Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 712 - Entering the barrier

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Chapter 712: Entering the barrierTranslator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

s.h.i.+ Chen didn’t have much of a reaction when he heard what Sima You Yue siad, but Ni An Yi and the others were unhappy.

“What do you mean by this? Based on what do you ask us to leave? Are you just afraid that we’ll obtain the auspicious beast and heal my third brother’s illness, robbing you of the opportunity to make a deal with him?” Ni An Yi huffed angrily.

Sima You Yue looked at the Scarlet Lake and said lightly, “There isn’t anything that you want here. There’s no point to you staying. I asked you to leave for your own benefit. Since you’ve said what you think, you can continue thinking however you like.”

After speaking, she held on to Little Seven and left.

The brothers were a little baffled at her behaviour.

“Eldest Bro, Second Bro, what do you think?” s.h.i.+ Chen asked.

“The people by his side. They’re gone.” Fen Kai noticed.

“Didn’t they all wear different human-skinned masks? They may have turned into people that we don’t recognise.” Shui Qing Yang guessed.

“We have been tailing them the entire time. Did you see them change their clothes?” s.h.i.+ Chen asked.

Shui Qing Yang shook his head. Although they had trailed some distance away from Sima You Yue and the others, they did not see them change their clothes. This proved that they were no longer here.

“Since they’ve left as well, why would he remain behind? He even brought a child with him.” Kong Ren didn’t understand.

“That no ordinary child.” Fei Zhi said, “I haven’t felt a single ripple of spirit energy from her. And she doesn’t have an ordinary aura either.”

“Could she be a transformed divine beast?”

“No, she doesn’t have a spirit beast’s aura.” Fen Zhi shook his head.

“Then do we pretend as if we didn’t hear what he said just now?”

“This is Third Bro’s chance at hope. We cannot leave just because of a warning.” Fen Zhi siad, “However, since even those by his side have left, this proves that the situation may truly get bad later on. We just have to be more careful. You guys, pay more attention. Do not wander off on your own.”

“Yes, Eldest Bro.”

Sima You Yue was holding Little Seven as they stood by the lake side, a few tens of metres away from them. She stretched forth a hand and touched the barrier.

Little Seven pouted when she heard what Fen Zhi said, “Yue Yue, you were so kind as to warn them, but they didn’t appreciate your kindness. They’re still there and don’t plan to move!”

“They have their own plans, we cannot force them.” Sima You Yue said, “Furthermore, they are already aware of the dangers and refuse to go because they believe that this is s.h.i.+ Chen’s shot at continuing to live. They’re willing to face the dangers and give their best to try. Don’t you feel like this is truly precious and hard to come by?”

“Is it that hard? If it were up to you, you would do the same!” Little Seven siad.

“It is truly because I would do the same that I am able to understand how they feel. It is also because of this that I appreciate them.” Sima You Yue siad.

“If I was in danger, Yue Yue, would you do this for me?” Little Seven said as she looked up.

“Of course.” Sima You Yue held her with her right hand while stretching forth her left hand to pinch her nose.

Little Seven beamed with joy when she heard the answer she wanted.

During the later half of the day, more and more people arrived. Many directly cut a portal here, and they all came due to orders from their own clans and sects.

Sima You Yue’s eyebrows furrowed when she saw that more and more people had come, and her aura turned icier and icier.

However, as she became more anxious, Fen Kai and the others also fell more solemn.

The people who came got stronger, and their chances of succeeding fell with it. Furthermore a few of their past enemies were here as well. They had already noticed them, but their attention was merely on the auspicious beasts, which was the only reason why they had yet to get rid of them.

Once the situation ends, they may be killed without being able to escape this place.

“We’re leaving.” s.h.i.+ Chen said.

“Third Bro?”

“Third Bro?”

“Let’s go.” s.h.i.+ Chen turned around to leave once he spoke, and many left like they did. Right now, it wouldn’t be considered weird to leave.

Fen Kai and the others knew that it would be dangerous to remain any longer, and the hope of getting that auspicious beast was too remote. It would be okay if there weren’t that many powers and clans who came, but based on the people that the powers kept sending, they would have no way to compete.

They came to a mountain nearby, which was where Sima You Lin and the others happened to be. This was the place where they would watch the events unfold the most clearly.

They had left quite early, so they had a better position. Many people left later on, and came to this mountain to watch over the area as well, but they didn’t have as good a position as they did.

“He told you guys to leave earlier on, but you just refused didn’t you? It’s a good thing we have quite a good position, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to watch the good show!” Fatty Qu mocked.

Fen Kai and the others reached the mountain and saw them there, asking, “Aren’t you worried for him?”

“What’s there to worry about? You Yue is really powerful!” Fatty Qu said, “It’s a good thing you finally came to your senses. If you insisted on staying there, no need to mention anything else, but those people would never let you obtain it. Even if we took one step back, even if you did manage to obtain it, in the face of so many people, would you be able to hold on to it?”

“It is really out of our expectations that so many have come.” You Si said.

“Are you not worried for him? Leaving him with a child?”

“You Yue is powerful!”

“We would only drag him down by remaining.”

“Since you’ve already come, if you wish to stay here to observe the situation, you may.” Sima You Qi said.

“Thank you.”

Fen Zhi cupped his hands in grat.i.tude as he led his brothers to the side to wait.


The cries of the beast inside the barrier got louder and louder as the day went by, causing the people onsite to turn extremely anxious.

“Based on its roar, the auspicious beast doesn’t seem to be doing well.” Someone said.

“It couldn’t be in danger during its transformation, right?” Someone guessed.

“It’d better not die. Otherwise, wouldn’t we have come for nothing?”

Sima You Yue listened to the gossip of those beside her and heard that heart wrenching cry again. She could no longer take it as she called Little Roar out and immediately fused with him when he appeared.

“Let’s go.” Sima You Yue hugged Little Seven as she flew towards the heart of the lake. When she encountered the barrier, it s.h.i.+mmered lightly before allowing her entry.

“Someone actually managed to enter? That’s unbelievable.”

“Isn’t there a barrier? How did he enter?”

“Yeah, could the barrier be useless now?”

“No way. I’m guessing that he has some kind of treasure on him.”

“That’s not for sure.” Someone refuted, “However, wouldn’t we know for sure once we try?”

“Yeah, let’s try.”

Many felt the same way, which was why, no matter whether it was on air or on land, they all flow to the lake.

To everyone’s surprise, apart from Sima You Yue, no matter how many people came after her, regardless of how powerful or weak, they were all kept outside the barrier.

Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 712 - Entering the barrier

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