Godly Model Creator Chapter 322 A Bluestone Platform

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Chapter 322    A Bluestone Platform

Translator: Yorasu Editor: Fireclaws



Su Hao’s authentication pa.s.sed.

The pattern was pretty much similar to the previous mock exam. As everyone entered, a notification from the exam system will be sent to everyone’s communication device.

Once a part of the exam ended, information on the next part will be received.

Su Hao had a glance. If he wasn’t wrong, it should be the same as the last one. The first exam will be theoretical basis, but this time, the exam’s structure really made him stunned on the spot.


Exam location: NK3201 cla.s.sroom

Exam time: 10:00

Exam subject: Theoretical basis

Basic topic: 200 points

Additional topic: 100 points

Total score: 300 points


“300 points?”

Su Hao’s pupil contracted. The additional questions were expected but a total of additional 100 points, this enormous amount was out of his expectation.

If he previously did not care much then now…

Since he wanted to fight for the first rank, he must ace this theoretical basis exam!

Theoretical basis was one of his best. If he even made a mistake on this, it would be difficult to catch up at a later stage! The emergence of an additional topic was definitely something troublesome! If the questions were too hard, everyone would be clueless, and the opportunity to widen the gap will be lost.

“Fortunately, everyone is in the same situation.”

Su Hao took a deep breath, “Hope that the additional topic won’t be that hard.”

The students went to their respective cla.s.srooms.

After seating at their own position, the atmosphere was unusually tense. n.o.body dared to speak. The entire exam room was silent. After everyone glanced at nearby schoolmates, they quickly looked down and sat without uttering a single word.

This was the college entrance exam!

Closing his eyes, Su Hao took the time to allow his brain to maintain a relaxed state.

A moment later, a light ring echoed in the room.


“Exam begins~!”


A magnificent tremor occurred, causing a huge change in the surroundings! The original scene of the cla.s.sroom vanished and was replaced with blue sky and white cloud. Below their feet was a bluestone platform. Su Hao had a quick glance and noticed that the scene of this theoretical basis was actually above the sky!

With both eyes closed, synchronous playback was activated.

Su Hao easily saw a bluestone platform, which was dozens of meters in length, floating in mid-air. At this moment, he was standing on this platform! On the side of the platform, one could see flowers and gra.s.s which seemed like a beautiful sky garden.  On the other side, many large trees were growing at the edge of the platform.

Su Hao carefully walked to the edge of the platform and had a quick peek down. It was a bottomless end.


Light flashed in his eyes.

At one corner of the platform, above a pretty orange flower, a row of small texts suddenly emerged, “The first question, what is the name of this plant?”

Su Hao: “...”

After the reformation of college entrance exam, even the exam method became a cla.s.s higher? He still vaguely remembered during the mock exam, the system showed a whole bunch of plants and beasts for him to differentiate.

As of now…

Su Hao put this orange flower to his nose and gently took a smell. With his eyes closed, soon he came out with an answer, “White cloud chrysanthemum, only grow at areas with an alt.i.tude of 3,000 meters above sea level. The yellowish-white color is due to climate factors. This variation which appeared after the origin ability era can be used for pharmaceutical purposes.”

“Perfect answer!”

Two words appeared under the question and then vanished together.


A strange fruit fell to the ground from one of the trees on the platform, causing Su Hao to be alert. A question quickly appeared.

“Please tell us the usage of this fruit.”


Su Hao smiled unknowingly.

Although the exam seemed to be at a higher level than during the mock exam, the core content of the exam was still the same. These questions were just free marks for someone like Su Hao.



Su Hao easily answered each question thrown at him. He was eager of wanting to see what kind of trick this theoretical basis exam would bring to the table!

In just a blink of an eye, all the questions had been answered!

Suddenly, the questions disappeared.

“Huh, finished?”

Su Hao frowned.

Although these questions were getting harder as time pa.s.sed, basically they were all related to plants. Up until now, he hadn’t seen any berserk beast appearing…

This doesn't suit the grand style of the college entrance exam at all!

While thinking about it, Su Hao suddenly opened his eyes wide while they flashed. Standing up abruptly, he quickly grabbed onto a tree of the platform.


The platform shook.

The platform crashed into an unknown random cliff!

As Su Hao was stabilizing himself, he suddenly noticed that above the cliff, behind a tree, a yellow monkey quietly appeared and stared at him with its both red eyes.


The yellow monkey suddenly charged at Su Hao.

“Yellow-skin monkey?”

Su Hao frowned.

This low-level berserk beast actually rushed to attack him on its own?


Su Hao threw a fist without any hesitation. As his fist was about to collide with the beast, he felt a strange and weird sensation, that half illusion figure…

Something wasn’t right!

