Godly Model Creator Chapter 145 Who Is The White Killer?

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Chapter 0145    Who is the white killer?

Translator: Yorasu Editor: SourGummies

“Remember to come.”

Noticing his hesitation, Sun Yaotian laughed out loud, “We are all schoolmates. If you have any difficulties, like buying a present, feel free to ask for help. Haha.”

After Sun Yaotian finished his sentence, he prepared to leave.

However, Su Hao raised a hand to stop him.


Sun Yaotian tensed his body.

Su Hao slowly walked forward and looked at him with calm eyes. Those cold eyes made Sun Yaotian alert, “What’re you trying to do?”

Su Hao sneered.

Today’s Sun Yaotian…he seemed to be very lively?


After he had started adding layer after layer of shadows on Sun Yaotian’s heart, the latter had not possessed the courage to provoke him for a very long time. After getting rid of the shadow, however, not only did he dare to challenge Su Hao, but he even employed a variety of methods. It was because these actions of his were so appropriate that Su Hao felt both helpless and pa.s.sionate at the same time. 

Compared to the current Sun Yaotian, Su Hao preferred the previous one.

This… It seems that I need to add some fuel to the fire?

Thinking of this, Su Hao’s mouth raised in a smile and said, “That night at Golden Nightclub, the girl was pretty good. It was too bad that there was a b.u.t.terfly tattoo on her body...”

After saying this, Su Hao walked off, leaving him behind.

Sun Yaotian was startled.

Was this Su Hao a r.e.t.a.r.d?

What was he talking about?

Hold on…Golden Nightclub…girl…that night…b.u.t.terfly tattoo…Sun Yaotian felt that his soul was about to leave his body. These things, how could he know about it!

Unless…unless…he was the white killer!


Sun Yaotian trembled, his entire body shaking. His face instantly paled!

The white killer...was Su Hao!

As he recalled the cold stare of Su Hao’s, his entire body dripped with sweat. No, impossible! It was absolutely impossible! How could Su Hao be the white killer? 

That white killer was a professional variant esper!

Sun Yaotian kept repeating these thoughts within his heart. However, after entertaining the idea for but a brief moment, he was no longer able to suppress it… Yes, this was the only thing that connected everything. Su Hao was certainly the person responsible for making the Sun family suffer through this catastrophe. As he laid unconscious, Su Hao must have made his move. 

The blue dream b.u.t.terfly incident had made the Sun family suffer greatly. 

Because of this, he had appeared in the scene without knowing anything. Su Hao had been seeking his revenge. 

Su Hao…white killer…

Sun Yaotian was frozen in place. His mouth could be seen murmuring, as if he had gone mad.

“Boss, boss, what happened to you?”

The short guy asked nervously.

“Get lost!”

Sun Yaotian roared and pushed him to the side. “No, I must tell my dad! I must inform him!”

Thinking of this, Sun Yaotian rushed outside like a madman.

The three who remained in the martial arts building looked at each other.

Exactly what was happening?

Sun Yaotian had been in a similar state several times before. It had been on the occasions where he had nearly been tortured to death by Su Hao, driving him to the brink of collapse. However, after yesterday’s piano concert, he was made a full recovery! 

What kind of trouble was he in now?

Su Hao had casually said something and Sun Yaotian had almost collapsed.

The three of them bitterly smiled and quickly followed along.

Jianghe City.

A floating car dashed through the sky at a high speed, leaving a stream of gorgeous lights behind. The s.h.i.+ny brand logo in front made everyone give way, keeping their distance. Very few people could afford to sit in such a car in Jianghe City! Such an existence was definitely not someone they could provoke. 

Just like that, he violently charged back home. 


The main door of the house was shoved open by Sun Yaotian as he staggered along, entering the house.

Living room.

Sun Batian held a cup of tea and slowly sipped on it. Hearing the loud sound, his hand trembled for a bit. A large amount of tea had spilled onto the floor. As he raised his head, he was shocked to see his son’s current appearance. 

Sun Yaotian was currently messily dressed in blood covered clothing. He looked exactly like someone who had just finished receiving a beating. Coupled with his pale face, if Sun Batian were to say he wasn’t embarra.s.sed by this sight, n.o.body would believe him! 

“What happened? Yaotian?” Sun Batian asked.

