Rise Of Humanity Chapter 827

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Chapter 827: f.u.xi of The Unworldly Land Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Like two crimson red lights that tangled around together, Zhong Yue and Yin Fanxuan fought all the way as they ran away from State of Heavenly River.

“Why are you out here as well!?” shouted Yin Fanxuan furiously as she intensified her attacks.

Zhong Yue on the other hand, who was also enraged shouted back, “You're the one who should stay back! This is your home!”

“I want to run away from this marriage!” shouted the two together at the same time.

The two stunned and they said at once again, “You go back, I'll run away!”

Suddenly they both stopped and landed back to the ground while Yin Fanxuan said angrily and bitterly at the same time, “It is me that is unwilling to marry you, not you so you should go back.”

Zhong Yue on the other hand, turned around and said, “If I turn back now, I will be held back by your father forever, awaiting for your return. You should be the one who go back right now, that is your home, not mine.”

“Then let's have a fight, the winner decides who shall stay and who can leave!” suggested Yin Fanxuan as she kept her jade flute away.

Zhong Yue laughed and replied, “You merely had luck on your side. If I dispersed my incarnations, my headache will be gone and with that, do you think you stand a chance against me? The strength you saw now is just 60 percent of my full strength!”

Yin Fanxuan's heart thumped and she said, “I did not use my full strength too. Mister Yi, our relations.h.i.+p is not that close yet and my father's reckless decision benefitted neither you nor me. The entire Yinkang Clan is indebted to you and I can never allow myself to harm you in any form. With that said, I propose we will both leave together.”

With a nod, Zhong Yue agreed, “Okay.”

The two then headed towards the outside and when they arrived at the State of Heavenly River's border, they looked up and the beautiful scenario entered their eyes; like water, the stars filled up the Heavenly River where there were countless whirlpools. Those were the twisted stellar power which posed great danger; there were abundant stars in this Heavenly River and if one entered recklessly without any preparation, even a Deity Emperor would be shredded into a pieces.

“Our clan's s.h.i.+ps could get through this huge river easily but without them, it may be a problem for us to get past this river.”

“Follow me, I'll take you to our family's harbor and we will rob a s.h.i.+p there!”

The two headed straight to the harbor and somewhere far away, the Yinkang Clan's G.o.ds bowed and greeted when they saw the duo, “My lady, sir, the s.h.i.+p has been readied for you!”

Zhong Yue and Yin Fanxuan's were at a loss for a moment, they got on board under the gaze of those Yinkang Clan's G.o.ds who showed no intention of stopping them but instead, looked at them with envy.

“The newlywed couple is going for a honeymoon trip to nurture their seed of love. I am so envious of them!” said an old demonic G.o.d.

The duo who now stood on the bow of the s.h.i.+p gave each other a glance and Yin Fanxuan said after she turned around to have a look, “Seems like no one is chasing after us.”

Zhong Yue turned his head around and just as Yin Fanxuan said, there was no one biting on their tail as the Yinkang Clan's G.o.ds just let them off without doing anything as they clearly think that they were leaving for a honeymoon instead of running away.

On the s.h.i.+p, the lady turned quiet and struck the image of an elegant and demure lady. Judging by her appearance now, she looked nothing like the strongest demon G.o.d like during her fight with Zhong Yue.

The Innate Saint Spirit Body, the white pearl of Yinkang Clan and the proud demon G.o.d of the demon clan, did not really carry herself like one.

The s.h.i.+p sailed out from the harbor and entered the Heavenly River, sailing steadily in the star stream surrounded by a twisted scenario while stars flew past them.

Occasionally, there were waves in the river, striking onto the s.h.i.+p's body and dispersed into starry clouds after they evaporated.

Zhong Yue glanced at the lady for a second before he s.h.i.+fted his vision back to the ground underneath his legs as he tried to recall what happened. Whatever happened last night remained a mystery to him as Yin Fanxuan showed no intention of explaining but he still had Xin Huo.

