Rise Of Humanity Volume 1 Chapter 278

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Chapter 278 - Human Head Lantern

"I said that it is not so dangerous but I didn't say that it's safe, did I?"

Ao Shanshan replied unconfidently, and she quickly changed the topic by saying, "Did you guys see what killed him?"

Qiu Jin'er and Zhu Jushan shook their heads as they couldn't see anything because everything happened too fast. Zhong Yue took a moment to think before saying, "It seems like that Qi Pract.i.tioner found something amazing and he died right after that. All I could see was a s.h.i.+ning arc, but I couldn't see what was that at all. By the way, did you guys realize something strange when the Qi Pract.i.tioner died?"

"Something strange?"

Zhong Yue replied, "If he really died, his Yuan Shen Secret Realms should have crumbled, and every single thing in his secret realms should have dropped out. But that didn't seem to happen at all."

Zhu Jushan eyes blinked, and he asked, "What is senior martial brother Zhong trying to say?"

Zhong Yue then said, "I've killed countless Qi Pract.i.tioners in the Lesser Void City, and they are all the same as the Qi Pract.i.tioner just now. None of their Yuan Shen Secret Realms crumbled, which is why I suspect that this area here is still in the coverage of the Lang Ya Board, thus, that guy back there did not die, and the Lang Ya Board revived him afterward."

Ao Shanshan, Zhu Jushan, and Qiu Jin'er nodded as they agreed with Zhong Yue's hypothesis; the Qi Pract.i.tioner's Yuan Shen Secret Realm did not crumble, or the soul weapons and the other items he possessed would have dropped out from the secret realm.

"If that's so, then it would be much safer. Shall we go and take a look at this amazing thing he found?" said an excited Zhu Jushan.

Zhong Yue nodded, and Qiu Jin'er controlled the green leaf towards that direction where the Qi Pract.i.tioner "died" just now.

Suddenly, waves of divine aura surged towards them, and when Zhong Yue raised his head, he saw a huge altar flying over them with a thousand-feet tall celestial being standing at its center. A loud chanting sound surrounded the celestial being.

That altar carried the celestial being towards the crack at the Lesser Void World, and the Martial Divine Master reached his hands up into the air. He held open the rift to the other dimension to prevent it from closing.

Then, he let out a guttural shout shouted and opened the crack even wider!

At the same time, the loud percussion of a huge drum could be heard but a person playing it was nowhere to be seen. It then flew towards the crack and created rhythms that morphed into totem carvings, each about the length of a thousand feet that flew towards the crack, widening it even further!


From afar flew another huge flag that waved vigorously against the strong air current and it waved. It created totem carvings like Jiao Dragons that started flying towards every direction. All of these measures were taken to prevent the crack from closing.

Other than that, there were even more unique items like jade seals, statues, chariots, pillars, orbs and even clothes that flew towards the crack to serve the same purpose!

Zhong Yue, along with the others and the Qi Pract.i.tioners from each level and faction, were stunned by this scene as in just an instant, over ten soul weapons flew into the crack of the dimension. These further prevented the rift from closing!

These divine weapons were all the G.o.dly weapons of the Zhong Li Celestial Race. Not only did they have Martial Masters that had abandoned the cultivation of Qi and soul weapons to perfect their mortal physiques instead, but they also had Qi Pract.i.tioners among their ranks as well. In its storied history, there were also Zhong Li Celestial Race's members that had ascended into G.o.dly beings and left behind such divine weapons.

However, some of these G.o.dly weapons were not even seen before by the people of Zhong Li Celestial Race. These G.o.dly weapons most likely did not belong to the members of Zhong Li Celestial Race that ascended into G.o.ds, but to the ancestor of Zhong Li Celestial Race - Lord Xia!

These items were not kept in the Zhong Li Celestial Race, but they were all hidden in this Lesser Void World, waiting to unleash their power on the day when the dimensional crack appeared, expanding and preventing the crack from closing!

Lord Xia had made these arrangements all in preparation for this very day!

Ao Shanshan was amazed by this scene, and she murmured, "The older generations did not say that there will be so many G.o.dly weapons that appear at this time…."

"I think that it is already good enough that the other races could obtain that much information on the territory of the Zhong Li Celestial Race."

Zhong Yue took a careful look at these G.o.dly weapons. Suddenly, a pale green light appeared as an incredible huge green curtain floated in the sky before it stopped and expanded the crack.

Zhong Yue lost his voice for a moment before he said, "This Lord Xia even used the Lang Ya Board to stop the crack from closing!"

With that, the dimension crack completely stopped shrinking as it was blocked by the gigantic Lang Ya Board and the scene was just way too marvelous and jaw-dropping.

Then, one after another Qi Pract.i.tioners carrying strong aura with them from the Zhong Li Celestial Race swarmed towards the Lang Ya Board and entered the place where the Heavenly Monarch lived!

Obviously, the Zhong Li Celestial Race had prepared themselves for the emergence of the Heavenly Monarch's abode, and so they mobilized an expedition team they had on standby to search for the treasures at the first available opportunity!

This was an incredibly large movement that was far beyond the other Qi Pract.i.tioners from other races. They couldn't even compete with the Zhong Li Celestial Race in terms of quant.i.ty and quality as this was after all the territory of the Zhong Li Celestial Race. There might be many strong Qi Pract.i.tioners that entered the Lesser Void World, but they were just the minority. How could they possibly compete against the Zhong Li Celestial Race?

