Godly Model Creator Chapter 330 Luck

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Chapter 330    Luck

Translator: Yorasu Editor: Fireclaws

“Not bad!”

An old voice could be heard. A figure appeared, it was an old man standing beside the young man. He nodded his head to indicate satisfaction while looking at the dead berserk beast.

“Within a few days, you could master this thunderbolt sword up to this stage. You are doing a good job, my student!”


Zhou w.a.n.g smiled shyly.

“However, you have a long way to go to defeat Su Hao.” The old man sighed and said.


Zhou w.a.n.g was unconvinced.

Su Hao was his good friend and also his rival. He had given up the Xinghe sword while Su Hao had given him the thunderbolt sword. Both of them turned out to be even more powerful. However, the power of the thunderbolt sword in his hand didn’t seem to be as weak as when it was in Su Hao’s.

Zhou w.a.n.g was confident that he could unleash a greater power than Su Hao while using the thunderbolt sword!


He swung the thunderbolt sword in his right hand. A powerful thunderbolt struck the ground, followed by countless of blue lightning within a ten meters radius. The attack left a huge dent in the ground. It was at least a few times stronger than the thunderbolt purgatory that Su Hao used the other day.

“Wasn’t it enough for such level of damage?”

Zhou w.a.n.g proudly said.

The old man scanned through the den. Indeed the attack used by Zhou w.a.n.g was much powerful than Su Hao!

“Lightning is your origin ability talent! Su Hao almost gave you all the available skills for lightning, so it is normal for you to get beyond him. However, you have to understand; lightning was just one small part of the skill owned by Su Hao.”

The old man’s tone was as dull as always, “Or else, you think he will give them all to you?”


Zhou w.a.n.g opened up his mouth and was trying to say something. However, he gave up.

He had to admit that the capability that Su Hao showed during the battle of glory had impressed everyone. While all of them thought Su Hao lacked offensive ability, Su Hao calmly performed various lightning attacks. After everyone had accepted the fact that Su Hao could cast lightning attack, only they realized…

Lightning was just one of his skills.

His super modeling ability, swift a.s.sault, and powerful universal origin technique, all these were used so efficiently by Su Hao. Meanwhile, what surprised everyone was the battle capability of Su Hao. Obviously, Su Hao’s attacking skills were very limited. However, he could easily defeat all the repeaters in battle.

He was able to perfectly utilize his many origin techniques.

The most powerful talent owned by Su Hao was his strategic planning and a.n.a.lyzing skill which was something Zhou w.a.n.g admire the most and will never be able to match him. He could easily take control of the battle by including every single factor into his consideration.

Meanwhile, the most horrifying skill was the mysterious eye of Su Hao!

Whenever Su Hao’s eyes turned color, he would end the battle in very short time.

That origin technique…

It was the best move of Su Hao up until now!

Meanwhile, n.o.body knew what that technique was all about!

It was horrifying!

At the moment, Zhou w.a.n.g only realized that Su Hao had become such a powerful opponent. Whenever everyone thought Su Hao was going to lose a battle, he would have a way to overwhelm his opponent in very short time.

Could he really able to defeat Su Hao?

Zhou w.a.n.g lowered his head.

The old man stared at him calmly, “How? Don’t even have the courage to battle with him?”


Zhou w.a.n.g smiled bitterly and said, “I just don’t understand, how come Su Hao will have the thunderbolt sword?”

“It might be Nitai artifact. I could feel the existence of a Nitai artifact with Su Hao. However, I am not too sure whether it was the thunderbolt sword. Perhaps, the Nitai artifact that he got could clone some lightning element techniques, that’s why he can cast them.”

The old man confirmedly said, “If my guess is correct, Su Hao should have gotten the remnants of an esper with lightning element talents. The special way of encryption had taken me such a long time, from that we can see that how powerful was the esper. It’s normal for such esper to have a powerful Nitai artifact.”


Zhou w.a.n.g felt relieved.

So, it was just a Nitai artifact! He thought Su Hao had owned two different types of origin ability talents. If it was that case, there was nothing for him to worry about. The Nitai artifact was eventually just a weapon.

“However, how could Su Hao improve so rapidly?”

Zhou w.a.n.g was curious with that, “I have all the resources support from the Zhou family and the guidance from master. I never stopped myself from training as well; however, Su Hao seemed to be alone all the time. Every time he came back, he would drastically improve, it seems to be impossible.”


