Godly Model Creator 837 Glory Rule

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This "rain" fell for a very long time.

Three days!

A full three days non-stop!

At first, it was only in the size of droplets, but close to the final moment, it was literally like a comet landing on earth, such a magnificent scene shocked the crowd. That magnitude lasted for a full day before this horrifying situation gradually disappeared and became weaker.

In the end...

Such an occurrence ended.

"Finally, it's over." Su Hao looked up at the sky, muttering to himself. The people around him stood up solemnly.

For them, to be sleepless for three days straight wasn't an issue. The result of the battle above was their true goal, which was why they were paying attention to it.

Win or lose?


Su Hao's wrist shook. There were only two words on the message, "Get ready!" 

The Su family's territory is over a hundred miles in radius. Except for the main residence of the Su family, all other places couldn't escape from this calamity. It was such an unsightly mess.


A loud bang echoed.

A giant white light sphere suddenly fell from the sky. The heat from the light literally evaporated the land. At the same time, a cold silver sphere appeared. It was so cold as if winter had arrived. The light coming out from the sphere illuminated like a bright moon in the dark sky.

The entire earth seemed to have been divided into two halves!

A white light sphere and a silver sphere.

Bright and dark at the same time.

One can see the distinct border clearly.

After confronting for a long time, those two light spheres finally landed, producing a sweeping shock to the surrounding. With a loud bang, terrifying waves spread across the land.

If one is to look from the top, one can vaguely see that the storm spread to the surroundings with the Su family's residence acting as the center, forming a giant circle. With two opposite sides, those spheres were emitting a brilliant light. 

The shape was like a giant Tai Chi shape.

"Such powerful strength!" 

Being inside such power, Su Hao and the others were so shocked that they could barely control themselves. Some weaker domain espers even spat out blood.

Opening their eyes, they saw the resulting devastation.

The holes formed from the "meteor shower" were no longer there because the surrounding environment had been transformed again from the attack earlier. In front of them, what was left was only the Su family's main residence. As for the surroundings... it was a bare flat land! It was so smooth that one could skate on it.

"The horizon has increased by twenty meters..."

Everyone swallowed their saliva.

Such a scale is too terrifying!

If you're talking about destruction, any domain esper can achieve that too, but this isn't any destruction but drawing a horizon by yourself! It doesn't matter what type of power or what kind of strength. It's merely one of the clashes between two world espers.

The current scene looked like a settling sun emitting its final glow. When the seemingly endless brilliance vanished, countless people could be seen within the darkness. Su Hao and others were astonished.

The battle between world espers... it finally ended!

Who won?

Those two spheres were merely aura coming from two groups when they returned here from another s.p.a.ce.

Su Hao didn't utter a word.

This battle, he could only watch. He is unmatched in the domain realm, but in the battle between world espers, he didn't even have the qualifications to partic.i.p.ate.

"Someday, I will have such qualifications." Su Hao's eyes lit up.

The light vanished, revealing everyone's figures. The crowd immediately hurried over.

"You're injured?" Big Elder instantly saw that the Su family's old ancestor had quite a pale expression, and quickly went to support him. Everyone looked over there. Although they seemed to be unharmed, every single one from the five major families was covered in scars. Instead, over on the Tian family's side, they were full of fighting spirit and energy.

"We lost?" 

Everyone's heart skipped a beat.

No one would have expected under such circ.u.mstances, the five major families would end up losing. Are the Tian family's world espers so powerful? Su Hao's gaze swept across Tian and Zhang family's world espers and Su family's world espers. In the end, he s.h.i.+fted his gaze at several strangers.

"Is this within your plan too?" 

Tian Gang looked at Su Hao with a sarcastic look, "You think that the Tian family will reveal all world espers to the public? Do you really think that the Tian family dare to unite the world without the strength to back it up? The reason there needs to be a plan is just to reduce unnecessary losses." 

"I had high hopes for you. Unfortunately, you're on the wrong side." 

Tian Gang coldly said with a hint of anger. When he saw Tian Yuan at the Su family's camp, his anger became even worse. Just now, when Tian Yuan went to join the fight, he injured a man from the Tian family. It was the most unexpected event from the Tian family's plans. They nearly lost a world esper!

Because he was a little doubtful of Tian Yuan, he didn't tell Tian Yuan about the full plan. Never did he expect that this guy would betray him.

"Fortunately, I didn't trust you." Tian Gang sneered.

"Fortunately?" Tian Yuan's gaze looked sinister. With red eyes, he roared, "If this daddy knew the Tian family wouldn't lose, would I even betray? If you trust me and tell me, how would I be afraid of Lin Hu? If you do not doubt me, how would I ended up doing such a thing?" 

Is it being doubtful first or betraying first?

This is indeed a boring topic. History has always been labeling heroes based on success or failure.

