Rise Of Humanity Chapter 1096

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Chapter 1096: A Land of Retirement

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Countless ugly creatures swarmed into the f.u.xi monarch spirits, sucking their spirits' energies and powers of wors.h.i.+p. However, as the monarch spirits didn't have any wors.h.i.+p, they only had their current spirits' energies.

They were great monarchs when they were alive and even after their death, they were still powerful ghosts. It was nearly impossible for the Soul Eating Beasts to siphon their spirits' energies.

In the Heaven Suppressing Fortress, Zhong Yue looked up quietly, the tears in his eyes had long evaporated.

A long time ago, he already knew the precarious situation that the f.u.xi monarchs in the Void World were in. He knew that it was nearly impossible for them to descend into the lower worlds, but he didn't know the situation was this dire!

They were targeted and getting exterminated!

What hatred did they have toward the f.u.xi Clan, why were they so relentless?

Furthermore, releasing the Soul Eating Beasts to feed on the Void World's spirits and devour the Void World. Their existence was already disrupting the Void World's balance and destroying it. Was it really necessary?

This is to stop all the living beings from wors.h.i.+pping their ancestors and change their wors.h.i.+ps to Heaven? Is Heaven trying to replace all the spirits and become the one and only existence everyone could wors.h.i.+p?

Zhong Yue was puzzled.

The trip to the Void World earned him the cultivation heritage of six monarchs – Yin Qiang, Xiang Tuan, Cao An, Gui Xin, Tuan Hao, and Sui Yi. Although there were still the other monarchs that hadn't imparted their cultivation heritage to him yet, these six monarchs' cultivation arts would be able to boost his [Innate Eight Trigrams] to a whole new level!

He had learned before Monarch Yin Qiang's [Yin Qiang Demon Conqueror Mystic Scripture] but not the others as he didn't have the complete arts of Monarch Xiang Tuan's [Extermination Demonic Art], Monarch Cao An's [Multiple Hearts Blood Scripture], Monarch Gui Xin's [Art of Dao Bones Great s.p.a.ce], Monarch Tuan Hao's [Dao Song of Dragon and Snake], and Monarch Sui Yi's [Art of Dao Reflection].

But now that he had them, in addition to the Tian Pan, he would be able to try and complete these monarch arts with the Six Paths Reincarnation and merge them into his [Innate Eight Trigrams].

Entering the Void World again will get myself caught, right? It will not be easy to acquire Monarch Peng He, Yin Kang, and the others' cultivation arts now.

All of a sudden, Zhong Yue looked toward the skies and he kept the Tian Pan. He said to Yin Fanxuan and the others, “Mu Xiantian is here.”

Yin Fanxuan's heart skipped a beat, she asked, “Husband, he is here for you. Is he asking for your help?”

Zhong Yue was curious and he laughed, “Why do you think so, darling? Don't you think he may be here to humiliate me for King Zi Guang's success in taking down the Heaven Court?”

Yin Fanxuan chortled, “Zi Guang may be a renowned advisor, but he is a man who appreciates life and dislikes death, especially his own. He will never be at the forefront leading the war, only setting up plans and strategies at the back. But war isn't all about plans and strategies. He is a perfect military advisor, but not a good commander. If he is in command, the war will be in a mess. Whereas Mo Yin's armies are well structured, every army can run a battlefield of their own. If King Zi Guang doesn't start the fight himself, he can still remain undefeated, but if he wages war, Mo Yin will surely take advantage of him.”

Zhong Yue laughed out loud.

As he finished laughing, Mu Xiantian could be heard asking insouciantly, “King Yi, what are you laughing about?”

Zhong Yue traced the voice and saw Mu Xiantian treading on the Star River as he entered the Heaven Suppressing Fortress. The demon monarch's movement didn't even cause a single ripple over the river surface, even the Creators protecting the fortress didn't notice his presence.

“Your Majesty.”

Zhong Yue, Yin Fanxuan, and the others bowed. Mu Xiantian raised his hand and smiled, “King Yi, you are really enjoying your retirement in the fortress. What a shame King Zi Guang will have to take on all the burden.”

Zhong Yue was indifferent, “Should I be thanking Your Majesty for allowing your old subject to enjoy his retirement?”

