Rise Of Humanity Volume 1 Chapter 171

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Chapter 171 - The Beauty in the Moon

Xin Huo is awake!

Zhong Yue was overjoyed, he could not even explain why was Qiu Jin'er on his bed, and he quickly told Xin Huo the recent events that transpired around him, he asked, "Xin Huo, Elder Feng is currently preoccupied, can you replace him in watching over me during my reverse opening of the realms?"

"Reverse opening the Dao Yi Realm? Do you even need to be so cautious for such an easy task? It's a very common practice - not that big of a deal. You can just do it yourself, there's no need for so much ha.s.sle and all the trouble."

Xin Huo said nonchalantly, "You just go ahead and open your realms. But what I'm interested in is why is this beautiful young lady on your bed. You can slowly explain to me while you reverse open the realms!"

Zhong Yue was speechless; after hearing the explanation from him, Xin Huo was discontent, "So you didn't get to do anything at all because these dogs are peeking? These brats dare to obstruct the great f.u.xi Celestial Race in the n.o.ble endeavor of reproduction? How devoid of conscience these dogs are! Young man, when you've ascended in the future, you should make their whole race eat s.h.i.+t as food!"

Zhong Yue failed to restrain his laughter, shaking his head and said, "The n.o.ble Xiao Mang Celestial Race, blood of the Pan Ao, how can they possibly eat … Xin Huo, let's put this aside and focus on the real thing — you said that it's a common thing to reverse open the five Yuan Shen Realms, but the headmaster said differently, is there anything I should know?"

"It's only the Dao Yi Realm that'll be dangerous, some Qi Pract.i.tioners had their heads blasted off as their preparations were insufficient. Unsuccessfully breaking through the void, causing the excessive energy from the eruption of the void or the excessive force they have exerted to have a small yet deadly explosion within their Yuan Shen's head. Other than that, there isn't much danger."

Xin Huo was puzzled and he said, "Reverse opening the Dao Yi Realm ... as long as you've found the right point, it won't be an issue anymore, is there really a need to be so cautious?"

"Finding the right point?"

Zhong Yue was startled and he exclaimed in shock, "Wasn't it just directly striking out all of the power from the light pool?"

"Well then … now I understand all that caution."

Xin Huo said smilingly, "By doing that, nine out of ten would effectively turn into idiots, crippling themselves. Find the origin breaking point of the void in the mind, then blast the void from there and open the Dao Yi Realm. Well, if it's as dangerous as what you've described, then nearly all of the celestials from the ancient era would be long dead. The f.u.xi Celestial Race have their own ways of finding the origin breaking point - locating it with the guides from the stars, an art that was known as the【Cosmic Orbit Seeking Art】. This【Cosmic Orbit Seeking Art】linked the sun, moon and stars together with the acupoints in the Yuan Shen body, treating the Yuan Shen as if it were the cosmic universe. Every single acupoint represents a star. Joining the starry acupoints together, the nexus from which where they all originated from would be the origin breaking point."

Zhong Yue was overjoyed, while Xin Huo continued his exposition, "This origin breaking point is known as the Pangu Point; after blasting the void and opening the Dao Yi Realm, the G.o.d that was born within would be known as the Pangu - the G.o.d of your Yuan Shen in your head. The Pangu cleaved the void and created the cosmic stars — all the sun, moon and stars all originated from the Pangu Point. Hence, you can open the Dao Yi Realm as long as you've found the Pangu Point. Ordinary Qi Pract.i.tioners would cultivate progressively; opening the Wu Xing, Wan Xiang, Shen Cai, and Yin Yang before reaching the Dao Yi. By going through the course of opening the first four realms, one could then calculate the position of the Pangu Point. It's just that using such a method would be harder and more complex. It was the common route taken by most of the celestials during the era of f.u.xi; however, the f.u.xi Celestial Race's【Cosmic Orbit Seeking Art】was very much easier."

Zhong Yue nearly lost his mind. Pangu Point, void, G.o.d within the head — these were terms and concepts he had never once heard of before; but just by listening to it, he could tell just how abstruse and profound they were!

