Otherworldly Evil Monarch 823 Despicable Surprise Attack!

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At the same time, the nine great Beast Kings were lamenting silently in their hearts. This d.a.m.n brat, you really shouldn't have come out at this juncture. Our strength is greatly diminished right now. Although the other side has also suffered some injuries, their combined power is more than twice greater than ours! Jun Mo Xie's current strength was comparatively much weaker, and if a fight broke out, he might not even be able to escape. As for the other Xuan Beasts, their strength was too weak. Although they had much greater numbers, it was hard to convert the numbers advantage into actual battle strength…

"Are you that Jun Mo Xie?" Zhan Mu Bai's gaze grew deeper, and it was impossible to tell what he was thinking.

"I am. Senior, please speak." Jun Mo Xie said in a bland tone. At the same time, an indescribable sense of unease rose in his heart. He had already roughly guessed what this Saint Emperor was going to say. Most likely, it had something to do with the Dongfang, Duanmu, and Sikong families.

This was the reason Jun Mo Xie had stood out so quickly. If those families suffered any irreparable damage because of him, he wouldn't be able to accept it. So this news was exactly what he needed the most now!

Also, by coming out, he was declaring his status to the few senior Beast Kings. With how rowdy the commotion here was, if Jun Mo Xie didn't appear, it would cause others to think that he was a cowardly person.

Xuan Beasts were very straightforward creatures. If he left this kind of impression in their minds, it would be very detrimental to the Jun Family's position in Tian Fa Forest!

So although Jun Mo Xie did not wish to come out, he had no other choice but to.

"This Seat is surnamed Zhan, and I come from the Elusive World of Immortals." Zhan Mu Bai's sharp eyes fell on Jun Mo Xie's face as he said in a cold voice. "Before I came here, Palace Lord Mo Wu Dao specially asked me to pa.s.s you a message…"

Fixing his eyes on Jun Mo Xie's face, he repeated clearly: "Dongfang, Duanmu, Sikong, Blizzard Silver City… these four families, are finished!"

Jun Mo Xie's heart dropped and his face paled in an instant. Sucking a deep breath of air in, he asked, "This junior does not understand. When senior said 'finished', what's the meaning of that? Finished overall? Or the entire family is finished?"

When he asked this, he was already trying his best to control himself. However, a hint of chilly killing intent could still be heard in his voice!

Even Zhan Mu Bai standing across him felt a somewhat cold sensation when facing this killing intent, causing him to feel an odd sense of danger!

As he heard Jun Mo Xie's question, he chuckled disdainfully. "What's the difference between the family being finished or the family being finished overall! It's the same thing!"

"Senior might have been in seclusion for too long, so he doesn't even understand such basic words?" Jun Mo Xie's eyes blazed as he snorted in a heavy tone. "If the family is completely finished, it means that they've been annihilated, and everyone is dead. But if the family is finished, it can mean that their businesses are gone, or their reputation is lost. There might not even be many people dead…"

Zhan Mu Bai's face stiffened, but he still forced out a strange laughter. "There's no way this Seat is interested enough to know about these things. If you're curious, you can go out and take a look for yourself. Wouldn't everything be clear then?"

At this moment, he finally grew serious! Because when he met eyes with Jun Mo Xie, he realized that his powerful spiritual attack was actually unable to move him! This discovery caused his killing intent to soar to the skies!

This kid is dangerous! Even if he had to throw his reputation away today, he must eliminate him!

"Many thanks to senior for the reminder. This junior has nearly forgotten that he can still go out." Jun Mo Xie said somewhat sarcastically.

A trace of anger appeared in Zhan Mu Bai's calm eyes, which he retracted swiftly. Looking at Jun Mo Xie, he continued in a light voice. "Apart from Palace Lord Mo's message, this Seat also has a few words to tell you."

"Junior is listening attentively to senior's teachings." Jun Mo Xie said coldly.

"The Chen Chong whom your master killed is actually my disciple! He was this Seat's only disciple, and a personal disciple as well. He was the only successor to this old man's legacy and has been so for hundreds of years. When this old man pa.s.ses away, he was supposed to take over everything. However, he had been killed and left without a corpse because of your master."

Zhan Mu Bai's eyes flashed with a hint of pain. "Several hundred years of a master and disciple relations.h.i.+p ended in the white-haired elderly man sending off the disciple! Therefore, I want to meet your master."

His expression grew dark as he lifted his head with sorrow. "But that master of yours is actually just a cowardly turtle, hiding away and not daring to come out. So if I want to see him, I'll need you to help me pa.s.s him a message."

Jun Mo Xie scoffed darkly in his heart. That mysterious master… is nothing but a made up character. If you told me, it's the same as telling him. Smiling lightly, he said, "Has senior been looking for my master? When has Master ever been afraid of anyone? He's merely more busy these days and rarely shows himself. Senior can directly tell me, I'll let him know!"

"Good!" Zhan Mu Bai laughed aloud and praised. "Indeed, heroes come from the young generation! Heaven Earth Spirit Lock!"

In that instant, the winds and clouds suddenly changed. Zhan Mu Bai pointed his white and slender finger at Jun Mo Xie, and a powerful energy instantly appeared around him, immobilizing him!

