Godly Model Creator Chapter 350 What’Re You Trying To Do?

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Chapter 350    What’re you trying to do?

Translator: Yorasu Editor: West


A virtual screen appeared.

It was a notification regarding several simple origin techniques of the man in green. In order to not let the candidates get confused, the system informed the candidates who managed to evade the first a.s.sault.

“Origin technique?”

Su Hao was startled for a bit.

Just now he had thought an inner force appeared and he was so excited that he had to control himself. And now, to say that it was actually origin technique…

Why’re you trying to tease me?

Using origin technique in a place where it was banned? That was something unseen in previous years. If there was such condition, the exam description would definitely emphasize it.

However, there was no such thing.

Moreover, if it was something that the exam center had arranged, why only wait till this moment and suddenly come up with a notification to inform the candidates?

Thus, no matter what, Su Hao felt that something was amiss.

Especially this latest notification from the center. It made him feel like… they were trying to cover up something. 

“Is it really origin technique?”

Su Hao stared at the man in green, “Then let me test it myself!”


Su Hao made his move.

His whole body charged at the man in green. His displayed his new fighting technique as he confronted the manh.



The exchange between both were fast paced. The man in green’s fighting technique was strong and extremely skilled. Even for Su Hao, it would be hard for him to win in a short amount of time.

For a time, both seemed to be in a deadlock.


Su Hao was waiting.

Flying leaves was just the beginning.

If man in green really could use origin technique, when would be the most appropriate time to use it?

During a deadlock!

And right now, it was the best chance!


The man in green acted.

His figure moved swiftly like a current and out of nowhere, when one couldn’t predict it, his steps were so fast, leaving behind countless of shadows. Su Hao simply couldn’t detect his actual body!

This technique was very popular compared to Feng Xing’s origin technique.

But when Su Hao could use his origin ability, this origin technique was a joke. Su Hao could easily counter it but now…

It was a difficult task!

Su Hao held his breath and managed to capture the figure of the man in green. All of sudden, a blue flash appeared, filled with intensive killing intent.

Su Hao charged forward and yet his fist touched nothingness.

It was at this moment when a powerful wind could be felt from behind. Su Hao was alarmed. He quickly tried to evade but still got hit by a fist.


Su Hao spurt out a mouthful of blood. His eyes revealed a shocking color, “Such strength...”

“Definitely not origin technique!”

For one to be able to use flying leaves, one could understand that the man in green probably had wind ability talent. However, the strength of the fist just now was absolutely not right. Such feeling, it felt like that numb sensation when Su Hao first forged his body. Such power… it was a mystery in the human body!

“Sure enough!”

Su Hao’s heart was excited.

Although he wasn’t sure what was happening, he knew that this opportunity was once in a lifetime. Origin technique? Mysterious force? That had nothing to do with him at all.


What he had to do now was to take the chance to learn these!

Would the man in green use the same skill again?

Su Hao wasn’t sure.

Thus, what he need to do was to buy time!

One minute…

Two minutes…

Three minutes…

Su Hao began running around the island. This island was huge enough anyway that he wasn’t worried about getting caught by man in green. If the man in green didn’t use the technique again, that would leave him with only this method.

And then.

The public was shocked.

The test center was shocked too.

The young man who came up with this question widened his eyes! When he designed this, he had taken into account all of the aspects and yet he couldn’t understand the current scene in front… This was a live broadcast! Especially being among the top candidates, Su Hao would definitely receive a lot of attention.

To resort to such a move, had all your integrity gone away?

Again, was doing this going to be useful?


Exam results weren’t based on how long you survived. Su Hao doing so really made everyone speechless. It seemed like he wasn’t an upright person.

After ten minutes, a few candidates had died.

The man in green, coupled with his killing moves, did not allow many candidates to survive. And in these ten minutes, the broadcast had s.h.i.+fted its focus to Su Hao a couple of times.

As expected, Su Hao was still running hard.


Everyone was too speechless that they didn’t even have the strength to curse.

