Godly Model Creator Chapter 124 Appearing In A Domineering Fashion

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Chapter 0124    Appearing in a domineering fas.h.i.+on

Translator: Yorasu Editor: SourGummies


A huge explosion echoed through the hall. A terrifying force spread outward towards the surrounding area. Everything which had been on Su Hao’s table vanished. The strength of the explosion was even stronger than yesterday! The crowd upstairs watched the jaw dropping scene. 

The difference between a few drops of origin ability fermentation drug and several bottles was more than ten million times. Because the reaction was still undergoing, the explosion continually expanded! A series of explosions rang out one after another, growing stronger with each successive blast. 



The blasting sounds continued. Su Hao could feel the ground tremor beneath his feet. Countless experiment tools were blown all over the place. Only after a full two minutes did the scene subside. 

As the crowd looked at the central hall, they all breathed in a mouthful of cold air. 

Countless of experiment tables had been destroyed, ending up in various unrecognizable shapes. Other tools had long ago been destroyed and messily scattered upon the ground. 

Inside the hall, it was a huge mess.

The tables in front of the judges were all blown away, revealing their ash-covered faces and singed hairstyles. Their bodies were in bad shape, with burns scattered across their skin. They appeared as if they had just escaped from a tide of beasts, similar to a refugee.  

They could’ve guessed the process behind Su Hao’s experiment, but not the end result. 

Even though Gao Yang hadn’t suffered any injuries, his entire face was blackened by ash. 

The other partic.i.p.ants fared much better. They had been blown away by the first explosion, saving them from the effects of the chain of explosions. 

The only person who went unharmed was none other than Su Hao. He had already prepared himself earlier. Moments before the explosion, he had already escaped and hid underneath a far away experiment table. 

The explosion’s conclusion was met with a moment of silence. 

The onlookers were dumbfounded. Is this guy an explosion devil? Why did his experiment always end up exploding? Not only that, but they kept getting stronger too! The judges were all intensely staring at the distant Su Hao.

This guy is too terrifying!

“I’m sorry, fellow teachers. It’s my mistake.”

Su Hao sincerely apologized and broke the silence.


A judge stretched out a trembling finger as he pointed at Su Hao. As a judge, he had the ability to fail him, but it’d be hard for him to retain his professionalism. After things had progressed to this point, how could anyone possibly remain professional? 

“Blacklist! He must be blacklisted!”

Yet another judge voiced out. Su Hao had a glance at the judges. The seven judges all had their faces covered in ash and their hair standing on end. He really couldn’t differentiate them from each other. He decided to temporarily name them black 1 to 7. The person who had just spoken was black 3. 

“I agree!”

Black 4 stood up and angrily shouted, “The Pharmacist a.s.sociation doesn’t need such a person! This is too hateful. Harming oneself and others in the process!”

Black 6 also stood up, “I strongly urge for Su Hao to be blacklisted. Otherwise, I will quit! I am here to judge, not to be a victim of this bird! If every student is like him, how can I live past this year?”

Black 7 was a bit more calm, “Vice president Gao, I know he is someone you brought. In reality, we should be more lenient, but you also witnessed this right? Such a situation, we simply couldn’t handle it. If you still insist on bringing him into the Pharmacist a.s.sociation, then we can only resign.”

“Black 7… Oh no, I mean this judge.” Su Hao sincerely said, “For the consequences I brought to you from the experiment, I’m really sorry. But my experiment didn’t have any problems. Such factors are out of my control!”

“You still dare to quibble!”

Black 7 raged. No matter how calm he had appeared on the surface, he couldn’t hold his anger anymore. He turned his head and looked at Gao Yang, “Vice president Gao, I am just waiting on word from you. Or else, we will turn around and leave.”

Gao Yang’s heart was gloomy at first. Originally, he was a bit depressed upon having his face blasted black. Listening to the reaction from the judges was like music to his ears.

