Rise Of Humanity Volume 2 Chapter 520

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Chapter 520 -【Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture】

The ice pathway was a trap, the insect G.o.ds were already there waiting for them. Heading for the ice pathway was no different than dying.

But if they couldn't escape from there, then they could only fly out of the insect planet.

However, to fly out of the insect planet, they would to face directly with the Pure Yang lightning zone in the atmosphere. But without cultivating the Yuan Shen into a Pure Yang state, none of them would ever survive through the lightning zone.

When Zhong Yue was breaking through the Heavenly Dharma level, his Yuan Shen flew into the Pure Yang lightning zone and played the lightnings before. However, that didn't mean he could survive through the Pure Yang lightning zone; his mortal body surely wouldn't be able to endure the lightning strikes.

If the only two ways to leave wouldn't work, they could only remain on the insect planet.

Even if they could hide from the insect experts now, could they ever hide forever?

The insect race's main focus now was the Ancestral Star G.o.ds, and after the G.o.ds were all killed, the insect G.o.ds would then turn their attentions to them. Even if they hid in the insect magnates' Yuan Shen secret realms, the mother insect G.o.ds would still be able to sense them.

Zhong Yue calmed himself. He communicated with Qiu Jin'er and they agreed on a meeting spot, he said, "Brother Canghai, do you want to come along with me?"

Bai Canghai nodded.

The two of them then walked for over 10 days to exit the G.o.dly battlefield. Zhong Yue released a few insect magnates and entered one of the insect magnates' Yuan Shen secret realms with Bai Canghai on his side.

Another seven days pa.s.sed before Zhong Yue and Bai Canghai reached the meeting point. There, over 30 insect Qi Pract.i.tioners were waiting on the spot. In the insect magnate's Yuan Shen secret realms, Zhong Yue surged his psyche out and touched the incoming psyche from the other insect magnates. As the two psyches came in contact with one another, they knew exactly who the other party was.

Zhong Yue and Bai Canghai flew out from the Yuan Shen secret realms while Fang Jiange, Qiu Jin'er, and the others also appeared beside the insect Qi Pract.i.tioners.

Fang Jiange's eyes were s.h.i.+ning with bright rays as he stared intently at the two of them, Gu Hongzi also sent out the insect Qi Pract.i.tioners to smell on Zhong Yue and Bai Canghai.

Zhong Yue also opened his divine third eye, inspecting in every single one of them so as to ensure that none of them were infected by the insect experts.

"They are clean," Gu Hongzi looked at Fang Jiange and nodded.

The experts then let their guards down. Tian Mo Concubine asked curiously, "Darling, where is the other darling?"

"Dead, killed in battle," Zhong Yue knew she was referring to his demon incarnation, Bo Xun.

The demon ladies were immediately unsatisfied, they kicked up a fuss and interrogated, "How could you let that happen? Quick, return our Mister Bo Xun to us!"

Zhong Yue was annoyed, he thought puzzlingly, Bo Xun is also me, but these demon ladies don't seem to be amazed by me, instead they are more concerned about Bo Xun. Could it be… that they really fallen in love with this demon incarnation of mine?

He couldn't really understand the mentality of Tian Mo Concubine and the other demon ladies. Although Bo Xun was his demon incarnation and had many beauties around him, Zhong Yue had always kept himself from crossing the line with the demon ladies.

But from the reaction of the demon ladies, they seemed to be more fond of Bo Xun than him. This was really intriguing.

Qiu Jin'er looked at Bai Canghai and asked, "Senior Martial Brother Bai, where is Senior Bai Yuncang?"

"He … he died!" the question hit right on Bai Canghai's soft spot, he burst into tears as he answered.

Qiu Jin'er was shocked, she exclaimed, "Senior Bai have the divine weapons of Lord Bai, how can he die?"

Bai Canghai calmed his sorrowing heart, he hesitated and said, "There were a few insect G.o.ds that surrounded him. Although he was able to fight them off, he suffered grave injuries. Seeing that he was suppressing the insect G.o.ds, I praised him and … and…"

Qiu Jin'er sighed and comforted him, "Senior Martial Brother Bai, it's not your fault. Senior Bai was only able to suppress the insect G.o.ds because he burnt all of his life force, it is his decision to do so. It is the only way to protect you."

Bai Canghai gave a wry smile, his eyes were dead blank.

