Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 1191 - Going Home

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Chapter 1191: Going HomeTranslator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Tang Guang’s expression looked a bit ugly and he fell into silence for a while. Afterward, he sighed and waved. “We all have broken through to the Nascent Soul Stage, but avoid leaking it to the rest in the sect, else it would affect their mentality.”

The crowd nodded and agreed to his suggestion.

Kuwako shot a look at Tang Xiu and Gong Wan’er at the square and spoke with a wry smile, “Honestly, I’m very envious of you, guys. You can stay in Nine Dragons Island for a long time to practice. I may have power in j.a.pan and can get my hands on many cultivation resources, but 99% of these items must be sent to the sect, while my time for cultivation is also affected. A lot.”

Tang Guang flung his head to the side directly. He didn’t want to stay in j.a.pan. Although he could have some happy time with the belles from this country, it was inferior to his pa.s.sion for cultivation and becoming stronger. At the very least, he just couldn’t be left behind too far away from his younger blood sister, Tang An.

Five days later, Gong Wan’er finally woke up and ended her cultivation. As she floated up, she found her body suddenly streaked up into mid-air like a fast arrow, taking her only the blink of an eye to dash over a hundred meters in the sky. What happened scared her and nearly made her scream.

“My power…”

After she descended to the ground and inspected her whole being, she found that her cultivation level had increased several levels after the short cultivation.

There were ten main stages of cultivation level for Buddhist cultivators, namely: Zen Meditation, Light Initiation, Abstinence, Paltry Fulfillment, Spirit Channeling, Spirit Journey, Astral Projection, Great Perfection, Atman, Seven Transformation.

Gong Wan’er’s cultivation level was previously at the late-stage of Abstinence, but after that short cultivation, she actually found herself at the late-stage of Paltry Fulfillment now—the level she had been dreaming to achieve but knew would be a long while, at least a decade, to reach with the aid of a ma.s.sive number of cultivation resources.

And yet, that one short cultivation period was worth a decade of painstaking cultivation.

She could also sense enormous spiritual energy coming in from her feet and immediately flew toward the edge of the square. However, she was once again shocked by her own speed as it nearly took her the blink of an eye to appear there. She even nearly hit Kuwako, who looked at her with a strange expression.

“What stage you just broke through?” asked Kuwako curiously.

“Late-stage of Paltry Fulfillment,” answered Gong Wan’er with a wry smile.

“Your cultivation actually increased that much?” Kuwako was amazed. “But it seems you’re still unable to control your own strength, though?”

“Yeah, I’m still not used to it,” said Gong Wan’er smilingly.

“I had experienced it before too.” Kuwako smilingly said, “But fortunately, Sect Master personally directed me in special training, thus I was finally able to control the surge in my power. You can ask Sect Master on this one. If he’s in a good mood and thinks that you’re worth training, he’ll definitely give you special training. Being able to control your power completely can smoothly pave your way to continue further in your cultivation and make the breakthrough to a higher level much easier.”

“Special training?” asked Gong Wan’er in surprise.

Kuwako nodded and went on, “You might not get it now, but as long as you can win Sect Master’s recognition and he finally gives you special training, you’ll know how beneficial it is for you that time.”

Mo Awu appeared next to the two females and looked indifferently at Gong Wan’er as he interjected without being salty, “Who doesn’t want to get the special training from the Sovereign in the entire sect? Let me tell you something. You’re not even an inner disciple of the Tang Sect, do you think you have the qualifications to have Sect Master give you special training? My advice for you is that, if you want to get it, render great merits and contributions to the sect first and become a disciple!”

Gong Wan’er wasn’t angry but lowered her posture and asked, “How many merits do I need to contribute so I can be qualified to join as an outer junior, Elder Mo?”

“You can ask Sect Master himself if you wanna know that,” answered Mo Awu apathetically.

The seventh day.

Dusk had come to cover the day when Tang Xiu slowly woke up from his cultivation. He shouted a long cry that slightly shook the entire island and his figure instantly appeared in mid-air. A strand of qi jetted out from him when he waved, causing even Blackface Buddha and Jade Buddha’s team on the liner on the coastline to suddenly tense up as the flow of qi came. But at the moment they wanted to fight it back, a tranquil voice pa.s.sed into their ears:

“All Masters have long been waiting here. Please don’t fight it back. I’m Tang Xiu.”

Suddenly, that strand of qi acted like a rope that instantly bound the 14 Eminent Monks and brought them to the square. The moment Tang Xiu descended on the ground, the array that covered the entire island was destroyed.

Blackface Buddha was surprised and amazed when he observed Tang Xiu for a while. He suddenly joined his palms and respectfully said, “Amitabha, Sect Master Tang’s cultivation has risen. Congratulations.”

“The spiritual vein here is about to be destroyed, so I just took the chance to exploit it and have a breakthrough. That certainly is not a matter of my ability. However, Master’s aura is much stronger now, you should have broken through as well, right?”

“We found a lot of useful things in the Gene Camp, some of which are beneficial to our cultivation,” said Blackface Buddha smilingly. “That’s the reason I can smoothly go further. Anyhow, did Sect Master Tang fully exterminate all the remnants of Joyous Palace here?”

