Rise Of Humanity Volume 2 Chapter 522

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Chapter 522 - The Beautiful And …

Suddenly, their course was offset and they evaded the rocky star. Gu Hongzi cast out a spider-like insect magnate and controlled it to form a huge net around them and to shoot out a spidersilk toward the rocky star.

The insect magnate clenched his teeth on the spidersilk and held hard on it, this greatly slowed the speed of the experts but the insect magnate's divine gold teeth were starting to break off.

Moments later, they finally came to a stop, while that insect magnate had fainted from the overbearing pain.

Gu Hongzi kept the insect magnate while the experts flew toward that rocky star. They stood above it and heaved a breath of relief, needless to say, this was an experience none of them would like to go through again.

It was too terrifying and too unpredictable, no one could tell what would happen next.

"That should be the Celestial Earth Star," Fang Jiange thought, he looked at the huge planet and said, "If the Earth Innate Spirit Body is here, he would be able to cultivate at an incredible speed, but what a shame…"

He shook his head, the Earth Innate Spirit Body was Feng Wuji, the traitor to the human race and the current high priest of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race. Back in the days, Feng Wuji was the closest friend Fang Jiange had ever had, but all of that changed once Feng Wuji revealed his true colors.

Tian Yanzhong said abruptly, "The next planet will be the Celestial Wood Star, Junior Martial Sister Qiu is the Innate Wood Spirit Body, if she can cultivate on the Celestial Wood Star, it would be very beneficial to her!"

However, Qiu Jin'er shook her head and said, "The Celestial Wood Star is the territory of the Kun Peng Celestial Race, we can't enter it. Furthermore, it's too far from us now, and the Ancestral Star is even further than that. Just how long would it take to fly back to Ancestral Star?"

The experts sighed, such a distance would require a full ten years before they arrived back on the Ancestral Star. By then, the air in their Yuan Shen secret realms would have long been depleted and they would die of suffocation.

Zhong Yue cleared his throat, he said, "Jin'er, did you forget my teleportation array formations?"

As he spoke, a cold chill was traveled down the spines of the experts.

They were teleported once, and once was more than enough to terrify their weak hearts. If they were to make a list of things they fear of, Zhong Yue's teleportation array formation would surely be listed in it.

"The pathway that links the insect planet and Ancestral Star is still there and our G.o.ds took a great hit. We don't know when would the insect race arrive at the Ancestral Star and we are trapped here on our own." Bai Canghai sighed and mumbled, "The Ancestral Star is on the verge of total destruction."

The experts turned solemn, no one asked him to shut up this time as what he said was all fact. Although they survived the insect planet, the other over three thousand Qi Pract.i.tioners and ten G.o.ds didn't!

The Ancestral Star only had fewer than 30 G.o.ds to begin with. If over 10 of them were lost in the insect planet expedition, how could the rest of the G.o.ds fight against the insect G.o.ds?

Furthermore, even if Zhong Yue and the other experts somehow made it flying back to the Ancestral Star, that would be at least 10 years later already.

By that time, the insect race would have already been on the Ancestral Star for 10 years. The fate of their people at that time could only be imagined.

"Wait, we can make use of the Flowery Corpse G.o.d Chrysalis and power a star toward the Ancestral Star." Zhong Yue thought and he suggested, "The Flowery Corpse G.o.d Chrysalis can move such a huge planet like the insect planet, then it can surely move a small star faster than the insect planet. With the Flowery Corpse G.o.d Chrysalis, we will be able to reach to the Ancestral Star!"

Gu Hongzi mulled and he said, "This might work … Junior Martial Brother Bai, you keep your mouth shut!"

Bai Canghai who was just going to speak quickly kept quiet as he heard Gu Hongzi.

Zhong Yue immediately removed a Flowery Corpse G.o.d Chrysalis from the copper lamp and suddenly, Saint Concubine said, "Dar … darling, if you can use the Flowery Corpse G.o.d Chrysalis to move the little stars, can you move some toward the insect planet?"

Zhong Yue nodded, "Of course I can, but I'll first to calculate the course of the insect planet. Wait a second, you mean…"

His heart shuddered as he immediately understood what Saint Concubine was hinting at. If a small star were to crash into the insect planet, although it wasn't possible to destroy the whole insect planet, it can surely wipe out most of the insect experts. Even the insect G.o.ds wouldn't be able to survive if they were hit directly!

Most importantly, they might just be able to aim at the mother queen's mouth pathway and break it away!

Zhong Yue's heart was thumping but Qiu Jin'er shook her head and said, "But how are we going to calculate the speed and course of the insect planet? Not only that, we still have to calculate the speed and direction of the small star. There can't be a single mistake or they would slip past one another. It's too hard to do that."

Although the insect planet was large, it was still just like a little sesame seed in this endless universe. To hit a flying sesame seed with an even smaller flying sesame was definitely easier said than done.

"I can do that!" Rays flashed across Zhong Yue's eyes, he turned to Xin Huo in his psyche ocean and asked, "Xin Huo, can the【Great Cosmic Localization Art】calculate the course and speed the insect planet?"

Xin Huo nodded while Zhong Yue quickly said, "Teach me, I want to repay the insect race with a huge present!"

