Godly Model Creator Chapter 357 Stage Cleared

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Chapter 357    Stage cleared

Translator: Yorasu Editor: Fireclaws

Su Hao won?

This was unbelievable!

However, this wasn’t just a compet.i.tion as the one factor that decided the points was duration. The longer you persist, the higher the final score.

And now.

Under the 10th increment, Su Hao was still motionless.

6 more seconds remained!

Su Hao was still indifferent as usual.

This had been a tug war till now, but after the 10th increment, whether it was Tian Zi, Zheng Tai or Hai Hun, Ming Feng, they were all eliminated. Even Zhou w.a.n.g who struggled till the end only managed to hold on for 3 seconds! This clearly showed how horrifying the 10th increment was!

But under such circ.u.mstances…

Su Hao’s facial color remained the same.

“How much are the points for one second of the 10th increment?”

“I’m not sure. This is too horrifying. So many geniuses became victims of the 10th increment, yet Su Hao could effortlessly last until now.”

“What is the strength of Tian Zi? Level 7 esper?”

Everyone wondered and began to search for information.

Too bad, Tian Zi and Zheng Tai’s information couldn’t be found.

Luckily, Ming Feng’s strength managed to be found.

“A level 6 esper!”

For Ming Feng and Hai Hun who couldn’t insist more than a second, but Tian Zi and Zheng Tai? Level 7? Level 8?

Then… Su Hao?

They were clueless when they didn’t search, but once they did, they were shocked to the extreme.

When they came up with this conclusion, they stared at the screen back. A full 8 seconds had pa.s.sed, and Su Hao was still relaxed as ever.

“Such strength...”

Everyone swallowed their saliva, “This brat, he can’t be intending to tackle the 11th increment?”

“11th increment?”

Everyone looked at Su Hao’s figure in shock.

This was no longer a wishful thought!

It was coming soon! If he could survive a few more seconds, he would then create another legend. Based on energy cultivation, n.o.body was in the same realm as him.

Two more seconds before the end of 10th increment!




The crowd looked at the countdown and felt a surging expectation.

Every time Su Hao just concentrated on accomplis.h.i.+ng his things. And each time, he would make everyone feel unbelievable. How beautiful was this?

10 seconds pa.s.sed!

11th increment!



The energy consumption surged.

Su Hao was still persisting.

A second pa.s.sed.

A global sensation.

“He actually did it!”

“This is ten times more than the 10th increment! Su Hao’s energy is actually that much more than Tian Zi and others? This was simply a different tier!”

“Too much of a freak!”

“I don’t care anymore. From now, I will become Su Hao’s fan. n.o.body would be able to stop me!”

“Forget about his model a.n.a.lysis. To be able to cultivate to this stage at 18 years old, this daddy respects him.”

The crowd was so excited that they could no longer control themselves.

Right now, everyone was stunned.

This was just a college entrance exam!

Yet to be able to withstand the 11th increment, Su Hao… had exactly how much energy?

Could it be that all his time was spent on increasing his energy capacity and reducing his energy consumption?

What they didn’t know was they had guessed correctly.

Almost all of Su Hao’s energy was cultivated as a reserve. From model construction or his future research, energy would never be enough for him!

But why it was these two aspects?

If the public knew that Su Hao’s origin characteristics were consumption reduction, they would definitely be mad. Such a precious opportunity to enhance his strength, yet he used it on reducing energy consumption?

Of course, if they knew it was a master cla.s.s drug, they would definitely be so jealous that they would want to strangle him to death.

Master level!

One second had pa.s.sed. Su Hao was still persisting.

Three seconds gone, Su Hao was still there.

Five seconds had pa.s.sed, Su Hao still insisted.

The crowd had long gone numb.

At this moment, the exam center was shocked.

The indifferent look of Su Hao dumbfounded the teacher who came up with this question. Because the 11th increment…

Was aimed at the pinnacle of specialized espers.

Half a step into professional espers.

This increment was created for those pinnacle specialized espers to study on how to breakthrough into professional espers. Even ordinary peaked specialized espers might not be able to sustain this consumption.

The reason he included this in the exam was in case something unexpected happened.

