Godly Model Creator Chapter 335 So Cute, It Must Be A Male

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Chapter 335    So cute, it must be a male

Translator: Yorasu Editor: Fireclaws

Ten cards!

Including Su Hao’s own cards, there were a total of ten non-combat cards, s.h.i.+ning within Su Hao’s mind.

With the conflict with the Jin family, Su Hao must never sit still.

Since he was going to do it, he must give his very best!

If a student saw this scene, one would definitely faint on the spot. In school, under the watchful eyes of every teacher, he actually dared to act in such a reckless manner?

Not only did Su Hao attempt this, he even succeeded!

“Since card reading is done, the next step...”

Su Hao directly chose a profession and started the test. Countless memories emerged in his mind. These difficult questions suddenly became extremely simple.

Additional topics of theoretical basis finally began!

One profession, done!

Two professions, finished!

Three professions, completed!

The virtual screen flashed.

Su Hao easily solved all the questions. With his model a.n.a.lysis, he pa.s.sed any stage of this decathlon successfully.

The exam time was about to end.

Su Hao easily solved the last few profession exams.

At this time, the global data of the college entrance exam once again refreshed!


Name: Li Tiantian, theoretical basis: 240 points, Jianghe City ranking: 1st, Overall ranking: 2nd.

The crowd looked up, and a student named Li Tiantian occupied the 2nd rank of global ranking and was first in Jianghe City, closely following behind Tian Zi.

Just that, this name made everyone startled.


“Who is this...”

“Never heard before. There is n.o.body with such name in natural selection cla.s.s.”

“True, there are only a few female students. Such a cute name, it should be easy to remember.”

“Cough! Such a cute name, it must be a male.”

“Male your head. Stop bulls.h.i.+tting… Wait, I think this name… wasn’t it? It is really a male.”



Everyone’s eyes s.h.i.+ned.

Li Tiantian!

Everyone in Jianghe City was excited. Second in the global ranking! It was the whole world! At this moment, how many millions of people around the world were paying attention to here?

Even if it was brief lead, it was sufficient to be well known!

Within Zhanzheng College, as future seniors, many students were also excitedly discussing the results. Especially the sudden emergence of Li Tiantian.

“Li Tiantian? Jianghe City?”

“What big district is this capital city from?”

“It shouldn’t be. It seemed like a small city if I’m not mistaken.”

“In such small city, to be able to have such a talent is really unbelievable. From the name, it must be a girl. Haha, if her looks aren’t bad, it is alright to enter our family.”

“You haven’t even seen her yet you already plan to hit on her. You’re not afraid of her turning out to be ugly?”

“So what? As long as the gene is good, my future generations will inevitably become more powerful. Being ugly is no problem in the current era. With the technology nowadays, one could easily transform into a beauty. Only when I find good genes will my family be more powerful.”

“You’re crazy over genes, if it is a guy, are you going to transform his s.e.x as well?”

“Get lost!”

The same situation happened all over the world.

Jianghe City finally managed to come out from the box and for the first time, turning into the public attention along with this name Li Tiantian.

Tian Zi!

He was Tian Capital City’s number one genius, and the first successor of Tian family. He had incredible talent and strong! So far, n.o.body had managed to get detailed data about him. They only knew that he was multi-talented and could almost do anything from painting to music to art.

80 points from additional topics clearly proved this fact.

To be able to get 8 points from every profession wasn’t a simple matter. And theoretical basis was his worst subject!

Therefore, he was evaluated as one of the students who took part in the exam this year who had most comprehensive combat effectiveness.

For Li Tiantian to be able to follow behind Tian Zi was something to be proud over.

Everyone in Jianghe City was excited to witness this scene too!

For the first time, Jianghe City appearing in the global ranking, and was under the spotlight, even the leaders of the urban region were excited too.

Just that, what a pity. This excitement didn’t last for long.

Soon, several students who scored 250 plus scores appeared, pus.h.i.+ng Li Tiantian down the rankings. In just a few minutes, Li Tiantian was already out of the top 5.

The names which appeared were all the potential geniuses which had been expected by the public. To be able to step over Li Tiantian wasn’t something unexpected.

At this moment, as time went on, this list refreshed even faster.

The changes of names really made one headache.

