Godly Model Creator Chapter 326 Notice On Federal College Entrance Exam Changes

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Chapter 0326    Notice on federal college entrance exam changes

Translator: Yorasu Editor: West


Su Hao was sweating heavily, “My G.o.d.”

In the 2D map, countless red lights were gathering towards the center of the natural selection cla.s.s. Perhaps the person in charge would be here in a few seconds. If that happened, Su Hao would be in trouble as he was the one who had made all of this.

It would be better to get away from here.


Su Hao silently left the place.

A moment later, Su Hao heard people arguing the place that he had left. Fortunately, he was able to escape, or else…

He scanned the 2D map and ensured n.o.body was targeting him. Then he steadily walked back to that place.

The origin light ray had been destroyed.

The two light rays had used up all of Su Hao’s stored energy. One of them was wielded into Xinghe sword. Meanwhile, another one exploded.

Was it a waste?

Not necessarily.

For Su Hao, the explosion of light ray was his biggest harvest! It had nothing to do with the damage it could bring, but it brought a new definition to this model a.n.a.lysis.

It could be brought out from the model world without the need for transformation!

Did it mean that he could bring other things out?

The difference between the light ray and the other models was its 1024 fold compression. He wasn’t sure about the standard of compression. Hence, the real difference between two consisted of the condensation. Maybe… the solution was here?

Su Hao was very excited.

He planned to continue his research on that. However, he couldn’t make it. He realized an important fact at this moment.

He had no money now.

This research would be like a black hole.

The cost of this research would cost more than ten to a few hundred times compared to the Xinghe sword. Meanwhile, success wasn’t guaranteed. In conclusion, it wasn’t worth it to continue with that research at the moment. Even with all the available resources he had now, he wouldn’t even able to create a new origin light ray now. Forget about the research, it was totally impossible!

After considering the costs, Su Hao gave up on the idea of researching his realization. The college entrance exam was around the corner. The most important thing now was to boost up his capabilities and maintain his best condition.

He had already mastered Xinghe sword.

He was now a level 4 esper. After equipping the Xinghe sword, he could fight against a level 6 esper without fear!

If he casted the 5 stars technique simultaneously with illusion reality he could become even stronger!

“Level 4 esper…”

It was an honor for Su Hao to be a level 4 esper before the college entrance exam.

The specialized stage was different from the beginner stage. In the beginner stage, all the basics including fighting techniques and physical fitness would be included in the statistics. However, the specialized stage was different. The only factor that would be judged for specialized stage was the strength of your energy!

Su Hao’s energy capacity was as high as a level 9 esper. However, his energy strength was only at a level 4.

Hence, his overall capability was still at level 4. Large energy capacity could increase his battle ability, but it didn’t help in the judging overall capability.

In order to increase the capability, he only needed to improve his energy strength!

Special training before the college entrance exam?

How many days were left?

After looking at the calendar, Su Hao gave up on that idea.


A notification sound interrupted Su Hao thoughts.

The vibration of the communication device on his wrist indicated that there was a new incoming message. At this moment, the message that came in was from…


The virtual screen appeared.

Su Hao scanned through the device.

Finally, it was here!

The t.i.tle on the top of the screen s.h.i.+ned!

Notice of federal college entrance exam preliminary test changes!

The biggest change of the college entrance exam since the era of origin ability was finally here!

Su Hao calmed himself down and looked at the content. There wasn’t much, but it was really helpful. After searching online for a few pieces of information, all his doubts were finally resolved.

The early stage of the origin ability era.

People who survived needed a stable life after the turmoil. Only a stable life could calm people down after so many tragedies. Hence, various new policies promptly were launched.

The policies included everything from conventional living to technology.

Upon the launch of the new policies, the era of origin ability entered its development stage. However, as society slowly developed, many of the initial policies were discovered to be inappropriate with the new era. Hence, the government started to make changes on the policies on almost every aspect.

Five years ago the college entrance exam’s policies had to be re-examined.

Due to the restrictions in the examination zone, unfairness in the exam, incomplete exam evaluations, and various other problems were exposed.

Hence, Origin Ability a.s.sociation initiated the system changes for the college entrance exam.

The proposal for the changes had once caused astonishment in the entire federal organization! The proposal included all the details including the examination administration and the marking system. The bonuses stated in it were helpful in encouraging students to perform better in the examination. Everything seemed to be well prepared.

