Godly Model Creator Chapter 125 Star Grass Emperor

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Chapter 0125    Star gra.s.s emperor

Translator: Yorasu Editor: SourGummies


Gao Yang took a deep breath, trying to calm himself from the shock caused by Zhang Zhongtian’s sudden appearance. 

After his mental state returned to normal, Gao Yang looked at Zhang Zhongtian with a sneer, “Master Zhang...oh wait, pardon me. I forgot that you’ve been removed from the list. I will address you as Zhang Zhongtian. What gives you the courage to blast away the main gate of the Pharmacist a.s.sociation? Are you trying to provoke the entire Pharmacist a.s.sociation by yourself?”

“Nope, of course I don’t dare.”

Zhang Zhongtian smiled indifferently, “Today, I am here to ask why you’re trying to make trouble for my disciple during his a.s.sessment, causing the judges to have a bad impression of him. Despite this, you’re acting as if you’re doing him a favor. You hate me so much and yet you’d be willing to help my disciple? I can already tell that you typically don’t show up for exams. You’re only here because my disciple is taking his exam.”

The crowd’s mind was enlightened. That really seemed to be the case here!

When had the explosions began in the Pharmacist a.s.sociation? What had Gao Yang ever taken time out of his day to witness the beginner pharmacist exam? As everyone thought about the answers to these questions, they stared at Gao Yang, including the judges whose faces had been turned black. 

A transferral of hatred. 

This was the reason that Su Hao had created such a large explosion. Of course, this hadn’t hurt anyone in the process. If a beginner’s experiment could create an explosion of that scale, n.o.body would be willing to learn pharmacy. However, being in such image, those judges probably won’t have the face to meet others. Additionally, they were told that the person behind the explosion was actually Gao Yang?

Su Hao thought the current scene was very interesting. 

Gao Yang’s went on alert. With a sullen feeling as he noticed the expression of the crowd, he stated, “Nonsense! Do you really all believe the words of someone that has been expelled from the Pharmacist a.s.sociation? Zhang Zhongtian, you better watch your mouth! Food can be eat at random, but words cannot be used in such a manner! If you insist on traveling down this path, I can slander you too!”

Su Hao felt some slight nervousness. Gao Yang had just managed to raise his defense. 


Zhang Zhongtian smiled, “My disciples do not number many. The only one who could catch my eyes was him alone. No matter if it is his his talent or capabilities, he is much stronger than the previous me. It is just a beginner pharmacist exam. I have trained him using much harder herbs. Despite this, he failed here? If you want confirmation, it is very simple. Just conduct the experiment on the spot.”

“This time around, I will be here witness it. All the pharmacists gathered here will witness it too. They will look at whether or not you make a move. When you’re not using dirty tricks, how will my disciple perform?”

Everyone secretly nodded.

Wasn’t this the most reasonable solution?

Everyone was staring at Gao Yang. Perhaps there really had been some tricks behind the scenes? 


Gao Yang suddenly laughed out loud. It was very a very strange sight.

“Since Master Zhang had said so, what is there for me to disagree with? In exams, there will always be both successes and failures. He has already failed two times, but he might succeed now. Therefore, I have an even better suggestion.”


Zhang Zhongtian sneered as he looked at Gao Yang, “Let's listen then.”


Gao Yang pointed at another man in black on the scene, “This is my disciple, You Zhiming. His skill is just so-so and has just reached the level of a beginner pharmacist. He also only pa.s.sed the exam this morning. Since Su Hao wants to take the exam, let him compete with my disciple. If he wins, I naturally have nothing to say. However, if he is to lose… I’m afraid he hasn’t met our standards yet.”

Experiments always relied on probabilities. Sitting for the exam wouldn’t really signify anything. For him to compete with You Zhiming who had just pa.s.sed the exam was fairly reasonable. 

Zhang Zhongtian didn’t even care, “Good. If so, let them compete then!”

“Alright, I will arrange for it.”

Gao Yang was jubilant on the inside. 

No matter how strong you are, Zhang Zhongtian, I am still leading you by the nose! Compared to my disciple You Zhiming, your disciple is tras.h.!.+

Was You Zhiming really a beginner pharmacist?


