i.+fted toward the people around him.

The expressions of Bi Hai and the others immediately sank when they saw Bi Jian charge toward them. Bi Hai cried out, “This person is very powerful, already of the Seventh Heavenly Layer. Take the two of them and go, Yun Kong. Jiede Tai and I will keep him busy.” Before he had even finished his words, Bi Hai flew out. His body radiated with tremendous Saint Force toward Bi Jian, while behind him was Jiede Tai with his Ruler Armament in hand. They wanted to obstruct Bi Jian by working together.

“Grandfather, come back. They have over twenty Saint Rulers. You’re not their opponent,” Bi Lian cried out urgently as she stood on the city walls. She was filled with worry.

“This is not the time to act tough. Let’s leave first,” Changyang Zu Yunkong growled. With a wave of his sleeve, an invisible force wrapped around You Yue and Bi Lian as he took them away.

Although Changyang Zu Yunkong had broken through to Saint Ruler, he was still on the First Heavenly Layer. Moreover, the seal in his mind was still present, so he could not use most of his strength. He was no opponent for these people who had reached Saint Ruler many years ago.


Bi Hai and Jiede Tai had started to fight Bi Jian already. The power that erupted as soon as they clashed could collapse mountains. From just a single bout, they broke through to the void, forming a pitch-black crack in s.p.a.ce. Wild residual energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings as it expanded from where they clashed as the center, knocking the people below off their feet. It injured thousands.

“Even just the two of you dare to try me? You overestimate yourself.” Bi Jian’s gaze toward Bi Hai and Jiede Tai was filled with scorn. Without even using his Saint Artifact, he directly hurled a fist at Jiede Tai.

The punch contained Bi Jian’s comprehensions of the mysteries of the world, so it seemed to fuse with the surroundings. It was extremely fast, preventing Jiede Tai from dodging it so it landed forcefully on his chest.

A b.l.o.o.d.y mist sprayed out from Jiede Tai’s mouth as he fell. He was still a Saint Ruler of the Third Heavenly Layer, so his disparity with Bi Jian was just too great. He had been heavily injured from just a single bout.

With Jiede Tai out of the battle, only Bi Hai was left. Bi Hai was of the Sixth Heavenly Layer, only one cultivation level below Bi Jian, and he had a solid foundation as he had broken through to Saint Ruler by comprehending the mysterious beast furs. So even though he was weaker than Bi Jian, he was able to stand his ground against Bi Jian for quite a while and go without suffering defeat for some time.

Bi Hai and Bi Jian’s battle was extremely intense. Every time they clashed, the booms would be thunderous and absolutely deafening. Wild ripples of energy expanded in all directions, causing the ground to crack and mountains to collapse. It was as if an apocalypse had arrived.

Flame City was also struck with the residual energies from their battle. However, it was made of tungsten alloy and was as tough as the seven capitals of the continent. Although the battle was intense, it did not even shake Flame City.

Bi Hai and Bi Jian fought as they rose up in the air, surpa.s.sing an alt.i.tude of ten thousand meters very quickly. They became two white specks in the sky; they worried that too many people would be injured from the shockwaves of their battle and thus suffer Celestial Decay. This was why they moved the battle so high up in the air.

Meanwhile, the alliance formed from over twenty peak-level mercenary groups continued their battle with the Flame Mercenaries. The various experts that had come from all over the continent only watched on from afar and none had any intentions of interfering.

The Flame Mercenaries suffered an irremediable lack in both numbers and strength compared to the Extinguis.h.i.+ng Alliance. As a result, the Flame Mercenaries fell into a disadvantaged situation without long, forcefully suppressed by the opponents that outnumbered them by several times. They sustained heavy casualties.

Ming Dong, Little Fatty, w.a.n.g Yufeng, Dugu Feng, and the others worked hard to kill their opponents, constantly cutting down members of the alliance. However, the person with the most outstanding performance was Tie Ta. He was died in blood, while his burly body stood out among the crowds of people. He was like a small moving mountain.

Tie Ta’s clothes had already been reduced to shreds, while the huge ax in his hand constantly dropped with bright-red blood. Every time he swung out, he would slaughter several members of the alliance. No one could resist a strike of his.

Tie Ta was like a grinder, creating a ma.s.sacre among the members of the alliance. Countless people had already been felled by his hand, while a path made completely from corpses had formed behind him.

Not only was Tie Ta extremely powerful, the toughness of his body could be considered as almost deviant. He did not dodge the attacks from everywhere at all, resisting it purely with his body. Those from Earth Saint Masters failed to even cut through his skin, while even Heaven Saint Masters struggled to create any large wounds on him.

Tie Ta’s body was so tough that it could be comparable to Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body from before.