Zhang Zhongtian’s disciple was this r.e.t.a.r.ded?

He still hadn't entered the Pharmacist a.s.sociation, yet had offended so many people. Zhang Zhongtian’s reputation, too bad! Without him playing any tricks, the bottles of fermentation drug had been too bright! If yesterday’s explosion had been on this scale, perhaps the judges wouldn’t have hated him as much. 

Thinking of this, Gao Yang revealed an embarra.s.sing look on the surface. He looked at the judges and then Su Hao, “Su Hao, I can only help you till here.”

Before he could enjoy himself, an arrogant voice traveled from the main gate outside the Pharmacist a.s.sociation all the way until the hall, “Haha, Gao Yang. Daddy’s disciple, you don’t have the qualification to teach him!”


A violent blasting sound could be heard.

A huge hole was blasted into the door of Pharmacist a.s.sociation. A short figure slowly appeared from the hole. Accompanied by large amount of dust and his arrogant voice, the figure made his way inside. It was a truly domineering entrance. 


Several pharmacists looked on in shock. Security also quickly arrived and surrounded the scene. The figure slowly approached Gao Yang, “After so many years, I hope you’ve been doing well since the last time we met, Gao Yang!”

This guy was obviously shorter than Gao Yang, but with his arrogant tone and domineering aura, n.o.body felt that it was out of place. This was because at this time, the crowd in the Pharmacist a.s.sociation had finally recognised the ident.i.ty of this figure. This was a drug master that nearly everyone in the Pharmacist a.s.sociation could recognize.

“Zhang Zhongtian!”

Go Yang slowly enunciated his name, syllable by syllable. His face was a red as he stared at the person in front of him in hatred. 

He had expected Zhang Zhongtian to come from the beginning, but why was the way he had appeared different from the script? In his imagination, Zhang Zhongtian would have been in tears as he begged him to help Su Hao.

But, no!

Zhang Zhongtian was still domineering as ever!

Arrogant as usual!

He still spoke in the same tone as before, trying to oppress Gao Yang. But Gao Yang was no longer an ordinary pharmacist in Jinhua City and Zhang Zhongtian was no longer the highly respected vice president. What qualifications did he have to treat Gao Yang like this?

“You...” Gao Yang hadn’t even finish saying a word, yet Zhang Zhongtian had interrupted him, “Last time in Jinhua City, we, higher ups could see clearly that you weren’t a good man That was why we didn’t allow you to become vice president. I didn’t imagine that you’d come to Jianghe City and reach your current position. Despite this, you’re still doing such things.”

“What you mean by that?” Gao Yang was mad.

“What you mean?”

Zhang Zhongtian sneered, “If an origin ability is used to block a portion of the fermentation drug’s effects, the mixture will become unbalanced, resulting in an explosion. That sounds quite similar to the scene we just witnessed. Also, it is strange that every explosion only occurred during the origin ability fermentation process. What a coincidence.”

As Zhang Zhongtian finished his sentence, all the pharmacists were in a shock.

If they thought carefully, that seemed to be the case here. Every time, the explosion had only occurred while Su Hao was adding fermentation drug. This was too strange. Plus, Su Hao had conducted the first part in such a skillful manner. This didn’t look like any newbie. How could he have made such a simple error? At first, they thought Su Hao was deliberately trying to provoke them, but Zhang Zhongtian made them rethink the matter. Could there be a plot behind all of this? 

If such words were said by Su Hao, n.o.body would have believed him.

But if the dignified berserk master Zhang Zhongtian said so, everyone would a.s.sume it was true. Although Zhang Zhongtian had been removed from the Pharmacist a.s.sociation, the fame of this berserk master wasn’t something an ordinary man could compare with.

Berserk master, Zhang Zhongtian!

This name.

It is a milestone in the Pharmacist a.s.sociation!

Godly Model Creator Chapter 124 Appearing In A Domineering Fashion

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