But now…

The unexpected had happened!

Not only that but looking at the calm expression of Su Hao, the teacher felt terrified. F*ck you! This isn’t a game. This is a test!

It’s about time you drop out.

Stop trying to clear the stage!

The teacher cried in tears. He had always thought that designing the test to cover up to half a step into the professional esper level would be sufficient, but now…

“F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!”

“Stop teasing me!”

“Why are the students nowadays such freaks?”

The teacher was mad.



The teacher stared at Su Hao non-stop and kept mumbling. He prayed hard for Su Hao to fail the 11th increment or else, where would he put his face?

5 seconds had pa.s.sed, and Su Hao was still going.

Everyone was excited.

Just that, from the sudden slight hint of changes in his expression, they finally noticed Su Hao’s energy was about to deplete!

And now, the crowd gradually calm down.

11th increment, 5 seconds had pa.s.sed.

To force Su Hao showing some fluctuation, this meant that his energy within his body was finally unable to sustain. The final 5 seconds, the consumption must be super scary.

4 more seconds!

Everyone saw Su Hao clenched his right fist lightly which was a sign of lacking energy. Soon, he would deplete all his energy.

The question would be either one or two seconds.

“11th increment is already a legend.”

“Hmm, he should fail soon.”

“6 seconds. This is the highest record ever!”

“Haha, this is necessary.”

The crowd calmed down as they were waiting for Su Hao to be eliminated.

The teacher wiped off the sweat on his forehead, “d.a.m.n, scared the h.e.l.l out of me. I really thought your energy was endless.”

He had seen such situations many times. Even if Su Hao was to give his best, at most he could last 2 seconds longer.

Now there were still 6 seconds remaining.

It would be enough.


3 more seconds.

The ball was still floating in mid-air.

The onlookers were nervous. Even the teacher couldn’t help but hold his breath. Although he already knew that at the next second, the ball was destined to fall.


2 seconds left. 

It’s coming.

As if listening to the voice of the crowd, the stable ball finally showed sign of instability and was ready to fall. The teacher finally was able to release a sigh of relief.

No matter what, 8 seconds in the 11th increment was already a record which would be hard to break!

Su Hao had created a legend!

Everyone was ready to cheer at Su Hao’s record but then…

Suddenly they heard a buzzing sound.

From the virtual screen, it clearly reached everyone’s ears.

When the crowd looked at the screen, they saw Su Hao grit his teeth and groaned as if he was suffering some pain. Traces of blood could be seen from his mouth.


The ball stabilized.


One last second!


“He managed to insist!”

“F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!”

“This is a devil!”

“Unbelievable, there is still the final second. Could it be some sort of origin technique to give him a final boost? With such horrifying energy from Su Hao, he still needs such a technique? How much energy does he need, man?”

“Hold on!”

Everyone was staring at the floating ball.

You can definitely reach the 12th increment!

Although with the current state of Su Hao, he would definitely be eliminated during the 12th increment, the 11th and 12th are different concepts.



Everyone shouted to support him.

And at this point, the teacher in the exam center was pale. Su Hao actually intend to step into the 12th increment?

That was the threshold of professional espers!

A professional esper entering the college entrance exam?

The teacher felt that he had gone mad or the world had gone mad!

“HE absolutely mustn’t succeed!”

The teacher stared at him as if his life was depending on this while whispering fail, fail, fail. Because he was clear of what would happen if he succeeded…

The final second.

Seemed to be such a long time.

At this moment, this ball didn’t know how many pairs of eyes were watching it. If there were such thing as heat, this ball would have definitely evaporated.

This time, the ball was finally unable to hold on.

It was about to fall.

However, at the same time…

10 seconds had arrived.

12th increment changed!


The ball which was seemingly about to fall suddenly suspended higher in the air with blue light radiating to the surrounding. This scene was so dazzling to watch.

The crowd was shocked.

Su Hao was shocked.

The teacher was pale as he looked at the scene before sitting on the ground, muttering.

“He actually cleared the stage!”

“F*ck you!”

“Daddy didn’t prepare the 12th increment!”

This teacher cursed too much man :)

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Godly Model Creator Chapter 357 Stage Cleared

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