The Tian family won, so they were standing on the commanding heights.

This is a big war, but it also didn't look like a war at all. As for what happened up there, Su Hao only knew from what Su Zhengwen informed to him. The Tian family called for foreign aid, which was why they swiftly ended this battle. The Su family's ancestors could only resort to protecting everyone before the other camp eradicates them.

There was nothing more than that.

"We just lost like that?" 

The Su family members were sad.

As for the members of the other families, their faces were even uglier. This is too quick! The loss was too quick — no one expected this war to end when it just started not long. Unlike the previous battle, this was a battle involving dozens of world espers. How could it end this quick?

"They're too strong." A man bitterly smiled.

"Those foreign aids..."

Su Hao was able to identify seven so-called foreign aids wearing black clothes, which is different from the standard clothes of the Tian family. However, every single one of them couldn't hide the aura from the crowd, world espers! A total of seven powerful world espers.

"Is it because of these people?" Su Hao squinted his eyes.

One world esper is enough to change the tide of war, and with seven world espers, it's definitely sufficient to reverse the result of a war!

"Originally, it should be evenly matched, but these men..." Su Zhengwen's face was a little pale. Standing next to Su Hao, with a bitter smile, he continued, "With seven world espers, the tide of this war had already tilted with their appearance." 

"Time to end this." Tian Gang coldly said, "According to the glory rule, you all will be exiled to the beast domain and slaughter the berserk beast to make the final contribution to humanity until your death! Of course, if you refuse, sorry, from today onward, we will kill every one of you." 

Su Hao's eyelids twitched, "Glory rule?" 

"It's a rule set by the Federation." Su Zhengwen explained, "World espers are more precious. After defeat, one can choose a glorious death method to make the final contribution to humanity to be gloriously recorded in the book record as one who protect the future generation. As for why there are many small families in the Federation, they were all descendants of the former world espers." 

"Hmmm, I see. So there actually is such a thing." Su Hao was a little surprised. The confrontation between world espers is indeed not something they could imagine. However, this glory rule... there are actually people who are convinced by it?

"Glory rule is a special power of a peak world esper." Su Zhengwen seemed to have noticed Su Hao's suspicion, "Once it has been determined, it's like signing a contract. If you don't fulfill your part, you will die miserably." 

"There is actually such a rule..." Su Hao became silent.

This glory rule is so magical, but did they really lose? He couldn't partic.i.p.ate in this battle among world espers, but he could still use the existing resources to control the result.

Su Hao glanced around.

All the world espers from the five major families were injured. Su family's old ancestor only had a slight injury, but his Rule Force was almost exhausted. On the other side, Tian family only received minor injuries. Their strength wasn't affected much. As for the seven world espers in black clothes, they were safe and sound.

Tian family, Zhang family, the men in black...

This is a force of three.

Su Hao silently calculated in his heart. At first, it was a balanced matchup, but thanks to the appearance of men in black, Su family was completely defeated, losing the capability to fight again.

And now, what he was about to do is to get the balance back on track!

"Are you really so sure that you won?" Su Hao looked at Tian Gang.

"With you alone, what can be changed?" Tian Gang sneered. He had already seen that scene just now. Lin Hu, a man which he recommended, wasn't only an enemy but also a terrifying world esper! A world esper who is enough to kill Tian Yuan with a single hand. This was simply a total humiliation to him.

"Although I don't know how strong you are, I am certain that you're not a peak world esper." 

Tian Gang looked at Su Hao with deep hatred, "Then, you're not qualified to reverse the order. Since you all would rather die than to admit your loss, then we can only get rid of you!" 

"Really?" Su Hao sneered, "You think that only you have helpers?" 


The Tian family instantly felt uneasy.

Su Hao gently touched his communication device. With a light tap, the final plan finally began. A gap in the s.p.a.ce was torn open, and seven shadows appeared. When the Tian family looked up, they were stunned. These men, they were all world espers!

White clothes, they were all men in white!

These seven world espers were a total contrast to the seven men in black that aided the Tian family. The same world espers, hiding their ident.i.ty with the same kind of clothes!

"He actually had reinforcements." Tian Gang's pupils shrunk.

He couldn't understand. If they had help, why didn't Lin Hu call them out earlier? Why do so now when the Su family's world espers were incapable of fighting anymore. Even if they had the same number of aids, would it be useful? Even with those men in white, the Tian family still had the absolute advantage.

"You do not understand?" Su Hao smirked, "They are here in order to prevent you from having any chance to escape!" 

"Just by relying on these men?" Tian Gang sneered.

"Of course not." Su Hao opened a record on his communication device. With an interesting expression on his face, he continued, "To be frank, I also wish to know what is this final card... whether it's capable of ruining your Tian family or not!" 


Su Hao gently tapped on it, and everyone's facial color changed.

Godly Model Creator 837 Glory Rule

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