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Xu s.h.i.+’s Crisis

Just like that, Gu Shu had been slapped with the t.i.tle of “not having seen much.” Heavens knew just how much the inner palace of Da Shun had fought over their unique perfume! She just could not understand. Where exactly had Imperial Daughter Ji An obtained such an amazing perfume? There was also the bottle. It also left her feeling uncertain.

At this time, Feng Yu Heng spoke up: “The princess of Gu Shu has also personally seen the quality of things that our Da Shun has. What would we want your thousand-fragrance perfume for?”

The princess of Gu Shu was speechless.

Feng Yu Heng smiled then turned around to say to the Emperor: “Father Emperor, it’s not easy for Heng to produce this sort of perfume. I cannot successfully produce much in a single year, but from this day forward, I still want to bring some out for the new year to be given to the imperial concubines of the inner palace. It’s fine if we don’t receive Gu Shu’s perfumes.”

When the imperial concubines heard this, they all smiled widely and could not close their mouths. The Empress led the way and nodded. Before the Emperor could speak, the Empress said: “That’s natural. With Heng personally producing perfume, what would we want perfume from Gu Shu for?” After saying this, she said to the princess of Gu Shu: “Seventh princess, do not blame this One for saying too much. If your Gu Shu’s people like that sort of perfume, just bring it back and research it some more to use for yourselves. But that sort of thing that contains musk must not be used in Da Shun. I trust that the madams and young misses also would not want to run the risk of trading having children for this smell, right?”

When the people heard this, they all nodded and agreed: “Naturally, we do not dare.”

The Empress nodded in satisfaction: “If you can understand this reasoning, that’s good.” She then looked at the princess of Gu Shu and added: “Seventh princess, return to the South tomorrow. This One will send people to send you back. For this trip to Da Shun, Gu Shu did not provide an official request, thus this would be considered a personal trip. It would be improper to keep you for a longer period of time. You must be careful on your trip, especially with the thousand-fragrance perfume. You need to protect it carefully. Not a single drop may remain within Da Shun’s border.”

By the end, the Empress’ expression had already become frigid. The seventh princess of Gu Shu was not a fool. She knew that this person had ordered for the guest to leave, thus she nodded. After saluting, she retreated to her seat.

Feng Yu Heng did not continue to remain in place. At this time, the people that had run away from the smell also returned to the hall. The music and dancing resumed.

While she returned to her seat, she deliberately pa.s.sed by the princess of Gu Shu, and this left the princess of Gu Shu gritting her teeth in anger. With angry eyes, she glared at her. The hatred was written all over her face. Feng Yu Heng, however, did not mind it. She acted as though she did not even see it when brus.h.i.+ng past; however, her ice-cold voice entered the princess of Gu Shu’s ears: “What is it? You hate me?”

The princess of Gu Shu did not avoid it at all and said: “I hate that I can’t strangle you to death.”

Feng Yu Heng laughed, “You are not the only one that wants to strangle me to death, but as it seems, it’s still not your turn. Just wait!”

A bottle of Dior perfume allowed Feng Yu Heng to regain Da Shun’s face. The people had already forgotten just how many times this Imperial Daughter Ji An had tried desperately to provide for the image of Da Shun. They just knew that with this imperial daughter, regardless of how ugly a situation Da Shun’s situation was, it would not be a hopeless situation.

It was very clear that the Emperor also thought this way. Thus he lifted his wine cup and raised it toward where Feng Yu Heng was. Feng Yu Heng quickly stood up and respectfully drank a cup with the Emperor.

This scene was not much to the officials from the capital as well as the large majority of the madams and young misses; however, there would be a small group of guests from out of the province that began to carry bad feelings in their hearts, especially the women that were good at instigating things. Immediately, there were people that began to egg Feng Fen Dai on, “Fourth Young Miss Feng, has Imperial Daughter Ji An ever given you that sort of perfume?”

Fen Dai snorted coldly, “How could that be possible. That’s something that only the imperial concubines can use.”

“Hah! That’s what is said, but even if other people don’t get a share, you are her younger sister. How could you not have a share?”

Fen Dai had already been feeling extremely jealous, and she was extremely greedy. Hearing the provocations, she immediately felt that this was not fair. There were some people that loved watching lively events without worrying about things getting out of hand. They continued to push her on, saying: “Sisters should help each other. She currently has a powerful position, but in the few days since we’ve come to the capital, we’ve heard that the Feng family is living very poorly. It seems that she does not hold you in her heart. Hah, I really do feel sorry for fourth Young Miss Feng.”

An anger immediately began to burn inside Fen Dai from hearing them say these things, but so what if an anger burned? She had too much experience in dealing with Feng Yu Heng, and they were all experiences in defeat. Especially in this sort of scene, even if she got angry, she still remembered that she could not take the initiative to offend her second sister. Otherwise, she would need to bear that burden on her own. In Feng Yu Heng’s heart, there was no such thing as the Feng family or younger sisters. The only person that mattered to her was just Feng Xiang Rong.

As Fen Dai thought like this, she recalled that Xiang Rong might have received that sort of perfume, and she could not help but feel even more unreconciled.

On the head seat in the hall, the Emperor sat in a leisurely manner. That earlier play had gone as he had desired. When thinking back on it, he felt that it was very entertaining.