“Xin Huo, what did I do last night?” asked the nervous Zhong Yue.

“Nothing too over the line.” laughed Xin Huo, “All you did was kiss her but you missed her mouth and the girl was unwillingly as well. She kept dodging you but since she was all tied up, you got your hands on her and you kissed her for quite a long time.”


Zhong Yue was completely caught off guard.

“You even touched her all over!”

“Touch….” Zhong Yue's body shrunk and he asked, “I even touched her?”

“Yeah, from top to bottom, front to back and left to right. Your hands were all over her body and you even hugged onto her legs as you sang! Do you want to know what you sang?”


Zhong Yue bent even more and he asked, “And?”

Xin Huo thought for a while and he said, “You removed her clothes….”


“You couldn't take off her clothes because the ropes were in the way so you untied her first before removing her clothes. When she was about to resist, you tied her all up again. You said….”

Xin Huo imitated Zhong Yue's tone and he mocked, “You said, “Don't worry, it's my first time too” Hahahaha.”

On the other hand, Zhong Yue's face turned beet red to the extent where the red showed signs of turning into black.

After a happy laugh, Xin Huo sighed and said sadly, “Didn't I tell you that it's not good to drink too much? If you had to drink slightly less, there would be a lot of little f.u.xi running around at this time next year!”

Zhong Yue let out a relieved breath and he thanked himself for completely knocked out himself after drinking too much, which stopped him from finis.h.i.+ng the last procedure; if he really did take away her virginity, this matter will not be settled easily as Yin Fanxuan would've definitely killed him! However, he also felt that he was shameless when he got drunk too.

I've completely shed the old me and became the new me so this is technically my first time too?

Zhong Yue thought, I've kissed, touched and slept with her. No wonder she was so furious….

Zhong Yue was now a little bit frustrated; though they were sailing in the Heavenly River, surrounded by extraordinary sceneries, the young man and young lady did not enjoy the scene as they were all troubled by their own problems.

The s.h.i.+p sailed further away from State of Heavenly River and beside this State of Heavenly River, there were another few more State of Heavenly River. He then broke the silence as he said in surprise, “Fanxuan, who lives in those other State of Heavenly River?”

Yin Fanxuan spoke nothing nor had the intention to bring up whatever happened last night; she got to Zhong Yue's side, looked at the State of Heavenly River and explained, “They are the races that lost in the battle for the throne. They were banished here ever since then, hence, the State of Heavenly River was also called as the Sin State. That one over that is where the State of Panhu of the Panhu Clan.”

Zhong Yue looked over there and he murmured softly, “Panhu Clan?”

“The Panhu Clan is said to be a clan created by an innate G.o.d. This innate G.o.d claimed himself to be the monarch and called himself Panhu. After his defeat, the Panhu Clan was banished into this place.”

Yin Fanxuan pointed at another direction and said, “This one here is f.u.xi Celestial Race's unworldly land. Rumors had it that this race is a sovereign clan that wished not to see the Earth Order Era's end and they were isolated by the other monarch races. After their exile, I've seen the people from Panhu Clan but not those from f.u.xi Celestial Race.”

“f.u.xi Celestial Race?”

Zhong Yue was dumbfounded by this news and he almost let out a surprised shout; there were f.u.xi Celestial Race that lived in State of Heavenly River!

What pushed him to leave Ancestral Star was the hope of finding the f.u.xi Celestial Race in the Zi Wei Galaxy, but the journey was not an easy one. Throughout his journey here, he encountered and ran into a lot of events and after learning secrets about what happened back then, he had already resigned himself to the fact that the f.u.xi Celestial Race had already gone extinct.

Yet, he obtained the news of f.u.xi Celestial Race in the State of Heavenly River.

How can he not be excited?

Xin Huo was excited as well and as he looked at that State of Heavenly River, he murmured, “Is there really a f.u.xi that is still alive? Brat Yue, go there right now! We need to see it for ourselves!”

