Otherworldly Evil Monarch 808 Beautiful Girl And Pretty Boy

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The group of Xuan Beasts instantly exploded in chaos! Roars and screeches rang out everywhere, and Jun Mo Xie was stunned so badly that his mouth and eyes turned askew. He took a step back and directly fell down on his b.u.t.t. This Big Bear was simply too direct. What kind of descriptive terms were those? Where did he learn them from? This bear that weighed at least 700 jin actually looked small and dainty, charming and cute in Big Bear's eyes…

This was only their first meeting, but this fellow already proposed marriage to her! And he actually did it so domineeringly!

Marry me, and be my wife! Give birth to some bear cubs for me!

There was such a way to propose marriage?

If a human suddenly walked up to a lady that he liked and said, "Marry me, and be my wife! Give birth to some little babies for me!…" Wouldn't he just get beaten half to death and called crazy?

But Long Crane and the rest simply stood to the side, not interfering. It seemed that they didn't find anything wrong with this scene at all.

"How is it? Are you willing?" Big Bear asked nervously.

"I… I… I… I don't know…" Little Dance looked around jumpily, as if she were begging for help. She stepped backwards nervously, nearly falling over because of her clumsy body…

"You don't know? That means that it's not a rejection? Not rejecting means that you accept! Accepting means you're agreeing to be my wife! Come, wifey, let's go home together while it's still early and make some little bears…" Big Bear smiled excitedly and held out his fluffy paws, wanting to pull her away.

Hearing this, Little Dance's eyes reddened and she looked like she was about to cry. Her eyes darted continuously toward an older Black Gold Bear not far away.

Big Bear naturally also sensed her gaze. Stretching out his hand, he pointed. "You! Come out here! Are you the leader of the Black G.o.d Bears tribe?"

The old bear walked out with its face wreathed in smiles. "Lord Bear King, I am indeed the leader of the Black Gold Bears, Big Precious… I'm also Little Dance's father…"

"Oh, so it's father in law!" Big Bear waved his paw and said. "I'm sure you have no opinions about the relations.h.i.+p of me and her right? It should be an honorable marriage right?" Big Bear had learnt the three words father in law through following Jun Mo Xie around in recent periods. Apparently, the father of one's wife was called a father in law.

In front of Little Dance's father, he naturally wanted to show off his knowledge. Those words like 'small and dainty', 'charming and cute' were simply to obtain the favor of the beautiful bear. But the words 'father in law' was to show how knowledgeable he was, and how different he was from the other uncouth bears.

"Yes, yes… I have no opinions… no opinions. It's a great honor! It's truly very glorious, too glorious…" The Black Gold Bear tribe's leader Big Precious continuously nodded his head and said. He didn't really understand what the words father in law meant, but guessed that it must be some kind of n.o.ble greeting. Clasping his paws humbly, he said, "I'm not worthy of Lord Bear King addressing me as 'father in law', you.. you are my father in law…"

You are my father in law…

Jun Mo Xie nearly spat out a mouthful of blood and died on the spot…

He sat on the ground with a dazed expression. Originally, he'd already been stunned rather thoroughly, but the addition of that one sentence had completely caused him to lose all sensations in his body…

What the h.e.l.l was all this?!

"Eh… that won't do! I can't be your father in law! You old thing actually wants to take advantage of me…" Big Bear was about to get angry, but he controlled himself and shook his head: "Forget it, who asked you to be my father in law… quickly go back and prepare the dowry, I'm marrying your daughter, so you should go and start preparing? We can't marry her off poorly. After all, she's going to be the queen of the bear tribe in the future, becoming a motherly model and leader of all the bears… Alright, just send ten thousand jin each of your Pinecone Wine and Honeyed Biscuits over later on… there's no problem right?!"

Big Bear said with a loud voice.

"Yes yes… it'll be done as you instructed…" Big Precious nodded repeatedly.

Just like that, under the astonished gaze of Jun Mo Xie, the marriage engagement was… completed…

Jun Mo Xie nearly choked on his own spit as he watched this scene. This was possible as well? Motherly model and leader of all the bears?! My G.o.d!

There was actually such a method of proposing marriage…

This was only the first time they had ever met, and he forcefully demanded to marry her. Then, he even demanded for his father in law to pay for the dowry… Not only that, he'd even asked for a huge amount!

His tone wasn't even polite in the slightest, directly calling his future father in law 'old thing'… was there anyone who spoke to their future father in law like that?

The most surprising thing was that… it had actually succeeded!

The bride's side forked out a huge dowry and prepared for the entire wedding!

This son-in-law was like a common bandit forcing a marriage!

No! Even a common bandit would more or less know to speak some honeyed words, or at least make some promises. This fellow was not even comparable to a common bandit! What was going on?

This world was simply too crazy. No, the world of Xuan Beasts was too crazy. What was this?!

"Congratulations, Bear King! Good wishes, Bear King!" A series of loud roars rang out as all the Xuan Beasts joined their voices in congratulations. They were actually extremely used to these kinds of scenes and did not feel like anything was out of the ordinary…

Big Bear grinned widely and strutted forward proudly as he held Little Dance's large paw. Walking towards the crowd, he clasped his paws and returned the courtesies. "Many thanks, brothers! From today onwards, this old bear also has a wife!"

Little Dance followed behind him, her head lowered shyly. Behind her, her short stubby tail wagged lightly. Based on her expression, she did not seem any bit like someone who had been forced into a marriage. Instead, she looked radiant with happiness.

