Godly Model Creator Chapter 119 Rushing To Be A Certified Pharmacist

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Chapter 0119    Rus.h.i.+ng to be a certified pharmacist

Translator: Yorasu Editor: SourGummies

As he leisurely sipped his tea, Zhang Zhongtian looked at Su Hao, “In the future, just pay more attention. Do whatever you want, but make sure you’re not caught!”

“Yes, master!”

Su Hao nodded his head seriously. He wondered why his master had been able to keep so calm. Perhaps he had done similar things in the past?

“Oh yeah, master. Do you know anyone from the police station?”


Zhang Zhongtian shook his head, “That broken place, why is there a need for me to know anyone there?”

Su Hao began to sweat. 

A dignified police station in Jianghe City had become a broken place in the eyes of Zhang Zhongtian. For someone who possessed the ident.i.ty of a drug master, a place like Jianghe City wasn’t worth a d.a.m.n.  

“What’re you trying to do?” Zhang Zhongtian had an odd feeling. 

Su Hao smiled, “I’m helping a friend investigate information about her family. She has a unique ident.i.ty so a regular inquiry won’t suffice. That’s why I need access to the police station’s database. It doesn’t matter if it is someone from the police station as long as they can access the database.”

“If so...”

Zhang Zhongtian pondered, “Can’t you go by yourself?”


Su Hao thought for a moment and quickly waved his hand, “Absolutely not. I’ve caused problems there before. They’d most likely hate to see me.”


His disciple was extremely talented at getting himself into trouble. 

“I didn’t mean for you to go without a plan.” Zhang Zhongtian sneered, “You know what era it is? The era of origin ability! The restrictive power of laws is too weak! As long as you can intimate them, trying to find people or things shouldn’t be an issue. A lot of occupations have the privilege of such abuse and one of them...is that of a pharmacist!”


Su Hao’s eyes turned bright. In this era, pharmacy was one of the trendiest and most respectable careers, especially for those with certifications. Even the chief of police would have to be polite when meeting you. If you wanted to check some information, he’d naturally comply. Even with ten times the courage, he wouldn’t dare to offend the Pharmacist a.s.sociation. 

“Do you mean you’re going to help me check it?” Su Hao was excited. After all, his master was a true master of drugs!

“Sigh.” Looking at the expression of his disciple, Zhang Zhongtian felt a tiny bit of shame, “You should already be aware of the fact that I have been blacklisted by the Pharmacist a.s.sociation for a long time. I currently don’t have the luxury of revealing myself. If you want to go, you will have to rely on yourself. Won’t everything be settled once you become a pharmacist?”

“Me? A pharmacist?”

Su Hao pointed at himself. He was very clear about his own limits. The current him could only make one drug, the origin ability recovery drug.

“Don’t underestimate yourself.”

Zhang Zhongtian continued in low tone, “Go and master body recovery drug within these two days. Once you do so, you can partic.i.p.ate in the beginner pharmacist exam administered by the Pharmacy a.s.sociation since you’ve already mastered origin ability recovery drug. The contents of the exam will involve these two drugs. As long as you pa.s.s the exam, you will officially become a regular beginner pharmacist.”

“It’s that simple?”

Su Hao was stunned. Origin ability recovery drug and body recovery drug were two of the hottest drugs for sale in the market. As long as you mastered these two drugs, you could become a beginner pharmacist. He was very clear about this, but the mastery that Zhang Zhongtian referred to wasn’t simply the ability to make the drug, but true mastery!

What was the point in a half-baked newbie like him going there?

“Easy? Hmpph, you know how they a.s.sess pharmacists? All the materials are selected by the Pharmacist a.s.sociation. The content is especially unstable. Thus, compared to what you usually do, the difficulty is increased by many folds. The failure rate will naturally increase! Of course, that only applies to others. For you…is it really that difficult?”

Su Hao’s eyes turned bright.


If that was the case, wouldn’t he soon be a respectable beginner pharmacist? Of course, the requirement would be for him to master body recovery drug.

As he thought of this, Su Hao’s became excited. He didn’t have any plans for these two days anyways. Why not use the time to master body recovery drug?

First day!

The whole day, Su Hao didn’t go out nor travel back home. He rotted in the laboratory, reading through Zhang Zhongtian’s experimental notes over and over again. 

