Otherworldly Evil Monarch 769 A Stratagem For You: To Destroy The Holy Lands!

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Jun Mo Xie had only muttered with a slightly soft voice and did not use a heavy tone, but Li You Ran felt a chill in his heart and couldn't help but s.h.i.+ver.

Seeing Jun Mo Xie s.h.i.+fting his focus to him, Li You Ran felt that he had great foresight in deciding to aid Jun Mo Xie. And he actually felt a little happy…

"So where have all these people run off to now?" Jun Mo Xie paused for a while before continuing. "If they are still here in the residential palace, you probably wouldn't dare to speak of this here."

Li You Ran sweated. "I'll be honest; in the battle that night, all three Saints from Illusory Blood Sea were wiped out. The other Saints also sustained injuries from Venerable Mei's sword Qi and the might of the Heavenly Tribulations. They were even more afraid of the Xuan Beasts blindly going after them for revenge and thought that they might not be able to retreat without sustaining further injuries. So they all left the city overnight! Currently, their whereabouts are unknown."

Li You Ran had a hint of self-mockery in his eyes. Because when they had left the City, they did not inform him and did not even think of bringing him along. This showed that he wasn't anything in their eyes or minds. Perhaps, he was just a burden!

From start to end, I was just a insignificant, minor little character in their eyes! Once I no longer have any value, they just toss me aside! It didn't matter if I lived or died! This is worse than even an abandoned son!

But I am also human! And I may not necessarily be worse than you all! I need to even surpa.s.s you all in my wisdom! What right do you have to treat me as such? I may not be capable enough to kill you all, but someone else can! And under my manipulation, I can speed up your doom!

Now a minor character like me is going to make you experience your biggest regret!

Even a tiny ant has the opportunity to bite an elephant to death! Of all things that you should not have done, you shouldn't have treated I, Li You Ran like this!

This was the reason why Li You Ran had changed his mind!

"So they've abandoned you! Poor disposable p.a.w.n!" Jun Mo Xie laughed, finally understanding why Li You Ran was so cooperative today. He was expecting to have to do some convincing with his fists….

"They have likely gathered together again to a.s.semble their strongest forces so they can respond to any sudden changes. Now is definitely not the best time to seek revenge! Although you may be capable of defeating the enemy, but the loss on your side will also be considerable!"

Li You Ran ignored Jun Mo Xie, who was rejoicing in their misfortune, and continued. "The best solution is to annihilate them by parts. If you suddenly reveal yourself, you'll instantly become their target. They'll definitely prepare themselves to handle you and they'll most likely use some underhanded and despicable methods to do so. For example, the method they used on Venerable Mei—I believe it will be just as effective when used to defeat you! You can't guard against it. So in this duration, you better create a false situation to let them think that you're still not in Tian Xiang City…. and make them feel wary so they will abolish the thought of going after your family. You'll need to properly think of a method; after that, lower their guard so that it'll be more convenient for you to take actions next time!"

"A method?" Jun Mo Xie frowned. There weren't a lot of suitable methods at this point in time. Li You Ran was right; if they used his family members to threaten him, it would indeed be a big problem.

Jun Mo Xie suddenly had a thought of moving his family into Tian Fa Forest in advance. Then he would not have to worry about anything else!

But he had originally planned to move them immediately after he had gotten his revenge. But with the current situation, he needed to speed things up…. The royal family of Tian Xiang Empire…. let's just destroy it first!

Jun Mo Xie began to secretly plot in his head… thinking deeply…

"I thought of one; it should be suitable. This stratagem could possibly destroy the Holy Lands!" A ruthless gleam flashed in Li You Ran's eyes. "The three Holy Lands had three objectives for this operation: you, Venerable Mei, and your master! Now, Venerable Mei has already perished… Now, we're only left with—"

He hadn't finished his sentence when a hand tightened around his neck. Jun Mo Xie grabbed him so tightly that he couldn't breathe. He was met with a cold murderous look in Jun Mo Xie's eyes. "She has not perished! Remember it! The next time you use 'perished' when describing her, I will kill you!"

Jun Mo Xie let go of Li You Ran after he had finished this sentence. Li You Ran fell back onto his seat, holding his throat as he coughed a couple of times. As expected! Mei Xue Yan was Jun Mo Xie's real soft spot! Or rather, his family was his soft spot!

"It was a slip of the tongue… The three Holy Lands temporarily only have you and your master as their objectives right now." Li You Ran did not get angry, continuing after catching a couple of breathes. Because he found Jun Mo Xie's bottom line, which was worth being choked for a while….