Li Tiantian had been kicked to the end of top ten. The spotlight on Jianghe City began to fade gradually as the battle over the top began. Just then, when everyone wasn’t paying attention, a name which n.o.body had seen before climbed silently to the top.

Name: Su Hao, theoretical basis: 300 points. Jianghe City ranking: 1st, Overall ranking: 1st

“First rank!”

Everyone was startled!

“Full score!”

“Tian Zi had been defeated!”

“Wait… It is Jianghe City again!”

“Besides that Li Tiantian, there is another genius! And this score...”

If the emergence of Li Tiantian allowed Jianghe City to be known to the world, then this time, when this 300 points appeared, everyone was stunned.

Because if they weren’t wrong, 300 points should be the max score in theoretical basis!

Someone actually scored full points!

“He even took full marks on the additional topics?”

“How could this be?”

“I’m good in all kinds of poetry, calligraphy, and painting. But during the exam, I only managed to score 8 out of 10 points on those questions. To score 10 points, you must at least be at the intermediate level. However, it is still understandable to be intermediate in one profession. But to be at the intermediate level in ten professions at once, how could this be?”

“Could it be another student who is freakier than Tian Zi?”

“Impossible! Tian Zi at the age 5 was a genius over hundreds of cities, well known to the world. Also, on the top list, which one of them aren’t geniuses? If this Su Hao is such a freak, it’s impossible not to be well known.”

“Perhaps his ability is a photographic memory?”

“Are you joking? A lot of questions can’t be solved by just memorizing. The questions in theoretical basis exams always emphasize the application of theory in practical scenarios. Without the practical knowledge, to be able to score half is considered not bad.”

“That n.o.body would be sure. Perhaps he might have some weird ability to copy.”

“Perhaps. However, those with such ability usually won’t be qualified to enroll in Zhanzheng College. This global compet.i.tion had really made them gaining the advantage. However, such person, other aspects would be trash. The gap, when compared with combat type ability will be too huge!”

“I don’t think so.”

A fiery discussion could be heard everywhere.

Obviously, in the end, Su Hao was labeled as a non-combat talent. Only someone with a non-combat ability would spend all their time studying rather than enhancing their combat ability.

The fact that he was able to be ranked first was a great honor to non-combatants.

As for him being an overall genius?

n.o.body would believe!

That would be too good to be true!

With just theoretical basis, he could step over Tian Zi. If he was a true genius, didn’t this mean that he was even better than Tian Zi?

Tens of millions of exam candidates each year.

For a monster like Tian Zi to appear was already something rare.

And one which was even freakier than him?


This Su Hao was indeed a genius. Just that, because of his special ability talent he was able to achieve first in the theoretical basis exam. Being a non-combatant, he wasn’t even in the same tier as Tian Zi. So what if he won?

This was everyone’s perception.

However, as for the crowd in Jianghe City, this signified something different. Because they clearly knew one thing well. Su Hao’s combat effectiveness was as tough as his theoretical basis!

Previously in the mock exam, Su Hao was able to create a new record and became the top student. This scene was still fresh in everyone’s mind.

Then, Su Hao kept a very low profile but once again shone above everyone before the college entrance exam started.

Battle of glory, with his mighty strength, he obtained first!

Su Hao was a non-combatant?

Are you trying to tease me?

Looking at the Internet, regarding of Su Hao ranked first in theoretical basis, soon someone began to post a discussion whether Su Hao was a combatant. And this time, it involved nearly everyone in the world.

As for the discussion about Su Hao, it instantly became the hot topic for 1 hour, then 24 hours and soon, claiming the first spot as the monthly hot topic after 5 minutes.

However, those who partic.i.p.ated in the discussion, without exception, 99.96% had chosen Su Hao as a non-combatant.

As for this, the people of Jianghe City only smirked.

Especially, those members of the Origin Ability a.s.sociation. They laughed it off when they looked at the discussion because they knew best regarding Su Hao’s true ident.i.ty. He was one who could kill Sun Batian! If such person was a non-combatant, then every combatant could just go die!

They really wanted to see the expression when these clueless men learned about Su Hao’s true power.

At this moment the theoretical basis exam ended!

Data refreshed!

Numerous new names appeared on the list!

When everyone had a look, they were stunned. Even if Su Hao maintaining his number one spot, they weren’t surprised but…

This data...

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