"And the most crucial part is that with the Lang Ya Board appearing over here, the Zhong Li Celestial Race would be able to explore around without worrying death at all!"

Zhong Yue murmured, "Lord Xia, you are indeed incredible!"

The people leading the expedition team were a few Martial Heavenly Masters and the magnate Qi Pract.i.tioners from the Zhong Li Celestial Race and under them were Heavenly Dharma, True Spirit level Qi Pract.i.tioners and Martial Masters. From the number of people they sent into the dimension, it was more like an army instead of an expedition team!

"Here, no one would be able to compete with our Zhong Li Celestial Race! Disciples of Zhong Li Celestial Race, go and look for the treasures hidden in this dimension!"

Up in the sky, the thunderous voice of the Martial Heavenly Masters was audible to all, "Disciples of Inner Core level or above, follow me and head towards the Monarch Palace!"

The countless Qi Pract.i.tioners of Zhong Li Celestial Race acknowledged the order, and they went straight to the Monarch Palace, ignoring the Di Jungle under them!

With that, it was evident that the Zhong Li Celestial Race was aiming for something big!

The other people from Zhong Li Celestial Race then descended from the skies. There were so many of them that they managed to cover the sunlight with just their shadows!

"The Zhong Li Celestial Race is trying to loot everything and leave nothing behind!"

Zhu Jushan shouted, and he quickly said, "Senior martial brother Zhong and the two big sisters, let us hurry up, or there wouldn't even be leftovers for us!"

Just like the others, Zhong Yue had gooseb.u.mps when he saw the many Zhong Li Celestial Race's members descending from the sky, and he quickly sped up his speed. They then started increasing their movement speed, and they gradually got to a place with trees standing like a sword stuck onto the ground that was like twigs when compared to those colossal tall trees!

At the top of the trees was a red lantern after another that all seemed to betoken the advent of a festival.

Come to think of it, the Di Jungle was where the Heavenly Monarch and his concubines would come and enjoy their time, which was why there were so many lanterns.

Zhong Yue slowed down his footsteps, and he looked at the lanterns in confusion as he felt like he had seen these lanterns move just now, as if they were staring at them.

Strange, could it be that I am too tired that I am seeing hallucinations? How did the lanterns move?

As they got closer and closer to where the Qi Pract.i.tioner died just now, hundreds and hundreds of Zhong Li Celestial Race's members descended from the sky and landed in front of them.

Then, a voice could be heard shouting, "The Lesser Void Worlds were created by the ancestor of Zhong Li Celestial Race, you unrelated sc.u.ms, get lost!"

Zhu Jushan humphed, and he licked his lips as he showed a fierce expression before saying, "The Zhong Li Celestial Race may have opened up the Lesser Void World, but the place where the Heavenly Monarch lives is not necessarily yours. Senior martial brother Zhong, let us kill them all…."

Before he finished talking, the treetop of these trees started making noise, and the red lanterns floated in the sky.

These lanterns then started slithering through the Di Jungle like fis.h.!.+

Suddenly, a red lantern flew past a Martial Master that only got down from the sky and suddenly, Pu Tong——- the Martial Master had his head decapitated, and his body fell onto the ground!

Pu tong, pu tong, pu tong——-

In midair, one headless corpse after another dropped onto the ground, and when Zhong Yue and the others looked around in absolute shock as their skin rose with gooseb.u.mps - these lanterns were eating the heads of these dead Qi Pract.i.tioners!

These red lanterns had their roots flying everywhere, wrapping and strangling the body of these Zhong Li Celestial Race's members that touched the ground firmly before the lanterns split apart and cut off the heads of the members like scissors!

Shrieks and shouts could be heard all over in an instant as the lanterns swarmed around the Zhong Li Celestial Race's members, causing ma.s.s panic among them. They quickly scattered and fled everywhere, but the lanterns were also moving swiftly. Their roots could even extend to another few meters long in an instant. Each time the roots of the lanterns moved, they would successfully hold onto a member of the Zhong Li Celestial Race to drag them back to relieve them of their heads before eating them!

"Hehehe, I have a head now! I have my own head now!" s.a.d.i.s.tically laughed a red lantern.

Then, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears appeared on the red lantern.

Shua shua shua——-

Suddenly, the same thing happened on all of these lanterns as well, and they all started to laugh while they floated everywhere. Zhong Yue and the others continued to have gooseb.u.mps all over as the scene was exceptionally eerie and disturbing.

A few ten human head lanterns suddenly got together, and they said something before one of them shouted, "Ready… Sing!"

These human head lanterns then started rotating, waving their roots and sang, "Big centipede, small centipede, both are all the poisonous insects in the world. If strong enough, they could even devour dragons!"

Suddenly, a human head lantern did not go with the flow, and it screamed, "Ladies oh ladies, pretty ladies got into the tent, unb.u.t.toning their blouse, exposing a wonderful, snowy white, soft and well-developed chest....."

The other human head lanterns stopped singing, and they looked towards this particularly obnoxious lantern before they swung their roots, slapping and sending it flying away.

After a moment, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears appeared on every human-headed lantern as the few hundred members of the Zhong Li Celestial Race failed to escape, and their heads became devoured by these lanterns.

Then, after another few moments, these red lanterns got together again, and they all looked towards Zhong Yue, Qiu Jin'er, Ao Shanshan and Zhu Jushan.

"There are still four more heads!" said a lantern happily.

Rise Of Humanity Volume 1 Chapter 278

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