Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 1187 - Closing the Curtain

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Chapter 1187: Closing the Curtain

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The remaining Eminent Monks bolted forward like meteors toward Dragon Vanquisher Sage. As Eminent Monks who had been cultivating for centuries, it was natural that none of them was weak. The weakest among them was on par with Golden Core experts, whereas Blackface Buddha and Jade Buddha were comparable to Nascent Soul experts. By joining hands, it only took them a few breaths to kill the tens of Joyous Palace members who fought them.

Tang Xiu himself didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the killing. Like a cannonball, his figure plunged fast toward the mountain peak as he needed to be there to control the entire array. Had Dragon Vanquisher Sage and his people risked their lives to attack him a while ago while he didn’t control the array, they would have had a chance to escape this place. But now was too late for them.

At the center of the array.

Tang Xiu narrowed his eyes and, through the entire array, he could see hundreds of genetic warriors bombarding the array’s energy s.h.i.+eld as hard as they could.

“You all will be the first to die!”

A frosty light flashed in his eyes as he fully operated the array. Dark clouds began shrouding the entire mountain as the flashes of lightning and the rumble of thunders began to appear from the thick dark clouds and bolted down to bombard hundreds of genetic warriors. At the same time, corrosive heavy rain was also poured down from the sky.



“What the h.e.l.l is this demonic s.h.i.+t?!!”


The hundreds of genetic warriors were caught off guard and could only helplessly watch as lightning bolts struck their chests and pierced their comrades’ heads. Tens of experts at the Golden Core Stage among them were only barely able to avoid the bombardment of lightning bolts, yet couldn’t escape the acidic raindrops. Under such circ.u.mstances, the strong corrosion made them fall and become easy targets for the coming lightning bolts that finally claimed tens of souls again.

Halfway up the mountain, the faces of all the members of Joyous Palace drastically changed as they witnessed the doomsday-like scene in the surroundings. A chill filled their whole being and sapped nearly all of their fighting spirit.

Dragon Vanquisher Sage himself was surrounded by four Eminent Monks. Blackface Buddha and Jade Buddha’s strikes, particularly, gave him the chills each time they attacked. The longer he fought, the worse his injuries, while the parade of hurling lightning bolts in the surroundings affected him more than these monks.

“You’re d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, Blackface and Jade Buddha! If it wasn’t for my heavy injuries, how can such morons like you fight me? Eminent Monks who have reached enlightenment, huh? What a s.h.i.+tty nonsense! You guys are just a bunch of despicable hoodlums who only know how to take advantage of others! If you got the ability, give me some time to recover and I’ll kill all you 18 b.a.s.t.a.r.ds on my own!”

His provocation only thickened Blackface Buddha, Jade Buddha, and the others’ killing intent. They didn’t bother to reply and just kept launching various Dharmic magical abilities, making the sage’s injuries more serious.


Tang Xiu, who had now fully activated the array, returned. His figure flickered as though a phantom. With his Spirit Formation Stage-like power, it was easy for him to create a killing spree in the midst of Joyous Palace members, and dead bodies kept dropping on the ground everywhere his figure appeared.

Two minutes after when Tang Xiu stabbed an expert of the Joyous Palace with his dagger, he kicked the man’s dead body towards Dragon Vanquisher Sage’s position tens of meters away and followed behind it.


Instead of looking worried upon noticing his subordinate flying towards him, Dragon Vanquisher Sage looked happy and blasted out his power to force Blackface Buddha and Jade Buddha’s group of four. He instantly dashed away and appeared next to this subordinate. He had been wanting to escape from this spot to recover first and then settle the account with these monks again later.


A divine sword flashed and cleaved the body in two and also cut off the sage’s only arm. At the same time, a strand of wind acted like a rope and instantly bound the sage’s legs. Right at the moment as his face dramatically changed, the divine sword struck and pierced his chest.


A Buddhist Golden Sarira suddenly burst out of Dragon Vanquisher Sage’s chest and flew away with a furious roar.

A cold light flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes as he cast a Thunder spell to invoke a lightning bolt the size of a bucket from the vault of heaven. The deafening thunder and lightning bolt struck down and accurately hit the Golden Sarira, completely devouring it.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Blackface Buddha and Jade Buddha quickly appeared in front of Tang Xiu with a respectful look on their faces. Both united their palms and bowed. “Thank you for Sect Master Tang’s a.s.sistance. I didn’t expect Dragon Vanquisher’s strength to have improved to such an extent only in decades. If he hadn’t been seriously injured before, the four of us wouldn’t have been able to fight him even though we’ve joined hands.”

“Yeah! Drowning yourself into a demonic path can really make your strength soar. But I’m sure many females in j.a.pan have been ruined by him since he has wreaked havoc unchecked here. What he did may be great for his cultivation, but it eventually shattered his Buddha’s heart. But he is dead now, so shall the dust return to dust and be that dust back to the earth. Justice and retribution have freed him from his sins.”

