Godly Model Creator Chapter 123 Brother Is Actually Here To Bomb The Judges

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Chapter 0123    Brother is actually here to bomb the judges

Translator: Yorasu Editor: SourGummies

The next morning.

Su Hao returned to the Pharmacist a.s.sociation once again. 

The receptionist looked up and smiled as she saw Su Hao. She still had a vivid impression of Su Hao. After all, not many people were capable of getting a vice president to personally handle their matters. The amount of people that would singe every judge’s hair into that of a mad scientist was even smaller. Yesterday’s incident had spread like wildfire through the a.s.sociation. 

Having made eye contact with Su Hao, she managed to contain her mirth to a simple smile. She maintained her professional demeanor for the most part and asked, “h.e.l.lo, Su Hao. Are you here for the exam?”

Su Hao quickly replied, “I am actually here to bomb the judges.”


The front desk girl suddenly burst into laughter, “You’re so humorous. It’s alright to fail in exam as long as you keep trying. Add oil! I will inform vice president Gao.”

The receptionist headed off to see Gao Yang, leaving Su Hao in a daze.

“In fact, what I said was the truth… Haiz, n.o.body will believe the truth?”

As he was in the waiting area, a loud and impatient voice came over.

“Get away! Get away!”

It was the same impatient voice. Su Hao turned around. At the main door of the Pharmacist a.s.sociation, a twenty something year old man rushed through in a rough manner.

Su Hao took a closer look. Wasn’t he the same person as yesterday?

That guy named You Zhiming?

Su Hao suddenly remembered. Yesterday, hadn’t the front desk girl mentioned something about vice president Gao’s disciple? There was only one person with the family name Gao, Gao Yang.

“Get lost! Get lost!”

You Zhiming rushed over like a madman. Su Hao casually made way, but just as he did so, he quietly stretched out a foot.


You Zhiming tripped on his foot and fell face down, like a dog eating s.h.i.+t. 

“F*ck, who did it?”

You Zhiming was irate as he stood up. As he raised his head up, everyone subconsciously looked down. Su Hao was looking at him with a sneer.

“You! What’re you doing, daring to embarra.s.s daddy!” You Zhiming found his target and pointed at Su Hao.

Su Hao indifferently smiled and looked down at the time on his communication device, “Aiya, already 8 am. The pharmacist exam is about to start.”

“Exam your a.s.s. Stop pretending. d.a.m.n, you really dare to do this to me…” You Zhiming cursed for a bit before glancing at the time. After coming back to his senses, he hit his thigh, “d.a.m.n grandson. You wait here. I will come back to teach you a lesson after finis.h.i.+ng the exam. Don’t try to run!”

After finis.h.i.+ng his sentence, You Zhiming clumsily rushed upstairs.


Such IQ…

Su Hao silently sighed.

After waiting for half an hour, Gao Yang finally made his appearance, leisurely walking down. 

When he reached the main hall and saw Su Hao by himself, he was obviously shocked. Yesterday, he had put Su Hao into such a miserable state, yet he came to find him again. Hadn’t his master mentioned anything about their bad blood? He wanted Zhang Zhongtian himself to come here begging for forgiveness. Exactly what had Su Hao come here for? 

He had thought that Zhang Zhongtian would come and apologize. That was why he had purposely come down late. It appeared as if his efforts had been in vain. 

As he looked at Su Hao who had an expression of wors.h.i.+p on his face, Gao Yang kindly asked, “Hehe, Su Hao. You’re here. Huh? Your master is not accompanying you?”

“Ar, master still hasn’t come back from collecting materials.”

Su Hao bitterly smiled, “I still don’t dare tell him about me failing the test. Today, I will definitely pa.s.s!”

“Hehe, great. Add oil!”

On the surface, Gao Yang was very encouraging, but his heart was very disappointed.

No wonder Su Hao had come to him for help again. Zhang Zhongtian still hadn’t come back from outside? Oh well, if he is here to partic.i.p.ate, let him then. I am failing you for the sake of Zhang Zhongtian coming here and apologizing. If you pa.s.s, then what will I get? As long as I, Gao Yang am alive, I will make you fail as many times as needed!

“Come. I will arrange a spot for you. Just now, the previous batch just finished taking the exam. You came at the perfect time for the next batch.”

Gao Yang brought Su Hao to the central hall once again.

As they entered the central hall, that panel of judges was obviously shocked. Their faces instantly turned green. It can’t be this guy again?

