The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot) Vol 3 Chapter 155.1

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Published at 12th of August 2019 04:56:24 PM Chapter 155.1

“Sorry to keep you waiting . ” [Maid]

A maid different from before came to inform us that the duke was ready .

I’m a lot less nervous now thanks to Arone-san and Lilian-san .

I’ll finally get to meet the duke’s family .

“Let us be off then . ” [Serge]

We followed after the maid .

The maid was apparently a member of the cat tribe, as a beautiful tail could be seen swinging from behind her .

She carried a box full of gifts with her as she silently pa.s.sed through halls full of vases and paintings whose value I could not estimate .

“This way please . ” [Maid]

The maid stopped in front of a white door and asked with her eyes if we were ready .

We nodded to her, and she pushed open the door .

“Welcome! Ryoumkun!” [Elize]

“! …Madam?” [Ryouma]

On the other side of the door was a brightly lit room with a large window .

The madam waved her hand at me while surrounded by many decorative plants .

She was as candid as ever . That’s great .

But because of that I completely forgot about the order of greetings I memorized .

Fortunately, it was only a momentary lapse and I remembered it almost immediately .

“Welcome . Thank you for coming . Let’s dispense with the ceremonies . Please . Take a seat . ” [Reinhart]

This time it was Reinhart, who was standing beside the madam, who spoke and skipped a lot of the steps .

“Ha ha ha… Since that’s what His Grace himself is saying, then we might as well do as he says . Ryoumsama . ” [Serge]

“Yes . ” [Ryouma]

Another reason I came here was to practice, though .

But, still…

“It’s been a while . I’m glad to be able to meet you again . ” [Ryouma]

“We’re happy to see you too . We know you’re safe from the letters, but it’s still best to be able to talk like this . ” [Elize]

“We were worried, you know? Like were you doing well in town? Were you pus.h.i.+ng yourself?” [Reinhart]

“Serge-san, Pioro-san, and a lot of people have been helping me out, so I’m doing just fine . ” [Ryouma]

As a friendly conversation began, the married ducal couple spoke to Serge-san and Pioro-san .

During that time the maid served us tea and sweets, then she excused herself, leaving only the five of us to ourselves .

Yes . Five people…

“The tea is delicious . ” [Ryouma]

“I’m glad you like it . It’s my favorite brand . Have some sweets too . ” [Elize]

“Thank you very much . By the way, where is Reinbach-sama? I was in his care too, so I would love to be able to meet him as well . ” [Ryouma]

“Father-in-law…” [Elize]

“Got away . ” [Reinhart]

“He got away?” [Ryouma]

Reinhart-san wryly smiled .

“During this season, there are a lot of people who want to have an audience with him . There aren’t a lot of people like you who just want to meet for the sake of it . Some people do want to meet him purely out of admiration, but most have a hidden agenda . It’s troubling, so he ran off to the Fire Dragon Mountains . He took Sebasu with him . And just told us ‘Don’t always just rely on me!'” [Reinhart]

Fire Dragon Mountains… That should be the place I heard about from Branch Head Taylor . The dangerous region where Reinbach-sama formed a contract with a divine beast . It’s not a place a normal merchant could easily get to just to greet him .

“I see… That’s unfortunate . ” [Ryouma]

“I’ll tell him you wanted to meet him when he gets back . I’m sure he’ll be glad to hear it . ” [Reinhart]

We idly talked like that and when the place was starting to warm up, we began handing our gifts .

“With your permission…” [Serge]

Serge walked toward a chair, beside of which was a special pedestal . From that he took out a small box . It was white all over and had a l.u.s.ter to it like white porcelain, but it also had the smell of wood to it . It only had a decorative string to ornament it, so it was not by any means gaudy . One look and one could tell that it was a good product .

“This is the ‘music box’ that my store has started selling since this summer . This is the latest model . The music is composed by the famous Fletsch Marlin-sama . The box is made from Banando’s most luxurious Rock Skin Wood, and in the rarest color of them all, a pure white . ” [Serge]

A lot of effort has been put in that music box .

“Music box, huh . I’ve been hearing about that lately . ” [Elize]

“Dinome’s Workshop sure is famous . ” [Reinhart]

“Yes . Dinome’s Workshop used the most skilled craftsmen from its main division to produce this music box . ” [Serge]

“It’s pretty too . More than enough for it to be the talk of the party . ” [Elize]

“This specific product is not up for sale, but we have already received many orders for those that are being sold in store . ” [Serge]

There is a music box museum even back in j.a.pan . It wouldn’t be strange if some aficionados were to develop around music boxes here .

Next up was Pioro-san . After a casual introduction, what he took out from the boss was—!! Could it be! Is that—!!

“Your Grace, I present to you… Chocolate! Made from Burwanato Cacao . ” [Pioro]

So it was chocolate! I could eat whenever I want back in my past life, but this is my first time seeing one here . He started talking about getting his hands on some good beans, the best in the past few years, but who cares about that . I need to ask him later if he’d sell me some of those . I made sure to make a note of that in my mind .

The Man Picked Up By the Gods (Reboot) Vol 3 Chapter 155.1

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