Godly Model Creator Chapter 336 Stirring The Whole World!

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Chapter 336    Stirring the whole world!

Translator: Yorasu Editor: Fireclaws

Theoretical basis exam ended!

The results were announced!

Whether it was the list of Jianghe City or global list, they had been updated at the same time. Meanwhile, everyone was concerned about those who ranked in the top 10.

Most of them who dragged the exam until the last second was not able to finish answering the questions.

This was the perspective of most people.

It was correct in usual circ.u.mstances, and in that case, the top-ranked candidate wouldn’t change much. As expected, the top ranking list didn’t change much.


Two new candidates appeared in the top ten list.

Name: Zhou w.a.n.g, theoretical foundation score: 290 points, Jianghe City ranking: 2, Overall ranking: 3.

“A new name!”

“Zhou w.a.n.g?”

“Wait… He is from Jianghe City as well!”


“What place is that? Three out of the top 10 candidates are from that city!”

“A place full of geniuses.”


The crowd was astonished.

Although Zhou w.a.n.g didn’t manage to get first place, however, the word Jianghe City behind his name was such a huge one! It was such a proud achievement to have three candidates in the top 10 of the overall rankings despite it being from the score for theoretical basis.

Jianghe City had become famous.

Everyone would remember the name of this city.

However, what that really shocked the people wasn’t Zhou w.a.n.g’s result.

The hottest topic for the global compet.i.tion was still the number 1 candidate!

As the time ended, another name appeared on the list and overtook Su Hao as the top rank in theoretical basis.

Name: Zheng Tai, Theoretical basis: 318 points, Zhengping City ranking: 1, Overall ranking: 1.


“318 points?”

“What the h.e.l.l was going on again?”

“I thought the total score was 300 points?”

“Zheng Tai, the genius from Zhengping City, has been famous for a long time. However, he is still not as strong as Tian Zi. The score that he could get was at most 270 points. What is going on with this?”

Everyone was confused.

The 318 points seemed to be illogical to everyone. It was an impossible score no matter how they thought.

Absolutely ridiculous!

However, soon there were some who figured it out.

“Wait… look at his age!”

Everyone looked at the list where the personal details of Zheng Tai were shown. Zheng Tai, age: 16.

“16 years old!”

“No wonder, we forgot this!”

“Zheng Tai is well known since he was very young. However, people forgot about his age. He is only 16 years old!”

“According to the age adjustment factor of the college entrance exam, the actual score of Zheng Tai is supposed to be 265. The additional bonus points for being two years younger is an extra 20%, which is 53 points. Adding it up together becomes 318!”

Everyone finally understood the explanation.

When they noticed his age, they could easily calculate his actual points.

Meanwhile, all the results had been finalized and published.


Name: Zheng Tai, Theoretical basis: 318 marks, Zhengping City ranking: 1, Overall ranking: 1.

Name: Su Hao, Theoretical basis: 300 marks, Jianghe City ranking: 1, Overall ranking: 2.

Name: Zhou w.a.n.g, Theoretical basis: 290 marks, Jianghe City ranking: 2, Overall ranking: 3.



“It is unfair.”

“Yes, Su Hao wasn’t supposed to lose.”

“Zheng Tai only had 265 marks; however, a bonus of 53 marks due to the age factor. That's a lot of extra points!”

“What a stupid exam system.”

Everyone was speechless.

Initially, they didn’t realize how powerful the age factor was in the exam until the results of Zheng Tai were publicized. Although Zheng Tai was excellent, he didn't deserve to be overwhelming all the candidate yet. He actually won the match because of the age factor.

“10% difference for one year…”

“It is too high!”

“I could accept if it was a 1% bonus.”

The crowd was complaining.

As the theoretical basis ended, people started to argue online. All of a sudden, the discussion of #StupidAgeFactorCollegeEntranceExam had reached the top threads. However, the Origin Ability a.s.sociation released a notice that shut everyone up.

According to the official statistic, one’s potential was limited.

Meanwhile, the potential would be unleashed as age increased. When one completely unleashed his potential, it meant that he could not improve for the rest of his life.

Being one-year younger indicated that someone was taking the college entrance exam one year earlier. And the same applied to someone two years younger. Imagine what were the candidates' capabilities when they were in the first year or second year of high school?

Vice verse.

