Rise Of Humanity Chapter 826

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Chapter 826: Unparallelled Deity Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

What else did I do? Zhong Yue was dumbfounded, he didn't remember what he did after going to on bed. It felt like he had done something, but also like he didn't do anything.

But, how did Yin Fanxuan free herself from the ties?

Thoughts were flas.h.i.+ng in his mind and his heart was pounding. At that instant, Yin Fanxuan caught him off guard and slammed him hard into the bell wall.

I remembered her ties were done by a few Creators and an Imperial Emperor, she herself sure isn't able to untie it. Then, did it mean that I helped her untie them?

Zhong Yue slid down from the bell wall, then he quickly bounced up and evaded Yin Fanxuan's attacks. Cold sweat immediately rushed out of his forehead. If Yin Fanxuan was able to untie herself just now, it meant that the ties weren't tight. Whereas the rope used to tie her was a treasure forged by the Creators or even the Imperial Emperor.

If it was cast out by Creators or Imperial Emperors, the rope would be able to adjust itself depending on the tied subject. No matter how Yin Fanxuan struggled, she wouldn't be able to free herself from it on her own.

The Yinkang Clan old brats were sneaky ones, the rope could only be untied by external help. It was after all the first night for the newlyweds, it wasn't suitable to have the bride all tied up. However, if Zhong Yue had untied her in the night and tied her back afterward, it was totally reasonable that Yin Fanxuan was able to untie herself now!

Most importantly, Zhong Yue didn't know if the tied rope was automatically untied by the Yinkang Clan old brats at a certain time or if he was the one who helped her untied and then tied her afterward.

If it was him, why would he tie her up again?

What was he planning to do with her that required him to tie her up?

But the crux of the matter was what had he actually done!?

Beads of cold sweat could be seen rolling down his forehead.

Yin Fanxuan herself had remarkable combat capabilities, even defeating the Juling Clan's Tian Xuanzi three times out of five battles. And now, Zhong Yue finally got a taste that power. Although his innate mortal body provided him with extreme power, the truth was that he was still suppressed by the lady, not even being able to hold the upperhand in terms of brute strength!

Yin Fanxuan's skills were scarier, but they weren't complex and complicated, they didn't surpa.s.s the levels of Tian Xuanzi, Lu w.a.n.g, and the others. However, every single skill cast out from her hands were always in their peak power. It was as if she had a strong affinity to Dao that allowed her to cast the skills with extreme ease!

But what was even more terrifying was her casting speed. It was so quick that it left Zhong Yue with literally no room to prepare and react for the incoming skills that were raining on all over his body!

No wonder Tian Xuanzi was defeated three times by her!

Zhong Yue was standing on the bell surface, moving perpendicularly to the wall as he evades the skills. His movements resembled the [Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art], his hands were casting skills that countered Yin Fanxuan's, and his heart was thumping in awe.

He was now much stronger than when he fought with Tian Xuanzi, especially after the unexpected meeting with Feng Xiaozhong, whose attainments helped him in deepening his own comprehensions.

Most importantly, his research with Feng Xiaozhong on the innate G.o.d's mortal body had given him deeper attainments in the innate G.o.d's nature and thus allowed him to propel his cultivation of his innate mortal body and innate Yuan Shen!

Back then, his innate mortal body was weaker than Tian Xuanzi's, but his would now be stronger!

As for the innate Yuan Shen, he was nearly unsurpa.s.sable.

His innate Yuan Shen had absorbed the quintessence of the innate G.o.d's innate totem patterns. Although he wasn't as crazy as Feng Xiaozhong and proceeded in experimenting on his body straight away, he too did modify some parts of his Yuan Shen. He tried to incorporate the innate totem patterns into his innate Yuan Shen and it allowed his Yuan Shen to see a significant leap in power.