“Human’s heart and will can indeed become the most horrible things in the world.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “One can ascend and reach Buddhahood if he or she can repent and redeem themselves with their hearts filled with benevolence, but a boundless h.e.l.l is guaranteed to let loose if their hearts are filled with evil. He knew he had sinned, yet had no intention to repent whatsoever. There’s no choice left but to get rid of him so as to spare us all the troubles in the future.”

Having said that, he looked around and sighed. “Thousands of lives are buried here, even my heart cannot bear it. But evil deeds have become their obsessions, and this is the only way to free them.”

Blackface Buddha interjected in a deep voice, “This monk is very touched by your kind heart, Sect Master Tang. But you’re right. Each and every one of these people from the Joyous Palace and Gene Camp had a thick killing aura which proved that they have killed many people. He who kills will always kill. I myself do not feel any pity for their deaths as they deserved such fate. More so that killing an evil man is tantamount to saving countless good people.”

“Indeed.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “Although the Buddha’s way is divided into two schools of thought, the Great Dao itself consists of myriad paths, but each unique and different path will also arrive at the same destination. All Masters, let’s move and finish this!”


Blackface Buddha and Jade Buddha nodded and their figures flashed to the fray in the surroundings.

The flas.h.i.+ng of sharp blades and shadows of swords created blood spilling scenes yet again.

With his heart that had been tempered rock-solid, Tang Xiu didn’t go soft and went on a killing spree. The only two people who probably had similar strength with him in either the Joyous Palace and Gene Cap were Dragon Vanquisher Sage and General f.u.kuda, but both men had died so he could go on this killing spree.

Half an hour pa.s.sed by.

Of the 18 Eminent Monks, four of them died in the battle of this forested mountain and the rest also had injuries, with two of them being severe. They would have died already if it wasn’t for Tang Xiu’s timely action to send the Holy Healing pill to them. The number of enemies they faced was really too many that even Blackface Buddha and Jade Buddha who were the most powerful among them now were full of scars with their Buddhist power exhausted.

“Take this medicine.”

Tang Xiu finally took a jade bottle as he came to the front of Blackface Buddha and Jade Buddha. After handing it to them, he said, “It’s best to recover soon although your injuries are light. We’re now in j.a.pan, and no one knows what kind of dangers can appear here. The sooner you restore your strength to the peak, the better you can prevent the crisis.”


Blackface Buddha and Jade Buddha looked at him without any words. Without being concerned with modesty and courtesy, they also felt touched inwardly and shot Tang Xiu a grateful look as they quickly took the Holy Healing pill after receiving the jade bottle.

They had no idea that Tang Xiu had been worrying about something else. Those three enormously strong spiritual senses he sensed before all came from afar, but who could guarantee that they wouldn’t rush to j.a.pan and meddle in his affair? Another dispute would inevitably happen if they did send some people here.

Soon after, everyone left the Moon Gazing Mountain in succession and split into two teams, each rus.h.i.+ng to the site of the Joyous Palace and Gene Camp. The monks knew that the Joyous Palace’s site was protected with a very powerful array, so they headed to the Gene Camp’s site and gave the former to Tang Xiu to handle.

However, when Tang Xiu arrived there, he found that all the members of Joyous Palace on the island had been killed by Mo Awu’s group, who now occupied the site.

“We got a huge harvest, Sect Master!”

With an excited look on his rough face, Mo Awu quickly came to him with his fastest speed and greeted him.

“What harvest are you talking about?” Tang Xiu raised his brows and asked.

“Just follow me and you’ll know it, Sect Master,” said Mo Awu. “The Joyous Palace has been in j.a.pan for decades and their collection is quite awesome. Let’s not mention those precious herbs and various cultivation materials, just those gold and silver ingots are enough to shock us. That’s right, we got tons of antiques and curios too. All of them are great stuff!”

Tang Xiu’s interest was piqued and he followed Mo Awu to a quaint pavilion, but finding an elevator inside such a cla.s.sical pavilion rather surprised him. When they entered the elevator, he saw the b.u.t.tons in the elevator and unexpectedly found that the building turned out to have three other floors aside from the first and the second ones upward.

“Underground s.p.a.ce?” asked Tang Xiu.

Mo Awu nodded firmly and said, “The third floor underground stored a huge quant.i.ty of gold, silver, and jewelries. I think we can set up a large jewelry network if we s.h.i.+p all of them out. The most important thing is that we won’t be lacking jewelry products to sell for the next few years if we do that. The second-floor bas.e.m.e.nt is a vault for antiques, precious minerals, fierce beasts’ bones, and many others. While the first-floor one houses various previous herbs.”

Tang Xiu suddenly looked forward to seeing it. What he lacked most at the present was not money but cultivation resources, to begin with. After all, the Tang Sect had hundreds of core members, whereas the training of the children army was like a terrible machine that devoured cultivation resources. All in all, he needed a terrifying number of cultivation resources annually.

A short while after, the elevator stopped on the third floor. Just as Tang Xiu stepped out of the elevator after its door was opened, the scene before his eyes gave him quite the shock.

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 1187 - Closing the Curtain

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