"It's not easy to learn the【Great Cosmic Localization Art】, even though it is just a subsidiary art to the【Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Art】, it's still incredibly complex. You would need at least half a year…" Xin Huo suddenly stopped and proceeded in imparting the【Great Cosmic Localization Art】to Zhong Yue.

He thought, I told him that he would need a year or two to learn the【Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Art】and he built a teleportation in two months. I'd better not say too much this time, else I'd be humiliated if this brat learnt it in a day or two…

The【Great Cosmic Localization Art】was indeed complex. The stars and planets in the universe changes every second, they were all constantly moving around and it was hard to locate the exact position of any of the astronomical bodies. This was because the lights you see now might be the light emitted from the stars a thousand or even a million years ago. The star itself could have long disappeared by the time its light reached you.

During the intergalactic teleportation, one would to calculate the precise location of the teleportation endpoint. The theories and principles involved were incredibly complex and actually calculating it was even harder. If the destination was too far, the calculation even have to take in the factors around the environments along the teleportation path.

After ten days, Zhong Yue stood up and opened his divine third eye. He looked toward the insect planet and surged his psyche out. Little blinking lights appeared around him and the solar system was visualized by him, the insect planet could be seen only quite a distance away from the Ancestral Star.

The stars and planets were moving around, orbiting on their set course while the insect planet was like an outsider, an intruder that stormed into the system without invitations. This greatly disrupted the gravitational balance of the stars and planets.

Arms grew out of Zhong Yue's mortal body, and his fingers waltzed in the air as he started the calculations. After some time, there were over a hundred arms around him, his mortal body was tall and long like a human centipede as he calculated the orbits of the stars, planets, sun and moon.

"Done!" All of a sudden, Zhong Yue laughed and he released all of the arms. He walked to the other side of this rocky star and placed a Flowery Corpse G.o.d Chrysalis on the ground. As soon as the Flowery Corpse G.o.d Chrysalis was removed from the copper lamp, it crashed into the rocks and siphoned the energy from the rocky star at a crazy rate.

The flower bloomed and light rays blasted out into the s.p.a.ce. The rocky star detached from the Celestial Earth Star's star rings and then flew into the endless s.p.a.ce.

Zhong Yue stared intently at the rocky star, closely observing its speed and course while he launched out one skill after another toward the rocky star to adjust its course.

The rocky star was moving at an increasingly faster speed while its course was being constantly adjusted by Zhong Yue.

Zhong Yue checked for another time and he flew toward the experts who left the rocky star and were hovering in the s.p.a.ce. The experts landed on another smaller star and Zhong Yue said, "I need this as well."

The experts were shocked and Tian Mo Concubine shouted, "You are going to crash the insect planet with two stars?"

"Not two, but twelve!" Zhong Yue replied in frigid tone. He took out another Flowery Corpse G.o.d Chrysalis and placed it on the star. After some time, this smaller star also flew out from the star rings into the s.p.a.ce.

With the same method, Zhong Yue sent another ten stars out into the endless universe.

Fang Jiange and the others were shuddering, one star was enough to wipe out 90 percent of the insect race. If twelve stars were to crash into it together, probably only the insect G.o.ds would be able to survive, provided they were all on the dark side of the insect planet.

If the insect G.o.ds were at the planet's core, some of them might even be killed as well!

"Senior martial brother, when will these stars clash with the insect planet?" Qiu Jin'er asked.

"Two months later," Zhong Yue gave an answer.

Gu Hongzi sighed and said, "How I wish we can stay and witness such a magnificent event."

They found another smaller star and Zhong Yue placed two Flowery Corpse G.o.d Chrysalises on it. The small star shuddered and moved toward the Celestial Wood Star.

There were originally over 70 stars in the star rings of the Celestial Earth Star, and after they left, only sixty-three stars were left behind.

The little star traveled in the universe, it was moving at an increasingly faster speed and was continually nearing to the Celestial Wood Star. Two months later, it was already very close to the Celestial Wood Star.

On the insect planet, the insect race conducted a two-month long feast. The Ancestral Star G.o.ds were sacrificed to the mother queen to summon her spirit back from the Void World.

As long as the mother queen's spirit descended down from the Void World into her own mortal body, she would be able to lead the insect army and launch a full-scale invasion of the Ancestral Star. With the mother queen by their side, nothing on in the Ancestral Star would be able to stop them, they would be unstoppable!

At this day, the blood of the Ancestral Star experts were boiling on the altar. The ancestor of the insect race, the mother queen's spirit, was descending from the Void World through the blood-paved pathway.

Meanwhile, twelve stars aligned in a straight line appeared in the high sky above the insect planet. From afar, they were like a line of pearls falling from the sky — it was truly a magnificent scene.

But the insect experts were all kneeling on the ground and wors.h.i.+pping the arrival of their grand ancestor. Only a few insect experts noticed the strange phenomenon.

The stars were drawing nearer and the whole insect planet was illuminated with the bright rays of the incoming stars. The countless insects forgot the wors.h.i.+pping rituals as they were enraptured by the scene in the sky.

"It's so … beautiful…" a mother insect mumbled.

Rise Of Humanity Volume 2 Chapter 522

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