Mu Xiantian's face stiffened up, he cleared his throat and said, “The frontline now…”

“Your Majesty, your old subject here has retired.” Zhong Yue reminded, “It's rare for Your Majesty to visit me. Please don't kill all the fun talking about the war.”

Mu Xiantian didn't know how to answer while Zhong Yue smiled, “It has been long since Your Majesty last visited the Heaven Suppressing Fortress. My wife has planted a little Fusang Tree and many other amazing plants in the fortress, they are all rare and peculiar species exist only in the ancient universe. She has taken good care of them and today, it's the day they bloom. Your Majesty, why don't you follow your old subject as I show you the blooming flowers?”

Mu Xiantian nodded helplessly. Zhong Yue claimed himself as his old subject but his appearance was just that of a young man, he couldn't help but feel between tears and laughter.

Zhong Yue was leading the way on the front to the King Palace's garden. There, the Fusang Divine Tree was planted by Jin Hexi in the garden center. It was huge and towering, its roots spread out a thousand miles with the Chaos Air surging around it. This divine tree could only survive on the Chaos Air, thus, it was very difficult to raise.

The Fusang Divine Tree was just initially just a branch of the Fusang Mother Tree. It was part of Jin Hexi's dowry given by Celestial Monarch Jin Wu and was incredibly precious. One must know that even when Hun Dun entered the world and gifted Celestial Monarch Jin Wu a life-saving Chaos Bead, Celestial Monarch Jin Wu only gifted back a Fusang Tree Branch.

And that Fusang Tree Branch was now the monarch weapon Hundun Yu holds!

In comparison, the Fusang Tree Zhong Yue had wasn't any weaker than the Fusang Tree Branch gifted to Hun Dun by Celestial Monarch Jin Wu. In time, it would also be able to grow into the same level as the Fusang Tree Branch.

Whereas the other plants in the garden were also incredibly rare and amazing. There was even a Fire Coral Tree that was fished out from Chaos. It was suffused with the Chaos Fire and Chaos Qi.

These two plants were invaluable. The Fusang Tree was extremely precious but the Fire Coral Tree was not any inferior. If it was forged into a treasure, it wouldn't be any weaker than the Fusang Divine Tree!

“Dao Brother Jin Wu really is generous!” Mu Xiantian praised, “King Yi, King Zi Guang wanted me to come for you. He said your old comrades are missing you and wants you back in the Heaven Breaching Fortress.”

Zhong Yue answered, “I've already retired, now enjoying the rest of my time in the Heaven Suppressing Fortress, taking care of my own house and garden and keep my families accompanied. I too, am quite missing my old comrades. If Your Majesty is willing, do permit them to also retire and return to keep me company. That way, we won't be feeling lonely anymore.”

Mu Xiantian's eyelids thumped, he hesitated for seconds before admitting, “King Yi, frankly speaking, the frontline has just tasted a terrible defeat.”

Zhong Yue was startled, then he smiled, “Your Majesty, didn't we agreed on not discussing the war?”

Mu Xiantian's veins bust out in anger, but just seconds later, he grew despondent and said, “I've made a mistake and regret it, I should've listened to you! Zi Guang is full of wisdom, but he is lacking in the art of war. His intelligence is best suited to handling domestic affairs, but to command and war, he is far inferior to you! I'm such a fool, blinded by my own ambition. I thought I could take down the Heaven Court in one go, but it cost the lives of more than tens of thousand sons, worsened Zi Guang's situation, and eventually brought defeat to our own forces. As we speak now, our Heaven Breaching Fortress will also be falling soon!”

Zhong Yue's face changed drastically, he exclaimed in shock, “How did such a terrible defeat come so quickly?”

Mu Xiantian took out the commander's seal, he lowered his head and slanted his body forward. His voice trembled the Heaven Suppressing Fortress and everyone in the fortress could hear him loud and clear, “I've made a mistake! I shouldn't have cast Mister aside and invited defeat onto myself! Now, Xiantian is here again, appointing Mister to be the commander. Mister, come out of the fortress and lend me your help! Please take the commander's seal!”