Then, he started a.n.a.lyzing.

The three normal steps of experimentation: reading, a.n.a.lyzing, and training!

Last time, Su Hao had already completed all three steps. This time, his purpose was to a.n.a.lyze Zhang Zhongtian’s previous failed experiments and lessons. By combining them with his previous failures, he would improve his understanding. Su Hao spent an entire day confirming every aspect before deciding to proceed. 

The second day, experiment!

A mixture of five different kinds of herbs was still rather difficult for Su Hao. However, experience could only be gained on the battlefield. 



All kinds of failure!

After numerous tries, Su Hao didn’t manage to succeed a single time. As he looked at Zhang Zhongtian, he felt rather guilty. A single failure would cost quite a significant amount of money. He even allowed Su Hao to use his model a.n.a.lysis to try. 

Su Hao shook his head and kept on experimenting.

This was no joke. His military fighting technique was still under progression. As long as he didn’t accelerate it, things should remain fine. Otherwise, the consumption rate might’ve backfired on him. Additionally, as long as he managed to grasp it once, he’d be fine with these herbs. After all, ever batch of herbs would have different properties. Su Hao kept improving from his countless failures. He finally succeeded on the noon of the third day. 


Su Hao pleasantly looked at the body recovery drug in his right hand. After more than a hundred failures, he had finally succeeded!

In order to test its effects, Su hao poked a hole in his finger, causing blood to flow. He immediately drank the entire bottle, causing the wound to stop bleeding. The wound healed completely in less than half a minute. 


Su Hao knew that this was much weaker than what was available on the market. It was more like a band-aid. However, he was still satisfied with his progress. 


Improve his success rate!

Improve the quality of drug!

Zhang Zhongtian hadn’t even managed to take a breath of fresh air before Su Hao started his experiment again. His mouth slightly twitched. Every master would be pleased to have a disciple that was so devoted to self-improvement and experimentation. Su Hao reminded Zhang Zhongtian of himself when he was young, but...Su Hao was currently using his materials! 

Over a hundred failures, how much money was that?

Zhang Zhongtian counted with his fingers. His face turned downcast. Would receiving a genius disciple bankrupt him within a few days?

Fortunately, Zhang Zhongtian didn’t have to worry for long.

By the fourth day, Su Hao had stabilized his success rate at around ten percent! Out of every ten batches, he’d manage to create one bottle of body recovery drug. At the moment of success, Su Hao was able to comprehend the circ.u.mstances which naturally improved his success rate. 

On the fifth day, Su Hao’s success rate increased by twofold, improving to twenty percent! This made Zhang Zhongtian incredibly pleased. Although it was difficult for Su Hao to get the hang of things, once he did, his progress was much faster than average person. Increasing one’s success rate by ten percent in such a short time, who could compare?

The sixth day, Su Hao’s success rate increased to an astounding thirty percent!

Such speed left Zhang Zhongtian dumbfounded. Wasn’t this the drug that required a pharmacist to spend an entire month of blood and sweat to master? Why this feel like a toy when placed in front of Su Hao?

However, Su Hao’s success rate no longer increased past thirty percent. According to Zhang Zhongtian, this was Su Hao’s current limit. 

If his body recovery drug skill had reached the limit, what about origin ability recovery drug?

Interestingly, when Su Hao started to mix herbs for origin ability recovery drug, he discovered that his success rate had increased from fifty to eighty percent!

Once he started getting used to fiver herb mixtures, returning to a three herb mixture was far easier. 

Su Hao’s pharmacy skill had improved by leaps and bounds in these few days of experimenting. 

After completing his basic experiments, Su Hao began to use his model a.n.a.lysis. Now, even if the materials were a different batch, he could still succeed.

In real experiments, he was able to succeed in one attempt. 

After becoming more skillful in these two experiments, Su Hao was finally able to relax. The progress of his military fighting technique was also in the final stage. He estimated that it would finish in two days. He wouldn’t have the luxury of spending time here in a couple of days. Thus, he had to take the pharmacist exam soon.

Tomorrow, he would partic.i.p.ate in the exam!

He would pa.s.s in one try!

Godly Model Creator Chapter 119 Rushing To Be A Certified Pharmacist

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