Suddenly, Xin Huo furtively said in Zhong Yue's psyche ocean, "Brat Yue, keep a distance away from him. This Bai Zhe really has the mouth of crow. You need to be cautious, don't ever let him praise you, the more he praises someone, the faster that person will die!"

Zhong Yue was between laughter and tears, he shook his head and said, "How is it possible? Jin'er already explained it all, Senior Bai burnt his life force to protect Senior Martial Brother Bai, this nothing to do the mouth of a crow."

All of a sudden, Qiu Jin'er secretly conducted her voice to Zhong Yue, she said, "Senior martial brother, please don't let Senior Martial Brother Bai praise you anymore! It's better to be a little more cautious, whether or not it is true, we should be more careful. After all, every time Senior Martial Brother Bai gives his praises to someone, something bad will always happens to said person."

Upon hearing her, Zhong Yue became lost for words.

"This is not a place to linger long, we need to move now," Fang Jiange abruptly said, "Let's get back to the dark side of the insect planet where we can further discuss our next move."

The crowd hid in one of the insect magnates' Yuan Shen secret realms and Zhong Yue asked, "Are there any Ancestral Star G.o.ds that survived until now?"

Fang Jiange shook his head as he answered, "Along the way here, we witnessed a total of two G.o.dly battles, both of which the two Ancestral Star G.o.ds were captured. These insect G.o.ds and mother G.o.ds' main targets are to capture our Ancestral Star G.o.ds and blood sacrifice them to the mother queen. Thus, these Ancestral Star G.o.ds mostly aren't going to survive."

Gu Hongzi continued, "The insect G.o.ds settled around the ice pathway, we saw some battles ongoing there but didn't dare to get any closer. Now, our concern is how can we leave this insect planet and return to Ancestral Star!"

He raised his head and looked at the high sky, the Pure Yang lightning zone was their biggest obstacle. Staying in the insect planet was the last choice they would make.

flying through the Pure Yang lightning zone and or pa.s.sing through the ice pathway were like roads to death as well.

Suddenly, Zhong Yue thought and said, "I have a plan, we might be able to make it out from the insect planet."

Zhong Yue took out Yu Wenju's corpse and said, "We can hide in this monster G.o.d's corpse and cast it up. With it, we might just be able to fly through the Pure Yang lightning zone into s.p.a.ce, what do you all think?"

The experts looked at one another, they all nodded and said, "It might work! The G.o.ds can pa.s.s through the Pure Yang lighting zone. With this monster G.o.d corpse protecting us on the outside, we might be able to pa.s.s through the Pure Yang lightning zone as well!"

Zhong Yue thought and he asked Bai Canghai, "Senior Martial Brother Bai, do you think it'll work?"

Bai Canghai nodded and said, "Yes, I do!"

Immediately, Zhong Yue hesitated, he quickly turned to the little flame in his psyche and asked, "Xin Huo, what do you think about this plan?"

Xin Huo was insouciant as he answered, "You will all die, no doubt about it."

Zhong Yue's scalps tingled, "Why?"

"The G.o.ds are only able to fly through the Pure Yang lightning zone because of their Pure Yang Yuan Shen, not their prowess. It's only because their Yuan Shen are in the Pure Yang state that the Pure Yang lightnings don't strike them."

Xin Huo explained, "Even if you all hide in the monster G.o.d's body, the Pure Yang lightning zone can still sense your Yuan Shen as they are still in the Yin state. Thus, the Pure Yang lightning will still come at you."

Zhong Yue was puzzled, "That's why the monster G.o.d mortal body can help to protect us from the Pure Yang lightning."

"No it won't. This big snake's mortal body will surely be struck into pieces by the lightning." Xin Huo gave a cold sneer and said, "Don't think too lightly of the Pure Yang lightning zone. At the center of the Pure Yang lightning zone, the lightning will manifest into innate dragon G.o.ds. This big snake's mortal body wouldn't stand a chance in the face of these lightning-formed Leize dragons, two strikes at most and it will shatter. Then, it'll be your turn to die."

A cold chill traveled down Zhong Yue's spine, and he secretly glanced over at Bai Canghai and thought, Could Brother Canghai really possess the legendary Comet Innate Spirit Body? His crow mouth... truly is powerful…

Zhong Yue thought and suddenly, he had another idea. He looked the experts and said, "It's unlikely we will be able to make it through, but we can place a teleportation portal that sends us out from the insect planet!"