“Wow, that person named Su Hao came again.”

“You mean that guy who blew up the judges yesterday?”

“Yup. He’s so courageous. After blowing up the judges, he still dared to come. Isn’t he afraid of the judges giving him 0 points again?”

“What is there to fear? He has the backing of vice president Gao.”

After noticing Su Hao’s presence, a number of people became excited. One by one, they rested their eyes on the central hall. Many people that had been in the midst of experiments came out of curiosity. After a few moments, the crowd had already swelled greatly. 

In the central hall.


You Zhiming who had just finished his exam came over in pride, “Master, I am now officially a beginner pharmacist.”

“En, not bad.” Gao Yang said with a straight face. d.a.m.n, I have taught you for so many years. If you weren’t even capable of pa.s.sing this beginner exam, I wouldn’t have any face to show. If for you being playboy, perhaps you might have even pa.s.sed the intermediate level by now.

“Come, let me introduce you to someone. This is Su Hao, my colleague’s disciple.”

“Oh, hi! Eh, you are...” You Zhiming was shocked.

Su Hao quickly stepped up and grabbed his hands, “So you’re Senior You. Glad to meet you. This time, I am here to partic.i.p.ate in the exam. I hope senior can give me some guidance.”

“Sure sure.”

On the surface, You Zhiming seemed friendly, but his heart was secretly thinking, so this brat is a disciple of master’s colleague. It seems that I can’t simply make my move. Or else, my master will lose face. However, for daring to make fun of me, I will make sure to repay the favor manyfold. 

Looking at his expression, Su Hao could already guess what he was thinking. Coldly smiling without uttering a word, this pair of master and student really came from the same mold.

“Come, Su Hao. It’s your turn now.”

After Gao Yang made some arrangements, Su Hao walked toward his station.

The moment Su Hao reached his station, the judges subconsciously pulled their table a few meters away before announcing, “Alright, you guys can begin now.”

Everyone was paying attention to Su Hao alone. Apparently, they still had some lingering fear from yesterday’s incident.



Su Hao quickly mixed the herbs as usual. He didn’t even use the protective cover. In the eye of a middle aged man, a trace of bright color flashed. This level...

Star gra.s.s!

Almond gra.s.s!

Sweet gra.s.s!

Very soon, Su Hao was able to configure the mixture completely and reaching the final step of origin ability fermentation. It was similar to yesterday. The level of skill that Su Hao showed while creating origin ability recovery drug was above that of intermediate level. You Zhiming who had a grudge against Su Hao had long ago been dumbfounded. With such proficiency, even a hundred of him wouldn’t be able to catch up.

Origin ability recovery drug was successfully completed. 

Su Hao began to mix the second drug, body recovery drug. 

Su Hao was silent for a moment. Within his mind, he conducted a simulation at a rapid speed. This time, it was faster than yesterday. Failed, succeeded! He succeeded in his second trial!


Su Hao excitedly began his experiment. The pharmacists present were all excited. Within their expectations, Su Hao didn’t use a protective cover again!

Trying to act cool!

Was it necessary?

In less than one minute, the mixture of body recovery drug was already completed. Su Hao then took out fermentation drug and added it drop by drop. 

At this time, Gao Yang sneered from the distance This was the moment he’d been waiting for! No matter how skillful you are, in front of this old man, everything is just a joke. Will I let a brat like you ruin my plans for Zhang Zhongtian?

A light flashed within Gao Yang’s eyes and the fingers on his right hand moved a little. A trace of a strange and mysterious power appeared. With Su Hao’s current strength, even if he already knew about Gao Yang’s trick, he was still incapable of detecting it. After all, the gap between them was too huge.

One drop!

Two drops!

Ten drops!

Something amiss!

Su Hao suddenly frowned. This last drop hadn’t had any effect.


Purple smoke began to appear.

“Aiya, this is bad!”

Su Hao exclaimed. He released the material from his hand in panic, his whole body retreating. Those judges quickly hid under the table as soon as they saw a hint of purple smoke. Several students who were taking the exam also quickly retreated as they noticed the purple smoke.

However, they didn’t notice Su Hao’s mouth raised up in a smirk as he retreated.

As if it had been ‘unintentional’ and ‘careless’, Su Hao poured the entire bottle of fermentation drug as well as several bottles of the same drug on the table into the mixture. The boiling mixture instantly changed color as a terrifying energy slowly broiled. 

Godly Model Creator Chapter 123 Brother Is Actually Here To Bomb The Judges

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