"You can let news out that to seek revenge for Venerable Mei, you are going to go and look for your master, then return for revenge! And you need to make it sound like your master is slightly far away from Tian Xiang….this way, both sides will have more time to mediate…"

"And this period of time is your time!" Li You Ran looked at Jun Mo Xie and said indifferently. "This is not only a stratagem; it is also a method to turn the situation around. With your current capabilities, although you are already very strong, you still have no chance of winning facing the remaining six Saints at the same time! One Saint alone is enough to wipe out the entire Jun Family! But the greatest objective of the three Holy Lands is entirely that master of yours. And the key to your revenge is also your master! You cannot not make good use of this circ.u.mstances that is bestowed by heaven!

"The greatest hope of your revenge lies in making good use this circ.u.mstance." Li You Ran said. "Make it difficult to tell what is true or false. This way, I believe that the Saints from three Holy Lands will put all their efforts in preparing to battle with your master. And they will a.s.sume that all their objectives have been achieved the moment you and your master return. This way, they'll stop going after the Jun Family. After all, they have statuses of a Saint—to constantly go after a family from the regular society is truly not pleasant.

"The objective of the three Holy Lands is you only. They won't even bother to take a look at the Jun Family if you are not part of it. This may sound rude, but it is definitely the truth. There's no harm taking it into consideration."

Jun Mo Xie frowned as he pondered over the stratagem Li You Ran had provided. He had to admit that he was greatly enlightened by this advice from Li You Ran, someone who schemed so much it had become a habit.

Li You Ran was truly worthy of the t.i.tle of an expert plotter. Truly vicious and merciless!

And this stratagem could be said to have taken everything into consideration. Even the minor worries Jun Mo Xie had initially were erased….

"Hm. I will carefully think over this stratagem. You've given me a plot, so I shall return you with one. During this period of time, you can help the second prince. Let him kill the First Prince and Third Prince. And also get rid of that Imperial Father of his. You've been staying at his place for such a long time, and I believe you're embarra.s.sed to be living here for free. You should give something back. It's not very good to always be free-loading!"

Jun Mo Xie had suddenly changed the topic entirely to something completely unrelated. He grinned at Li You Ran, cold and merciless.

"So this is where your real revenge lies!" Li You Ran caught on instantly, his eyes widening in surprise for the first time. "Make him watch his own flesh and blood kill each other? And with the help of someone else. Truly brilliant! This is the plot you have come up with to seek vengeance for your father?"

"Hehe, Li You Ran, as expected, you're truly clever. You even understood the little details within this plot. How is it? This stratagem I've given you isn't too shabby, is it!" Jun Mo Xie raised his brows.

"Shabby? It's marvelous!" Li You Ran laughed coldly. "I am willing to offer my help in such a brilliant plot. Just notify me once everything on your side is ready. I am really looking forward to this exciting tragedy of kins.h.i.+p now! I will be really happy like this! Even though I can't become Emperor, if the royal family perishes because of me, it will still be good!"

"You are a little sick in the head!" Jun Mo Xie took a look at him. "I'm leaving. And thanks." Jun Mo Xie left with a turn of his body. There was no expression on his face, but his last word was of utmost importance to Li You Ran!

And this word was what Li You Ran had always wanted!


Just this extremely simple word!

"Thanks! That was also what I wanted to say to you." Li You Ran stood alone in the room, a smile on his lips. "I, Li You Ran…. to think that I've developed this poor habit from scheming and plotting behind the scenes for such a long time. Is constantly strategizing for others my true purpose in life?"

The night pa.s.sed by silently.

Jun Mo Xie appeared in another location!

The second prince Yang Dan had chased a few concubines out out of his own frustration. Not because his lecherousness had been treated, but he truly was not in the mood for anything! Furthermore, the people from three Holy Lands had suddenly left, causing this second prince to lose his mainstay! Even though Li You Ran was still around, but what good could his presence do?

But at this moment, Jun Mo Xie appeared before him! Out of nowhere like a ghost! By the time the second prince realized it, Jun Mo Xie had already leisurely taken two steps in his room.

The windows and doors were completely closed; how did he come in? Was he a human or a ghost?

The second prince was frightened by Jun Mo Xie's arrival. He had just opened his mouth to scream, but it was already covered by Jun Mo Xie's palm. His entire body trembled, and there was a fearful look in his eyes!

"Stop shouting! It is useless even if you shout. I have brought good news for you this time!" Jun Mo Xie said gently. "Be good, don't need to be afraid! I won't hurt you! Asides, since I am already here, it is useless even if you tear your throat from screaming….you should just listen obediently instead."

Otherworldly Evil Monarch 769 A Stratagem For You: To Destroy The Holy Lands!

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