“Dad, dad…”

Sun Yaotian apprehensively continued. Grabbing his father’s hand, his mouth trembled as he said, “Dad, Su Hao…Su Hao is the white killer!”

Sun Batian was stunned, “What did you say?”

“Su Hao! He is the white killer! That day, the blue dream b.u.t.terfly incident, the killer was him!” Sun Yaotian continued in a jittery manner, “It’s true. This time, I didn’t lie. Su Hao personally admitted it!”

“Personally admitted?”

Sun Batian remained silent, “Did you find him? Your injuries…”

“I had a duel with him. I lost and got injured in process.”

After saying so, he became anxious as he looked at Sun Batian’s expression, “Dad, that’s not the main point here. He really is the white killer!”


Sun Batian sighed, “He personally told you?”


Sun Yaotian nodded.

Sun Batian bitterly laughed, “If you were Su Hao, would you reveal your ident.i.ty to others??”


Sun Yaotian was dumbfounded and instantly shocked.

True, if he really was the white killer, would he tell others about it? Additionally, it had been to his own enemy, a person who couldn’t wait to put him to death. Of course not! Was he that r.e.t.a.r.ded? Would Su Hao do so?

All kinds of thoughts flashed within his brain..

Sun Yaotian opened his mouth wide and said in an unbelievable tone, “Don’t tell me…he lied to me?”

Sun Batian frowned and sighed.

He really felt powerless.

Even though he was powerful in Jianghe City, he was powerless in regards to helping his son How many times was this, yet he still hadn’t grown up! He would constantly be played with by his foes, causing Sun Batian extreme disappointment...

“No, this isn’t right. Su Hao knew of the tattoo belonging to the girl I f*cked at Golden Nightclub...” Sun Yaotian quickly said.

“A b.u.t.terfly tattoo?”

Sun Batian said in a flat tone.

“Yes.” Sun Yaotian nodded in agreement, but opened his eyes in shock afterwards, “Eh, this is wrong. Dad, how did you…”

Sun Batian tapped on the virtual screen a few times and placed it in front of Sun Yaotian.

Sun Yaotian had a look at it and his face turned red.

That was a news report. In the report, it had details of Sun family’s young master, Sun Yaotian and the events regarding blue dream b.u.t.terfly. This was all the work of the Sun family’s public relations efforts. In order for Sun Yaotian to elude suspicion, the details of that night were revealed to the public. Sun Yaotian was just a bystander that had gotten caught up in the midst of things and hadn’t been partic.i.p.ating in the experiments. 

In order to make the report look real, all sort of images were naturally released. Among them,there was a photo of the girl from Golden Nightclub… Photos of the broken window, broken gla.s.ses, and the b.u.t.terfly tattoo behind the girl were clearly visible.

Sun Yaotian was dumbfounded.

So….this b.u.t.terfly tattoo came from here?

“Go down then.”

Sun Batian was completely speechless, not even possessing the urge to reprimand his son. He hadn’t even known about a report involving himself. He hadn’t even glanced at it a single time. Even Su Hao had known about it, yet his own son didn’t care at all? This son...truly was a disappointment.   


Sun Yaotian timidly replied and exited. His face didn’t look great.

He knew that his position within his father’s heart had hit rock bottom once again. How could he have entered here without giving the matter any serious thought? This Su Hao...wrong! 

Sun Yaotian’s mind became alert. He was this anxious not because of Su Hao’s words, but because of the aura Su Hao displayed during the duel and...those eyes!

That night at Golden Nightclub, although he couldn’t see anything clearly, he could had been able to see the eyes of his attacker. That touch of coldness within the eyes of white killer was the same as Su Hao’s!

Was that really Su Hao?

Sun Yaotian felt like turning back and telling Sun Batian again, but he hesitated. Right now, his dad was very disappointed with him. Perhaps whatever he said right now would be fall into deaf ears.

However, if Su Hao really was the killer in white robe, how could he hide from Sun Batian? That was impossible!

Maybe…I ‘ve thought too much about this, falling into Su Hao’s scheme.

Sun Yaotian comforted himself.

In future, he would definitely not be fooled again! Thinking of how he had just appeared and the visible disappointment of Sun Batian, he felt ashamed of himself.

“Su Hao…”

Sun Yaotian clenched his fist in hatred, “Let me see how are you will embarra.s.s yourself in Chen Yiran’s coming of age ceremony!”

Godly Model Creator Chapter 145 Who Is The White Killer?

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