“It was my men who killed the remaining experts of Joyous Palace here.” Tang Xiu nodded and said, “But whether there’s still more of them in the outside world, I have no idea. But please rest a.s.sured. I’ll a.s.sign some of my men to stay here later to investigate and chase them. No matter how many of those Joyous Palace’s members or those genetic warriors remain, they will die.”

“If so, then we’ll stay here too,” said Blackface Buddha without hesitation.

“I don’t suggest it, Master.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “Even if some enemies are still barely surviving here, they are just small fries and won’t be able to do anything significant. I think it’s best for all Master to return to China with me! There won’t be any problem cropping up with my subordinate taking over the issues here.”

Blackface Buddha and Jade Buddha looked hesitant for a while. But they trusted Tang Xiu, so they finally nodded without a word. Besides, they had been far away from modern society, which made them feel that they had become incompatible and estranged with it. Thus, they were against staying much longer.

Tang Xiu shot a look at Gong Wan’er and Yuji and calmly spoke to them, “You both made your choice, so you’re to stay with Kuwako for the time being! I’m giving you a chance to join the inner court of Tang Sect. You can join the Tang Sect’s inner court as long as you can completely remove the remnants of the Joyous Palace and Gene Camp with Kuwako, and then finally establish the biggest and most powerful force in j.a.pan. You can then enjoy all the treatments and welfare as other inner disciples.”

Tang An suddenly appeared and she looked at Tang Xiu. “Grand Master, you’re…”

Tang Xiu raised his hand to interrupt her. He knew that she hadn’t given up on that idea. He wasn’t one to force his will on others against their wishes, nor did he ever want to harm others for his own benefits, so, with a deep voice, he reproved her, “I already warned you to throw away that idea last time, An. You are to return to the sect, and I forbid you to mention that c.r.a.p to your Master!”

Tang An fell into silence. She could feel the unbending stubbornness and Tang Xiu’s persistence on this issue. However, she was truly unwilling. Such a big chance obviously presented itself before their eyes that could make her Grand Master Tang Xiu became stronger, yet the man himself ignored it? That was simply a huge letdown.

The evening of the next day.

Tang Xiu and the 14 Buddhist Sect’s experts arrived in Jingmen Island. He then a.s.signed some members of Jingmen Island’s Everlasting Feast Hall’s guards to bring back the dead bodies of four Eminent Monks to the Shaos.h.i.+ Mountain with the monks.

“Grand Master.”

Tang An, in her usual black attire and bronze mask, came and appeared beside Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu turned to her and asked, “What is it?”

“Are there powerful enemies in Star City, so we’re heading there now?” asked Tang An.

“Nope.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “There’s no such powerful enemy. Taking you to Star City is just because I have to deal with some business affairs of the Magnificent Tang Corp. It’s something like some major move in our business.”

Tang An was stunned and hesitantly asked again, “I literally know nothing about business stuff, Grand Master. Why are you taking me with you? The rest are staying in j.a.pan and I think I can do much better there.”

A smile appeared on Tang Xiu’s handsome face. “Do you think I have no idea what has been churning in your head? I can tell from your face that you haven’t given up that idea even though I’ve already warned you repeatedly. That’s why taking you with me is the best choice.”


Tang An’s lips squirmed a few times and she suddenly stomped her feet angrily and vanished in a flash.

Tang Xiu just smiled and shook his head in response. Then, he s.h.i.+fted to the manager of Jingmen Island’s Everlasting Feast Hall’s HQ who sent him the car keys. He immediately drilled into the driver’s seat and drove fast to the port. Speeding along the road at night would make the trip smoother as taking a plane would be quite convenient with Tang An always behind him and staying invisible.

Haige Port.

It was the largest port in Jingmen Island. After driving the BMW X5 into a very large cargo s.h.i.+p and finding a good spot to park, Tang Xiu opened the car’s door and headed to the deck to enjoy the sight of the boundless ocean.

“Grand Master, your cell phone.” Tang An’s voice suddenly penetrated his ear.

Tang Xiu was stunned and took out his cell phone from the interspatial ring and was greeted with the constant ringing of the incoming text notifications. He looked at the screen and saw tens of missed calls, many of which were from an unfamiliar number.

Quickly after, he learned from the text sent by that unfamiliar number that the number belonged to someone named Li Cai. Tang Xiu remembered this girl who was even willing to let go of all her family fortunes in order to cure her mother.

After pondering for a moment, he decided to call her back. He dialed her number and lightly spoke after it connected, “Tang Xiu speaking here, are you Li Cai?”

Li Cai’s surprised voice replied from the phone, “I can finally get in touch with you, Divine Doctor Tang! I’d like to inform you that my Mom is getting much better and the method you taught me is really effective. I’ve been wanting to thank you, so that’s why I keep calling you since I want to thank you in person.”

“Thank me in person? It’s not necessary, I think,” replied Tang Xiu. “Just saying it on the phone is enough for me. Also, the reason why I called you back is that I want to ask you something. How long do you think your mother can live?”


Li Cai fell into silence for a long while. The sound of her teeth being grounded was then heard as she replied, “She can at least live on for 20 years more. I’m sure of it.”

Tang Xiu could only sigh inwardly and wryly smiled. “You are still young. What about you, then?”

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 1191 - Going Home

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