Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1552

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Chapter 1552 - Ten Thousand Dao Immortal Badge

As the crowd speculated, Wan Xiao was trying to secure the Immortal Badge of Ascension for Xu Xianzhi's sake.

He also knew that Xu Xianzhi did not want to owe him any favor.

However, since he already made up his mind, no one could possibly stop him.

As such, he was willing to go as far as threatening Qin Nan. In his eyes, the man definitely was not related to Empress Feiyue in any way.

With his ident.i.ty, status, and strength, Qin Nan would compromise if he was smart enough.

However, Qin Nan's eyes turned cold instantly.

He did not expect this Wan Xiao to be so ruthless, to even threaten to kill him.

"Cultivator Xianzhi, I'm sorry, I'll be needing the Immortal Badge of Ascension, so I can't give it to you."

Qin Nan brought his fists together and said. The woman was comparable to Wan Xiao in terms of status, yet she did not act proudly. She was worthy of his respect.

"Then, I won't force you."

Xu Xianzhi was slightly disappointed, but she did not say further.

"That's more like it..."

Wan Xiao's expression turned calm gradually. He was about to take out two Heaven G.o.d Weapons to give them to Qin Nan.

It had always been his approach. As long as people were willing to obey him, he would give them benefits. 

"However, if you think you can kill me, bring it on, I'll be waiting."

Qin Nan looked at Wan Xiao and said coldly.

Meanwhile, a thought crossed his mind. Since this Wan Xiao was the son of the Peng Emperor, he was indeed worthy to be his mount.

"Is that man seriously challenging Wan Xiao?"

The cultivators in the surroundings were startled.

Where did a mere Ascender from the Secondary Lower Realm get his courage from to challenge Wan Xiao face on? Isn't he scared of dying?


Wan Xiao's expression changed as he unleashed a tremendous aura. Countless feathers floated in the air.

He was totally infuriated by Qin Nan's att.i.tude. He was on the verge of launching his attack.

"Wan Xiao, don't you cross the line!"

Xu Xianzhi frowned and stepped in front of Qin Nan. A wise woman like her was able to tell that Wan Xiao was trying to threaten the guy secretly.

"Wan Xiao, Canglan Ancient City isn't a place you can act as you wish."

An imperious voice exploded in the rift.

Apart from the compet.i.tion, no one was allowed to fight in the city, the same rule even applied to Heaven Immortals.

"Senior, that was my bad," Wan Xiao quickly calmed down as he was still a Peerless Genius after all. He bowed at the rift before looking at Qin Nan with a sharp gaze, "You better not leave this ancient city!"

Following it, he entered the rift with a kick and disappeared.

If he stayed behind any longer after being challenged by an insignificant cultivator from the Secondary Lower Realm, he would simply humiliate himself further. There was no reason for him to stay any longer.

"Cultivator, don't you worry, it only started because of me, I'll settle it."

Xu Xianzhi's eyes flickered with disgust watching Wan Xiao left, before she apologized sincerely.

"It's fine."

Qin Nan waved his hand. He was actually feeling slightly disappointed.

He had already prepared himself to enjoy a great fight.

"May I ask for your name? I am Xu Xianzhi, if you have the chance, come visit me at the Sanqing Ancient Sect."

Xu Xianzhi handed Qin Nan a badge. Her attractive eyes were filled with curiosity.

The man before him was able to remain calm even when he was being threatened by a Peerless Genius. He was certainly no ordinary person.

Besides, her Vast Serene Immortal Flesh somehow sensed a vague, familiar aura from him. 

"I am Qin Nan."

Qin Nan smiled and put the badge away.

He had a good first impression of the woman. He did not mind befriending her.

"So it's Cultivator Qin Nan, I still have matters to attend to in my sect, so I'll be excusing myself first."

Xu Xianzhi blinked. She was gone with a kick.

"This Qin Nan won't be living for long."

The other cultivators shook their heads after witnessing the sequence. They withdrew their gaze.

Even though Xu Xianzhi was willing to help Qin Nan resolve the danger once or twice since she was the cause of it, would she be able to keep protecting Qin Nan?

The influence related to a Peerless Genius behind the scenes was incredibly terrifying!

"Qin Nan, now that you've acquired the Immortal Badge of Ascension, you should improve your cultivation to the peak Heaven G.o.d Realm."

The Blood-Eye Earth G.o.d said.

The truth was, those in the Earth G.o.d Realm were able to partic.i.p.ate in the Immortal Ascension War too.

However, every time an Immortal Ancient Battleground, or forbidden place appeared, it would attract countless cultivators over, including Peerless Geniuses.

Qin Nan would only get himself killed if he did not possess the cultivation of the peak Heaven G.o.d Realm.

"We can go into seclusion straightaway."

Qin Nan pondered for a moment before transmitting a message to the copper mirror.

In the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, those who became a Peerless Ruler was able to occupy a Blessed Immortal Land to build up their faction.

The place that the copper mirror owned in the Shangxingtian Small Immortal Realm was surely the best Blessed Immortal Land. As such, if Qin Nan was able to cultivate in seclusion there, he only needed a few tens of years to achieve the peak Heaven G.o.d Realm.


Qin Nan frowned. Although the copper mirror did not have a nice temper, and was extremely cold most of the time, it was rare for her to ignore him for something serious like this.

She had yet to respond after quite some time. Did something happen to her?

"Forget it," Qin Nan shook his head and asked, "Senior Blood-Eye, I didn't get a response from her. Is there any other way to improve my cultivation?"

The Blood-Eye Earth G.o.d said, "There are many ways to improve your cultivation, for example exploring the forbidden places or visit the Blessed Immortal Lands, etc. Why don't you take a look at this Ten Thousand Dao Immortal Badge and decide yourself?"

Saying this, he handed Qin Nan a pure, white badge.

Qin Nan directed his focus into the badge and immediately saw lots of information rising in his mind.

The Ten Thousand Dao Immortal Badge was like an information-collecting existence. Everyone could find all kinds of information about the Shangxingtian Small Immortal Realm through it.

The important incidents occurring across the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm would be recorded in it too.

Following a glance, two particular pieces of information caught his eyes.

"The Sky Taihuang Sect has finished recruiting for new disciples. It managed to recruit a Four Extremities genius with the name Qiu Hong, who immediately became a core disciple. It was said that the elders at the level of Peerless Rulers were competing for him."

Qin Nan was extremely familiar with the name Qiu Hong.

When he first visited the Nine Heavens with his soul, he was attached to Qiu Hong's body. However, that Qiu Hong had already lost his life force, and had ceased to exist.

This genius who had mastered the Four Extremities happened to have the same name.

"South World Immortal Emperor has gone into seclusion yesterday. It was likely that he is attempting to query the Dao."

South World Immortal Emperor, Qin Nan had no idea who he was. The name only caught his attention because of the word 'south' in his t.i.tle.

It made him wonder if this South World Immortal Emperor was the Peerless Ruler supporting the South-Heaven Gate. 

"Forget it, I should focus on improving my cultivation."

Qin Nan cleared his thoughts and skipped through the pieces of information.

Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1552

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