It wasn’t a secret in the top management of the society.

However, surprisingly, the proposal was rejected!

Yes, it was rejected!

It was the first time for the entire policy suggested by Origin Ability a.s.sociation to be rejected. According to the rumors, the president of the a.s.sociation angrily questioned the federal government. However, there were only a few words were returned. It wasn’t time yet.

It wasn’t time yet?

No one understood the answer from the federal government. Thus, the changes in the college entrance exam had become a banned topic that no one would dare to mention. However, the a.s.sociation insisted to make the application once a year, although it would be rejected every time.

Nonetheless, some people believed that the application would be an eventual success. They gave up the opportunity to enter the college and waited for the new system to be implemented.

It wasn’t time yet… However, the time will eventually come.

Meanwhile, some people totally didn’t believe that the application would be a success. In their opinion, it was just the excuse from the federal government.

Hence, people who believed that the application would be a success had hidden themselves to wait for the moment. On the other hand, the people who didn’t believe in the changes for the college entrance exam entered college and tried to improve themselves.

Hence, since five years ago, there were exactly two different planning methods for the high school students.

Meanwhile, the implementation of the changes for the college entrance exam all depended on the upper management in the federal government!

It had been five years since the plan was first proposed.

The students who chose to wait for the changes in college entrance exam almost lost their faith. It was a loss for them for every extra year they waited. A lot of them chose to enter the college after a few years. The people who insisted on waiting dwindled, many of them had given up.

At the beginning of the year, the a.s.sociation submitted the application as usual. However, the federal government didn’t reject immediately and that surprised the people.

According to rumors, the federal government was discussing with the high schools on the feasibility and time of change. They hadn’t come to a compromise yet.

Although there wouldn’t be any solid improvement, it was a great news for all of them.

As the college entrance exam was getting closer, the news for changes in the college entrance exam became more frequent. For the repeaters who waited for so many years, their hope depended on the decision of the federal government.

It would either a great success or an absolute failure.

Whether if their investment was worth the return, it all depended on the decision.

On this day, the changes for the college entrance exam were officially implemented!

It astonished the people globally!

This year would include the first batch of the new college entrance exams according to the new system which meant a lot! All the terms and conditions of the changes induced a great impact.

The first change was standardizing the marks globally!

The correction of marks based on cities was abolished, and everyone would be treated fairly in the exam!

The battle would be held globally, and only the top students would be able stay!

“There it is.”

Su Hao finally understood the change after looking at the description.

It was a fair change in terms of the rules and regulations. However, it also showcased the jungle rules in the era of globalization. The federal government had to consider the various aspects of society such as humanity, technology, and everyday life. Hence, just the change in this rule itself was enough to create various objections from the government.

“No wonder it dragged on for so long…… However, this change is really bad news for quite a few places,” Su Hao thought.

In the previous college entrance exam, although the marking system was standardized too, they were using some sort of quota system as well. For example, XX city would be given 10 vacancies to enroll at Zhanzheng College. Hence, the cut off to get into Zhanzheng college would be the marks of the students who ranked 1 through 10 in that city.

That was the reason why every city had a different cut off for the students’ marks.

Theoretically, there would be more vacancies for the cities with more talented students. However, there were always cases like a student with 10 points in origin ability in city X that wasn’t able to get into a normal college but another student in city Y had entered one of the top universities with only 8 points. It caused imbalance and wasted some potential talent.

From other perspectives, the impact of the change was positive. It was a great improvement for the college entrance exam since it launched 20 years ago.

However, after a.n.a.lyzing for a moment, Su Hao had a new question. If the marking system was standardized globally…...

How could they separate the repeaters and freshmen?

In fact, the repeaters were at least 1 year older than the freshmen, so they would be stronger than the freshmen. Furthermore, there were so many veteran repeaters that had waited for so many years for the changes in college entrance exam. If the marking system was standardized, perhaps most of the students who got into the top universities would be the repeaters!

Upon having thought of this, Su Hao continued to read the amendments.

However, the second change shocked him!

“The second change is to eliminate the policy that increases the cut offs for the marks among repeaters!”

Godly Model Creator Chapter 326 Notice On Federal College Entrance Exam Changes

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