The experts exchanged a look, Fang Jiange shook his head and replied, "I don't know anything about setting up teleportation portals."

Gu Hongzi shook his head and said, "I don't know either. The teleportation portals are all G.o.d-leveled array formations. If there are array charts that we can follow step by step, it might be possible. But…"

The demon ladies, Zuo Xiangsheng, Tian Yanzhong and the others nodded as well. But suddenly, Zhong Yue smiled and said, "I know."

The experts were shocked, their eyes were filled with disbelief as they look at him. Zhong Yue was pleading in his psyche ocean, "Xin Huo, quick, teach me the teleportation arrays!"

Xin Huo was surprised, he said puzzlingly, "Didn't you say you knew them already?"

"… Haha, what I meant was, you know," Zhong Yue compliment, "Xin Huo the Great Preceptor, he who knows it all, can do anything he wants. How would the teleportation arrays be any issues to him?"

Xin Huo laughed loudly, he placed his hands on the waist and said, "You, I like your words! Yes, yes, you are quite right! The great Xin Huo knows it all and does it all! This teleportation array, it's not even an issue to me! Come, come, I will teach it to you! Of course, to have such a great teacher like me teaching you, if you can't grasp it, then you can only blame yourself for being too stupid. This teleportation array formation is a G.o.d-level array formation, without a year or two, there'll no way you can finish learning it."

"What? It takes such a long time?" Zhong Yue was shocked.

Xin Huo gave a cold sneer, he said, "Of course! This one or two years can only allow you to grasp its surface. If you want to master it, it'll take even longer, up to hundreds of years! This teleportation array I'm going to teach you is no ordinary teleportation array formation. This is a teleportation portal, but at the same time is also a cultivation art. It was created by the ninth f.u.xi Earthly Sovereign, Xi Hao. This cultivation art is called the【Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture】, at its extreme state, it allows the cultivator to be anywhere at anytime in the universe. It consists of two types of totem patterns, the first being related to s.p.a.ce with the other related to the mystical time laws. If you can grasp even the surface of the art within a year or two, you can already be considered a great talent!"

As he finished talking, Xin Huo casually waved his hand and the s.p.a.ce totem patterns and time totem patterns flew into Zhong Yue's psyche ocean. Zhong Yue looked over and couldn't move his eyes away from the totem patterns.

Xin Huo said, "You need to understand what time and s.p.a.ce are, what use they have, why they exist, what meanings do they carry and why they matter. The universe is boundless in terms of s.p.a.ce, but time also played a huge role in it. In the universe, you will see various manifestations of time and also the differences in the flow of time, some quicker, some slower and some don't even exist. Things you see now may appeared to be absurd and utterly beyond imagination, but they do exist for a reason. This is an art that only the inheritors can learn, but as the condition is pressing against you, I will make an exception in this case."

Zhong Yue stared at the s.p.a.ce and time totem patterns, and he submerged himself in attaining them. These totem patterns were far too complex, beyond the level of any other totem patterns he ever come across.

These totem patterns could allow one to travel everywhere in the universe if the cultivator mastered them!

Xin Huo was right, this art is hard to attain, a year or two to grasp a brief understanding of it is already a great achievement. But this is an art that even allows one to travel intergalactically. But in my case now, I don't need to teleport so far, I only need to get out from the insect planet, just a million miles far at the most.

Zhong Yue thought, Which means all I need to grasp is the most primitive teleportation array from it, and we will be able to teleport out of this insect planet.

He took out the divine golds and started sculpting them, attaining the abstrusities of the【Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture】. A month later, the divine golds around him piled up like a mountain.

Another month pa.s.sed and they reached to the dark side of the insect planet. Zhong Yue cleared the divine golds around him and started a sculpting frenzy. A few days later, he built an incredibly primitive and shabby teleportation portal.

Needless to say, Xin Huo was bewildered. In just two months of time, Zhong Yue had really built a rudimentary teleportation array formation!

This teleportation portal is missing so many crucial totem patterns. Probably not even G.o.ds would know where you guys will be teleported to… the little flame was speechless as he thought.

"Let's go!" Zhong Yue, on the other hand, was confident and confidently asked the experts to enter the array formation.

Rise Of Humanity Volume 2 Chapter 520

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