Godly Model Creator Chapter 881

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Chapter 881: Breakthrough, a stunning talent!

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales


“This madman!”

“He gave up again! This arrogance is over the line.”

Everyone was shocked.

Obviously, Wan Cheng's action was beyond everyone's expectation. If the previous abandonment was for a better breakthrough, then the current one was simply sending himself to a dead end. After all, a huge crisis was incoming. If he didn't choose to breakthrough now, then when is a more suitable time?

Even Wan Cheng's master was stupefied.

Before this last attempt, they had already said that even if he's to stumble upon an unfamiliar Rule Force, he still has to breakthrough, but now…

That was his last chance.

“His self-esteem is too strong.”

“Just because of his self-esteem, he's going to give up on becoming a world esper?”

Everyone was secretly speechless, and their heart was condemning him at the same time. While they were struggling to become a world esper, this Wan Cheng, an out of this world existence, had actually given up eight times in a row including now. Even this was his last opportunity to breakthrough, is it all because he didn't find his own Rule Force?

Oh this world!

Everyone cursed him, but only Su Hao's mouth revealed a smile. This is the Wan Cheng he knew. With his understanding of Wan Cheng, Wan Cheng isn't one who courts death. For Wan Cheng to give up this last chance, there could only be one reason: he had comprehended his own talent.

He failed?

Su Hao's eyes narrowed subconsciously.

Just when everyone secretly pitied and ridiculed Wan Cheng, a more powerful force came, causing the entire flame wars.h.i.+p to tremble violently. The entire Taihu Territory had a heavy storm that shocked everyone. A powerful will appeared out of the void and fell on Wan Cheng.


Wan Cheng's entire body shone!

“This is…”

Everyone was stunned. As for those disciples, they were stupefied.

This aura, this reaction, could it be…

Everyone looked at this scene in disbelief. Until the endless brilliance fell, they had to believe even if they didn't wish to. Wan Cheng actually broke through! Without using the power of a spiritual fish, using his own ability, after eight comprehensions, he stepped into the world realm. What a heaven-defying feat!

“This perverted man!”

Everyone's scalp turned numb.

Wan Cheng's strength from his breakthrough far exceeded every one. Just one individual's breakthrough suppressed all of the nine others. At this moment, an ethereal voice came from the sky.


A bell rang loudly.

“This is…”

“New Rule Force!”

“He actually created a new Rule Force!”

“No wonder he couldn't find his own Rule Force. It actually didn't exist till now.” Everyone was deeply shocked. The sky that was being covered by the dark fishes was suddenly filled with golden light. Pa.s.sing through the gap between the fishes, it fell onto Wan Cheng. This is the reward coming from the top of the world!


Golden light poured into Wan Cheng's body, causing everyone to be envious.

Oh G.o.d.

How much more terrifying can this guy be?

Fortunately, when one receives the blessing from Heaven, as minor characters, they are able to feel a bit of the golden light's effect, allowing them to increase their strength slightly. This scene in front was similar to when Su Hao realized his new Rule Force! This is the birth of a new Rule Force.

Wan Cheng broke through.


Everyone knew that Wan Cheng's strength is related to water, but it's not the water spirit. Since it's a new Rule Force, it was something they had never encountered.

What exactly is that force?


Another wave flashed, causing the wars.h.i.+p to be unable to stay still in Taihu Territory! Wave after wave slammed against the wars.h.i.+p, causing everyone to be unstable. Looking around in horror, they wondered what was actually happening here. Could it be that the disaster had arrived at this moment?


The wars.h.i.+p was so unstable that Wan Cheng, who was sitting cross-legged, was knocked off the s.h.i.+p, falling into Taihu Territory.

“Be careful!”

Everyone opened their eyes wide. Even those several world espers were terrified. After going through so much hards.h.i.+p, when Wan Cheng was about to breakthrough, how could he fall at this time? However, even Yan Tianyu was a step too late and could only watch him falling into the lake helplessly.

“It's over.”

Everyone's heart turned cold.


Wan Cheng fell into the lake.

A silent ripple flashed as he stood above the lake.


Everyone was stunned. At this time, the waves that hit the wars.h.i.+p also seemed to have stopped. Su Hao looked at this scene thoughtfully, “Is this a call coming from Taihu Territory?”


At this time, instead of blasting toward the wars.h.i.+p, the waves rushed toward Wan Cheng! In front of Wan Cheng, the incoming waves from all directions seemed to be strangely neutralized and became extremely docile. Under such a strange situation, Wan Cheng was washed up by the wave, and the spot he stood became higher and higher.

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The birth of a new Rule Force.

At this time, if everyone still couldn't understand the situation, then they would be a r.e.t.a.r.d. For nature to change, it was all because of the might of this new Rule Force. It was only when the glory coming from the breakthrough gradually returned to its calm that endless power emerged from Wan Cheng's body, signifying the final stage of his breakthrough.

