Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 851

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Another point was that Jun Mo Xie was the first one to explore this cultivation technique, and he'd already finished forging a proper path . All Mei Xue Yan had to do was to cultivate according to his instructions . There was no need to go through the wrong turns again, and it saved her a lot of work . In addition, Xuan Beasts cultivated faster than humans by nature . This series of coincidences resulted in her perverse speed of advancement .

However, there were drawbacks as well . When Jun Mo Xie broke through in the past, each breakthrough was accompanied by large amounts of benefits provided by the Hongjun PaG.o.da . Whether it was techniques or treasures, all of them were things that could only be encountered, not sought for . Mei Xue Yan obviously did not have the same advantages .

Because although she was cultivating in the Hongjun PaG.o.da, she… was not the true owner of it…

So although she was practicing the same cultivation technique, she couldn't achieve the same effects as Jun Mo Xie . For example, the Yin Yang Escape art that Jun Mo Xie obtained from the first level and the Flame of Primal Chaos and Furnace of Good Fortune from the second floor—Mei Xue Yan didn't get any of them .

Jun Mo Xie furrowed his brows and thought for a moment and said, “I'll pa.s.s some chants over to you later; remember them and see if you can cultivate them . If you can, it's naturally a great boon . If you can't, there's also no need to force the issue . ” Seeing how stern he was, Mei Xue Yan nodded seriously .

“Days and nights are Yin and Yang, Heaven and Earth are Yin and Yang, the biochemical cycles of beings are Yin and Yang . A person is also Yin Yang from the time of its origin, and whether faced with good luck or bad, and whichever side the person decides to show, everything is Yin and Yang . Everything can be hidden, and everything can be investigated, because everything will always remain… . Yin and Yang . ”

This was the verbal chants for the Yin Yang Escape art!

And Jun Mo Xie was reciting them to her one word at a time!

The Yin Yang Escape art could be said to be the most invincible and most mysterious ability in this world! It gave one the ability to fight across ranks, and as long as one was proficient in it, even if one only had a Silver Xuan level cultivation, even a Saint Emperor will not be able to hurt him or her!

In the battles to come, not only would the danger grow higher and higher, the strength needed to contend against the enemy would also increase . Although Mei Xue Yan's current strength was extraordinary, it was still far from sufficient against Saint Kings and Saint Emperor level experts . It was not even sufficient for self preservation . Perhaps only by mastering this Yin Yang Escape art would Mei Xue Yan be able to preserve her life in any situation!

To Jun Mo Xie right now, the lives of his loved ones were more important than anything!

Jun Mo Xie attempted to let Jun Wu Yi learn this technique in the past as well . However, Jun Wu Yi was completely unable to even gain an initial feel for it . From the looks of it, this technique could not be cultivated by just anyone . Or rather, only a person who cultivated the Art of Unlocking Heaven's Fortune could learn this mysterious art…

Right now, Jun Mo Xie only had a 'try and see' expectation . If it succeeded, Mei Xue Yan would have a powerful and permanent life-saving card in the future…

Mei Xue Yan concentrated seriously and committed the chant to memory . Her clever and talented mind very quickly memorized everything perfectly .

“This is the essence of my unique secret technique, the Yin Yang Escape art . After cultivating it, you can hide your body in the void at ease . Whether its an environment of metal, wood, water, or fire, you can still travel freely through it . Furthermore, not a shred of your aura will be leaked out . This can be said to be the number one technique in this world . ” Jun Mo Xie said seriously . “You must make good use of this time to practice . This is my greatest escape and life preservation technique!”

Although he'd said it in such a calm manner, Mei Xue Yan was completely shocked!

To be capable of hiding oneself within the void at will…

She finally understood what Jun Mo Xie meant by shocking 'magical movement technique' that stunned the world was . To think that such a wondrous technique actually existed in this world…

And he'd actually decided to pa.s.s this exclusive magical technique to her without any reservations . At this moment, her heart was filled with a sweet feeling, and she felt extremely happy! Not only because of the secret technique, but because of Jun Mo Xie's meticulous and painstaking love—magical techniques were never spread to others so easily; this was not an exception, even between husbands and wives!

But Jun Mo Xie had actually done it!

This was the equivalent of him telling Mei Xue Yan: no matter when or whatever the circ.u.mstances, I will never suspect you!

But saying was one thing; to actually prove it with action was far more weighty than just telling it to her!

“Mo Xie… You will be fine, and I will be fine too…” Mei Xue Yan's eyes turned red .

“Silly la.s.s… If I don't teach it to you now, I will still teach it to our kids in the future . What kind of secret is this? Don't think too much; it's exhausting . ” Jun Mo Xie chuckled lightly . “If you really feel uneasy about learning the secret technique, how about paying for it with a stripdance? If you dance for me, I will definitely feel extremely happy . That way, you will also feel easier! My idea is not bad right?”

“Scram!” Mei Xue Yan gave him a kick with annoyance… Why must this fellow always say such filthy things just when I'm feeling touched…

The two of them had finally been reunited after so long; Jun Mo Xie would naturally want to be intimate with Mei Xue Yan . Although Mei Xue Yan looked unwilling on the surface, she actually didn't have that much resistance in her heart . However, both of them controlled their impulses and chose to continue waiting .

