Godly Model Creator Chapter 130 Not Entirely True Nor False

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Chapter 0130    Not entirely true nor false

Translator: Yorasu Editor: SourGummies

After noticing the glares from all the pharmacists gathered here, Gao Yang’s face turned green. 

Truthfully, his face had been green from the moment that Su Hao had succeeded. Later on, when Su Hao had been about to complete the body recovery drug, he was prepared to interfere. However, as he looked at the smirk on Zhang Zhongtian’s face, he could only sigh. 

If he made a move, Zhang Zhongtian would notice it. Additionally, Su Hao had already tamed the star gra.s.s emperor. How hard could it possibly be for him to create body recovery drug? If he really had interfered, he would have only dug himself into a deeper pit.

“Vice president Gao, it seems that I have won.”

Zhang Zhongtian grinned. 

Coldly staring at Zhang Zhongtian, Gao Yang’s eyes flashed, “What’re you trying to do?”

Zhang Zhongtian casually replied, “That will depend on vice president Gao.”

“What do you meant?” Gao Yang said coldly.

With a bright tone, Zhang Zhongtian said, “Hehe, I heard that vice president Gao obtained the formula for seven extinction drug a few days ago?”

Gao Yang’s facial expression changed as his pupils contracted, “How did you know?”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Zhang Zhongtian casually continued, “The formula for seven extinction drug along with Su Hao’s certification as a beginner pharmacist should be enough. Otherwise, I don’t mind sending something to headquarters. I wonder if they will start investigating you once they receive the enws. Based on your actions in Jinhua City, I don’t believe your hands would be clean after so many years, right?”

Gao Yang’s face turned ashen.

 “You dare threaten me?”

“Aiya, how could you say this a threat?” Zhang Zhongtian sinisterly laughed, “We have been colleagues for so many years. This should be considered a form of cooperation.”

Gao Yang looked at Zhang Zhongtian for a long time before uttering a single word, “Alright!”

In fact, regarding Su Hao’s certification, he had nothing to say. Even if he disagreed, the judges would still forcefully bring Su Hao into the community. Even as a vice president, he didn’t have complete authority over the a.s.sociation. Later on, when the president came back, he might not even be able to live peacefully!

The real reason behind his sadness was the formula for the seven extinction drug. 

He had only possessed it for a few days and hadn’t had the opportunity to study it yet. Yet, this Zhang Zhongtian knew about it? This was something which he had only been able to exchange for at an incredible cost to him. And yet, he had to had it over to Zhang Zhongtian… He felt as if his heart had been stabbed by a knife. If only he’d been a president. How would he possibly be this weak if that was the case? 

As he looked at Su Hao and Zhang Zhongtian’s backs as they left the scene, Gao Yang bitterly clenched his fist. A light flashed in his eyes. The position of president… This old man must get it…wonder how long will it take...

Outside of the Pharmacist a.s.sociation.

Su Hao was puzzled as he asked, “Master, why don’t you report him? This kind of matter, the Pharmacist a.s.sociation shouldn’t be able to tolerate it.”


Zhang Zhongtian smiled, “Although Gao Yang is narrow minded, he isn’t someone who is easy to deal with. If you underestimate him, you’d be make a grave mistake. This person is like a rabid dog. If you want to kill him, you must do so immediately. Otherwise, it is better not to drive him into a corner. If driven to a state of despair, there’s nothing he isn’t capable of doing.”

Su Hao understood. 

With Gao Yang’s influence in Jianghe City after all these years, Su Hao couldn’t imagine what he was capable of if he was backed into a corner. 

“You don’t have to worry about Gao Yang. Since you have obtained your certification, you can go and take care of your business.” Zhang Zhongtian said this in a hushed tone, but revealed a portion of his domineering aura. 

“Yes, master!”

Su Hao nodded and then left.

In the police station.

Su Hao entered with gusto, alerting countless people inside. 

“Su Hao?”

The police officer guarding the front gate blocked Su Hao’s path. He was sweating profusely as he courageously barred him from entering. The previous incident had occurred not too long ago. It was impossible for him to have forgotten this evil star. He never thought that Su Hao would return after just a few days. Bureau chief He who had finally conceded was fresh in his mind. He dared not offend such people. 

“h.e.l.lo, I’m here for some inquiries.” Su Hao went straight to the point.

“Oh, an inquiry, yeah?” The police officer let out a sigh of relief, “No problem, enter the large hall and turn right. The third registration table is the one for inquiries.”

“Alright, thanks.”

Su Hao nodded and then headed upstairs.