Zhong Yue kept quiet for moments, then he said, “I…”

Mu Xiantian raised his head in anger as he said, “Mister, a hero's dream is to conquer the universe. If you still find excuses and ignore your dream, do you not feel guilty to the soldiers who've died fighting for you? To all the dreams and hopes you've had? To the abilities that you've been taught and learned? Mister, take the commander's seal!”

Zhong Yue's aura was boosted and he laughed happily, “Your Majesty, I'd be overdoing it if I still reject now! However, Your Majesty, when your quest is done, I request from Your Majesty a land of retirement for myself! If you agree to this, I will take the commander's seal!”

Mu Xiantian hesitated, he asked, “King Yi, what piece of land do you desire?”

Zhong Yue smiled, “A galactic system in the ancient universe. It's not big, but enough for an old man's retirement life. I'll draw the star map and show Your Majesty.”

Mu Xiantian hesitated, “The ancient universe is a barbaric land conquered by the obstinate celestials and demons. To go there, you'll be too far away from me, I'm afraid that they will take advantage of you…”

Zhong Yue's psyche surged out and visualized a star map of the ancient universe. On the map, a galactic system was outlined by glowing lights and he smiled, “Isn't Your Majesty planning to include the ancient universe in your empire too? While I can take down Zi Wei for Your Majesty, of course I will also be able to help you conquer the ancient universe. Your Majesty, you will have Zi Guang in the Zi Wei Imperial Star handling all the affairs while I will be in the ancient universe suppressing the obstinate celestials and demons for you. With the two of us , both the universes will be yours to command!”

Mu Xiantian was overjoyed, he looked at the star map and surely enough, Zhong Yue wasn't lying. The galactic system wasn't small, but when compared to the vast and endless ancient universe, it wasn't any bigger than a tiny pea. He became relaxed and laughed happily, “Granted! Mister, the commander's seal!”

Zhong Yue turned solemn, he received the commander's seal with both hands.

Mu Xiantian stood back up straight and said solemnly, “The frontline is in a severe condition, King Zi Guang is heavily burdened. Please, Mister, be quick!”

Zhong Yue answered. He stood on the highest point of the fortress, raised his arm and ordered, “Heed my order, follow me as we expedite to the Imperial Star and trample the Southern Heaven gate!”

Cheerings sounded in every corner of the fortress, Fu Li's loud voice could be heard clearly in the midst of the clamors, “I've been bored to death in this boring Heaven Suppressing Fortress! Brothers of the Star Torrent Fortress, let's kill some bugs in the Imperial Star!”

Bi An shouted, “Rob Queen G.o.ddess to be my wife!”

Hundun Yu was stammering, “Plun-… plunder Heavenly Monarch's treasure vault! Everyone will have their share of wealth!”

Zhong Yue smiled, he said to Mu Xiantian, “Your Majesty, the military's morale is still good.”

Mu Xiantian was speechless and he thought, What kind of military and morale is this? They are more like a bunch of scoundrels. Speaking of which, King Zi Guang really is unable to train an army as spirited as this.

“Mister, I have a request for you.” Mu Xiantian hesitated and he conducted his psyche saying, “Human Sovereign Jiang Yiqi has the potential of becoming a monarch, but as he is Zi Guang's best friend, I cannot kill him myself or Zi Guang will turn his back on me. Mister, do you have any way that can make him die on the battlefield and ease my worries? I know Jiang Yiqi has taken good care of you, he is the first to give you a platform to showcase your ability. However, he is a human regardless, and a human monarch shall never rise! Mister, you should know the underlying reasons well.”

Zhong Yue answered sternly, “Your Majesty, consider it done. I am in debt to Jiang Yiqi, but nothing shall stop one's journey in his great quest, not even his closest family members. Not to mention that the human race is a significant threat to our conquest. He will die heroically in the battle of Heaven Court. It will be done without Zi Guang's suspicions and surely not bring any shame to Your Majesty's name!”

Mu Xiantian was satisfied, he laughed happily, “King Yi has never failed me. My worries are now laid to rest.”

Then, Zhong Yue marched his soldiers for the Heaven Breaching Fortress. Mu Xiantian watched as he left with the forces and praised, “A loyal servant!”

Rise Of Humanity Chapter 1096

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