One year older meant that one could have one more year to improve himself. Hence, to ensure the fairness of the college entrance exam, the age factor was the optimum value that was determined by the federal government and Origin Ability a.s.sociation.

A real genius wouldn’t worry about the age limitation!

They were only fighting for number one!

This is the era of origin ability.

It is our era.

—Origin Ability a.s.sociation.

When they looked at this, they turned back into excitement.

The complaints about the age factor stopped as well. As there was a detailed statistics about origin ability against age attached to the notice issued by the a.s.sociation, people started to agree with the reason.

Meanwhile, the crowd also realized that many grade skippers who took part in the college entrance exam. However, most of them failed to get a good ranking among their 18-year-old compet.i.tors. There was only one of them who managed to score well and ranked as the top achiever.

Only Zheng Tai!

Meanwhile, all the top achievers were 18 years old.

Obviously, most of them who repeated their study wasn’t too old. 18 years old was the best time for an esper to improve.

Upon realizing the existing of age factor in the college entrance exam, they realized some shocking fact.

“Wait, remember Li Tiantian? Look at his age!”


“Let me see.”

“d.a.m.n, 20 years old?!”

In the beginning, n.o.body bothered about this.

However, as the people discussed the age factor, they realized that the Li Tiantian that flashed through the name list was 20 years old!

Didn’t that mean…

A 20% reduction in his score!

Everyone was astonished.

20% of bonus marks had helped Zheng Tai to become ranked first globally. If the 20% reduction in score was considered, they finally realized that how impossible it was for Li Tiantian to be in the front position of the list.


He did it!

He got 240 points after being deducted by 20%; it indicated that his actual score was actually…

300 points!

Another perfect score!


Everyone from all around the world were shocked.

At the moment only they understood that Bai Xiaosheng who appeared once on the name list and overtook by others was a perfect scorer too!

There were only two people who managed to score full score and remained on the top 10 list.

Su Hao, Li Tiantian.

Moreover, these two of them were from Jianghe City!


Jianghe City became famous all around the world!

“They are from the same place!”


“Yea, I have to visit that city that could produce two perfect scorers in the college entrance exam. If it is the same as the college entrance exam from the previous year, then it is alright. However, there were 100 points of bonus questions this year! Even Tian Zi and Zheng Tai weren’t able to achieve a perfect score.”

“You are right.”

“Seemed like both of them weren’t a combatant.”

“It doesn’t matter if they are non-combatants, the two of them have become famous all around the world.Even if they aren't fighters, it is guaranteed federal research ent.i.ties will recruit them! Perhaps Su Hao was still too young; however, it was the perfect time for Li Tiantian!

“Hehe, I heard that the news of the changes in the college entrance exam had been leaked out. Perhaps he had been waiting for this moment.”

“There were only a minority of students who decided to wait for the change. Even the top management wasn’t sure about that decision, who would dare to bet on that. However, Li Tiantian had waited two years for that; this person is worthy of my salute!”

A hot discussion arose.

They saluted Li Tiantian’s determination.

However, they didn’t know that Li Tiantian didn’t just wait for two years.

In fact, he waited for five years!

Five years ago, he was only able to enter an ordinary university with his capability. After repeated for one year, he was able to admit into the top universities. Then, he repeated again. However, as the cutting points of marks had increased for repeaters, he still wasn’t able to admit into Zhanzheng College.

Meanwhile for now.

No matter whether if they could enter Zhanzheng College, their achievement in the theoretical basis exam had already helped them become famous around the world! People remembered both the names Su Hao and Li Tiantian.

At the moment, someplace in Zhanzheng College.

A young man shouted excitedly, “Full marks! For sure this girl has high IQ! I want to get her to be my wife! Combine both of our genetics, and I am sure our children will be the top of the top in talent.”

Two people beside him looked at each other and shook their head.

“Yifeng, do you think this fool had thought that the college entrance exam as his match matching exam?”

“I think it is highly possible.”

Chen Yifeng nodded his head.

“You two stupid fellow.”

The young man said, “Don’t you know this is called the choice of genetics? My son had to win others at the starting line! Ohya…”

The young man recalled something and stared at Chen Yifeng excitingly.

“Bro, I remember you are from Jianghe City too. Do you know this Li Tiantian? Just two years younger than us, introduce to me please.”

Chen Yifeng’s facial expression turned weird, “Yea I know who they are, but are you really serious on that?”

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