The old man shook his head and said, “It’s luck. By fate, I recruited you as my student. For sure Su Hao would have his own opportunities too. To become a strong esper, it was necessary to have effort, talent, and luck! Talent is fixed once you are born, while the effort can be decided on your own. However, the luck of each person is different!”


Zhou w.a.n.g didn’t understand all of his words.

“You have to remember; no one will stop improving. When you are working hard, perhaps others are working harder than you. When you are getting new origin techniques, perhaps others were getting much powerful origin techniques than yours! When I am teaching you, perhaps there were even stronger people instructing others.”

The old man said, “Never look down on yourself, but never be overconfident too!”


Zhou w.a.n.g replied, “Perhaps Su Hao has great luck too. Even a strong esper like master had a limited number of origin technique. However, Su Hao could obtain so many universal origin techniques for his model a.n.a.lysis.”

“Universal origin technique?”

The old man shook his head, “That was his specialized origin technique.”


Zhou w.a.n.g replied immediately, “Su Hao’s talent is model a.n.a.lysis. I had researched on the talent, there is a limited number of specialized origin techniques, and none of them are for the battle purposes. I am sure that they were definitely not the ones he was using!”

The old man smiled silently.

Zhou w.a.n.g scratched his head. Every time his teacher showed such expression, he meant to let him think by himself. If these techniques were Su Hao’s specialized origin techniques and they weren’t listed in the database, perhaps… Zhou w.a.n.g was shocked.

“It was created by himself?”


The old man nodded his head and said, “If there wasn’t any suitable technique, why couldn’t we create for ourselves. All the available techniques now were pa.s.sed down by our ancestors. They created that by themselves too.”


Zhou w.a.n.g mumbled, “We are just students, how can we?”


The old man continued, “This is the difference between you and Su Hao. Perhaps it was not easy for a student to do so, but you should have ambition and dream of doing so! You don’t even dare to think about that. Meanwhile, Su Hao not only thought about it, but he had success too. Now do you understand how the big the gap between you two are?”

“Oh really…”

Zhou w.a.n.g looked at his hands and clenched his fists, “Master, I want to get stronger! I want to create my own specialized origin technique! I wouldn’t lose to Su Hao!”


The old man smiled with satisfaction, “The harder you work, the more successful you will be. The training for the following days will be tough; you better be prepared.”

“No problem!”

Zhou w.a.n.g said with strong determination on his face.

“Now, kill the iron hog king. You are not allowed to use your ability talent. Use your own strength and defeat it!”

The old man said.


Zhou w.a.n.g nodded hard and rushed towards the center of the jungle.

The old man looked at Zhou w.a.n.g disappearing from his vision. The smile on his face slowly disappeared, and his eyesight turned cold, “There is not much time left… Zhou w.a.n.g, you better speed up your growth!”

“If you can become an outstanding esper before I disappear, I will teach you all my experience. However, if you couldn’t make it, I can only take over your body.”

The old man’s eyes were calm and cold.


A blue thunderbolt appeared from the sky, and the old man looked up. If his guess was correct, Zhou w.a.n.g must be trapped inside a herd while hunting. That was the reason for him to use his ability talent.

The blue lighting s.h.i.+ned!

The blue light reflected the old man’s face, and it seemed horrifying!

“Zhou w.a.n.g, don’t let me down.”

Three days later.

There was only one more day left before college entrance exam. In the Jianghe City’s high school, those students who were training hard finally stopped and went to the training room to examine their capability. After that, they went home to rest. The school closed all the cla.s.srooms and let the students rest at home to optimize their condition!

Everyone was home for a rest.

Meanwhile, in a small drug store in Jianghe city, there was a machine running in the shop’s bas.e.m.e.nt. A naked guy was lying on the machine while his muscles were slowly expanding. The muscles seemed to be attractive from the beautiful shape and light brown color.

Meanwhile, beside him.

A middle-aged old man was staring at him with great excitement.

“Body replacement cell upgrade completed.”

“Bone cells upgrade completed.”

“Body flexibility upgrade completed.”



“He is going to wake up!”

Zhang Zhongtian excitingly looked at Su Hao’s fingers which are shaking, “The data collected in the past three days are perfectly shown. The new generation of the body strengthening drug is finally completed!”

Meanwhile, at the moment.


Su Hao opened up his eyes, feeling dizzy. He sat up and stretched his body.

“Kacha Kacha!”

He seemed to be touching some weird thing.

However, Su Hao’s body s.h.i.+vered as he heard a loud shout in his ears, “Su Hao! You broke my experiment machine!!!”

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Godly Model Creator Chapter 330 Luck

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