Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 104: Hunting And Killing Fierce Beasts

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Chapter 104: Hunting and Killing Fierce Beasts


Tang Xiu shrugged his shoulders and calmly said, “One must do what one can. Even if high-level fierce beasts brings more advantages to us, but still, we have to stay alive to enjoy it.”




Dao Master Ziyi lightly swayed his duster with an approval expression on his face. He has been living for quite a long time and was very old. Countless of times, he had seen people rush for treasures that cost them their lives. It was as people said, money is a good thing, but to end up dead after obtaining it is the most sorrowful thing.


After having turned silent for a while, he looked at Tang Xiu and said, “Benefactor Tang, this Poor Daoist has something that has confused this one for a few days and wants to ask you. May this Poor Daoist ask you?”


Tang Xiu said, “Please do ask.”


Dao Master Ziyi then asked, ” Benefactor Tang’s cultivation shouldn’t be high, but why can you cause such a terrifying phenomenon like yesterday? This Poor Daoist has read a large number of ancient literature as well as the records about cultivators, but never once has anyone could cause such a worldwide phenomenon.”


Tang Xiu said, “I don’t know about it either.”


Dao Master Ziyi quietly waited and observed Tang Xiu for half a minute. After having seen the expressionless face Tang Xiu had, he secretly sighed inside, and then said, “Since Benefactor Tang doesn’t know about it, then let’s just forget it. This Poor Daoist won’t disturb Benefactor Tang any longer, and will go to rest first…”


“You can’t rest right now.”


Tang Xiu’s eyes suddenly focused at the distance and lightly said.


Dao Master Ziyi’s eyebrows slanted and asked, “Benefactor Tang, why do you say such a thing?”


Tang Xiu pointed to the distant sea and said, “More than 10 fierce beasts are approaching from the sea a kilometer away from us. Our freighter is anch.o.r.ed on the sh.o.r.e and the lights clearly have attracted them. Call Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen to come out! We need to lead those fierce beasts away.”


Dao Master Ziyi asked, “Why should we lead them away?”


Tang Xiu lightly said, “If you want your ident.i.ty as cultivator to create a huge buzz, then you can freely fight those fierce beasts at a close distance here.”


The crewmen?


Upon hearing it, Dao Master Ziyi realized in that instant.


Tang Xiu turned his eyes and looked at Dao Master Ziyi’s back before he quickly returned to his cabin. He took the things he had prepared and then jumped down from the bow. With a flick of his toe, he lightly tapped on the sea’s surface and then landed on the sh.o.r.e in just 2 breaths of time. With his fast speed, he traversed 10,000 meters along the coastline and began to quickly lay down formation arrays.


Before the upcoming scene, he drew paper talismans and also prepared a lot of jades as the array’s foundation. Even before he had arrived, he already had the thoughts to use formation arrays.


Defense Array!


Magic Array!


Killing Array!


Combining these three kinds of powerful energy into one formation array. It was the simplest and easiest formation to arrange, the Magical Killing Array.


Deploying this kind of formation array neither needed spiritual force nor cultivation level. When he was at his peak in the Immortal World, he simply did not need anything, with a wave of his hand, he could create a pattern in the void and was able to deploy a terrifyingly powerful array in a flash.


Two minutes later.


Tang Xiu had successfully arranged the Magic Killing Array and used half of the jade and paper talismans.




Tang Xiu’s figure flashed. When he was about to return to the freighter, he saw Dao Master Ziyi, Miao Wentang, and Shao Mingzhen on the coastline. Dao Master Ziyi was holding his duster with a solemn expression, Miao Wentang with his sword and looked like a firm and steady Mt. Tai, and Shao Mingzhen had a long blade with thick murderous intent.


“Gentlemen, where are those fierce beasts?”


Tang Xiu had patrolled the sea area, but he couldn’t find any trace of fierce beasts.


Miao Wentang pointed to the sea in front and then said, “They dove down and have yet to attack temporarily. All the crewmen are asleep and I have switched off the entire s.h.i.+p’s electrical power. Those fierce beasts can only guess the freighter’s approximate position, so they haven’t attacked.”