There were no other reasons other than the fact that Green Hunter was also in the Hongjun PaG.o.da .

Although she no longer had any awareness of the outside world, she had been injured because of Jun Mo Xie . Her injuries had even reached such a serious point, so how could Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan not be moved? Although she never revealed anything before, the two of them were clear about the deeply buried feelings in her heart!

If they behaved so intimately in her presence, they would undoubtedly feel guilt-stricken!

Regardless of whether Green Hunter could see it or not, or if she could feel it, such a thing was still too cruel to her!

Mei Xue Yan continued staying inside the Hongjun PaG.o.da to comprehend the Yin Yang Escape art . Jun Mo Xie once again guided the Primal Chaos Purple Qi through Green Hunter's meridians once, stabilizing her condition before exiting .

While waiting for Mei Xue Yan to breakthrough, quite a lot of time had already pa.s.sed . If the three Holy Lands moved quickly enough, they might have even arrived at Chrysanthemum City .

Jun Mo Xie still needed to properly consider his strategy for this fight . Even though he looked extremely confident when talking to Dongfang Wen Qing, victory was always left to those who were well prepared .

So as soon as he exited, Young Master Jun used the Yin Yang Escape art to disappear into the depth of Chrysanthemum City…

Because the instant he returned, he could distinctly feel that in just the short time of one and a half day, the entire Chrysanthemum City had completely changed!

On the surface, Chrysanthemum City was still the same Chrysanthemum City . But with just a quick sweep of spiritual sense, one would detect countless powerful presences! These powerful presence had formed into a giant net, constantly observing the actions of every single person in the city!

No one was an exception, and no one could be an exception!

Feeling the ever constant, almost omnipotent spiritual sense lingering in the air, Jun Mo Xie could not help but cluck his tongue with surprise . It looked like the three Holy Lands truly brought out the large guns this time . For this battle, so many shocking experts had been sent out! Each of them were all peak level experts, renowned throughout the world!

After he carefully maneuvered around the encompa.s.sing spiritual sense net, Jun Mo Xie showed himself and quietly walked down the streets, slowly moving towards the Chen Manor .

The closer he got, the more keenly he could sense the lingering spiritual sense growing stronger and more dense . Right now, the Chen Manor was like an impenetrable steel wall that couldn't be infiltrated!

Jun Mo Xie laughed lowly in his heart .  Looks like the three Holy Lands still chose the Chen Family as their core this time .  They were certain that everything would start from this place, beginning the conflict from both sides .

Compared to the people gathered here this time, the Chen Family's Chen Qing Tian, whether in status or strength, was not considered an important character at all . Before this, he was only an inconsequential family head of a small family of the three Holy Lands . But now, he'd actually become the person whom the three Holy Lands' face lay with!

Jun Mo Xie's previous plan was to secretly spread news to the world that the three Holy Lands had sent all their experts out to prevent Chen Qing Tian from being a.s.sa.s.sinated . Although most people would express disbelief as to the authenticity of this news, the three Holy Lands' reputation would still be completely dragged through the mud if Chen Qing Tian ended up being killed!

That way, they would have no choice but to provide him with heavy protection!

However, Jun Mo Xie no longer intended to do that . Or rather, that move was just to probe how the three Holy Lands would react .

What Jun Mo Xie was truly aiming for was to utterly destroy the three Holy Lands . It wasn't something that would stop at just having their reputations be destroyed!

To Young Master Jun, even if the three Holy Lands remained revered as the princ.i.p.al model in the eyes of the world after he'd killed them all, it wouldn't matter to him!

All I want is your life! After all of you are dead, I'll be truly happy!

Thus, whether the Chen Family's head died, it was completely unimportant to him!

As he sensed the formidable auras coming from the Chen Family Manor, Jun Mo Xie smiled coldly in his heart . He'd already thought of a comprehensive counter strategy .

Not hesitating any longer, Jun Mo Xie slowly turned around and followed the human crowd, returning the way he came . At this moment, Young Master Jun looked no different from a regular pa.s.serby . His footsteps were heavy, and his eyes were dim . He seemed like a person without a shred of martial skills .

Numerous strands of spiritual sense swept over him, continuing on with pause…

Jun Mo Xie's expression remained unchanged as he lowered his head and hurried along . Suddenly! Jun Mo Xie's body shook heavily as he stopped! He'd felt an exceedingly shocking aura, the kind that was cold to the extreme . It was like it'd abruptly sprung up from the depths of his heart, instantly permeating his entire body . It was incredibly fast, and in such a short instant, Jun Mo Xie already had an inexplicable feeling as if his entire body was about to freeze!

It was like how a person walking alone on a starless night and suddenly came upon an unmarked coffin right in front of him!

Even on the coldest peak of the snowy mountain, Jun Mo Xie hadn't felt this way . But now, he'd actually experienced such an intense cold!

Jun Mo Xie could clearly remember that he'd just pa.s.sed this street only a short moment ago . There weren't any anomalies just now—not even the slightest wisp of one . Only a short while had gone by when he'd walked there and back again . However, the feeling this street gave him was completely different!

This was something that he only discovered because of his supernatural senses!

That was a most intense feeling!

There was definitely something strange here!

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 851

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