Su Hao’s eyes then turned ugly.

Su Hao’s figure was scratched by the yellow-skin monkey, disappearing into thin air. At the same moment, from the other corner, Su Hao revealed his actual figure. His whole body was startled watching this scene.

“Such a strong attack!”

Su Hao looked at the yellow-skin monkey with some lingering fear.

If he didn’t notice it quick that something was amiss and quickly activated phantom sprint, he would have been killed on the spot… What was this d.a.m.n monkey?


“Stage cleared.”

“Theoretical basis system activated, practical exam!”

“Tips: All berserk beasts can’t be killed using external force. Only the items existing in the system can destroy them. Each time a berserk beast attacks, it will be considered as a question. If you’re killed, then the question will be scored as zero! If you’re injured, depending on the degree of the injury, the score will be given accordingly.”

“The range of the score would be from zero to ten.”

“Exam begins!”

“F*ck you!”

Su Hao cursed for a second. Which examination teacher was so s.a.d.i.s.tic to make a question like this? Why not tell the rules earlier? It almost killed him!


The yellow skin monkey once again charged at him like a yellow lightning bolt.

And at this moment…

Su Hao’s expression became even calmer.

Although the yellow lightning was moving at such high speed, Su Hao still stood at the same spot while thinking non-stop, “Yellow skin monkey… They do live near natural selection cla.s.s campus. According to the description, this beast is scared of mostly cold things… To get rid of it, I have to use things within the system… The coldest thing here...”

Su Hao had a quick glance around and soon locked onto one of the blue flowers.

“Ice lotus!”


Su Hao easily took his footsteps and grabbed an ice lotus with his hand. Turning around, with a full force from his right hand, he threw the ice lotus at the monkey.


Ice lotus and the yellow skin monkey came into contact.

A sudden chill erupted, covering the surrounding. The yellow skin monkey was s.h.i.+vering while being frozen and fell to the ground. As it turned into sparkling light, it then completely vanished.

“Perfect answer!”


A strange bird suddenly appeared from the sky. Su Hao easily dodged it and had a look. He then coldly smirked. With his model a.n.a.lysis, it even wanted to ambush him? Forget about illusion reality, with just his synchronous playback his sight covered 360 degrees with no blind spot.

To ambush him was absolutely impossible!

“But this… what should I use to destroy it?” Once again evading the incoming attack, Su Hao looked at the garden on the platform.

The data regarding the strange bird’s habit, appearance, and means of attack flashed within Su Hao’s mind. The role of each plant in the garden also kept playback non-stop in his mind. Comparing data from both sides, as long as he could find a matching one, that would be the time for his counter attack!

At the same time, Su Hao wasn’t the only one struggling with the exam questions! Everyone was struggling to pa.s.s the questions. There were even some r.e.t.a.r.ds who went and jumped down from the platform!

Yes, that’s right!

Directly jumped down from bluestone platform. The result… was as everyone guessed.

Zero points on the theoretical basis exam, directly ending the exam!

Many students were killed on the spot by the incoming attack from the berserk beasts which appeared as soon as the plant questions were over.

As for those who managed to pa.s.s perfectly, only a handful of students were able to achieve so.

Jianghe City.

Almost every screen was broadcasting the information of the college entrance exam! Every student and parent were nervously watching the numbers fluctuating on the virtual screen. Naturally, the score of the exam was displayed above it.

For everyone, the score wasn’t the most important.

What was the most important was…


On the virtual screen, it was divided into two parts.

On the left, it was the internal data of Jianghe City. On top of it, it displayed all the data of every student who took the exam in Jianghe City. It was generally the same as the one during the mock exam. Name, age, theoretical basis, fighting technique, physical fitness, ability index, total score, Jianghe City’s ranking, and overall ranking. Each of them was displayed there!

As for the right side, it was the panel showing the world ranking. The same data was displayed. Just that it only showed the truly strong espers in the global compet.i.tion. A total of 100 students, only the top 100 were displayed for millions of people to see!

One left and one right, it was clearly visible!

At this moment, the data on the left panel was a mess. In just a few minutes, many had already completed the exam. The screen showed scores of 10, 20 and some students only managed to grab single digit scores. This really shocked everyone!

Even daring to score a single digit in the college entrance exam?

These people, how lazy were they to fall into such a state?

At this very second, new data appeared on the list of Jianghe City.

Fang Lin, 200 points!

As Fang Lin appeared, a series of data quickly followed along. 190 points, 195 points, and so on. Rows of data appearing behind Fang Lin shocked everyone in Jianghe City.

So many of them with such high scores…

How easy was the theoretical basis exam this time?

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