Along the way, every officer he encountered attempted to evade his path. 

Su Hao went straight to the third registration table. A young man with gla.s.ses was sitting there, “h.e.l.lo, is there anything I can help with?”

Su Hao smiled, “h.e.l.lo, I would like to inquire about the address and family of a friend. If I provide the name, can you help me check it?”

That young man was startled and looked at Su Hao in alert, “Please show me the relevant doc.u.ments and provide your relations.h.i.+p with the one you are searching for. If there is any direct relations.h.i.+p or you’re husband and wife, we can help investigate for you. If not, we can’t help you with this.”

“Oh, so it’s like this.”

Su Hao smiled and stood up.


The nearby officers were startled. This guy couldn’t possible be about to rampage in anger, right…? If he really started to destroy the police station again, it would be very troublesome. This person relied on his military merits, not bothering with any of them. In theory, they could transfer it to the military department, but the people over there loved concealing things the most! Unless it was someone who was actively disturbing the peace, they wouldn’t make a move. 

In the hall, Su Hao took a cup of drinking water. After drinking a mouthful, he looked down at his communication device on his wrist. A smirk could be seen on his mouth, “Five minutes, bureau chief He must be arriving anytime soon.”

Yet another five minutes pa.s.sed.

As he expected, bureau chief He arrived soon. 


The door of the police station was thrown open. Bureau chief He entered in a rush. His face had a terrible expression on it. All the police on the scene looked downward, not daring to voice out. 

“Su Hao!”

Bureau chief He said coldly, “Why are you here again?”

Su Hao smiled indifferently, “To inquire about some information. That little brother said I don’t have enough authority. Luckily, you came at the right time. Help me check for what I need.”


Bureau chief He looked at Su Hao in disbelief. What did he say just now?

Help him check information?

This guy is mad!

“Su Hao! You really think this is your backyard?” Bureau chief He sneered, “Even if you did have the proper authorization, you can forget about getting any information today! Previously, it was because of Sun Yaotian’s matter that I wa sunable to teach you a lesson. Today, you presented yourself to my doorstep. Whether or not you believe it, I might even bar you from leaving for several days!”


Su Hao smiled. His device opened. As the virtual screen projected outward, an ident.i.ty nameplate appeared on top, “What about if...I add this too?”

Bureau chief He glanced for a second, his pupils suddenly contracting. 

Beginner pharmacist!

d.a.m.n, Su Hao had even joined the Pharmacist a.s.sociation?


Bureau chief He opened the police system. He quickly investigated the information of Su Hao. Sure enough, in the career column belong to Su Hao, there was a newly added beginner pharmacist tag along with the previous student tag. 

“So what if it is the Pharmacy a.s.sociation?”

Bureau chief He gritted his teeth, “The Pharmacist a.s.sociation is not related to the government! Even if you’re the president, if I don’t allow you to inquire, you won’t be able to obtain a single piece of information.”

“This, if so…”

Su Hao sighed, “Bureau chief, you have to reconsider. Is it worth offending the Pharmacist a.s.sociation for the Sun family? Oh yeah, I forget to inform you about this. My master is a real master in pharmacy. Ah, ten years ago, he had already become a vice president. As of now, countless pharmacists know his name from the pharmacists’ introduction book. Are you sure that you want me to invite this old man to personally make his move?”

Bureau chief He was on high alert.

A drug master…

Already a vice president ten years ago…

The pharmacist’s introduction book had his master’s name…

These three criteria, if any one of them appeared, it was more than enough to shake all of Jianghe City. A person with such achievements turned out to be Su Hao’s master? 

Bureau chief He swallowed a bit of saliva. He looked at the officer bside him. 

The officer nodded slightly.

Bureau chief He bitterly smiled.

It turned out to be true!

This officer was a crucial existence to the police station. His grade C origin ability was able to differentiate from lies and the truth. He could easily judge tell who was lying. Previously, there had been a case involving a criminal with 18 points of origin ability.  With his ability to differentiate between the truth and lies, they were ultimately able to solve the case. 

If what he said was true, it was true!

With Su Hao’s current ability, he couldn’t fake it.

And if it was true…it was definitely not someone he could offend. At this moment, bureau chief He suddenly understood one thing. As immortals fought each other, the little devils would be the ones suffering! He just wanted to climb onto the Sun family’s big tree. He hadn’t even managed to obtain many benefits before many troubles had come chasing after him!

d.a.m.n it!

I quit!

Godly Model Creator Chapter 130 Not Entirely True Nor False

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