Tang Xiu said, “What are those fierce beasts?”


A touch of forced smiled appeared on Miao Wentang’s face as he said, “White Alligator! It’s a pre-sociality White Alligator.!”


White Alligator?


Tang Xiu looked at Miao Wentang with a puzzled expression and asked, “Are these fierce beasts very powerful? Is their level very high?”


He had roamed through the Immortal World and knew the fierce beasts’ distinction. However, about Earth’s fierce beasts, he did not know whether there was a distinction regarding their


Miao Wentang then said, “They’re a 2nd Cla.s.s fierce beast and are very strong. If I encountered one of them, I could perhaps face it. But if I have to face 2 or 3 2nd Cla.s.s fierce beasts, I’m afraid that running away is the only option for me.”


Tang Xiu said, “Explain to me about the fierce beasts’ distinction.”


“You don’t know about it?”


Miao Wentang asked in astonishment.


Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “I’m not too clear about it.”


Miao Wentang said, “Fierce beasts are divided into three The ones which just opened their spiritual wisdom would have their strength and speed greatly strengthened are 1st Cla.s.s fierce beasts, and also called as junior fierce beasts. The 2nd Cla.s.s has the intelligence of an 7 or 8-year-old child, and are able to fight 10 1st Cla.s.s fierce beasts easily. The 3rd Cla.s.s fierce beasts have a mature spiritual wisdom and are absolutely a terrifying existence and very rare in numbers with extremely powerful attacking power. Even if Brother Shao and I were to join together, we perhaps would be unable to fight these 3rd Cla.s.s fierce beasts. I have never come across 3rd Cla.s.s fierce beasts, and have only encountered 2nd Cla.s.s fierce beast twice. Since my cultivation was not high back then, I could only run away in both occasions.”


Dao Master Ziyi shook his head and said, “There are also the 4th Cla.s.s fierce beasts. I have seen the records in the ancient books. There are records in history that 4th Cla.s.s fierce beasts had appeared and scourged the world. The 4th Cla.s.s fierce beasts are called Monster Beasts. Not only is their body strength and speed enhanced to the point of terror, but they are also able to control the force of nature and cast magical arts or spell.”


“It really exists?”


Shocked expression revealed on Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen’s complexion.


Dao Master Ziyi said, “Yes!


Tang Xiu said, “I understand. Then, we need to be vigilant and pay attention to our safety. Once those White Alligators appear, we will immediately direct them to the left side, 10,000 meters along the coastline. I’ve arranged a formation array there, so it would be much easier to hunt and kill them.”




The three of them were overjoyed.


10 minutes later, Tang Xiu and the 3 others’ complexion changed, because more than 20 White Alligators were surfacing from the sea. Those White Alligators’ body was snow white and their bodies were a few times bigger than that of ordinary alligators’.


“The fierce beast number is way too many. We cannot delay and entangle them. We need to quickly to lure them in into the formation array Tang Xiu has deployed.” Dao Master Ziyi said with a grave expression.


Shao Mingzhen leaped up as his body was as though an arrow as he bolted toward those White Alligators. The long blade in his hand quickly slashed ruthlessly at the front most White Alligator at 10 meters away.




That white crocodile had long been aware of the bolting Shao Mingzhen. Its body quickly fell down to dive, trying to avoid Shao Mingzhen’s strike. However, Shao Mingzhen’s speed was extremely fast as his long blade split opened the sea’s surface and directly hit the White Alligator’s back. Even though Shao Mingzhen did his best with his long blade, his wrist was numb and was unexpectedly only able to break the White Alligator’s scales, giving it some injuries but did not directly killed it.


More than 20 White Alligators nearby, locked onto Shao Mingzhen as their target at the same time as they swarmed over toward him.




Shao Mingzhen did not prolong the fight and instantly rushed back.