The first headmaster of Swords Gate, he probably didn't have such a complex calculation either, his success in the reverse opening of Dao Yi Realm would merely be a lucky event, Zhong Yue thought to himself. 

"I'll teach you the【Cosmic Orbit Locating Art】, relax your mind and reach out to the starlights in this heaven and earth, I'll help you in locating the positions of your starry acupoints!"

Xin Huo then imparted the【Cosmic Orbit Locating Art】to Zhong Yue. He studied it carefully and moments later, he visualized the orbital paths of the cosmic stars, reaching out to the starlights falling down from the sky. 

For each and every star he sensed, one of the acupoints in his Yuan Shen's body would light up — it was utterly marvelous!

Xin Huo entered his Yuan Shen's body, moving around and locating the positions of the Yuan Shen starry acupoints; for every star acupoint that was lit up, Xin Huo would leave behind a tiny flame.

After a long while, the cosmic starry acupoints were all marked out. 

All of a sudden, Xin Huo stopped down and frowned, "This doesn't look good, the lunar star acupoint is an issue…."

"What is happening?" Zhong Yue tensed up, he quickly asked.

"The Yuan Shen's lunar star acupoint resembles the lunar moon in the sky, and as of now, the moon's core and spirit were stripped off from the moon by the celestial dog. Its...o...b..t path was sent into disorder and the whole orbital patterns of the cosmic stars were disrupted."

Pacing back and forth, Xin Huo mumbled, "A small discrepancy in the beginning would lead to a thousand miles of error. It'd be nearly impossible to find the Pangu Point without the linking the moon and lunar star acupoint together; we need to find the moon spirit. No wonder the【Cosmic Orbit Seeking Art】was lost in history, proceeding recklessly without locating the position of the lunar star acupoint will be a sure recipe for death…."

Zhong Yue pondered and then said, "Find the moon spirit? The Xiao Mang Celestial Race stole the moon's core and spirit away, they would probably be hidden somewhere near the Xiao Mang Celestial Race. I have the moon spirit in my Yuan Shen and I might just be able to reach out to the moon's core and spirit. Does it work in locating the position of the lunar star acupoint?"

Xin Huo ran the possibilities through his mind and responded, "It might actually work…."

With a thought, Zhong Yue then cast the moon spirit in the Yuan Shen moon pupil, morphing himself into a six-eyed, three-legged celestial being, reaching out his psyche in search for the moon spirit. 

Soon, he could sense a seemingly familiar aura deep from the Xiao Mang Celestial Race, resonating with his moon spirit. 

All of a sudden, his thoughts and consciousness were attracted by the moon spirit that was suppressed deep within the Xiao Mang celestial temple. His perception was blurred for a split second and his consciousness was drawn out of the room, moving forwards down the long corridor. 

There were wooden eyes hovering in the corridor, overwatching the surroundings, but all of them ignored him as if he was non-existent.

His consciousness was drawn by the marvelous force, 'walking' through temple after temple, hiking up the mountains and pa.s.sing through the grandiose celestial palaces. Along the way, he had seen countless celestials, most of them were the experts of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race, he even pa.s.sed through their bodies without any hindrance — it was a truly surreal experience.

The marvelous force compelled him forward, and eventually, he reached the supreme celestial temple of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race. Abruptly, he took a sharp turn and rammed into a picturesque stone wall which was engraved with all kinds of seals and totem patterns, but there was not any hindrance as he phased through the wall.

Behind the stone wall was a tunnel which was also covered in seals; he continued moving towards the marvelous force, leaving the seals untouched as he moved. 

Moments later, bright lights were emanated right in front, Zhong Yue 'lifted his head' and gaped at the sight he saw. 

It was a vast and wide s.p.a.ce in front of him, there was an enormously huge crystal ball hovering in mid-air, and a mountainous Pan Ao statue on the side with its dreadful heads gnawing on the crystal ball!

While in the core of the crystal ball, there were jade-like liquids flowing around a peerlessly beautiful lady like silver ribbons. The lady's eyes were closed shut, and she seemed to be in a deep slumber.

While the huge and gigantic Pan Ao heads were clearing siphoning the energy away from the crystal ball!

"Moon's core and the moon spirit!"