Several Heaven Saint Masters realized how strong Tie Ta was, and thus surrounded and began attacking him together.

However, as soon as the drew near him, they were knocked away by Tie Ta’s ax. They all vomited blood, now heavily injured.

“Call some stronger people and finish him off together,” someone called for support.

Very soon, over ten Heaven Saint Masters flew over from nearby, surrounding Tie Ta tightly before shooting powerful sword Qi toward him.

Tie Ta remained calm. He wielded his ax in one hand and swept it around him in a circle. It easily broke through all the sword Qi from the Heaven Saint Masters. The violent residual energies slammed into his body, but failed to even shake him. His feet seemed to be rooted deeply in the ground as he stood there firmly.

Tie Ta stamped on the ground heavily, immediately shooting toward one Heaven Saint Master. The b.l.o.o.d.y ax in his hand shone with a slight golden color as he directly swung it toward the Heaven Saint Master’s head.

The ax seemed to contain some law of the world, whistling through the air with a certain profoundness as it chopped down.

The Heaven Saint Master immediately raised his Saint Weapon high up in the air to block the attack.

Ding! The Heaven Saint Master’s Saint Weapon had actually been shattered by Tie Ta’s ax as it continued downward without any reduction in force. It pa.s.sed through the Heaven Saint Master’s head and split him in half. He was as fragile as tofu.

The expressions of all the Heaven Saint Masters that surrounded Tie Ta changed drastically when they witness this. They were all filled with disbelief.

“Y- you’re a Saint Ruler…” A Heaven Saint Master said with a trembling voice. To them, only Saint Rulers could break a Heaven Saint Master’s Saint Weapon so easily.

“I’m not a Saint Ruler,” Tie Ta responded with his deep and soft voice, before charging at the others with his giant ax. The ax slightly flickered with a golden light and with every strike, it contained some type of mysterious law of the world. It possessed an extremely great might and even Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Masters struggled to block it. They would be split into two along with their Saint Weapons.

In the blink of an eye, half the Heaven Saint Masters in the area had been bisected by Tie Ta. They were all killed off by a single swing of the ax, while the other Heaven Saint Master began to panic after witnessing Tie Ta’s strength. They began to flee as if their lives depended on it, while Tie Ta seemed determined to kill them as he chased them.

“Save us, former captain!” A few frightened Heaven Saint Masters began to call out for help.

The Saint Rulers that did not take part in the battle noticed this immediately. An old man moved slightly and traveled several kilometers to arrive before Tie Ta in the blink of an eye. He stared at Tie Ta coldly and said, “Sire is skilled, but the Flame Mercenaries are already done for. Why not join our alliance? With sire’s strength, you’ll definitely be treated greatly.”

Tie Ta paid no attention to the old man’s attempt to recruit him. Without even saying a word, he directly swung his ax at the old man.

The old man’s face became icy. With just a thought, the s.p.a.ce around Tie Ta froze in that instant. It locked Tie Ta’s burly body tightly in place and immobilized him.

“Those below Saint Ruler are all ants. It would be as easy as cake if I wanted to kill you. My love for talent has just been aroused after seeing your strength, so I’ll spare your life. So what do you think? Are you joining us?” The old man said condescendingly. His gaze toward Tie Ta was full of scorn.

With his dignity as a Saint Ruler, he really did completely looked down on Tie Ta. 

Tie Ta became grim before roaring at the sky. A faint golden light immediately began to s.h.i.+ne from his body, while even his ax became coated in a hazy golden l.u.s.ter. Although it was very faint, it was much stronger than when he killed the Heaven Saint Masters before.

Tie Ta’s trapped body suddenly moved. In that moment, he seemed to have become immune to the frozen s.p.a.ce completely. He raised his ax high up while his grasp became two-handed from the initial one hand.

Immediately, an indescribably tremendous aura began to pour from his body. Tie Ta seemed to become one with the ax in that instance. His posture seemed to possess some indescribable charm, resonating with the world. He had obtained a sliver of mysterious power that originated from the world.

Stepping out, his ax became a streak of golden light, directly ignoring the frozen s.p.a.ce and falling down with lightning speed.

“How is this possible!?” The Saint Ruler paled in surprise. He found it difficult to accept the fact that a mere Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master could just ignore his frozen s.p.a.ce.

But what filled him with even more disbelief was that he felt a great threat from Tie Ta’s ax.

The Saint Ruler reacted very quickly, unwilling to be careless. A flame-red machete immediately appeared in his hand, and he swung it to meet Tie Ta’s ax. His machete was coated in a layer of invisible World Force.

Chaotic Sword God Chapter 941: Tie Ta’S Strength

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