Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 946

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Chapter 946: Who is Dancing above the Clouds?!

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Little Beansprout laughed happily and said, “Young Master Mo, your words are wrong; our Miss's youth is not just a short tens of years. Our Miss had consumed the Exquisite Lotus and Seven Colored Holy Fruit together, so her youth will keep for at least 500 years without declining!”

“Little Beansprout, be quiet!” Miao Xiao Miao warned in a low voice as she turned apologetically to Jun Mo Xie. “Little Beansprout is young and doesn't understand many things… Young Master, please do not mind.”

“Being young and innocent is the best period of one's life; I can't help but to admire it, much less mind it? If it's envy, I'll admit that I truly am somewhat jealous of her!” Jun Mo Xie said with a suave smile.

“That Young Master can speak so carefreely, it can be seen that Young Master has a pure heart. Can Xiao Miao ask also, when was the last time that Young Master had laughed so wholeheartedly like this?” Miao Xiao Miao asked in return.

“The last time I laughed? … That'd be yesterday, if we're not counting this morning before I met you all!” Jun Mo Xie smiled lightly and said. “I remind myself constantly that the world is already at such a state. Just being able to continue living and breathing is already a great fortune that is worth laughing happily over! Thus, I would laugh everyday. Not only that, it would try to infect those around me to laugh along with me as well…”

Jun Mo Xie looked at her and smiled, “Just by laughing a little everyday, look at how many worries disappear! It doesn't matter if the troubles are really gone, as long as I believe it!”

“Young Master is truly open minded. Xiao Miao is incomparably envious and jealous!” A sad look fleeted swiftly across Miao Xiao Miao's pupils, quickly returning to normal again. “Now that Young Master has arrived at the Misty Illusory Manor, my guess is that you already know the importance of your Free and Natural Physique to us. I wonder what others plans Young Master has in the future?”

She lifted her head slowly and looked unblinkingly into Jun Mo Xie's eyes as she continued. “We know that Young Master is immensely gifted in cultivation, and today, we saw the intricate and deep thoughts of Young Master's mind and the resolution and decisiveness with which you deal with matters. But I wonder, how is Young Master's literary talent?”

“That… do you prefer for me to be outstanding in literary talents? Or do you wish for me to be a bag of straw?” Jun Mo Xie asked with a slight smile.

“Young Master jests.” Miao Xiao Miao's face flushed faintly as a coy look flashed across her eyes. “Can Young Master perhaps recite a poem or sing a song about your aspirations for this little girl to appraise?”

Jun Mo Xie exclaimed internally with praise as he heard this. If it was just normal speech, it was easy for him to spout lies all day long. But if it was about composing a poem on the spot, the difficulty was much higher. It would naturally be his true thoughts… Because poems were the voice of the heart. In such a short time, no one would be able to write something that didn't conform to their true feelings!

The request of this la.s.s was first, to test his literary standards, and second, to find out his true thoughts and intentions. As she was scared that he would come up with a lie to humour her, she came up with this method.

He was a person with the Free and Natural Physique, as well as a character with wit which surpa.s.sed the ma.s.ses. His methods were also decisive and ruthless. Clearly, this was the current impression that la.s.s has of him. But if it was just that, it was still possible to arrange a strategy to target his weakness. The scary thing would be… if such a person was also cultured and talented in literature…

In that case, I might as well take the opportunity to shock you properly!

Jun Mo Xie fell silent for a moment, and he began in a long voice. “Though man bow and live according to the will of the heavens, they might beget no salvation; those who defy the heavens should look to the skies and laugh! Who can be like me, creating great billows in the world with a point of my sword?”

As he spoke here, he paused and continued. “The Sun and Moon are in my arms; watch as I rise above the crowd with my excellence!

“With my sword unsheathed, who dares to traverse the clouds alongside me?

“One sword confining lofty sentiments of a thousand ages; wild gales sweeping freely across the yellow sands. Rain of blood, pungent winds; man shall not fall!

“One sword conquering the world, tyrant of a thousand ages proclaimed as a hero. Standing loftily, I swear with my sword: In this life, we do not bow!

“Who is dancing above the clouds?! Let my gaze be cast past the edge of the sky; with deep sorrow in my guts, and my heart cold and covered with frost.

“The music is over and the audience is gone; one sword piercing through the nine firmaments in fury!

“Ancient and modern, roaming the world with the same smile on my face! All who follow after in the future shall nevermore reach greater heights!”

His voice rang out loud and fierce, like a killing aura from a great general on the battlefield!

Just by listening to his words, one could already feel their blood boiling with pa.s.sion!

When he finished, the two were completely dumbfounded.

Miao Xiao Miao had not imagined that this fellow was actually so highly talented in both the pen and the sword, as well as possessing such high intelligence. Not mentioning the Misty Illusory Manor, even considering the entire world, how many of such outstanding youths could be found?

How many people could make such poetry featuring lines of seven characters intermixed with longer and shorter lines in such a short time? Not mentioning his natural physical apt.i.tude, courage, wit, and potential… just his extraordinary literary talent was enough to cause others to view him differently!

However, that ambition of his… seemed to be a bit too mad.

“Who is dancing above the clouds? Let my gaze be cast past the edge of the sky; with deep sorrow in my guts, and my heart cold and covered with frost…” Miao Xiao Miao muttered softly. Her memory was quite good, so even though Jun Mo Xie had only recited the poem once, she'd already remembered it clearly. But as she recited it again now, this same sentence had a feeling of chivalry and unyielding spirit.

