Godly Model Creator Chapter 140 Origin Ability Refinement

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Chapter 0140    Origin ability refinement

Translator: Yorasu Editor: SourGummies

In the earlier stages, there were two methods to reduce energy consumption.

The first was origin ability control, with the latter being origin ability refinement.

Origin ability control would enhance one’s control over their origin ability energy, reducing needless waste. For example, 200 units of energy might be used in a situation where only 100 were needed, usually due to a lack of skill or incorrect methods.

Origin ability control would allow everyone to get closer to the ideal amount of usage.

As for origin ability refinement, its sole purpose was to reduce energy consumption!

For example, a skill that originally required 100 units of energy could be reduced by 10 percent through mastery of origin ability refinement. This would make the final consumption only 90 units of energy. This was a very practical and useful skill for students to know, as it greatly increased their overall strength.

To have grasped it in such a short amount of time, Sun Yaotian must not have slacked off whatsoever in his training. His lack of understanding was why he seemed rather incapable. Su Hao recalled that Sun Yaotian had offended a repeater to secure a material back at the school task store. It had probably been the key to unlocking his problem.

This guy’s determination was pretty strong.

“Beginner iron element essence, 100 points…beginner origin ability refinement, 100 points…”

Su Hao performed some quick calculations. Sun Yaotian had gained another 2 points in his origin ability. That meant that the current Sun Yaotian had at least 13 points of origin ability!

Sure enough!

After seeing that Su Hao had remained at 12 points since school began, Sun Yaotian’s first move upon reaching 13 points was to challenge Su Hao after successfully removing the shadow on his heart.

He probably didn’t realize that Su Hao had already reached 13 points!

Oh wait, it should be 13.5 points!

During the concert, he had learned beginner origin ability control in order to unlock beginner piano performance! Although it was weaker than beginner origin ability refinement, it still contributed 50 points and gave Su Hao better control over his energy. For someone like Su Hao that had extremely high energy consumption, it was still considered to be quite useful.

Also, there was yet another important matter!

Although Su Hao had already mastered piano’s origin ability technique, he was fairly certain that he was still incapable of playing it!

The reason was very simple. He didn’t possess enough origin ability energy.

When Master Feng had played to the audience, he had taken a full five minutes! With a simple calculation, Su Hao could already tell that his energy reserves weren’t great enough!

Su Hao had a wide variety of things that required his energy. His already scarce energy reserves were already overwhelmed, unable to bear the load.  

At this time…energy refinement was necessary and there just happened to be a person with it in front of him.

Do I read it now?

No, I can’t!

Card modeling took time. If he kept staring at Sun Yaotian, he would definitely notice that something was wrong. The most important aspect was…origin ability energy! Card modeling required a great deal of energy. After coming out from Golden Hall, his energy was already depleted. Even his recovery drugs had been used!

He couldn’t squeeze out any spare energy!

Su Hao ran through countless ideas in his mind, rapidly a.n.a.lyzing the pros and cons of each method. Only a small moment transpired while this occurred!

According to legends, humans see their life flash before their eyes when on the brink of death. A lot could occur in a very short period of time. Su Hao would enter a similar state while conducting a.n.a.lysis.

“What, you don’t dare accept?”

Sun Yaotian looked at him and sneered, “These friends beside me are all from the same circle as me. If you don’t accept my challenge…it’d be rather unfortunate if news of this got out. I’m pretty sure people would criticize Chen Yiran for picking a coward like you!”

Su Hao looked at Sun Yaotian in surprise.

Sure enough, after getting rid of his shadow, he was a completely different person. It was as if they were two completely different people! He had even thought of using public opinion and Chen Yiran to provoke Su Hao.

As expected…things were no longer the same.

But did it make a difference?


As if he’d been successfully provoked, Su Hao stared at Sun Yaotian and said, “Great, I accept your challenge!”

Sun Yaotian smiled, “Perfect! We will duel right now! The location will be the training ground of Jianghe City.”

“Let’s go now!”

Su Hao sneered, “How will I know that you won’t set up anything? Since you’re the one challenging me, I should be the one to decide the time and location! Tomorrow, 10 am sharp at Jianghe City’s martial arts building!”


Sun Yaotian laughed, “I will be waiting for you at 10 am tomorrow!”

After agreeing, Sun Yaotian walked away with his friends.

He was very satisfied with this result. After getting rid of the shadow on his heart, Su Hao didn’t appear to be much. After a little provocation, he’d already accepted his challenge. He had tried to delay it to tomorrow morning, but so what? It didn’t matter how much of a bookworm he was. Su Hao was still a student like him!

Sun Yaotian happily left, but was totally unaware of Su Hao’s true motivation. He had accepted simply because Sun Yaotian possessed beginner origin ability refinement! There was nothing else to it.

The sky had already turned dark.

After the two hour piano concert and this brief exchange of words, it was currently already past 10 pm.  

Su Hao smiled indifferently and headed home. When he arrived home, his mom had already gone to sleep.

A good meal awaited him on the dinner table as he entered. It was still warm and ready to be eaten at any time. He felt a twinge in his heart. Whenever he came home, there would always be a steaming hot meal awaiting him, reminding him that he was not alone.

All his fatigue vanished.

After he ate, Su Hao stretched his body. He heard a colliding sound. As he listened carefully, he was able to determine exactly where it was coming from.

As he pushed open the door to the training room, the sound became even clearer.





A young girl was wearing a white training uniform, her face covered in sweat. She was currently engaging the only sandbag in the room, throwing both punches and kicks. She was so engrossed in her training that she hadn’t even noticed that Su Hao had entered.

Su Hao helplessly shook his head and closed the door. Hearing the soft slam, the young girl finally noticed that someone had entered. She turned around, revealing a pleasant smile, “Bro, you’ve come back.”

Footsteps rang out through the room.

Su Ling excitedly ran over.

Su Hao burst into laughter upon seeing her so energetic. This sister of his was always full of vitality.

Su Hao rubbed her head and said in a pampering tone, “It is already so late and you’re still training.”

“En, I am already a second year.” Su Ling stuck out her tongue. She wiped her sweat off and continued in an arrogant tone, “Bro is the top student among those entering the natural selection cla.s.s, a super genius. As your sister, I must get first too!”


Su Hao helplessly smiled, “Your origin ability should have reached 9 points by now, right?”

Su Ling proudly said, “After you taught me intermediate fighting technique, my origin ability had already reached 9 points. I then learned advanced fighting technique and I already have a firm grasp over it. My origin ability has reached 9.3 points! If I keep training hard, I will reach 10 points in no time!”

“Hehe, everyone asked me how I increased 0.5 point in such a short time. I obviously didn’t tell them that bro taught me in fighting technique.”

She currently wore a look similar to that of Chen Yiran outside the pavilion the other day.

Chen Yiran had been proud of Chen Yifeng and now, Su Ling revealed the same expression. She couldn’t be considered a genius, but…she was still extremely proud of her brother. 

Godly Model Creator Chapter 140 Origin Ability Refinement

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