Another two minutes pa.s.sed. The man in green increased his strength and used his flying leaves, he caught many off guard and killed them on the spot. This time, the man in green didn’t stop and continued attacking.

Many people then started commenting.

“This man in green is so strong!”

“The bonus segment should be like this, to test the resolution of the candidates!”

“True, the teacher who is in charge of fighting technique is so cautious!”

A sudden burst of strength took out most of the candidates.

The screen kept changing between candidates but… The scene suddenly changed. The original huge screen had been divided into nine parts instantly turned into a live broadcast of nine candidates altogether!

At first everyone was shocked, but soon they came to a realization.

There were only nine candidates left.

“The final battle?”

Everyone was startled.

The test data hadn’t been released because there wasn’t any point to do so. Looking at the data would just be boring.

The battle had reached the final stage!

The public excitedly looked at the screen as they knew the current surviving candidates were all geniuses.

In the first part of the screen, Tian Zi confronted the man in green with courage. During his a.s.sault, his momentum kept surging in a domineering fas.h.i.+on.

The strong killing intent really amazed everyone.

This was what a real fight was all about!

In the second part, although Zheng Tai was small, his body was packed with a murderous aura. With a burst of powerful force, he confronted the man in green. Although he wasn’t as strong as Tian Zi, he was still a force to be reckon of!

As if a killing G.o.d had arrived!

In the third was Bai Xiaosheng’s calm figure.

His confrontation with the man in green seemed to be harmonious: the same body figure, the same style, coupled with the indifferent looks from the both of them.

If one didn’t know that the man in green was generated by the system, perhaps one would ask if they long lost brothers?

Amongst them all, Bai Xiaosheng’s battle was the most elegant.

In the fourth part, Zhou w.a.n.g’s expression was slightly awkward. The only feeling one could feel from looking at him was cold! Zhou w.a.n.g’s current was different from his usual self. His eyes seemed to have no soul in them, only filled with an endless chill. Even when facing the man in green, he showed no expression.

It was as if… He was the system AI too.

If Su Hao saw this scene, he would be able to ident.i.ty this person at once… this wasn’t Zhou w.a.n.g! Unfortunately, in the eyes of public, this was the best performance from Zhou w.a.n.g.

Each part, when seen by the public, they were all amazed by the candidates’ performance.

However, when they saw the last part, they went into silence.

Su Hao, he was actually still running!

The arrogant Tian Zi, the murderous Zheng Tai, the indifferent Li Tiantian, the cool Zhou w.a.n.g… Everyone had some sort of personal style, fighting in a manner adequate to their fame as geniuses. However, the only exception…

Running as if it was a pleasure.


What was that, something to eat?

What was he actually trying to do?

n.o.body knew!

The final nine candidates were all strong!

It wouldn’t be easy even for the man in green. Even the weakest one, although he couldn’t counterattack, he would still be able to defend well against the man in green.

The fight seemed like it had entered a stalemate at this moment.

The exam time pa.s.sed and now the final ten minutes had arrived.

At this moment, the momentum changed.

The slow pace suddenly turned into a compact one. A series of rapid movements caused the candidates to take two steps back. When there wasn’t any room to evade, it was at this time that the opportunity was seized.


Numerous leaves fell.

Decorating the woods, it was a sight to watch. 

However, everyone felt something wasn’t right.

At this time, how could there be any scattered leaves?

Everyone’s heart skipped a beat. When they looked up, they saw the man in green casually grab a handful of leaves.

Yes, that’s right!

It was a bunch!

Two leaves were not enough to satisfy the person who had come up with this question!



Countless leaves were thrown toward the candidates like sharp blades. 

One hit kill!

All the candidates died almost at the same time!

It had ended?

Stunning everyone, the public was once again impressed with how low the person who had come up with this question could go.

Then, the screen changed from nine parts back into a huge screen, leaving only one figure.

Someone was still alive!

Everyone was shocked when they had a clear look.

Su Hao?

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