Zhang Yuan stood to the side and saw his delighted expression. He could not hold back and poured some cold water on his mood: “What are you delighting over? If it wasn’t for Imperial Daughter Ji An happening to bring a bottle of perfume into the palace, who knows how this situation would have been resolved!”

The Emperor waved his hand and said with great confidence: “Don’t worry. As long as that girl is around, she would not allow Us to be in a troubled situation.”

“How can you be so confident?” Zhang Yuan was helpless, but after thinking a bit, in that earlier scene, if they did not lecture the princess of Gu Shu a bit, it would not be just the Emperor that would be in a troubled situation. It would be the entirety of Da Shun! Then he sighed with emotion. Indeed, as long as Imperial Daughter Ji An was present, all problems would be resolved.

The music and dancing continued throughout the banquet. In truth, the music and dancing were just to create an atmosphere. Behind the dancing, the people were chatting and collaborating. The Emperor pretended to be listening to the music and watching the dancing; however, he never missed a single interaction between officials. Everything was seen by him, and he could even see the expressions of the people in these dialogues. A banquet was nothing more than an examination. He knew just what sort of hearts these officials of his had.

“Heng.” Xuan Tian Ge had taken a stroll through the banquet. When she returned to Feng Yu Heng’s side, she quietly said to her: “I just saw the Yao family’s eldest madam follow Lu Yao out of the hall.”

“Hm?” Feng Yu Heng did not pay attention to this. She had been chatting with a few young misses. She had been busy engaging in social interactions and really did not pay attention to the other happenings.

Xuan Tian Ge continued: “But it seemed to be quite peaceful. It was just a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law going out for a walk. The banquet has gone on for so long. There isn’t anyone that can continue to sit still. The Empress has already said that if the madams and young misses cannot sit still, they could go and take a walk around the palace. There are a few courtyards that they can visit.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and wanted to say that it was fine; however, she felt uneasy. After thinking for a while, she turned her head and looked around the banquet. She saw that the Lu family’s eldest young miss, Lu Ping, had also stood up at this time and nodded in her direction. She then brought her maidservant and went out.

Feng Yu Heng suddenly stood up, giving Xuan Tian Ge a fright. She said: “I also feel a little bit bored. Tian Ge, how about we go out for a walk?”

Xuan Tian Ge agreed, “That’s fine. I’ve already been feeling bored for quite some time.” The two began walking out while speaking. Huang Quan and Xuan Tian Ge’s maidservant quickly followed behind. When they pa.s.sed by Feng Zhao Lian, they saw that he had an arm wrapped around a young miss’ shoulder and loudly saying: “Beautiful people! As I see it, there isn’t a single man in this hall that is worthy of you!” This left the young miss smiling very brightly.

Just as the few had left Heavenly Hall, and before they could talk about where they wanted to go, a palace maid hurriedly began to run in the direction of the hall. Arriving at the entrance, she happened to see Feng Yu Heng. Without thinking to salute, she immediately went over and said: “Palace princess, Imperial Daughter, quickly, quickly go the lotus pond to take a look! The Yao family’s eldest madam and young madam have both fallen into the water!”

“What?” Feng Yu Heng was very shocked. She felt that Lu Yao and Xu s.h.i.+ coming out together would end with something happening; however, she never thought that it would happen so quickly. “Lead the way.” She made a prompt decision and had the palace maid lead the way. Xuan Tian Ge also went along. Lifting their dresses, they ran toward the lotus pond.

The lotus pond was not far from the Heavenly Hall. The group very quickly arrived and saw that there were quite a few people forming a crowd. They were all madams and young misses that had come out for a walk. At this time, there was a young miss shouting: “Quickly go and call a few eunuchs. We are all girls, and none of us know how to swim and can’t save them!”

Someone said: “A palace maid has already gone, but after going for so long, they still haven’t come?”

Feng Yu Heng frowned. There were palace maids and eunuchs everywhere in the palace. Why would there not be a single eunuch near the lotus pond? Not a single one could be called over? Could it be that someone had sent them all away?

But someone said: “Although the water is not deep, there are many aquatic plants inside. Look at the madam. It’s clear that her feet have become tangled. Even if she wants to stand, she can’t stand up straight.”

“What’s the point of standing up straight?” Another young miss stomped her foot, “The water isn’t high is indeed true, but do you know that there is mud under the water? Who could stand up? If they settle their feet, wouldn’t they sink all the same!”

Feng Yu Heng was a bit anxious, especially when seeing the pleading look coming from Xu s.h.i.+. She became even more anxious, yet it had to be at this time that there was a splash from the water, as Lu Yao shouted at her: “Younger sister Heng, younger sister Heng, save us! Quickly save us!” As she shouted, she grew weaker and weaker. The water gradually covered her head, and she stopped breathing. To her side, Xu s.h.i.+ tried to pull her out but could not exert any strength. Her body also continued to sink down.

Feng Yu Heng also wanted to save them, but even if she had all kinds of abilities, there was a major drawback. She did not know how to swim! Not only did she not know how to swim, but her maidservant, Huang Quan, was also pretty bad in the water. Although she had worked hard and trained, in the end, she did not show much in terms of results.

But the situation before them had happened suddenly, and Huang Quan did not have time to think about so much. While Lu Yao had been screaming, she removed her own outer layer and moved to leap into the pond.

But before she could move, another figure appeared from inside the crowd. With a “splash” sound, a girl took the initiative and leaped into the water.

Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife Chapter 710

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