Tang Xiu strode fast like an arrow whilst clamping a yellow paper talisman in his hand. The moment Shao Mingzhen was rus.h.i.+ng back to the sh.o.r.e, he poured his Star Force through his arm into the paper talisman and instantly released it. A localized lightning was suddenly cast 10 meters in front as it quickly branched out and stroke at a few White Alligators that chased in the back.


“Plop, plop, plop…”


The scales of those few White Alligators were torn to pieces by the lightning, as sorrowful and miserable howls followed.


At the same time, a few branched lightning hit the seawater. Since water had a conductor characteristic, the electrical power suddenly made a few White Alligators in the surrounding froze for a moment and slow down their speed.


“Lightning Symbol?”


Shao Mingzhen and the other two’s complexion changed, as their eyes looked at Tang Xiu with a blazing expression. Although they were people who also walked on the cultivation path, they were unable to draw magical symbols and could not manufacture these legendary lightning symbols.


“Do not fall into a daze! Those White Alligators have been enraged, lure them in into the formation array I have deployed!” Tang Xiu quickly rushed back as he hurled toward the left side of the coast.


Within nearly 10 minutes…


The four of them strove hard and spent a lot of effort. Only after 24 White Alligators had approached within 10,000 meters of the Magic Killing Array did Tang Xiu step into the formation, as he shouted with a deep tone, “The three of you quickly follow me! Pay attention to my steps and tread on my footprints.”




Although the three of them did not know the might of formation array arranged by Tang Xiu, but they did not dare to be negligent as they followed behind Tang Xiu in accordance with his instructions and stepped into the Magic Killing Array.


24 White Alligators quickly crawled out from the sea extremely fast. The speed was even faster by several folds than that of an ordinary person’s. In just a few breaths, they already rushed into the formation array.


Inside the Magic Killing Array, Tang Xiu quickly explain the most basic line routes to move inside the formation array to the other three and then rushed alone to hide in the core position. Although his strength was enhanced by two folds, but he was still unable to contend with 2nd Cla.s.s fierce beasts. If he did not use his Lightning Symbols, even if he could kill a White Alligator, he would perhaps have to pay for it with his life.


Tang Xiu stood still at the array’s core as he looked at the White Alligators inside the Magic Killing Array. They were as though leaderless houseflies that have been scattered all over the place, as a curved line was revealed on his mouth. At his position, he could clearly see all the scenes inside the Magic Killing Array, but the others and the White Alligator could not see him.


Shao Mingzhen and Miao Wentang’s fighting strength was quite astonis.h.i.+ng. Although, in Tang Xiu’s eyes, their movements were rough and did not know how to fight with fighting techniques and strategies, but due to their high cultivation, their strength was greatly enhanced. They constantly fought together to face one White Alligator because they knew the Magic Killing Array’s killing technique characteristic and completely moved accordingly to Tang Xiu’s instruction. Thus, they were not hit by the Magic Killing Array’s killing strikes, unlike the unlucky White Alligators.


Inside the Magic Killing Array, sword blade light projections appeared out of thin air with each and every sword blade strike, adding injuries to the White Alligators.


As for Dao Master Ziyi, he constantly waved the duster in his hand. Every time his duster hit a White Alligator, a bang sound could be heard. It was obvious that every blow sent by Dao Master Ziyi was lethally powerful.


Half an hour later…


The 24 White Alligators had all been killed.


Shao Mingzhen, Miao Wentang, and Dao Master Ziyi also had received some minor injuries.


Tang Xiu removed the Magic Killing Array as he glanced over the White Alligators’ corpses everywhere. A satisfied smile appeared on his face since according to their agreement, all the killed fierce beasts would be divided equally, which meant that he would get 6 White Alligators’ corpses. One 2nd Cla.s.s White Alligator’s body could aid his cultivation into the Skin Strengthening Late Stage. As for the remaining 5 White Alligators’ corpses, he thought that it would be enough for him to cultivate into the Flesh Strengthening and Bone Transformation Stage.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 104: Hunting And Killing Fierce Beasts

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