However, now clas.h.i.+ng with Yin Fanxuan, he could still feel the enormous pressure coming her. The ease of use of her skills, her skill casting speed, the consistently peaked power of the skills, even he couldn't see himself reaching that stage in any time soon!

One must say, he was greatly astounded!

Is she the Innate Sun Spirit Body? No, the Innate Moon Spirit Body… Zhong Yue was greatly shocked when he saw Yin Fanxuan casting the Innate Sun Spirit Body's Innate Pure Yang skills and the Innate Moon Spirit Body's Innate Pure Yin skills, he thought, Is she the same as me, a Sun Moon Twin Spirit Body?

But in the next second, he witnessed Yin Fanxuan casting the skills of the Innate Spirit Bodies of the Innate Water, Innate Earth, Innate Fire, Innate Gold, and Innate Wood. These skills weren't simple and crude, they were all only castable if only the cultivator's attainments in these elements have reached to the innate stage. While when they were cast out through her hands, these skills' powers were boosted even further!

The Five Elemental Spirit Body? Zhong Yue was shocked while Yin Fanxuan's skills changed again. This time, her skills imbued a vast and endless arcane energy that contained various kinds of powers in it, there were also heteromorphisms of stars that appeared around her, and her use of these various different powers was absurdly strong.

These different powers took their best forms, some were nails, some were spears, and others were swords. They unleashed a flurry of weapons and artifacts at him, relentlessly trying to break Zhong Yue's defenses.

This is… the Innate Galaxy Spirit Body?

Zhong Yue was dumbfounded, just what kind of Innate Spirit Body did she have? How could she cast the skills belonging to the other Innate Spirit Bodies? Or could she be some like like Feng Xiaozhong? Someone who has seen and reached to the nature of Dao?

But, even Feng Xiaozhong wouldn't be much stronger than Zhong Yue when they were at the same level. Zhong Yue had tempered every aspect of himself to his limit, in addition to the imperial cultivation techniques he cultivated the most Feng Xiaozhong's combat power could achieve was to be on par with Zhong Yue's!

That was, of course, if Feng Xiaozhong didn't fully grasp the ultimate nature of the Dao.

Furthermore, if Yin Fanxuan was someone like Feng Xiaozhong, it wasn't even necessary for Zhong Yue to help her find a way to lift the Yinkang Clan's bloodline seals. After all, time was the only issue for talents like Feng Xiaozhong to decode the Yinkang Clan's bloodline seals.

“Brat Yue, you are in extreme luck!” Xin Huo suddenly said happily, “Your wife is an Innate Saint Spirit Body!”

“Innate Saint Spirit Body!?” Zhong Yue was shocked, “The same as Celestial Emperor Bi Xie?”

“Celestial Emperor Bi Xie's Innate Saint Spirit Body is forged not born naturally. Even if he had the six Saint Spirits he is still a false Innate Saint Spirit Body. However, this new wife of yours is the rarest of the rarest, she is a natural-born Innate Saint Spirit Body!”

Xin Huo praised while laughing, “Even in the ancient days, the natural-born Innate Spirit Body were hard to find. They are born with a strong affinity to Dao. What takes the most ordinary pract.i.tioners a great effort to attain only took them a short period of time to fully master. Skills that have been practiced day and night by the ordinary cultivators, they can easily pick up the skills and even cast the skills stronger and better! Brat Yue, you are in luck to find someone like her!”

“Luck?” Zhong Yue was moving on the bell surface, the [Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art] was blooming under his feet everytime the steps on the bell surface. Now, he was left with not much choice but to cast his renowned [Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art] to fight against Yin Fanxuan.

“What an unfortunate luck. I didn't even do anything, we just merely lied on the same bed. I didn't even do anything to her, but I can't even explain because I can't actually defeat her and make her listen!”

Zhong Yue was annoyed. Yin Fanxuan was still too strong even without her Yinkang True Form. If she had cast her True Form in the battle, he would have to cast his f.u.xi True Form as well or face defeat!