Zhong Yue's mind went blank in an instant and he murmured, “f.u.xi… Is there really f.u.xi there?”

“That I do not know.” Yin Fanxuan said as she shook her head, “That place is locked off the grid with dangerous seals. We Yinkang Clan may have lived here for more than 60,000 years but we have never once entered that place. We did see and meet a few disciples from the Panhu Clan but we have never seen any f.u.xi. From what the elders said, the f.u.xi Celestial Race is a cursed clan and you humans….”

Yin Fanxuan obviously knew about some secrets kept away from the public and with a pause, she said, “You humans are all greatly related to f.u.xi Celestial Race. The elders said when the Earth Order Era ended, there were ancient great presences all over the place and a lot of powerful factions are interfering with the worldly affairs of the new order. The f.u.xi Celestial Race had deteriorated greatly but they were not completely wiped off of their existences; there were some that agreed to isolate the f.u.xi Celestial Race in an unworldly land. As long as the f.u.xi clansmen stayed in this land, the curse would have no effect on them and this unworldly land is most probably this place here.”

Zhong Yue was extremely happy right now. The imperial consort of the Reincarnation Saint Monarch once told him there were f.u.xi staying here and she wasn't lying!

Xin Huo is going to leave me?

This tragic revelation struck him all of a sudden as he remembered his promise with Xin Huo; back then, he made a promise with Xin Huo where Xin Huo would take him as half of an inheritor and he will help Xin Huo to find a pureblood Xin Huo in Zi Wei Galaxy.

Then, Xin Huo burnt all his fuel to save Zhong Yue and with that, he was forced to take Zhong Yue as a proper inheritor. However, as he was not a pureblood f.u.xi, the promise remained in effect.

And now, upon arriving at the entrance to where the f.u.xi Celestial Race's territory where there were probably abundant pureblood f.u.xi, it meant that it was time for Xin Huo to leave him and find a pureblood f.u.xi as the proper inheritor.

Zhong Yue did not want Xin Huo to leave him and at the other hand, Xin Huo too, remained silent and said nothing.

After a moment, Zhong Yue smiled and said, “Fanxuan, let's go and take a look at the f.u.xi's unworldly land.”

“Brat Yue….”

Xin Huo murmured as he wanted to say something but in the end, he remained silent.

Yin Fanxuan on the other side, shook and explained, “We can't. That place is sealed by the ancient great presences and there were more than just one layer of seals! I once tried to get close to this place but I can't even get in. These ancient great presences were not just Imperial Emperor level existences but even higher level ones!”

Upon hearing this, Zhong Yue let out a relieved breath as if he desperately wanted to leave this place and avoid seeing his own people.

This was all because of his friends.h.i.+p with Xin Huo.

Over these years, Xin Huo had been the one constant throughout his entire cultivation journey. He had become his closest friend. If he was to hand over Xin Huo to another f.u.xi, he really couldn't bring himself to do this.

Xin Huo suddenly said, “Brat Yue, since we can't get in, why don't we come back sometime later. We will come back when you have the capability to break the ancient great presences' seals….”

“Huh? How did that s.h.i.+p over there get in?”

Yin Fanxuan murmured in surprise, “How?”

In the Heavenly River, a s.h.i.+p was sailing towards the unworldly land and Zhong Yue's heart had a thumped. From afar, Zhong Yue noticed totem words emerged from the s.h.i.+p and started burning mid-air before the flame charged into the seals of the unworldly land.

The seals are opened!

The thousand layered seals gradually moved aside and that s.h.i.+p sailed right into the State of Heavenly River where the f.u.xi Celestial Race was sealed in.

Yin Fanxuan immediately activated the core of the s.h.i.+p and tried to control it charging into the gates before the seals closed. Zhong Yue hesitate for a moment and right after he made up his decision, he aided Yin Fanxuan by channeling his energy into this gate!

Rise Of Humanity Chapter 827

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