A powerful world esper was about to be born!

“Your disciple…”

Everyone looked at this scene in envy and could only sigh, “Now this is a true evildoer.”

Yan Tianyu smiled very brightly, showing his two rows of uneven teeth.

This is his disciple!

“Congrats, but compared to your disciple, the so-called legendary disciple is far worse.”

King of Fire's eyes swept over Chen Ge with some mocking look.

Not only did he despise Su Hao, but he also wanted to see whether this Chen Ge would take action or not. Chen Ge had not taken any action for several times, which caused him to feel that there was something amiss.

Su Hao raised his eyebrow.

Had this guy finally started to doubt them? Also, this Chen Ge had been standing there immobile as soon as he came here like a sculpture. What is he still acting at such a moment?

“Hey, hey, what are you doing there?” Su Hao sent an angry message to Chen Ge.

“I had maintained this posture for so long that my legs went numb.” Chen Ge coldly said.

“Get lost!” Su Hao looked at him angrily. Legs went numb, your head! You used to be a world esper in the past! But now it seemed that he had to solve this problem himself…

Su Hao raised his head and looked at the sky.

It was still the same darkness, but under Synchronize s.p.a.ce, he could see the black fishes in the front were struggling a little. Synchronize s.p.a.ce suddenly thought of what Wan Cheng's master said a while ago. When there were too many dark fishes that they couldn't bear any longer, the disaster would begin.

“A disaster?” Su Hao looked pensive.

Via Synchronize s.p.a.ce, Su Hao perfectly recorded this scene in a temporary model and pa.s.sed it to Chen Ge. After a quick glance, Chen Ge's eyes lit up, and a familiar scene appeared. Su Hao didn't even have to look and could already guess what this man was planning to. He's going to act again.

“Shut up!” Chen Ge gave a cold look to King of Fire.

King of Fire was stunned for a second and flipped his anger switch, “d.a.m.n you, Chen Ge! You…”

“Shut up if you don't want to die!” Chen Ge coldly snorted. Powerful murderous intent came out from his body that an attack could appear at any moment. Such terrifying murderous intent caused everyone to turn pale, and the scene went silent. Even King of Fire was stunned that it took a few seconds for him to react.

This daddy actually got scared of him?

King of Fire felt ashamed, and when he was about to make a move, Chen Ge coldly spoke.

“The spiritual sea storm is coming, sigh.”

A leisure sigh echoed in the air, stunning everyone.


Chen Ge's coin rang in mid-air, flas.h.i.+ng a magical light.

A projection flashed. In the endless sky where they could see nothing, countless dark fishes condensing together were displayed in the projection. Everyone was surprised at this sight, especially when they saw the shaking dark fishes. It was even clear that what Chen Ge said was right; the dark fishes were all about to fall.

Chen Ge's cold eyes suddenly turned to King of Fire.

“I might not be able to beat you by myself if you challenge me, but if you really wish to, I don't mind playing with you. When I kill, I have never take action personally.”

Everyone's heart skipped a beat.

Thinking of the legend of Magistrate Chen Ge in the past, when they saw the rotating coin, they couldn't help but swallow their saliva. The way Chen Ge made his move was out of the norm.

“Humph, in front of a disaster, I am too lazy to calculate with you.” King of Fire coldly snorted and halted his actions.

Chen Ge's mouth revealed a sarcastic smile. When he watched King of Fire withdraw, he just gave a cold smile and was as arrogant as always. At this time, everyone finally turned their attention to the dark fishes. Since the dark fishes were about to fall, they had to make ample preparation.

Su Hao wiped off his sweat, looking at this scene from far.

This is now over?

Chen Ge's standard was way higher than the one who pretended to be a world esper that he saw previously. At this time, the expected dark fishes finally arrived. Finally, the disaster was about to begin!


The dark fishes were incoming.

This scene was far worse than when the spiritual fish came. They were falling like a waterfall that avoiding them was no longer an option.

Everyone present had a change of facial expression.

They could look down on these dark fishes at the peak domain realm. One is fine, but what about one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, or a million of them?

Looking from afar, what emerged was a black waterfall with great momentum.

However, would anyone be able to guess that the so-called waterfall was completely formed of dark fishes at the peak domain realm? Such a terrifying torrent rushed down, heading toward the wars.h.i.+p.

All the world espers glanced at each other for a second before immediately taking action.


A monstrous amount of Rule Force appeared.

There was no tricky origin technique, no versatile fighting technique, and no endless trick. At this time, what could play a role is a direct confrontation! A collision of the black waterfall and the Rule Forces coming from the world espers!



The dark torrent collided with the torrent of Rule Forces.

An explosion occurred.

The dark torrent dispersed and fell into Taihu Territory around the wars.h.i.+p. However, the dark torrent was like an endless stream and kept coming. All 28 world espers didn't stop their actions either.

This is a pure collision of power.

Godly Model Creator Chapter 881

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