Under his guidance, You Zhiming had reached the peak of beginner pharmacist and was capable of becoming an intermediate pharmacist at any moment. He was actually quite outstanding. It was just that he was too lazy to partic.i.p.ate in the exam. He would always be late to the exam. If not for Gao Yang’s reminders, he might have been tardy by half a year! 

Today, they had originally intended to make a big show of things. He would partic.i.p.ate in the beginner pharmacist exam in the morning and the intermediate exam in the afternoon. Zhang Zhongtian’s arrival had been unexpected though.

Both of them glanced at each other. You Zhiming already understood Gao Yang’s plan.

“Su Hao...”

You Zhiming was calm. How could he forget about this grandson tripping him at the front desk? At first, he had thought that Su Hao was the disciple of his master’s friend. He’d never thought that Su Hao would turn out to be the disciple of any enemy instead. Forget about someone who failed the beginner pharmacist exam, even a beginner pharmacist wasn’t anything in his eyes. 

You Zhiming was confident in easily crus.h.i.+ng him!

“Alright then everyone!”

The judges cleaned themselves and returned to the stage. Gao Yang and Zhang Zhongtian sat to either side of the judges. The stairs were completely filled with pharmacists. Almost every disciple of the Pharmacist a.s.sociation had joined the crowd. 

This was a hot compet.i.tion!

Gao Yang’s disciple, You Zhiming, was competing against berserk master Zhang Zhongtian’s disciple!

Although it was only a duel for the beginner pharmacist exam, the significance of the result would be extraoadinary! 

If You Zhiming won?

Master Zhang Zhongtian’s would lose all face. His disciple’s skills weren’t up to par and yet he dared to accuse others of playing tricks. Zhang Zhongtian’s acc.u.mulated fame would vanish. This was the reality of today’s society. 

If Su Hao won?

Gao Yang would lose any remaining face. If Su Hao qualified to become a beginner pharmacist, that would mean that he had played some tricks during the previous experiments. Additionally, those judges would probably seek revenge for all the damage that they had suffered from the explosion. 

A heavyweight clash.

Unexpectedly, both of the masters indifferently sat on the stage, as if they had the utmost confidence in their disciple. 

The judges looked at each other for a moment before saying, “Bring the herbs here.”


Two experiment tables were pushed up. On each table, a single portion of herbs was present. Both disciples only had one chance. The judges would score based on their respective performances.

When the experiment tables were pushed to the center, everyone’s expression took a sudden change. This herb… 

On the experiment table, a crystal clear blue gra.s.s was lying inside the gla.s.sware, surrounded by a s.h.i.+ning blue light.

“This…this is…star gra.s.s emperor!”

The judges exclaimed in shock, “It turned out to be such a rare herb!”

Star gra.s.s emperor!

All pharmacists were startled.

What was star gra.s.s emperor?

As the name suggested, it was the king among all star gra.s.s. It was said that for every patch of star gra.s.s, there would be one star gra.s.s emperor! When the star gra.s.s emperor died, the whole star gra.s.s population in the area would vanish. That was why star gra.s.s emperor was so precious!

In theory, star gra.s.s was one of the materials for origin ability recovery drug. Naturally, star gra.s.s emperor was no exception. In reality though, n.o.body dared to use star gra.s.s emperor for experiment!

This was not only due to its rarity and high price tag. The properties of the star gra.s.s emperor were so strong that it’d increase the unpredictability of an experiment by several fold, increasing the failure rate. 

So far, the worst person that had managed to successfully mix the herb was at the intermediate level.

“This is madness!”

This was what everyone was thinking. 

This was just the exam for a beginner pharmacist. Was it necessary to use star gra.s.s emperor? Yet, star gra.s.s emperor was still considered to be star gra.s.s. It was just that it would be difficult to mix later. Although everyone knew something fishy was going on, it was still within the borders of rationality. 

Under normal circ.u.mstances, who would dare to use star gra.s.s emperor as a material for an examination?

The value of this gra.s.s was in the millions of star dollars. 

“Gao Yang, what’re you trying to scheme?” Zhang Zhongtian suddenly stood up and glared at him, “Are you scared that Su Hao is going to succeed and expose your wrongdoings? Is that why you chose this type of herb?”

“Star gra.s.s emperor is something at a level which even intermediate pharmacists don’t have the confidence of completing.”

Godly Model Creator Chapter 125 Star Grass Emperor

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