Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 184: Fight

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Chapter 184: Fight

Gu Yin’s tutor could only say helplessly, “Those child prodigies might be unable to do that, but Gu Yin is the exception. I’ve been in the education world for more than 20 years and naturally, I also have seen quite a few gifted students. But even the smartest one is not one tenth of her.”

“Teacher Huang, you need not praise her. You need to be careful, lest she becomes prideful and complacent.” Tang Xiu said with a smile.

Gu Yin replied with a grin, “Master, I won’t become arrogant and complacent!”


Surprised as he was, Chen Zhizhong spoke, “Master, is she… also a disciple you accepted?”

Tang Xiu said with a nod, “Yes, she’s my direct disciple. You can call her Junior Sister later.”

Chen Zhizhong furiously swallowed his saliva as he looked at Gu Yin with a shocked expression for a long while. When he acknowledged Tang Xiu as a Master, he didn’t have any disciple at that time, but now he even had a Junior Sister? Also, he was well aware of the meaning behind “direct disciple”.

He was but only Tang Xiu’s in-name disciple, while this little girl in front of Tang Xiu was a direct disciple. The difference in status was truly quite far!

Hesitating for a moment, Chen Zhizhong watched Gu Yin as he then nodded at her and said, “Junior Sister, we just met today for the first time. This Senior Brother didn’t know about you before, so I didn’t prepare any gifts for you. But I promise I’ll give you a gift next time we meet to make up for this.”

Gu Yin happily laugh and replied, “Thanks, Senior Brother!”

On the other hand, Ouyang Lulu looked at Tang Xiu with a peculiar expression and asked, “Tang Xiu, you accepted so many apprentices, what kind of things are you teaching them?”

“Well, I have a lot of abilities. As long as I can teach those, then I’ll teach it to them. Why? Do you also want to acknowledge me as a Master? But I have a very strict standard in accepting apprentices, so you must take the test.”

“Bah, only ghosts want to acknowledge you as a Master!”

Ouyang Lulu snapped and rolled her eyes. However, she realized the moment after and quickly looked at Chen Zhizhong, saying, “Mr. Chen… about that, I didn’t mean it. I’m really mad and confused by this fellow, so I blurted out improper words. Please don’t be offended by my words.”

Chen Zhizhong shook his head whilst smiling. He watched Tang Xiu and Ouyang Lulu’s expressions whilst feeling strange inside.

The dinner had ended.

Chen Zhizhong and the tutor then bade farewell and left. Ouyang Lulu didn’t want to stay in the hotel, so Tang Xiu let Mu Qingping arrange a guest room for her. There were only him and Kang Xia in the living room as Tang Xiu then spoke to her, “Come to my room! After Andy has arrived, I’ll teach the both of you together.”

Kang Xia looked at him with a limpid expression and slightly nodded.

If it was another man wanting her to go to his room, she would definitely turn around. But it was different with Tang Xiu. She could see from his eyes and expression that there was not even a trace of feeling between man and woman. She was even quite angry inwardly, for she believed that she was very charming; but how come her charm had no effect on Tang Xiu?

In the main room of the second floor…

Kang Xia followed behind Tang Xiu. She looked at the room with astonishment. She thought that a man’s room would be a mess, and it would be no different with pig’s nest. But Tang Xiu’s room was particularly clean and neat. The quilt was stacked very neatly, and all the things here were arranged in order.

She could even smell a faint fragrance of Jasmine Flower!

“Take a seat here and call Andy asking where she is right now. I’m gonna take a bath and change clothes first.” Tang Xiu spoke and pointed at the sofa in the corner.


Kang Xia took out her mobile as she watched as Tang Xiu took out some clothes from the cloakroom and then walked into the bathroom. Then, she could clearly hear the sound of a door being locked from the inside.

“He locked the door… from me?”

An expression of being at a loss whether she had to be angry or amused was revealed on her face. More or less, she was also a femme fatale. If it was another man, perhaps they already couldn’t hold the urge to quickly throw themselves at her. But her own Boss unexpectedly locked the door because of her? Was she a tigress? A hypers.e.xual woman who was hungry for s.e.x?

Kang Xia shook her head and then dialed Andy’s number.

After knowing that Andy would arrive at South Gate Town ten minutes later, Kang Xia put her mobile back and carefully observed Tang Xiu’s bedroom, as her eyes finally rested on his clean bed.

A woman’s inner heart truly was a seabed of needles.

It was her first time entering Tang Xiu’s bedroom. Curious as she was, she slowly walked to the bed and carefully swept over the bedding. The result made her satisfied that there was not even a trace of long hair belonging to women. She couldn’t find any single short hair.

“He’s really a good man who knows his place… ah, no. He should be a good boy.”

Kang Xia revealed a faint smile. Her eyes then landed on the photo frame on top of the bedside table. The picture on it was Tang Xiu with a middle-aged woman.

“Knock, knock…”

The bedroom’s door was knocked as Ouyang Lulu then walked inside. As she saw that Kang Xia was sitting on Tang Xiu’s bedside whilst holding a photo frame, she suddenly frowned, showing a displeased expression. “If I’m not mistaken, this should be Tang Xiu’s room, so why are you here?”                       

Feeling the cold remark from Ouyang Lulu, Kang Xia was also incensed and replied apathetically, “You think I’m not allowed here?”


Ouyang Lulu was angry. But she didn’t know as for how should she refute it. After hesitating, she coldly snorted and asked, “Where’s Tang Xiu? I want to ask him about something.”

“He’s taking a bath now.” Kang Xia pointed to the bathroom door and said.

