Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 397 - Real appearance

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Chapter 397: Real appearance

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Sima You Yue ignored the terrible feeling that came with that voice. She looked at the Devil General and said, “You want to eat me?”

“Once I eat your flesh, I will feed your soul to my soul-gnawing beast. I’m sure it will be a feast as well!” Devil General looked at Sima You yue with great interest. It was as if he was looking at a grand feast.

These two months, he had let the Soul-gnawing beast check the people who had come. However, they all tasted average. He just couldn’t find any that sparked joy.

However, the person in front of him was different. He could smell the faint fragrance emitted by her body from far away. This proved that she must definitely taste divine.

Who knew what her physique was, that it would actually almost cause him to drool right there.

Sima You Yue snorted coldly, saying, “Just you wants to eat my flesh? I’ll beat you into a pulp first!”

“Ha ha ha-” That Devil General burst into laughter when he heard what she said, “Just the few of you dare to want to beat me into a pulp? You don’t know your own strength!”

“You’ll find out in a moment, whether or not I know my own strength.” Sima You yue said, “However, the thing that I am more curious about is how you, a Devil General, managed to come to Yi Lin continent? The barrier here is the hardest to break. Are you the one causing chaos to the ocean? What do you want to do? Is it for the thing down here?”

Devil General’s pitch-black face twisted. He never thought that Sima You Yue actually knew he was a Devil General rank.

“Seeing that you are so delicious, I will satisfy your curiosity.” Devil General folded his arms and said, “Since you know I am a Devil General, you should know what kind of people are down here?”

Sima You Yue shook her head, saying, “What people?”

“This place is suppressing one of our Devil Kings from my Devil Clan. I’m naturally here to rescue him.” Devil General said.

“Devil Emperor?!” Sima You Yue was shocked. Could it be a guy who was the same rank as Mo Sha?

Mo Sha could sense what she was thinking and snorted, “How could that thing compare to me. That guy is merely one whose strength reached the level of Devil Emperor. I am the true king of the Devil’s race.”

“Oh.” Sima You Yue replied in her head. Then she looked at Devil General and continued to ask, “What does this have to do with you being here? What does it have to do with you controlling those sea beasts to kill the human race?”

“Of course it has to do with those things.” Devil General replied, “If it were not for the face that Devil Emperor has always been attacking this s.p.a.ce, how could I have opened a road here?”

Sima You Yue understood. The reason why the ocean was chaotic these few years was because that Devil Emperor had been attacking s.p.a.ce. The Devil clan’s aura attacking s.p.a.ce caused the sea beasts in the ocean to become unsettled. Those sea beasts all felt fear, which is why this kind of unusual occurrence happened.

“Then why did you control the sea beasts to attack the humans, and let soul-gnawing beast absorb the souls?” She asked.

“Naturally, it’s to make my soul-gnawing beast more powerful.” Devil General siad, “When he eats those souls, he becomes stronger. Only then will I be able to break the seal in this place and rescue my Devil Emperor.”

As he spoke to this point, his face suddenly changed as the aura on his body turned more menacing. He stared directly at Sima You Yue and said, “However, you dared to hurt my soul-gnawing beast and caused him to lose so much strength! You truly deserve death!”

“Master, this person’s soul smells really good. Let me eat it. When I eat it, I will definitely grow much stronger!” The voice of the soul-gnawing beast was incomparably sharp. It pierced right into their soul.

“Go.” Devil General waved his hand, “Don’t kill him. I don’t like the flesh of dead people.”

“Okay, Master.” Soul-gnawing beast cried out, then changed into a black fog. It rolled over itself a few times and split into two.

Halcyon and Thousand Resonance exchanged glances and said, “Let’s act.”

The three of them flew towards Devil General, leaving Sima You Yue alone with soul-gnawing beast.

“Haha, they actually left you to deal with me alone. Looks like they want me to be able to eat your soul!” Soul-gnawing beast cried out happily.

“Want to eat me? Let’s see if you have the ability!” Sima You Yue said, “Crimson Flame, come out!”

The temperature of the surroundings suddenly increased. If the average person came here, they would definitely be burnt to death.

That heat wave locked the entire s.p.a.ce. After which, a man of peerless talent appeared in front of everyone.

This was Sima You Yue’s first time seeing what Crimson Flame looked like after awakening. Before, at Ten Thousand Beast Mountain, she had given him a glance, but his image was fuzzy. As such, she had no idea what he would look like.

Seeing what he looked like now- his appearance his aura.. Apart from that guy Wu Lingyu, n.o.body else could even compare.

An average looking person like Yun Yi was miles apart from him.

The moment Crimson Flame appeared, everyone onsite could feel his incomparable aura. Yun Yi and Devil General both looked over in shock.

Who was this person who suddenly appeared? Why did he have such a strong aura?

“Who- who are you?” Soul-gnawing beast looked at Crimson Flame, and trembled from his soul to his body.

” I’m her life-contract beast number 3. If you want to eat her, that means you want to eat me.” As Crimson Flame spoke, he increased the flames on his body. The s.p.a.ce beside him was already warping due to the intense heat.

“This aura…” Soul-gnawing beast looked at the flames around Crimson Flame’s body, and his first reaction was to run.

Crimson Flame was not anxious. The flames on his body danced around, as if they wanted to break away and chase after that Soul-gnawing beast.

This was Sima You Yue’s first time seeing this version of Crimson Flame and was elated. He was so cool. He was even more fiery than the last time she summoned him. It was as if he had life.

“Go.” Crimson Flame flipped his sleeves, and it was as if the flames got what they wanted. They left his body and formed into the shape of a fire-red bird, chasing after that Soul-gnawing beast.

Sima You Yue looked at that fire-red bird with shock. That fired red bird looked as if it had wings that were alive. It even had chirping sounds.

“Zhi zhi-”

Soul-gnawing beast felt the danger, and cried out sharply. That voice brough Sima you Yue back to the first time she encountered the Soul-gnawing beast. Her whole body jolted and she felt extremely uncomfortable. It was as if her soul was being sucked out.

“Chirp chirp-”

That fire bed called out again, and that melodic cry suppressed the voice of the soul-gnawing beast, allowing Sima You Yue to settle down once again

Yun Yi was still fine. When he heard that short cry, he didn’t not feel that uncomfortable. It just caused him to move slightly slower.

However, Sima You Yue was not as strong as them. The injury on her soul type was not the same for the others. As a result, although the cry of that soul-gnawing beast was only for a short period of time, she could not hold on and her face immediately turned pale. She swayed on her feet and lost balance, actually falling to the dark coated lands below.

“You Yue!”

Halcyon and the others saw her falling and wanted to rescue her, but were stopped by Devil General with no way to escape.

Crimson Flame was about to go when he saw black mist twisting around her. Then, a silhouette appeared and held on to her waist, stopping her fall.

“You are truly very weak.” Mo Sha said with furrowed eyebrows when he saw her pale face.

Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 397 - Real appearance

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