Earth Cracker narrowed his eyes and roared lightly with admiration. At the same time, his eyes darted across the crowd as if he was searching for something… A moment later, he sighed and came over to Jun Mo Xie, shaking his head. "Sighs, brother-in-law, look at this… that bear really has some great luck… that new bride of his is really good looking… What a pity, why can't a beauty like that be born in my tiger tribe?" His tone was obviously laced with envy…

Jun Mo Xie was taken aback once again. Narrowing his eyes, he looked at Earth Cracker with some disbelief. "Lucky? Really good looking? A beauty?… Earth Cracker, you're not running a fever, right? What the h.e.l.l are you talking about?"

"Tsk… brother-in-law, you're really… Look at those glossy black fur on that bear chick, see how it glistens… the golden fur ring patterns on her fur, it's so beautiful… And look at that figure, it's so healthy! There's her features also, that nose is so pointy… keke, and those eyes, those are the eyes of a true bear ah, her snout is also really wide… keke, and those ears on her head are so straight and round. And look at her hips; that's definitely the finest of the finest ah, there wouldn't be any problems giving birth to a bunch of little bears… the only thing that's slightly imperfect is that her tail is a little bit short…

"Still, it's not bad already, the main thing is that perfect rear end… I've long heard that the Black Gold Bear tribe produced the number one beauty of Tian Fa, and now that I've seen it myself, it's indeed true. There's a phrase that I'm not sure how it goes… oh, right, it's 'knowing a person by repute is not as good as seeing him in the flesh, and the actual person far surpa.s.ses the reputation'… just looking at this makes me envious. How did Big Bear get so lucky? Truly, silly people have their own silly fortune…" Drool rolled down the side of Earth Cracker's mouth as he commented. From the way he said it, if Big Bear hadn't acted so fast, he would have moved to fight over the beauty himself…

Jun Mo Xie was stupefied for a long time, and his lips twitched heavily. "Earth Cracker, you rascal, are you sure that you're speaking from the heart? The number one beauty of Tian Fa? She is Tian Fa's number one beauty?!"

"Brother-in-law, what are you talking about? Is it surprising that she's Tian Fa's number one beauty? Unless you think that eldest sister is a beauty? She doesn't have any figure, and her b.u.t.t is practically flat. How will she bear any children? When the time comes for your child to come out, you'll know how difficult it is!"

Earth Cracker looked at Young Master Jun in a manner as if he were looking at an idiot. Shaking his head, he advised sincerely. "Brother-in-law… cough cough, although all of us are very impressed with eldest sister, and her strength is truly extraordinary, and everyone respects her from the heart… her looks are truly a little too lacking! Although Snake King's figure is also not very good, she's still a snake. No matter how she changes her form, she can't escape from that skinny appearance. But with eldest sister's high cultivation, why can't she make herself better looking? Brother-in-law, I have to say, your aesthetic standards are truly a little… unique…

"Brother-in-law ah… it's not that this brother wants to talk against you, but marrying my eldest sister is really quite a waste for a man like you…" Earth Cracker shook his head and snorted in an exasperated manner. From the way Jun Mo Xie heard it, his words even had a tone that sounded like 'this slow moving product that had been stored for many years was finally taken'…

Huh? A girl like Mei Xue Yan actually isn't considered beautiful? That peerless beauty and unparalleled distinguished air of elegance and coquetry… is not considered beautiful in Tian Fa Forest? From what Earth Cracker was trying to say, she is even a 'leftover girl'…

Marrying my eldest sister is really quite a waste for a man like you…

Do you all know that if your eldest sister went out as she is to look for a husband, all the men in the Xuan Xuan Continent would immediately flood into Tian Fa Forest, flattening it!?

Hold on… if even a beauty like Mei Xue Yan is an ugly woman in your eyes, even to the extent of implying that I was blind… doesn't that mean that I'm ugly to the point of being unwanted as well?

Jun Mo Xie's tongue was completely tied for a moment. He had been stabbed by this soft blade so badly that his world was spinning, and his hands and face were pale. Knocking his head against the table, he was nearly on the verge of tears…

Heavens, just kill me… I don't want to live anymore! I don't have the face to live on anymore!

Looks like in the eyes of these Xuan Beasts, I'm actually just a pretty boy, so doesn't that mean…

Young Master Jun was completely speechless… it looked like the beauty standards of Tian Fa Forest were completely opposite of those in the outside world!

Just at this time, Big Bear stormed over and stared fiercely at Earth Cracker. "Little fellow, what nonsense are you speaking? How is eldest sister not beautiful? How is brother-in-law blind? What is the meaning of this?!"

Earth Cracker blinked innocently. "Fourth brother, I didn't say anything, I was only telling brother-in-law what we think of eldest sister, you also…"

Big Bear instantly smacked a large paw against the tiger's head as he hollered, "I dare you continue speaking nonsense!"

Placing his head lower, he continued in a low voice. "You idiot, are you trying to ruin the happiness of our virgin eldest sister? Do you want to have her left on the shelf forever? It's a rarity that brother-in-law does not mind eldest sister, and the two of them are matching so well. Both of them have the same looks. It wasn't easy for her to find a match and now you want to mess it up?"

Earth Cracker was completely stunned with realization. "Fourth brother, I didn't mean it like that, I really didn't mean it like that, I was just…"

Otherworldly Evil Monarch 808 Beautiful Girl And Pretty Boy

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