Ouyang Lulu stared in disbelief and stutteringly said, “Y-you… D-did you…”

Kang Xia calmly said, “Think whatever you want. But he’s not a womanizer if you want to know. The bathroom’s door is locked from the inside.”

Ouyang Lulu shouted in anger, “How the h.e.l.l are you so shameless? Tang Xiu is your Boss, and you’re his subordinate. Your thoughts are really immoral!”

Intentionally showing an astonished expression, Kang Xia then asked, “What is wrong with Boss and subordinate? You think that a Boss and his subordinate cannot stay together?”


Ouyang Lulu was speechless.

She had a good impression toward Tang Xiu. She also realized family’s intentions, so she was always acting as though a delicate and dainty girl every time she faced Tang Xiu. But now, upon seeing Kang Xia’s expression as well as her words, Ouyang Lulu suddenly felt that she was just like a wife that had her man being robbed by another woman. Wild and coa.r.s.e as her nature was, her heart blazed. She directly kicked her slippers and jumped on Tang Xiu’s bed- she even started drilling into the bed’s quilt. Then, she raised her chin and snapped, “IN NO WAY can be you together with him. Tang Xiu is my man! He won’t be able to escape from me for the rest of his life. The one and only person he can keep in his bedroom is me!”

Kang Xia, on the other hand, was also incensed. She originally didn’t have any intention about this “issue” toward Tang Xiu, but looking at the Ouyang Lulu’s provocation, the reasoning in her also faded by half in this instant. She directly took off her coat and only wore a small tank top, saying, “Then let’s compete and see who can get him! Since you don’t believe me, you wanna watch me go to the bathroom and have a happy bath together with him?”


Ouyang Lulu instantly sat straight and glared furiously at Kang Xia.


The bathroom’s door was opened as Tang Xiu came out. A confused expression quickly appeared on his face upon seeing the two women inside his room.

Within a split second, Kang Xia and Ouyang Lulu’s faces turned crimson through and through; along with dense ashamed feelings, as though spring water rippling and gus.h.i.+ng inside their hearts.

It was truly embarra.s.sing!

The two women secretly regretted it. Regretting that they shouldn’t have competed with each other.

Ouyang Lulu lifted the quilt and jumped out of the bed. Trying hard to suppress the embarra.s.sed feeling inwardly, she pretended to say in all seriousness, “Uh, I tried whether your bed be comfortably slept on. Not bad. But the bed in the guest room is much better though.”

Kang Xia picked up her coat and then awkwardly said, “It’s kinda hot here.”

Tang Xiu nodded. “I know, the weather is very hot now. You can find the A/C remote control in the bedside cabinet and turn on the A/C. Anyway, anything you need for coming to my bedroom, Lulu?”

Ouyang Lulu glared at Kang Xia first and then replied, “I need to talk to you about something.”

“What’s up?” Tang Xiu said.

Ouyang Lulu said, “It’s private. Kinda inconvenient with an outsider here.”

With a surprised expression, Tang Xiu looked at her eyes. Then, he turned toward Kang Xia and said, “Alright, Kang Xia, you go to my study room and wait for me there! There’s a manikin on the table, and there are some clear marks on top of it. Memorize those acupoints, and if Andy arrives, tell her to memorize it also.”


Kang Xia gave supercilious looks toward Ouyang Lulu and casually walked out.

Ouyang Lulu asked quizzically, “Tang Xiu, what did you tell her to look at a manikin for? Why did you tell her to memorize the marks? I know you’re a Chinese Medicine doctor. Is that woman surnamed Kang got a strange disease or something? So she needs your treatment? Also, you mentioned about another one, Andy. Who is she?”

Tang Xiu knitted his brows. After pondering for a moment, he then told a lie, “Kang Xia has been working days and nights. She’s very busy managing the business- her health condition is indeed not quite good. So it’s nothing wrong to give her the treatment. As for Andy, she’s also one of the top management in the company. She also needs to recuperate her body.”

Suddenly, a smile emerged on Ouyang Lulu’s face as she said, “So you let Kang Xia wait in your room because you will treat her?”

“Of course, what else did you think I’d do?” Tang Xiu replied.

Ouyang Lulu waved her hands over and over, and then said with a smile, “I thought that she wanted to seduce you! It seems I was worried for nothing.”

“Huh? She won’t do that. And why should you worry that she will seduce me? Just hurry up! What did you want to speak to me about?”


The instant Ouyang Lulu said it, she secretly regretted it. But as dumbfounded as she was, Tang Xiu was even more unable to figure out the meaning behind her words.

She had seen unromantic and insensitive men, such as those in the TV series. But a dense man such as Tang Xiu was really one of a kind.

“… Is he… have he still not developed it yet?”

Ouyang Lulu couldn’t help but glance at a certain spot on Tang Xiu’s body. Her mouth couldn’t bear to twitch a few times. Aware that Tang Xiu was watching her, she quickly tossed away the “wretched thoughts” and said with a smile, “Uh, actually, it’s not a big deal. I just want to ask whether you have the time to go with me to Jingmen Island.”

“What for?” Tang Xiu asked with a confused expression.

“My parents want you to visit our family. So they asked me to invite you.” Ouyang Lulu said.

After involuntarily laughing, Tang Xiu then said, “Are you sick? I’m a Chinese Medicine doctor, I can treat you. Why would your parents be that good to invite me? I don’t know them.”

Before she went to Star City, Ouyang Lulu had long prepared a good reason for this, so she replied with a smile, “Have you forgotten what had happened in the KTV before? Had you not come in time to rescue me from those bad guys, perhaps, I wouldn't be able to protect my chast.i.ty and dignity. So my parents want to thank you for this directly.”

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 184: Fight

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