Zhong Yue's heart skipped a beat, "An innate G.o.d is burgeoning within the moon! But she has yet to reach maturity before the Xiao Mang Celestial Race's ancestor stole the moon's core and moon spirit away!"

Whether if it was the celestial race, human race, monster race, or even the dragon race, their only path to ascend to the level of G.o.ds was cultivation — they were the cultivated G.o.ds while those that were G.o.ds from birth ... were the innate G.o.ds!

There were spirits that were born from the world itself and wors.h.i.+pped by the living; and as the days, months, and years pa.s.sed, the acc.u.mulation of the prayers of those that wors.h.i.+pped them would give birth to a consciousness within the spirit - this was the birth of an innate G.o.d.

And now, thoughts and consciousness were starting to burgeon within the moon spirit in the moon's core, she was on the verge of becoming an innate G.o.d. However, the Xiao Mang Celestial Race ancient ancestor had broken this process!

Not only that, but the Xiao Mang Celestial Race ancient ancestor had also captured the moon spirit and sealed her in this forsaken place, siphoning away her energy and replacing her spirit with their own G.o.dly spirit in the moon to plunder the wors.h.i.+p of the living that was solely meant for her!

Zhong Yue found the moon spirit and the connection between them was getting stronger. All of a sudden, the air in the underground trembled violently as the heads of the Pan Ao statue moved one after another. They opened their eyes and suffused the air with an increasingly suffocating nefarious yet saintly aura.


One of the Pan Ao heads suddenly opened its mouth, his overwhelming psyche quivered the air and the immense pressure nearly crumbled Zhong Yue's consciousness away!

The Pan Ao eyes glared at the surroundings and slowly closed shut, falling into a deep slumber again.

Xin Huo quickly moved around in his Yuan Shen's body, searching for the position of the lunar star acupoint; just right when Zhong Yue's consciousness was on the verge of dispersing, he had finally found it and said happily, "Found it!"

Zhong Yue opened his eyes abruptly, cold sweat rushed out of his forehead and he was. .h.i.t with a wave of nausea. It was only after several moments when he was able to recollect himself. 

"Xin Huo, I've saw it, the moon's core and the moon spirit!"

Zhong Yue regained his composure, he showed the visions he had saw to Xin Huo; Xin Huo lost his voice for a moment, pondered deeply and then said, "Unexpectedly, there were so many treasures in the underground of the Xiao Mang celestial temple. If only we can plunder them away … Consider yourself lucky, the statue is actually the mortal body of the celestial dog's ancient ancestor. Of the dog heads, three of them were from his mortal body. Thankfully, only one of the heads opened its eyes, if all of them opened their eyes, you would have definitely been shattered into pieces!"

The fears only struck Zhong Yue after the incident, he was puzzled, "What was the ancestor of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race trying to do?"

"I think he was trying to borrow the innate G.o.d's power to preserve his body. Although his mortal body is dead, by leveraging the energy from the innate G.o.d, he could still preserve his body. After that, by having the living beings wors.h.i.+p the moon, he can make his G.o.dly spirit immortal. He sure has some wild ambitions."

Xin Huo said, "Don't bother him, he won't be awakened so easily. Now, get ready to open the Dao Yi wheel!"

Before the voices of the words faded off, the little flames left in Zhong Yue's Yuan Shen suddenly emitted small rays of light, linking and connecting themselves into an intricate network, and all of a sudden, the light rays flew like a projectile into his Yuan Shen's mind, converging at a common point!

"There it is!"

The little lights gathered, illuminating the void within as Xin Huo yelled, "The stars move as the time pa.s.ses, these celestial bodies are moving all the time, and so will the starry acupoints in the Yuan Shen, and the Pangu Point will s.h.i.+ft also. Now, immediately blast off the void and open the Dao Yi Realm!"

Zhong Yue sat in a lotus position, the divine third eye on his forehead opened, layers of totem patterns began spinning, casting the energy of the lighting pool from his psyche and sending it surging towards his divine third eye!

"Quick, blast off the void in the mind!", Xin Huo shouted.

Rise Of Humanity Volume 1 Chapter 171

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