The more Miao Xiao Miao recited, the more she felt that this sentence was filled with a deep sorrow. It was actually capable of making a person feel a sour pain in their hearts when they thought of it…

Who is dancing above the clouds? Let my gaze be cast past the edge of the sky; with deep sorrow in my guts, and my heart cold and covered with frost…

As the G.o.ds danced and feasted above the clouds, they were on the ground, gazing anxiously till their eyes were worn out, yet not being able to see. Their guts were twisted with sorrow and bitterness, while their hearts were frosted over, devoid of hope and filled with disappointment…

After a long time, Miao Xiao Miao spat out a long breath of air and said with a bitter smile. “Brother Mo, words flow from your mouth as from the pen of a master. Truly amazing ah… this little sister feels incomparably ashamed of my inferiority!”

Jun Mo Xie laughed aloud and said modestly. “It's just an insignificant ability; how can it be worthy of being claimed as works of a master. This Mo is lucky for Miss to have taken a liking to those sentences. It was a fortune that I've once followed an old master in the mountains and learned some words from him for a few years. Otherwise, I might have embarra.s.sed myself in front of Miss Miao today…”

Young Master Jun was speaking from his heart this time. His accomplishments in the literature field were all thanks to the impartation of his a.s.sa.s.sin master… Whenever he thought of that old fellow, Jun Mo Xie would still recall a stinging sensation on his b.u.t.t…

As for that poem, it was the work of a great master in his previous life whose name he'd already forgotten. The only reason he'd remembered this particular poem was because he liked the bold and heroic spirit depicted through it. Who would have thought that it would become useful here.

This time, he'd only changed a few sentences and recited the whole thing out. As expected, it achieved a shocking effect!

Right now, the way that Little Beansprout was looking at Jun Mo Xie had already changed into a look of wors.h.i.+p! Too cool! Too awesome! Too talented! If I could marry such a husband… Aiyaya, what am I thinking of? How embarra.s.sing…

“Brother Mo is too modest.” Miao Xiao Miao smiled lightly and said. “The person who taught Young Master to read and write must have been a great master of a generation, a learned scholar of great profundity and virtue! On top of that, he has the courage of a sword, a soft heart for the world, with great strength of character… A person like that, just thinking about it makes one's heart ache…”

Miao Xiao Miao did not dare to praise Jun Mo Xie in front of him, in case he mistook it for other intentions… thus, she'd switched to praising his master instead.

Jun Mo Xie was stunned. This time, he wasn't acting at all. He was truly stunned!

He'd never imagined that there would actually be someone in this world who would praise that old fellow so much! That old fellow was simply a hardcore executioner—a cla.s.sic butcher! His heart was colder than ice and so ruthless that others would be scared to death by him…

And now, he'd actually become… a learned scholar of great profundity and virtue? A great master of a generation? And furthermore, the courage of a sword, a soft heart for the world, with great strength of character…

F*ck! Those words are more appropriate if you're talking about this Young Master! How could you use it to describe that old butcher? That's completely desecrating those words, ah…

Still, after not seeing that old fellow for so many years, he did miss him somewhat in this moment…

As he reminisced, Jun Mo Xie seemed to be able to see that pair of sharp, blade-like eyes in front of him again, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with frigid killing intent. Those parched lips and that sallow face, staring at him sternly. “Little brat! Are you skiving off again?! See if this old man doesn't fix you up!”

A familiar wind rushed past his face as he thought back to that voice…

Young Master Jun s.h.i.+vered intensely, only now discovering that his eyes had become somewhat wet…

That long missed… the only one… stern, but warm hearted… old b.a.s.t.a.r.d. I wonder if you would drop some tears for me on the other side upon hearing that I've been blown into smithereens…

He remembered back when he was first hurt, injured by a gunshot to his shoulder. The gun wound was tilted down, penetrating and hurting his lungs. That injury could have been said to been exceedingly heavy. At that time, he still hated that old fellow to the very bone. Because he was always abused with scoldings and beatings for even the smallest matter! Even a wrong action while practicing drinking etiquette would invite a round of ruthless beating. If he was off by even a month when guessing the age of the wine, it would also be treated with violence.

The Jun Xie of that time had truly taken this old man to be the greatest enemy of his life! Even his teeth hurt from the hatred, and he'd sworn countless times that the instant he had sufficient strength or the right opportunity, he would definitely tear that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d apart into ten thousand pieces, burning and scattering his ashes to absolve the hatred in his heart!

However, that time when he was injured heavily, and his life was in danger, the old man put him in his car and sped 800 li down the road all the way to the best hospital in the city. He remembered that the old man's face was still completely expressionless at that time, deep like a bottomless lake. However, the needle of the speedometer had consistently been maintained at the most extreme end of the speed limit, never dropping even the slightest.

a.s.sa.s.sins never walked into a hospital by themselves… especially if it was regarding a gunshot wound. In the few days that Jun Mo Xie had been in the hospital, he'd never seen that old man again. In his fuzzy memory while he was badly hurt, he only remembered that the old man had told him sternly: “You must remember this; you were shot by a stray bullet on the beach! You're the son of a fisherman and an orphan!”

Even until he was discharged, he never saw that old man. Only much later, about one month later, the old man suddenly returned, his entire body covered in wounds.

The old fellow had actually broken out of jail to return!

Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 946

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