Godly Model Creator Chapter 111 Practicing Body Forging Technique

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Chapter 0111    Practicing body forging technique

Translator: Yorasu Editor: SourGummies

Practicing body forging technique was an extremely arduous process.

First, you needed to master your control over origin ability energy. Afterwards, you had to operate the energy within your body before moving it as instructed. The stimulation of origin ability energy would cause your body to slowly undergo physical changes directed at enhancing the body. It was no wonder that body forging technique was described as an extremely slow skill to train in. 

Long term changes could be accelerated by doing so. 

“Let’s master the route first before beginning practice.”

Su Hao made some plans before starting to study body forging technique.

The route operation was very complex. All the various routes, positions, points of stimuli, and intersections made things quite difficult for Su Hao. It was said that in order to master these, a week was required. However, this tidbit only managed to incite Su Hao’s obsession with training. 

This was no joke. In front of a bookworm, there was no such thing as giving up. 

A week? Who needed that much time?

In exactly three days, Su Hao had already remembered every single detail. Coupled with some knowledge he had learned in middle school concerning the important points in the body, they all left a lasting impression within his mind. 

Three days!

With all the routes running perfectly, it was time for Su Hao to officially start his real training. Compared to the complex routes, the body movements were extremely straightforward. 

Body forging technique had a total of 362 movement aspects.

Every movement aspect needed to be synchronized with the stimulation of energy within his body. Only by doing so would it be possible to obtain the best results. Su Hao took a deep breath and began his training.

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!”


Su Hao performed a total of eight movements before his facial expression underwent a sudden change. His wrist...had been dislocated. This was unbelievable. With his current physical fitness of 3000 points, his strength was extremely high. It was a simple matter for him to destroy stones with a simple punch and yet, his wrist had been dislocated so easily?

This was worthy of being called body forging technique.

Whether it was origin ability, physical strength, or fighting techniques, it required an extremely long period of time to completely master them. Additionally, this matter was closely related to talent!

Someone in natural selection cla.s.s was capable of improving by 6 or 7 points in a single year! On the other hand, there were some who would devote themselves to training and only increase their strength by 3 points. Was it because of task points?

Not really!

The majority of the time, it was due to the limitations of their talent or perception. Would you be able to master a new technique upon receiving it?

Not really.

For example, Su Hao was struggling to train in body forging technique. He had already suffered a dislocation on the 8th of 326 movements! How long would it take to master all of these?

Fortunately, Su Hao was no stranger to suffering. He was unafraid of facing hards.h.i.+ps. 


“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!”

Su Hao was completely immersed in his training. He repeated his training over and over, without a single pause between training sessions. His training was the only thing on his mind. 

Time pa.s.sed quickly, unbeknownst to Su Hao. 

The number of movement aspects which Su Hao had mastered steadily increased. Twenty...thirty...fifty...one hundred...two hundred...three hundred...


326th, completed!


Su Hao felt something discharge within his mind. A sensation similar to that of an electric current flowed throughout his entire body. With the last movement’s completion, the previous 326 stimuli within his body began to react. A numbing sensation spread through the entirety of his body, traveling through his torso, head, and limbs. 

While this was happening, Su Hao could feel some slight changes occur to his body. 

His entire body turned weak. Su Hao quickly laid on the ground. As he felt his body undergo changes, he silently counted. 

1 second…2 seconds…3 seconds…

5 seconds later, Su Hao felt the electric current disappear from his body. He slowly recovered his strength. After a while, his body was filled with strength once again. However, it was much stronger than before!


Su Hao took a deep breath and cleaned his body in the dormitory bath. Only now did he finally check the time. 

October 5th!

In order to complete body forging technique, he had actually trained for a full five days! The route training had taken him three days, with another two days used to complete the final part. 

“The effect will be the strongest the first time around. My physical fitness should have increased quite a bit. As long as I remain persistent, I’ll gradually make my way towards 400 points!”

Su Hao waved his clenched fist in satisfaction.

Body forging technique training was only possible once a day. After that, it would no longer stimulate the body, but harm it instead. Since he had already mastered body forging technique, the training had come to an end. He only need to practice what he had learned once a day.

This time around, Su Hao had spent a total of two hours.

He believed that the amount of required time would gradually lessen as he trained more. 

“I’ve already mastered body forging technique. The military fighting technique should be next…”

Su Hao peered within his mind. He was surprised to discover that besides beginner military fighting technique, an additional card had appeared, body forging technique!

It turned out to be body forging technique!

It seemed that Su Hao had already completely mastered body forging technique after completing a set of body forging technique. The card had received the information concerning his training and automatically built a card for him. 

“Beginner military fighting technique…”

The past couple of days, he had been wholeheartedly practicing body forging technique. Due to his constant failure, the amount of origin ability energy within his body had drained at a terrifying speed, almost resulting in the inability to train any further. Attempting to read beginner military fighting technique had been no easy feat. 

However, now that he had completed his training, he had plenty of excess energy to read the card. 

He tried using his remaining energy to read the card for a bit. 


A large amount of energy within his body vanished. Learning the beginner military fighting technique card was similar to a cattle climbing uphill, progression through slow and steady steps. 

Su Hao was not surprised to discover that this was yet another card that would consume his energy at a terrifying rate. Fortunately for him, his rate of energy recovery was extremely quick after mastering origin ability transition technique. He slowly continued his progress as his energy recovered. He estimated that he would be able to master the card completely within a week!

At that time, Su Hao’s strength would jump once again!

Inside his dormitory, Su Hao a.n.a.lyzed his current situation. He determined that it was no longer in his best interests to target those points in origin ability. Discovering his next step forward was of more importance. 

As a bookworm with a dream, his current plans to enhance himself through hard work could be considered a righteous path. 

He had already mastered body forging technique. 

Military fighting technique was currently in progress. If he wanted to master intermediate, he would have to master beginner beforehand. 


Su Hao frowned. That would be his last resort. The minimum requirement for using drugs for enhancement was 400 points in physical fitness. By using black market drugs, he would be capable of forcefully enhancing his strength! If he were to take drugs to reach 400 points, the effects from body forging technique would vanish. 

Moreover, his master’s new black market drug was still in the development phase. If it was successful, Su Hao would be the first to experience it!

“Do I really have to wait for beginner military fighting technique to slowly progress?”

If he used beginner origin ability energy recovery drugs, it would probably be quicker… However, the effects of such drugs was miniscule to the current Su Hao. 

Such drugs were mainly used by those who had begun to train beginner origin ability cultivation technique. Su Hao had already mastered origin ability transition technique, increasing the energy within his body many times over. To restore such large amounts of energy with a drug was rather unreliable. 

To be more accurate, the price to benefit ratio was too low. 

“Or, I can try to enhance my origin ability transition technique.”

Su Hao had a sudden idea.

The amount of energy that he required was constantly increasing. Su Hao had discovered countless different functions of his model a.n.a.lysis like terrain mapping and life detection. These functions required a terrifying amount of origin ability energy! This didn’t even include the amount of energy used for experiment simulations and card reading.

Not to mention character modeling!

This was long term mission he wished to complete. Currently, Su Hao’s mind was already a small herb garden. He had originally thought of slowly progressing with one or two permanent models every day. However, wouldn’t his mind gradually be filled to the brim with models? After a year’s time, wouldn’t he have six to seven hundred models?

However, ideas would always differ from reality.

Permanent modeling required far too much energy. Su Hao’s origin ability energy was in a perpetual state of consumption. It never managed to top off, causing any thoughts of a permanent model to be nothing but a pipe dream. 

Godly Model Creator Chapter 111 Practicing Body Forging Technique

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