The range of this cage wasn't very big, but it clung tightly to Jun Mo Xie's body. It was at most only the size of his body. But it was precisely this aspect that displayed its amazing intricacies!

This was a kind of energy that belonged to a kind of Heaven and Earth law. It far exceeded the boundaries of the World Cage!

The sudden appearance of this anomaly was something that n.o.body had expected! Jun Mo Xie hadn't expected it, the Beast Kings hadn't accepted it, and even the experts from the three Holy Lands and Misty Illusory Manor didn't expect it!

Because… this was simply too unbelievable!

Who would have thought that just as both sides were still discussing cordially that one side would suddenly attack? Furthermore, it was an esteemed Saint Emperor sneak attacking a mere Venerable level junior younger than 20 years old!

This had already exceeded the boundaries of despicable…. it was straight up shameless!


Concerned the face of a Saint Emperor ah! The reputation of the utmost peak level expert in Xuan Xuan Continent!

"Please remember to tell your master this! He killed my only disciple, so I killed his only disciple as well! We'll see if he continues acting like a cowardly turtle!" Zhan Mu Bai roared and all of a sudden, he opened his palm and slapped towards him.

A condensed palm wind slammed towards Jun Mo Xie's chest, roaring like an enraged dragon rising out of the ocean, carrying a strong aura of annihilative power!

If Jun Mo Xie was in the Yin Yang Escape's void state, not to mention one Zhan Mu Bai, even 100 or 10,000 Zhan Mu Bais would not be able to harm him at all. But right now, he was completely helpless. That sneaky old b.a.s.t.a.r.d had directly used the Heaven Earth Spirit Lock on him while he was in his normal physical state!

It was exactly like how it was with Mei Xue Yan's World Cage back then; even though Jun Mo Xie could have dodged the attack normally, in a situation where he couldn't even activate Yin Yang Escape, he would be in a vulnerable position!

What Zhan Mu Bai was using now was the even more higher ranked Heaven Earth Spirit Lock!

The nine great Beast Kings roared with rage and rushed over, but it was too late…

The moment the palm came out, a shrill whistling sound rang out through Tian Fa Forest. Everywhere the palm wind pa.s.sed by, faint azure smoke would appear in the air!

The strength of this palm was exceedingly great!

And Jun Mo Xie simply could not dodge!

Because right now, he couldn't even move a finger.

Jun Mo Xie chuckled bitterly in his heart. To think that I, Jun Mo Xie, would actually die in such a ridiculous fas.h.i.+on… But this was something that couldn't be helped. Who would have thought that an esteemed Saint Emperor would behave so shamelessly?

He had been on guard the entire time and had only relaxed for an instant when he heard Zhan Mu Bai asking him to relay a message. Because since he wanted Jun Mo Xie to relay a message, he wouldn't do anything to him. How would a dead man be able to relay any messages?

But who would have expected that Zhan Mu Bai would attack immediately after saying that! The despicableness of his heart was simply horrifying!

Right at that moment, a sharp scream rang out, and Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt a soft body pounce in front of him—or rather, it pounced against the Heaven Earth Spirit Lock that restricted him, hugging him tightly with the Heaven Earth Spirit Lock between them!

A flash of green, and a stirring scent rose into Jun Mo Xie's nostrils and eyes. Stunned, he screamed soundlessly like a madman and began pouring his newly attained purple Qi into the body in front of him!

Because he recognized this person!

Snake King, Green Hunter!

In that critical moment, she was the person that was standing closest to Jun Mo Xie. Ever since he came out, she had been sticking closely by his side, standing wordlessly beside him. At this time, it was also she who threw her body in front of him, blocking this life seizing strike for him without a single word!

Ever since they returned from Silver City and Jun Mo Xie announced his wedding with Mei Xue Yan to the entire Tian Fa, and the Jun Family showed their sincerity in the matter, Green Hunter had basically not said another word to Jun Mo Xie anymore. She became more quiet and introverted, and even when she was with the other Beast Kings, she rarely talked much, which was a huge difference from her usual behaviour!

But it was her, in this critical moment of life and death, who stepped out silently!

In the instant that she threw her body in front of Jun Mo Xie, she arched her back outwards as much as possible, hoping to increase the distance between her front and Jun Mo Xie's front, afraid that the terrifying energy from that palm would spread through her to harm him…

In the next moment, Jun Mo Xie felt Green Hunter's fragile body shake violently, and with a violent pu sound, a mouthful of fresh blood sprayed across his face. Following that, a surge of pure energy continued through her body, pa.s.sing through her frail back, out her chest, and smas.h.i.+ng fiercely against his own chest!

With a loud crack, four or five of Jun Mo Xie's rib bones snapped. His internal organs was also jolted violently, and with a violent cough, he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood!

A bunch of long, black hair fell lifelessly and covered his face, slowly drifting down. Green Hunter's body collapsed weakly, and she looked at him with her large, sad eyes twinkling with tears. Her face did not have any painful expression, nor was there any acceptance for death. She simply looked peacefully at Jun Mo Xie's face.

From the start to the end, she did not say a single word, nor make a single sound. She simply looked at him silently, before finally closing her eyes…

A soft smile appeared on the corner of her lips, gentle and peaceful. It was as if she had confirmed that he was fine, and she could leave without any worries…

Otherworldly Evil Monarch 823 Despicable Surprise Attack!

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