This was the first time he actually felt no chance of winning, moreover, it was against his own wife whom he was forced into marrying!

Being unable to defeat his own wife, it was surely a letdown to him.

“Well, you did do something to her…” Xin Huo lowered his voice, “There were too many experts yesterday, I can only slumber or risk getting discovered by them. However, I was there to witness when the two of you were in the room alone. I saw you taking down her headdress…”

“Then?” Zhong Yue asked nervously.

“Then you, you kissed her, she was shocked to be kissed by… Someone's coming, I need to hide, talk later!” Xin Huo abruptly slumbered again.

“Quick, notify the clan master! The young lady and her husband are fighting!”

Noises came from outside of the bell. The Yinkang Clan demon G.o.ds who were awake swarmed over and looked into the mirror curiously, “Where is clan master? Quick, ask the clan master to come before the young lady kills her husband!”

More and more demon G.o.ds were woken up by the turmoil. The demon Deity Emperors and Creators have rushed to the scene. There, a few G.o.ds were muttering anxiously, “Missy's combat capability is said to be unparalleled. What if she accidentally kills her husband? What should we do?”

“Nice!” A Creator looked inside of the bell and praised, “He is on par with Yinxuan's, don't worry that he'd be killed accidentally.”

Clan Master Yin f.u.kang bolted to the scene, he looked into the bell and saw the two fighting one another. Zhong Yue and Yin Fanxuan were both still in their marriage red clothes and the skills coming out from them were like fireworks.

Although they had spent a night together in the same room, they were now entangled in an intensive battle; even shuddering his divine weapon into loud dins.

“Nice! Nice!” Yin f.u.kang smirked, “My daughter hasn't found someone who can fight toe to toe with her like this before. But this is also thanks to me, my eyes are sharp and my wisdom has chosen him as our Yinkang Clan's son in law!”

While he was shamelessly praising himself, an old Imperial Emperor whispered from the side, “Clan master, what if anything goes wrong…”

“Nope, there won't be any.” Yin f.u.kang laughed, “Fighting is also an expression of love. Let them be. The more they fight now, the better quality sleep they will have in the night, and the more intimate their relations.h.i.+p will be. Wasn't I exactly like this?”

The Yinkang Clan old brats on the sides kept rolling their eyes when they thought of their clan master's “intimate relations.h.i.+ps” in the past.

All of a sudden, Yin Fanxuan brought out her jade flute and Zhong Yue's heart immediately skipped a beat in shock. Surely enough, when she played the flute, the totem patterns that were hovering to the left and right of his Yuan Shen were immediately shattered into pieces. As these totem patterns were the ones that suppressed Zhong Yue's sense of pain, their disappearance has brought immense pain toward his brain.

Yin Fanxuan was moving around the places while playing the flute unstoppingly. The pain started to devour more and more of Zhong Yue, up to a point where it even obstructed his thoughts and gave an opening for the lady to strike her palm at Zhong Yue's chest.

Yin f.u.kang's face changed drastically, he quickly cast the divine bell and kept it back to him, he thought, Oh no, oh no, something bad will happen if this isn't going to stop!

But just right when the bell was lifted above the ground, two crimson red light rays flashed out and disappeared to the horizon. Zhong Yue and Yin Fanxuan had rushed out in the same direction!

Yin f.u.kang was stunned, a demon G.o.d from the side prompted, “Clan master, young lady seemed to have run away with her husband.”

Yin f.u.kang waved his hand, “They are married now, this isn't a runaway. It seems like they are going for a honeymoon trip now after the fight. Tsk, tsk, the youngsters. How nice it is to be young, there are so many fun and exciting things to do…”

“They seem to be fighting in the sky again,” an old Creator looked up to the sky and said.

“It's normal for couples to fight, let them be,” Yin f.u.kang said, “How nice it is to be young, you'll feel like you are filled with energy everyday, all day long.”

Rise Of Humanity Chapter 826

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