Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 620 - Taking turns

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Chapter 620: Taking turns

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Everyone was rather surprised when they heard what Wu La Mai said.

“Why did she forcibly suppress it? Don’t humans all hope to grow stronger faster?” The seventh Wu La price said.

“Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. She should know that if she grows strong too quickly, it would become unstable and she her wouldn’t be able to catch up in terms of mentality. It would affect her future cultivation instead.” Wu La Mai said, ” The three sub-ranks she advanced were just because there was just too much raw power and she couldn’t control it. However, once she reached advanced divine overlord, she had a higher capacity to control her power. That’s why she could choose to advance in rank, but she chose to stop it there. She used the power to solidify her current strength. This att.i.tude is rare indeed.”

“This child has always had a good temperament.” Shui Qing Man said with approval.

The Wu La brothers suddenly saw their stepsister in a whole new light. Apart from having so many contracted beasts, she was also able to resist temptation and was honest and forthcoming. If they were in their shoes, they weren’t sure that they would have been able to halt the advancement in rank if they were offered the same choice.

Sima You Yue successfully advanced in rank and smiled at her spirit beasts when she saw that they had advanced as well. She looked up and watched the clouds that were as black as ink.

The lightning trials this time were even more powerful than the last. She wondered whether or not she would be able to survive this safely.

“Master, let us face this with you.” Little Roc said.

“That’s right, Master, we’ll face this with you.” Ya Guang agreed, “Don’t keep us back in.”

Sima You Yue nodded. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to complete the lightning tribulation on her own this time. There was a little more hope if Little Roc and the others were with her.

“I’ll keep you back in if you can’t hold on.” She said, “Flowey, you’re a plant-type, so you shouldn’t stay out here with us.”

For types like Flowey, there was no need to talk about surviving a lightning tribulation. He might be turned to ash in a single strike.

“Master, let me stay behind.” Flower said, “My spirit energy doesn’t actually have a type. I’m not afraid of lightning in particular. Master, you’ve also forgotten that my original body is in the Spirit PaG.o.da. I’ll be fine.”

“But…” Sima You Yue was still a little hesitant.

“Master, I will transform in the future as well and I’ll have a lightning tribulation as well.” Flowey said, “RIght now, we can just take it as a taster.”

“Alright then. Don’t force yourself to hold on if you can’t.” Sima You Yue said, “The same goes for the rest of you. Go back if you can’t take it.”

“We understand.” Her spirit beasts stood up and said.

After she finished her talk with her spirit beasts, Sima You Yue took a look at her Spirit PaG.o.da again. She took out all the things Fatty Qu had ever refined for her that were related to defending against lightning. She didn’t think that the lightning tribulation would be so terrifying, which was why she only took out the more effective ones. Now, she was practically the bottom of the barrel. She didn’t care if they were useful or not, she took it out to give it a go.

It was a good thing that Fatty Qu knew that she would face a lightning tribulation every time she advanced in rank, so left a lot of them inside her spirit paG.o.da. Also, she hadn’t thought to throw those things away. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even have these with her.

As those standing by the ocean saw the pile of things that were as tall as a person, they couldn’t help but laugh. Why did those things look like a pile of trash?

The tribulation clouds didn’t give her much time to prepare as the first bolt of lightning struck. What was even more shocking was that she actually turned off her protective array, choosing to let that bolt of lightning strike her.


She dispersed most of the energy behind that lightning strike and absorbed the remaining into her inner body,

In the beginning, the lightning strikes were relatively weaker, and were as powerful as the one that had struck her before. The remaining ones were not that harmful to her. She was secretly happy. It seemed that she was getting used to the lightning strikes.

“The powerful of those lightning strikes are almost on par with the later ones that appeared during my transformation, but she’s actually completely fine!” Wu La Xiu cried out with surprise.

“It could be that she’s gotten used to it.” Wu La Lu explained, “However, we’ve examined her body before and it seems that someone has helped her temper it. Although she’s not as strong as we are, she’s comparable to some of the spirit beasts.”

“Now that she has Father’s blood essence as well as the tempering of the lightning trials, her body will be on par with ours.” Wu La Bo commented.

“Why does it feel like Lil’ Sis has many secrets? I really want to figure out what she’s hiding!” the sixth Wu La brother said animatedly.

“If her current situation is any indication, although the current lighting tribulation is still rather difficult, her life should not be in danger.” Wu La Mai said.

“I hope so.” Shui Ma Qing said.

She had already dispersed the first ten bolts of lightning and had absorbed quite a bit of lightning spirit energy along the way. Based on the colour of the tribulation clouds, it seemed that the first ten bolts were mere appetizers.

The lightning bolts in the later parts were growing in strength, and the thunder terrified the fish folk living in the ocean.Even the stronger ones were not immune to the heart-striking terror.

The Wu La brothers also started to feel terrified near the end. The weakest one, the eighth Wu La brother immediately grabbed Shui Qing Man’s hand for support.

If Sima You Yue really survived the lightning tribulation, the brothers would all truly accept her. In their hearts, they already felt like she had already long surpa.s.sed them as there was no way they would have been able to hold up under such powerful lightning.

Sima You Yue grabbed a pill and tossed it into her mouth before she activated the array. The array surrounded them with a ripple.

However, the array was only able to block out ten bolts of lightning and broke apart on the final one. However, this gave Sima You Yue a moment of respite.

As the lightning continued to fall, Sima You Yue felt like she was already roasted. She was even able to smell her own charred flesh.

“I’ve got the next one.” Little Roc announced as he sent an attack towards the lightning bolt. The lightning immediately fried his feathers.

As he fell to the ground, he immediately ate a pill and started to heal.

“Me next.” Halcyon was the second one up, only to fall like Little Roc did. Electric currents danced along his feathers.

He also ate a pill to recover from his wounds.

Thousand Resonance, Little Roar, Ya Guang and Flowey were the next ones up,facing the bolts of lightning one after the other. However, because they took turns, they had brief moments of rest, which allowed them to tank ten rounds of the lightning bolts.

Sima You Yue recovered quite a bit as she added herself to the rotation. The lightning tribulation, which was initially terrifying, was divided by their teamwork. This significantly lessened the load.

“I never thought lightning tribulations could be faced this way.” The Wu La brothers watched the team of six beast and a human taking turns to combat the lightning with incredulity.

“If they continue to face it this way, future lightning tribulations won’t be that hard.” Wu La Xiu’s eyes shone.

“This can’t be done by just anyone.” Wu La Li cut Wu La Xiu off, “If you want to do what she did, you first have to have enough spirit beasts to fight for you. Actually, you also have to be able to refinine pills for your spirit beasts like she does. Oh, and you also have to be able to refine arrays. Like I said earlier, even if you had enough spirit beasts, you wouldn’t be able to do what she did.”

Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 620 - Taking turns

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